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Last Modified: April 21, 2021

For TEL: Health and Medical Resources at your Library

Your library has Gale resources from the Tennessee Electronic Library to support health, wellness, and the study of medicine. View this webinar recording to learn more about the medical resources available for your patron that is seeking health or medical information, for the high school student interested in nursing or becoming an EMT, or the medical student or health care professional needing up-to-date information. We explore three resources, Gale Health and Wellness, Gale OneFile Health and Medicine, and Gale Presents: Peterson’s Test and Career Prep and the content to support all users! 45 min.

Duration: 45 Minutes
Welcome to your Tennessee electronic library training session, health and medical resources at your library. My name is Tammi Van Buren and I'm your Gale trainer, and for today's session if you have any questions at all throughout the session or after

the session, please use the q amp a box to make it any comments or ask any questions that you may have. And that is open and I will be monitoring it throughout the session.

So health and medical resources at your library we're going to first start with talking about the focus of this session and, and the focus of today's training is on health and wellness and medicine resources that are available or medical resources that

are available for your patrons, students, and medical professionals from your Tennessee electronic library. Today you will learn about three different resources, we're going to look at their content, a talk about who to direct, to which resource.

So, what to use one is always a good question that gets asked and I like to share that in every session. And then also the tools that we're going to cover some of those tools and features that you're going to find within those resources going to start

We're going to dive in deep and take a look at content to support health, wellness and the study of medicine.

I'm going to also share with you a resource where you have practice exams for future health professionals that are available so those certifications that a lot of our health professionals have to take or the M cat for example for are those that are going

into the medical field, we have those practice exams and you have access to them from the Tennessee electronic library so I'm going to share that with you today where you can find that resource what resource they're in, and what exams are available.

And then, I encourage you to ask questions throughout the session but I will stay on the line at the end if there's any additional questions, share with you where you can find additional training materials, and then contact information of folks that Gale

that are there to support you and all things scale.

So first, access to your Tennessee electronic library resources you may already be using direct URLs for your Gale resources that you have from the Tennessee electronic library maybe those are already posted on your library website.

You've got them included in your catalog, then this link, would be still very helpful because the Tennessee electronic library has this great website it's a great portal and there's always information on that homepage.

So you may be having your users access through your direct URLs from your library, but you may want to take a look at the information that is there there's a link to where you can generate your geo links which are geographic authenticating into your resources

so if you don't have those geo links, there's information there and you can actually generate them for your library there's anything that's new or trending you're going to find on that website, new information, there's always posts there's also upcoming

trainings the calendars there within that website too so a lot of great content. So if you already already using your direct URLs which is fantastic because then you'll get your clear usage reports for your site.

Otherwise, this is a great access point into your Tennessee electronic library resources, too.

So let's talk about the three resources, we're going to take a look at today Gale health and medical resources that you have from tell.

We're going to start with Gale health and wellness. Now this resource is consumer health and wellness it on a full range of health related issues for all levels of users so if you have a, here's an example if you have a, maybe a student that's in a health

class or taking CTE courses at a high school, this would be a great resource for them. You have a patron that's coming into your library maybe not comfortable talking to their doctor about some issues that they're experiencing or their doctors given them

a diagnosis and they would like a little bit more information see what's trending.

This is a great resource for those folks to at all levels, we have parents that are using this students are experiencing more anxiety this year, the school year and last into last year and now we're at that one year mark here, just over, so we have parents

that are looking at this at for depression, anxiety, ways to help their children. There's great information on diabetes so if you have folks that want more information on diabetes, maybe even diabetes as it relates to the coronavirus mean those are the

types that's the type of information you're going to find within this resource so this is great for researchers are users of all levels.

Now the next step up, would be Gale one file health and medicine, health and medicine has is full of periodical content for medical students and medical professionals, so it's looking at academic journals META health and medicine academic journals, you're

going to find great newspaper articles and magazines there's some audio files that you're going to find so some multimedia here too, but this is really geared for that next level of information or research so if you have any medical professionals or medical

students that are coming into your libraries, or you're on an academic campus. This is the resource that I would direct them to you're going to even find some information, case studies and procedures within this resource to.

And then for all of our folks that are looking at maybe they're looking at changing their career or they're getting ready for certification exams they want to become an EMT or they're going into the nursing field, and you actually have access to a variety

of practice tests to support your medical future medical professionals, and that is in Gale presents Peterson's tests and career prep, so you have practice tests, there are Master, ebooks, mastering the exam ebooks for future medical professionals, and

they can literally take the test to their time, they can take them, get them scored and continue to reset and retake them as many times as they would like.

So, that's all available to do digitally right within this resource itself.

Alright so now you've got an overview of the three resources, we're going to cover. Let's start exploring those resources. So I'm going to first share with you the Tennessee electronic Library website that I had mentioned and shared with you great access

point into your resources, the resources uncovering today you're going to find in a couple different areas of course, under all resources here at the top.

You're going to find some of them under students under general public. That's the route we're going to, I'm going to share with you today. If you go under health, you're going to find the two health resources here right at the top health and medicine

and health and wellness remember health and medicine geared towards medical professionals health and wellness geared towards our everyday users that are that are looking for health and wellness information.

You also have a few more that I want to point out so you anything in your one file family so that has that Gale one file at the top of the icon there, that's going to be periodical content so this is a great subset if you have any users that are looking

specifically for new singing it nursing and allied health information, and they really want to drill down quickly into that professional type content, then this is a great resource for them.

Same with our physical therapy and sports medicine. So these are very focused periodical content again because they're coming from the Gale one file family which is is all that periodical content, but very focused resources for those fields, the ones

we're going to cover are right here at the top. So let's dive in. We're going to start with Gale health and wellness. If there are any questions don't forget that q amp a box is live, feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

So Gale health and wellness. Remember this is the one that's for your everyday users, it could be for students, it could be for your patrons that are coming into your library, great one for parents to when they're doing more exploration and looking for

help and support. So, with health and wellness. So let's take a look at some of the content that you're going to find here right on the homepage. We do have and the nice thing is with your Gale resources, you're going to find the tools and features I

talked about today, within all of your resources. There is one unique item unique tool that is only available in our Gale one file resources, and I'm going to share that with you today.

And then of course, our tests and career prep looks very different from your Gale health and wellness and Gale one file, because it is geared towards or the focus is completely different you're taking practice tests, you're not doing there is some research

information but you're not doing that deep research information you're really looking to support, taking those those certification exams.

Okay, health and wellness.

Looking at the homepage, we always have topics scrolling here at the top. There's three and they get updated monthly coronavirus is still trending so that's here at the top.

As I scroll down the page you can see we have some subject categories and there's some subjects or sub subjects below each of those categories and topic pages that you're going to find there so diseases and conditions we have 158 and what those are is

it's just a top if you look at a topic page it's curated information already for you on that subject. So you can definitely do a basic search here at the top using the search bar, but you may want to dive in and take a look at the subject or topic pages

that we already have organized for you and that we've curated that content for you or for your users.

So looking at these Browse Topics, I can jump in and browse all 336 topics if I wanted to I could go into just mental health, and then do and let's go that route go into mental health and do some exploration.

You can see we have a topic page for anxiety here's one for depression. We have a few new ones some that have been updated here, a brand new one on sexual orientation so suicide is here stress, all of those mental health topics are here organized on this

page for you.

Okay, so we are actually going to take a look at let's go back to that homepage because I want to go into the coronavirus topic page. So we're going to go into the coronavirus and on this topic page you have an image, and an essay Overview The essay overview

is a great resource to use if you're looking for quick information, these are written by our editors and they are pulling in a lot of information into one document.

It's also great if you may have users that are coming in and doing research, and they're not really sure do I want to, you know, study, just the coronavirus do I want to do a paper or project on on something else this is a great jumping off point also

great for teachers that are looking for quick information to. So, current that sa overview is a great access first look at the topic. As I scroll down the page you can see we have a variety of content available we have reference documents.

And these are going to be coming from encyclopedias encyclopedia medicine. The Encyclopedia of alternative medicine, you're going to find those are just a couple there that you're going to find under reference magazine articles newspaper, videos, academic

journals, images, audio files, and then related topics are additional related topic pages and those are always listed at the bottom. As I scroll down if I wanted to just search within this topic page I have that option right here at the top of the page,

and then each of these content types that I just went through in this banner are organized here below in these boxes. So we usually show the top three but you can see reference has 554 different documents over 4000 magazine articles, which is a lot of

content so what we're going to do today is we're going to talk about drilling down that content.

So let's go into one of these content types, we're going to go into magazines.

And I want to filter down okay I have all this information on the coronavirus it's nice and organized for me, but I want to learn more about vaccinations, because there's some different things I've heard about in the news and I really want to take a look

at that subject. So over on the right hand side you have different filters and depending on which topic you have or which resource you're in, you're going to see these filters are pretty much the same but there may be additional ones here, for example,

if you're if you're coming from a school and you're using one of our in context resources, you're going to see a few different filters, even though they're in the same spot within all of your resources, and pretty much the same information is there you

you may have additional ones depending on which Gale resource you're in.

Also even which content type like news has a filter for sections so you can filter down to a certain section of the newspaper, so great tools to use when you're trying to filter down a lot of content at once.

I'm going to go into and you have, I'm going to just talk about these real quick subjects document type publication titles publication date, and then there's that search within again.

You can filter down here by selecting one of these categories and then we are going to take a look at topic finder in just a minute because I do want to talk to you about that today to under subjects.

I can search for a subject, or I can scroll through and take a look at this list.

And you can see how many different documents I have available on the right hand side and I'm actually going to go into vaccination.

And what this will do is, I was in magazines, and I selected the subject of vaccination. But what it did is it apply that filter to all of my content at once.

If you remember there were 70,000 news articles now I meant 2000. So by just using my filter, I can quickly filter down drill down my content to exactly what I'm looking for.

And then begin my search now at this point if I wanted to drill down even further. Maybe I was looking for one particular vaccine I wanted to find content on.

Then I may want to use the search within box and that will drill down and add an additional filter to the remaining content that I have here that I've already filtered to just vaccination content.

So looking at the magazine articles I have 130 and you can see right here a few at the top.

Breaking News vaccinations, every and above, 18 years, and from May 1.

You can see what's happening and this is global to there's some information on what's happening in India so you can really take a broad look at coven 19 and vaccinations, not just in the US but around the world.

Looking at the audio files.

I thought when I was looking at this I'm like wow this is some great content here, and I'm going to do some exploration myself to really inform myself right that's the goal of this resource I'm an everyday patron that would come into a library.

This is the resource I would want to access So comparing the coven 19 vaccine process of California to Florida didn't even know there was a difference, that's interesting to me vaccination sites rush to find alternatives to the Johnson and Johnson Colbert

vaccine, that's when I would want to take a look at so you can see very up to date information, I am coming to you from Michigan so anything related to Michigan is very, you know, something that I want to take a look at.

So great content, these are audio files a lot of these, and this for this subject, are from the Morning Edition. We have some from all things considered, you'll find a few different publishers that we use for our audio content here.

Okay, so we filter down our content, we took a look at the some magazine articles we I shared with you some titles of the UN and let's click into one of these audio files, let's look at the audio files so you know what you're looking at.

So here you can see we do provide you with the transcript. But the play the actual audio file there's this nice big blue button that says play audio, that's what you'll want to use.

If you use this listen button here which is at the top of all of our documents. So that's a tool that's available within your Gale resources it's available at the top of all of your documents that you access, then what that'll do is it's going to read

this transcript out loud. So you won't hear the actual audio of this interview, or this broadcast, you'll need to click on this blue button to do that.

I love the Explorer panel, because what it does is provide you with supplemental information so more like this if you're looking for additional articles that are related to this one.

You can definitely jump into view all related articles or click on one of these here at the top, and then here's also related subjects, so we provide that explore panel gives you an additional path into more information more content that's available within

the resource related to the article that you're on very helpful. Okay, let's go back to that audio file.

The whole content type. And what we're going to do now is we're going to pull all of this content into the topic Finder.


let me remove the vaccination.

See this is what I do. I've never China make a decision I made a path I planned it out and then I'm like, let's go rogue no let's not let's stick with stick with vaccinations and click on topic finder so topic finder is a visual or visual results of your

subject. So, this is. It's also interactive. So a great tool to use. There is a way to and I'm going to show you this today, of how you can kick off your search using topic finder, our students really love this tool.

But you can also I wanted to show you, I was on a topic of coronavirus I use a filter and limited my content to vaccination. And then I can still pull all of that information into topic Finder.

And then here I can visually drill down and take a look at my content so it is defaulted to tiles. You will also find the wheel. Some people prefer the wheel.

Some people prefer the tiles, as I move my cursor you can see the center here, I can click and it'll take me to information on coven 19 Pfizer. I'm going to go back to the tiles I personally prefer the tiles, but both are there, and and available.

So looking at top of finalists going to United States when I click into a tile it zooms in, of course, the larger the tile The deeper the color, the more information we have related to that.

So, and specifically coronavirus and vaccination. That's what's being pulled into my topic finder results. So looking at the this tile. That was titled United States, I can see that I have a variety of documents over here on the right hand side I can

click again, which will drill down even further. So maybe I want more information on the FDA.

And the vaccine. So here are three different documents on the right hand side, so you can see how you can visually interact and visually interact, I should say, visual representation of your search results.

That is interactive. There you go. with these results so it's a visual and interactive.

And you can really jump to with a couple clicks into specific content.

So that's a great tool within your resources that are available now if I wanted to kick off my research, let's say I jumped into Gale health and wellness.

I know that this is the thing is topic finder is always available when you access a topic page when you go into a content type like magazines, you're going to find it on the right hand side below that filter box.

It also lives under the advanced search in this resource, and some of the other resources like our one file resources your Gale one file family. It's on the homepage, but in Gale health and wellness and you're in context resources, you're going to find

it under Advanced Search. And then here is topic Finder.

So if I wanted to kick off my search this way. Let's say I want to do a search on anxiety.

I can put in that search term.

And again, my results are pulled back for me in this beautiful tile, and I can drill down, click through and drill down and find that additional content.

So just with a couple clicks. And for this one let's actually go into covert 19.

Let's go to mental health.

Ok so now this has taken me two clicks and I'm at nine different articles.

I am going to click into this one.

And now I found this article, it looks like a title by the title I'm guessing you might be an academic journal here.

Yeah does medical press limited, so this is something that I like the title it talks about depression, anxiety associated with chronic medical patients admit that with as it relates to the Colbert 19 pandemic.

So, I want to keep this article, this is something that I find interesting, and I want to keep it. What can I do, you have the option to send to Google, Microsoft, email, download or print those quick send options are right here at the top of the document

but they also live in this contextual toolbar. And the nice thing is with this contextual toolbar if you notice as I scroll down, I have those options send to download, print, are all here.

Send to. If I click into it, it gives me the option to send it to my Google Drive, Microsoft one drive or email it to myself with email, I have the option to send it as full text as a PDF or just the citation.

So all of those are available, or maybe I'm working with a group of students we're working on a project and I want to share this or you know you I'm at the academic level and I'm working finished doing a final project as the school year wraps up and I

found some great content that I want to share with the rest of my team that I'm working with, you could email it to them, of course, one, one drive and Google Drive, if you're saving it there, you can definitely share documents from Google Drive in one

drive very easily to.

Okay, so that's Gale health and wellness, a few tools I wanted to work in and mention, you do have all those options those workflow tools. Once you choose an article.

If you would like to keep it all those tools are available, let's go into Gale one file health and medicine, so remember this is that next level up, Gale health.

Gale one file health and medicine you can see the homepage looks slightly different.

Each of our retail resources have different banners that identify them. I really think this one is pretty cool. This one my favorites. But they do have different banners so you know that you are in a different resource but as I mentioned, they're going

to look a little different. On the homepage to. So again this is built more for our medical students, nursing students, medical professionals. This resource is full of periodical the most up to date content, because these resources are updated throughout

the day every day, and especially our periodical content resources all of your Gale one file resources are being updated continuously.

As soon as information is released from our publishers that we're working with it lands here into these resources, any of your one file resources, but you can see right on the homepage, you have basic search and advanced search, you have your contextual

toolbar, just as we did in in Gale health and wellness, but we have pulled out topic Finder. Subject Guide search and publication search, and there's one other tool I'm going to share with you today that's unique to this resource.

So looking at the homepage. Let's go. Actually, under we're going to go into advanced search so let's build your knowledge of that tool, going into advanced search but remember I did say before I leave that topic finder is pulled out and on the homepage

of your Gale one file resources. So this is where it is so that visual representation of your search results if you want to kick off your search.

That way you don't have to go it does still live under Advanced Search but we've also pulled it out and put it on the homepage here, so it lives in both spots.

Advanced Search. And you can see on the right hand side we've added some information if you haven't been in in to advanced search in a little while.

We've added a little bit of explanation to the fields when you're doing a search so keyword and what exactly is the resource searching for when it's looking at keyword Basic Search entire documents subject and the list goes down so as I change, let's

if I choose subject, it'll tell me that it's looking for content that's tagged with this subject. I'm going to use keyword.

Basic Search to I do want to mention so basic search is Gale's version of Google it's, it's something that we've created within our resources so this is looking at terms or subjects, and it does prioritize recent articles, so that is nice with the basic

search keyword is that really broad search so it's looking for the mere mention and it's looking at the first hundred to 200 words, it looks at the title it so it looks at those types of things that metadata.

The keyword takes a look at.

Of course, all of our all of the fields look at different things. But we're pulling in all sorts sometimes overlapping content is you're going to see here, available because of what it's searching for.

So let's say that you know the back side of things. Let's take a look at some search terms here is probably a little bit more information than you wanted, but always like to provide you with as much as possible in case you're ever asked, looking at Advanced

Search, let's take a look at and I did do it did take a look at usage reports for, Tennessee, and I was looking at these for these this resource and top search terms in the state of Tennessee and within Gale Gale one file health and medicine and genetic

engineering was one term that popped up. And like I said, these are top search terms so I'm able to see how often they're being searched for and another one was cloning so I thought oh that would be interesting to us for today's session, and use both

terms. So what I. If you notice searches this does pop up here for me and helps me out. If I select from search assist. So if I select cloning, even though I haven't typed in.

What it will do automatically for me is put the term in quotation marks. Now if you're not familiar with special characters we do have some search tips here below.

And the nice thing is with search assist. If you selected it puts it in those quotation marks for you. And what quotation marks do if you're not familiar with that is they look for all the terms in the exact order.

So instead of looking at genetic engineering, it'll look for genetic engineering.

So, those quotation marks, specifically for this term, are going to be very helpful. And searches this does already provide them for you if you select from the list.

So let's do a search and I am keeping both fields for keyword and I'm looking for genetic engineering and cloning.

And here's my content that's pulled back. So I do have quite a few academic journals. I am in gear one file health and medicine so you're going to find a lot of that information some magazine articles, books, and newspapers, all of my filters are over

here on the right hand side, and you're going to find because we are in a one file resource we have an additional filter. The Lexile measure. So I can filter down my content to a certain Lexile range if I want to.

And this is an all of your Galel one file resources, even your high school edition get one file High School addition.

Okay, so I found this great content on Jin genetic engineering and cloning, and I would like to be notified every single time something new is been added to my search terms so any any new content, any new academic journal articles or magazine articles.

I want to be alerted when something's been added and I can do that.

And this is why I love this resource for our medical professionals because it is going to provide them with the most up to date information, and what they can do all of your users can set up a search alert here at the top.

So in the toolbar and this is available in all your Gale one file resources you have search alert, and you have the ability to be notified through email, or if you have an RSS feed we can we give you provide you with that code that you can use if maybe

you're using an RSS feed in your browser that code is there and you will be alerted.

If you're choosing email as often as you want so daily, weekly, monthly, the format you have an option to change to also. So that's really cool within this resource that you are able to set up a search alert, especially for our medical professionals,

especially with how often things change, to be alerted every time a new document has been added and you can choose I mean if you don't, you don't want to be, have your email full daily, I understand that, but maybe once a month, you sit down and you're

doing your work or you're a faculty member at an academic at a higher ed institution, and you want to be informed to as you're working with our future medical professionals and pulling in content new supplemental information or sharing articles or documents

with your students you know you have a unit coming up that you're working on, or a topic of study, and you want that content available and be able to share it with your students, you can do that here you can set up search alert.

Another thing that you can do is use the get link option.

So if you are sharing content with your students, you're a faculty member professor, you're sharing content you want to the most up to date information to continuously come in and you want to share that content with your students.

You can do that using get link, get linked creates a persistent URL back to any spot within the resource, so I could be done, have done something like this which is very specific copy this URL and share it with my students.

The nice thing is, is that anytime anything has been added, doesn't change the URL, but the content will automatically be here for you, related to genetic engineering and cloning.

So just like setting up that search alert. The get link provides a persistent URL, back to this content, even if it's new content that's being added just love that.

Now maybe it's, you want to share a certain article, you want to, you're going into let's go into news. And here's an interesting article, and I want to share this one with my students get link is provides that persistent URL right back to this article,

so you can filter down your results. You could be on a topic page in Gale health and wellness the resource we were in previously, and you want to share that on your library website, maybe you want to share the coronavirus topic page on your library website

you can use that get link tool it's available in your Gale health and wellness and Gale one file, health and medicine. Also available in your Gale in context resources to so that get linked creates a persistent URL back to any spot within the resource,

even filtered results.

So search terms, if I were to add in another filter maybe I'm looking for all the brief articles and articles I want to apply that that filter down more content.

Now I can create that grab that get link. I do have to let you know that the more filters you add the longer this link grows, so feel free to use any of those tools Bitly are tiny URL to shorten that URL if you want or just hyperlink it out.

Okay, so we covered advanced search we take, we took a look at that we looked at. Get link, we looked at setting up search alerts, there's something else I want to show you under Advanced Search, and then I'm going to go into the practice tests as we're,

we're right towards the end of our time. You do have a subject guide search and publication search now those live on that on the homepage to remember they're right here on the homepage.

And they also live under Advanced Search. Subject Guide search.

Let's do a quick search.

Because I what I want to show you on this one.

We're going to look for obesity.

Okay, so you do have subdivisions that you see this little section that says subdivisions with an arrow. This will help you narrow down your search. So if I'm looking at analysis or want cases, as it relates to obesity, I can do that causes of souls those

subdivisions exists, also related subjects and related subjects gives you that more focused term so childhood obesity, I can click on related subjects again and it'll help me so this subject guy search can really help you drill down from this broader

term, rather than doing a basic search, and going in and searching through all of your content using your filters that's always an option, but you can come in this way and do a subject guide search, and then click into childhood obesity was still has

a lot of content, or I would still want to use my filters, but it does have those related terms.


And the other one I wanted to show you is the publication search and I remember that is also on that homepage.

Publication search. Maybe I can look at all the publications here I have some limiters here that I can use but I'm going to do a basic. I want to see if this resource has a publication that I like to take a look at on a regular basis as a college professor.

Psychology Today,

and it looks like there's one result.

And I do have it. I have everything full text from 1992 to current.

You can see here the drop down menu, you can jump to a certain year you wanted to.

If I wanted to do access the most current issue, those are listed here so there was one published on January 1 another one. On March, march 1 so every quarter.

I can also search within this publication.

And I can create a journal alert. So anytime a new issue a new volume a new issue has been added to the resource, I can set it up just like my search alerts to get an email or use that RSS feed and be able to access this publication.

And now remember with these publications, you're going to find, and I'm going to filter this because we do have some that are citation only, but full text documents, this publication remember I can share all of these articles using get link.

I can filter down my content there. eight articles here that are available.

And I can save them to to my Google Drive One Drive email download or print if I just want the article and I want to keep it in my Microsoft One Drive until I choose to delete it.

Okay, last resource we're going to briefly jump into, and this one has been covered quite a bit in a lot of sessions I did a session.

Two weeks ago, looking at the practice test so there is a webinar that that focuses on just the practice test but what I wanted to point out is that you have a lot of practices available to support those in the medical field our future medical professionals,

and I don't know that everybody knows that. So, and we don't want to start by sharing with you the improve your score section, because you do have undergrad school.

You do have the M cat so this is the medical college admissions tests, and this is a practice test that is available within Gale presents Peterson's testing career prep.

All of those other exams I had mentioned are going to be under the vocational test prep, because they are certification exams. This medical test is to get into med school where, what you're going to find let me go back to the homepage because I love how

it looks here when I click into it.

Here you're going to find under vocational test prep, all of those certification exams so medical and nursing we do have a section here, and you are going to find the dental admission tests EMT exam.

We do have ebooks available to within this is mastering the EMT exam so there's the full ebook available that can be downloaded right onto your device and the nice thing is with the ebooks there are additional practice tests to that you can print off

and fill out if you want all these practice tests so this EMT practice test exam is done digitally, and I'll share that with you, I just want to scroll down and show you, you've got even massage therapy here, the pharmacy exam, information rn.

So all of that is available within this resource quite a few different examples let's go into the EMT exam.

I do have to log in, because I'm taking this exam within this resource. So creating an account or a login, you do want to a user account on this resource because I can walk away I can pause my exam I can reset my exam, and it saves it all for me, it also

saves my scores because I have an account here on the resource, so it'll save all those scores for me so I can go back and review before I go into take that practice or before I go into take that certification test I can come back and review my results

because when I do take a test what happens is when I submit it. It's graded, and it tells me if the answer is correct incorrect, and then it gives me an explanation.

So again I did it, a deeper dive session on the practice tests but I'm just going to briefly show you

click into the practice test. I have all of the sections over here on the right hand side to start the test, I can click into the first one, a lot of our tests to will have the section in the center where there'll be a button that says start test this

one set up it looks like a little differently.

Oh here we go so I clicked in this is what I was talking about. So I clicked into the first section. And then I can choose start quiz at the bottom.

Now, I don't have to have this panel open on the left hand side, I can close it. And then here I am in my exam.

So I'm just going to make a couple guesses I'm not going to read

the questions.

Okay, there's ton in this first section. so let me just fill this out real quick.

Okay, now I can submit my quiz at this point, which isn't going to give me a very good score, or I can continue my test, you can see at the top, it tells me that the test is two hours, and also tells me that before I start the test, and then I'm 43 seconds

into it and this is my first attempt of this, this practice test. When I submit my quiz, I get a warning, because of only answered a few questions and there's still 44 to go.

But I want to show you for today, I'm going to submit this quiz.

And it grades it for me. And then here I can see here's question one view feedback below.

I got this one right. The correct answer is B, and then it gives you a more information so under this view feedback while I got to correct. Here's the third one.

This one I did not get correct so the correct answer is B, and it points that out here for me. And then here's some additional information.

Okay. If I go back to content.

This at the top so I was in the grades are here, the system check the class progress is what I want to show you so grades is going to show me where I'm at, what I've done in this test this practice exam.

This was my first attempt.

Class progress is where you can go in and see the grades received, and also if I scroll down, topics visited so there's the content.

And here's my actual quiz. So if I want to come back and review my quiz, it's under quizzes.

I can click into it, attempt one and it takes me back to that page that I read that I was able to see after I submitted it to get my score that that's how you do that so you can come back at anytime.

into that grade section that class progress, and under quizzes review that test again.

Okay, let me know if there are any questions you all been a little quiet today. So, we are right at the end of our session so let me just share we do have coming up.

And this is in June. I will be facilitating a couple sessions I don't know if any of you are tassel members, part of their summer DPT programs but in June and July, I will be I'm submitting a few sessions.

On behalf of the Tennessee electronic library, and I'm very honored and excited to be presenting and doing some training on those days I don't have dates or times yet we're just at that submission process but I thought what a great opportunity to let

folks know that those are coming up in June and July, all of your training materials can be found on the support site at

Here's an example of a resource guide on the right hand side just a screenshot of one of our resource guides you're going to find one of these available for all of your resources plus there's a lot of video tutorials you may find some tip sheets for the

resource. We even have some projects and lesson plans for some of our in context resources scavenger hunts.

Those are all there in the, in the training center.

But that wraps our session, I will stay on the line if there's any additional questions again my name is Tammi Van Buren and I'm your Gale trainer, you have folks at Gale that are there to support you they're there for your one on one support.

So Gale Customer Success managers are available. You can reach out to them directly send an email. If you're not sure who your customer success manager is, and it will be directed to the customer success manager that covers your territory so here's their

email address general email address, and then a training survey should pop up after the session ends on your screen, we'd love to get your feedback. If not, here's a URL, and it's just

But I thank you for your time. I hope you come back and join me again in the future, like I said those tassel sessions will be coming up but keep an eye on the Tennessee electronic Library website, there is a section for librarians on there and the training

calendar is always trainings are being added there, you can always find all of your Tennessee electronic library webinars that that I that I facilitate on the support site, and that'll be the recorded webinars,
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