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Last Modified: January 27, 2022

For TEL: Business Series - Gale Business: Entrepreneurship

Gale is here with the Tennessee Electronic Library to support entrepreneurs, business students, and small business owners with simple access to data, business plans and industry information for businesses. View Part 1 of the webinar series for public librarians, high school and college librarians and educators, as we explore the applications of Gale Business: Entrepreneurship to support all aspects of starting and owning a business.

Duration: 30 Minutes
Welcome to your Tennessee electronic library training session business series. Now this is one of three in our business series, and the resource we are covering today is Gale business entrepreneurship.

My name is Tammi Van Buren, and I'm your Gale trainer, and I look forward to talking to you about this resource today and what my goal is with this first business resource of the three that we will be covering is I want to share how this resource can

support small business entrepreneurship business management and also business students. It really is a great resource it's, it's one, I own a small business and it's one that I really like to explore and, and I look at different aspects and I'll share

that with you today and where I have found support within this resource. But how it can support your libraries and your patrons coming into your libraries or on like I said business students if you are coming to us from higher ed, or also from the K 12

field. It is what really one of those resources that can work in all areas. We do see it heavily used in the public library but it is a good one for K 12 and also higher ed.

So a brief agenda we are going to start with an overview, so you understand what is Gale business entrepreneurship, so I'll talk to you a little bit about it, and then we're going to spend the majority of our time exploring the content talking about best

practices in workflow tools within the resource questions I encourage you to ask throughout but I will say on at the end and also leave you with my contact information after the session if you think of something else you wanted to ask about with this

in regard to this resource, and then also share with you where you can go for training materials we have quite a bit of on demand training materials available for you all including some short video tutorials, and I'll share that with you at the end of

the session. The link to where you can locate those training materials on the Galel support site will also be included in your follow up email so you'll have it in both, both places and I'll also leave you with some contact information today.

To access your Tennessee electronic library resources you can utilize this link. If you are not already using your direct URL to your resources on your library website, please feel free to access through the Tennessee electronic library portal It is designed

designed and very well and and very clear and easy to find content plus there's articles right on the homepage, so you can see what's happening at tell and featured resources on the right hand side so I'm going to share that with you today, and also show

you where you can find the business resource that we're going to talk about today.

And that business resource is Gale business entrepreneurship, you what you're going to find within this resource is real world this business plan so at Gale we publish a lot of our own content we also work with fabulous publishers.

And one of the things we do is we do publish our own business plans and you are going to see. I don't know if you have the business plans handbook in your libraries, but you have digital access to all of the copies so every volume that we have available

within Gale business entrepreneurship, which is a great resource in fact the most recent ones were already posted there, so you will find all that up to great up to date information, but also our most recent business plans from our most recent publication,

and along with the history of them. You're also going to find great reference works like an encyclopedia of small business, there's great encyclopedias that when you think of an encyclopedia I know when when I do, you know, you think about doing research

and social history social studies science stuff, but there's some great ones for business. And so, we're going to explore those a little bit today and I want to talk to you about where you can find those encyclopedias within the resource itself.

And then directories now directories are great for those looking to start a small business for those looking to grow their small business, or maybe they're looking for related.

Any directories related to establishing maintaining or managing a small business also trade shows, conferences that type of information is very helpful within our directories.

And you're going to find over 300 Full Text entrepreneurial, and industry specific magazines and journals, I always get tripped up on that word, but you're going to find that within the resource there's also news audio files available, all within your

Gale business entrepreneurship. If there are any questions let me know. Please use the q amp a box but with that we are going to go right into the product and spend all of our time there today.

So accessing from the Tennessee electronic library portal or website, you can go to general public.

Of course you have all the resources here I should say that first all the resources here, but you can go right into general public.

And from general public, you have the business center.

And that's where you're going to find the business resources that I'm going to be covering in our series and Gale business entrepreneurship here at the bottom so you want the one that's titled Gale business, entrepreneurship.

Anything one file as you can see there's three different one file resources here that's primarily periodical content. So newspapers journals that type of content.

The one we're covering today is Gale business entrepreneurship, where you're going to have more multimedia you're going to have the encyclopedias, as I mentioned, so in the business plans are going to be in Gale business entrepreneurship, just wanted

to talk about the difference between the two.

So I already do have it open here.

And looking at the homepage, I just want to point out a few items on one that compared to your other Gale resources that you have that is nice to have in the business resource is the glossary.

So we have this contextual toolbar here on the right hand side, and this toolbar will change depending where I'm at within the resource and what tools I need when I'm on the homepage.

I have access to all of the topics and these are topic pages that are curated for you and I have this great glossary available.

And the glossary gives me a lot of business terms. So this can be really helpful information. I know I have found this extremely helpful, not only in my training that I do here for Gale in my in my job, but also with my small business that I, that's a

seasonal on the weekends kind of thing just for creative outlet that I have. So I have found this very helpful information to explore the terms in the glossary and the nice thing is is you can very easily search through the glossary here at the top.

You don't have to keep scrolling, but they are alphabetical here within the glossary.

Okay. I also love how the homepage is organized so of course you have the basic search and advanced search and that going to touch into those today. Those are pretty straightforward.

You're going to have topics of interest, trending here on the homepage. And then, I love the four categories below, because it really takes your users that are accessing this through kind of a step by step approach.

And we do have some topic pages listed under each one so we start with. There we go.

Sorry about that. We start with plan, which then takes us to if we, if we come up with the plan we're looking at different business plans maybe then we're looking at funding.

So, where do I want to go for funding, or maybe I want to go from plan to start so we don't have them in a certain order. I my process is plan look for funding.

But you can see trending small businesses is also here under start plan maybe I love going to business plans, through, through the plan section here because I may for those users that are like, Okay, I know I want to work for myself, I really just not

sure what exactly I want to do I have a lot of different interests that I'm interested in what's trending Where can I go Where can I look for business plans to see and these business plans are from successful businesses, and they the names of the business

and the addresses have been changed but they are the actual business plans from successful businesses. So that's a great place to start, you can see you have business ideas also under this section under funding you have the angel investors loans and grants

self funding so these are topic pages that are curated information on that subject of self funding for start you have quite a few different topics here trending small businesses which is also up here at the top of our page one of our topics of interest,

but minority veteran women owned businesses so we have some topic pages, and then manage so manage is really one that we hear a lot from business owners, especially now with managing your employees so how, how do you keep, what do you do, what do you

do to keep your employees, happy, right, keep them engaged, keep them on board, keep them from leaving right but also managing them, it can be challenging because you are dealing with a group of individuals right and they have individual needs.

So here's some tools to help with that process and that's something we hear from business owners, a lot and this was even pre pandemic where we heard that managing employees is important to them they want to keep quality people.

How can they do that, even more so now it seems to be a really hot topic.

I'm selling and marketing your business also another hot topic at this time. So let's take a look at some of these and we're going to dive into each section, we're going to spend, I'm going to go over some of the tools and functionality within the resource

itself, but we are going to actually before we go into plan, I'm going to come back to just the business plans I do want to do just a basic search, because your users are probably going to be doing a lot of basic search searches here hopefully they're

accessing some of this content here below, but they might have a pretty good idea of what they're looking for as soon as they sit down. So let's say I do let's say I am looking to open a business and I'm looking to open a brewery.

I, there's a couple of my area that are successful, but I'd like to do, maybe do a spin on it. One I know that's in my area they actually were in Michigan here, and it is cold and with this cold the good chunk of the year so anything indoor x throwing

has become popular, but one that I just discovered recently. When I was out to dinner was, they have cornhole, and I don't know if you're familiar with cornhole that is a very Michigan thing to play the game of cornhole but it's indoor cornhole another

Italian place opened down the road from it and they have in indoor Bochy ball. So it's interesting these twists, not just a restaurant but you can go play game rounded Bochy ball and then sit and have dinner and I actually did that with a group of my

girlfriends, it was a blast. But what a great idea to bring that outside event inside and offer that opportunity and there's like, only two courts, or fields I'm not really sure what the right service, it's quarter field for each of these But still, like

like I said, just an idea. So, if I were looking to open a brewery and how else could I bring people in and get them to stick around for a while. These are some great ideas so that's going to be my search today's.

His brewery.

Okay, when I do a basic search like this, it pulls back all this content now if I were to have selected one of the topic pages, it's going to look a little different so I will share that with you so you can compare and contrast.

Okay, I'm going to share this information real quick that Andrew has shared with me. And this is the link to the business center on the tell portal. Okay, so looking at the my search results.

I want to point out a few different categories here. So you do have business plans, it doesn't land you right into business plans there happened to be 15 related to my search term.

I have recommended resources, that's where you're going to find those encyclopedias directories self explanatory magazines and journals we do happen to have 24,000 for this subject so I'm going to show you a way to filter down that content, we happen

to have some news articles, videos and also a lot of audio files available to.

So let's first take a look at all the business plans. So we have 15 of those, you may have three it really depends on what your search term is I do suggest, if you are doing a basic search like I did, I was working on a couple different searches in one

was coffee shop. Earlier today, and put it in quotation marks so that you're getting caught your, your search engine, or I should say your Gale resource is searching and looking for coffee shop.

The term, I'm rather than coffee and shop, because the results are going to be slightly different. And if you're not familiar with those different operators, we do have, I should say the different operators and special characters I was talking about the

quotation marks, under Advanced Search, we've have some search tip explanations here so if I click on quotation marks. This is a great tool for your users coming into coming into your library especially students to have understand why would I put it in

quotation marks, what does that mean exactly, but just a suggestion to your users that are that are using on of course I clicked on the way out, that are using the resource itself.

Okay, so we're going into business plans.

And if I scroll down, I can see some of these business plans that I have available if I wanted to filter to the newest one I could. I'm going to leave it at at the most relevant and click into this first one so you can see what exactly this business plan

looks like now this is coming from the business plans Handbook, it's volume 11, as I mentioned, we are the publishers, and you can see the length of the document itself.

On the right hand side we have this explore panel, and sometimes in the Explore panel you may see a section more like this, I like to explore that when I'm working with the business plans because it may direct me to some articles that are related to what

I'm looking at. And that's exactly exactly what the more like this does it's looking at related articles based on the one that you currently are in, and it's additional suggestions so it's additional opportunity for exploration for your patrons.

This article because it is a longer article does actually have an article.

So a table of contents or article content.

And then any related subjects are going to be listed below so that explored panel can be a very helpful supplemental information tool to all of your users when I'm looking at the business plans, and you can see in this article content, what all is going

to be here I have an executive summary there's a mission organization business overview, all the way to risk factors and marketing and sales. Now, every business plan is going to be slightly different.

You may have more you may have less article contents it really depends on that business and the plan that they've designed so you are going to get a good sampling and I do highly suggest if you click into one click into three, see what they are compare

and contrast some of those business plans and see what all you have available.

I'll thank Sally.

I want to share that thanks Haley so everybody can see, I do, I do feel like yes our resources are organized in a way that we try to make them as user friendly as possible.

And what I like to do in my trainings, if there's anything that's a little unique or not as intuitive I like to point that out so you all know, being that you're on the front lines are aware of okay you know there's this one thing that I learned let me

show you.

So anyway, but thank you for sharing that I'll share that with the product managers, they always love to hear that type of feedback.

So looking at the business plan here that we have in front of us.

You can, as I mentioned, you can see all of the article contents and as I scroll down, it is going to be a lot of great text, but you are getting different information, depending on the business plan around for the most part you're going to get some of

the basics in there but you might get some extra information. So I do highly suggest clicking into a few of those to compare and contrast, especially if you have a patron that is designing their own business plan.

Now there are some tools available I'm not going to go into all of those these accessibility tools and workflow tools yet. I want to show you a little bit more content before I do, so I'm going to go back to my search results, and go into before I do

before I was going to go into recommended resources. If you have a user maybe you, this is a subject or you are working on programming and you are looking at small business and you want to select a topic that you know is a hot topic or something that

you've had a few folks come in and ask about do a search see what we have available if you want to showcase or highlight the business plans, just to just to get your users in, you can use get link, so get linked creates a persistent URL back to this exact

spot so maybe it's a topic page I would use it probably on a topic page maybe on all the business plans.

But if you wanted to be term specific, then you could do it this way to, and all you do is any spot within the resource now I happen to be in my results, specifically in business plans and that's where I want my users to go, or maybe I'm working with

students, either college or high school, and I want them to go into a business plan specifically based on maybe it's, you know, food delivery. Right. maybe that's my search term.

All I gotta do is click on the get link and it creates a persistent URL back to that exact spot.

Okay, so that's a tool that is available. As you can see our contextual toolbar share didn't change too much here. Um, it does when we're on the topic pages but that glossary still available here to.

Okay, so let's go into recommended resources.

And I wanted to click into I was exploring this one earlier.

This is coming from the Encyclopedia of major marketing strategies, this is volume for.

Again, this, I'm always learning at Galel that's why I love my job so much, but the Encyclopedia of marketing major marketing strategies fascinated that this was within the resource itself, but you can see below, we have key concepts key facts, we've got

some great texts features available.

And as I scroll down, I get a situation, a national situational analysis target market. So when you're looking at marketing ideas for for your brewery what was successful here and I don't know if you all remember the Dell sec ease the campaign that was

done it was like the most interesting man, the new Most Interesting Man, I don't know if you remember that. But it's interesting to you know take a look at it and read up about it and see what was successful.

What was effective, and you can do that here within your gal resources. Now this is an article I wanted to save something I could do is I could send it I could send it to Google, Microsoft email download or print, even if I'm down here like towards the

bottom of the page and I'm like oh yeah I remember that, that campaign that was really cool I want to keep that as an idea maybe that I can spin off onto something else I can my contextual toolbar sticks with me and it floats down the page, so I can click

the sun too, and this will also give me the option of Google one driver email. And then I also have the download and the print available.

So, looking at so that is one under recommended resources, that's where you're going to find more of that.

Encyclopedia type content. If we go into it. Let's go back and go into magazines and journals because we have so many, So what I do here, magazines and journals I have 24,000, it's sorted by relevance, I would probably filter down to the most, at least

least the last year, so I can sort by most recent or newest, but what I would do is use my filter bar. I would either select a publication date range, past years here at the bottom, maybe there's a certain subject I'm looking for, or a certain document

type that I want and I can multi select some of these I want statistical tables or cover stories or directories editorials, I can select that publication titles, this is another great one if there's certain titles that you are utilized or maybe you're

just not sure when it comes to breweries and what what publication titles would relate to the business I'm about to open or you have the search within.

So these filters are all here when I filter down to the past year.

It's going to filter, all of my content so not just my magazines and journals, it did that to directories news audio files. As you can see breweries are not as popular as they used to be.

There's other definitely other businesses that are trending so most recent if I were in something that was trending right now. I would probably see even more and my results but this really helps filter down my content pretty quickly, and I did find some

interesting articles on here like a river cruise and this river cruise was having a tasting like a brewery tasting. And I thought what a great idea and you could highlight different breweries on your river cruise and, you know, so just different ideas

that maybe hadn't been thought about ways to grow your business or some different ideas to when you're starting your business and where you can go from there as as your networking to.

So, just an idea of how you can filter that content down.

Okay so question came in, are these articles included in general five general one file. So Sally, you will find.

I would have to look at the title lists and compare them into general one file. This is not Galel business entrepreneurship is not a subset of general one file, General one file is in our one file family.

This is in our Gale business family are there publications that might be in both, there could be, I'd have to really look at the title lists and compare and contrast those.

But I think what you're thinking of is, is.

And I don't want to confuse you all but is thinking of Gale one file business or Gale one file, entrepreneurship. It is it does not easy. I know, and I'm sorry but it this is a different resource that other one yes and I will be covering that resource.

I think that's our third one in the series in April and talking about how Yes, you'll find that content in general one file but this one.


You're welcome. thanks for asking about that.

Okay, so I'm looking at I want to look at the directories real quick and just talk to you about directories. Now, if you are looking for you have a user coming in and they're, they're looking to network using the directories is a great option because

they're going to find like this one for example, they're finding additional documents, what's available below our communications that are available, they may find conference information.

They may find shows that are that are happening in their area. Maybe it's a big you know you have someone that owns a variety of car washes and wants to find the most what's trending in in product.

Well they want to go to the mall you know car shows what are some of the big ones are there any local This is a great place to look for that type of information is going to the directories and see what shows are available so it's not just for publications

that you can follow it's also for conferences, it's also for shows it really depends on what you know what you're searching for here within the resource what your search term is and what your businesses, really.

I looked in another one like the brewing industry. So this would be a great one where I can find even more information here Some databases internet databases, other sources available so exploring those directories again is another situation where I would

click into a few and do some exploration, or search within. If you're in the directories and you want to find where you know the the newest shows are happening, search within and see.

So just some different ideas on how you can use directories. Let's go back to the homepage. Let me know if there are any questions, because I want to just click into a few more items, and for example business ideas.

This is a topic page where you have an image, and an essay overview and then all of your content is curated below for you This is another great idea to use get link.

Also this is great if you have any teachers and they're using Google Classroom. They can pull this entire topic page right into their Google classroom and share it with their students.

We do have video tutorials on that it's, it's, I think it's fairly intuitive because it really takes you through step by step. But we do have some video tutorials on that on the Galel support site I'll share with you where you can locate that information

about how to use Google, but it is another idea and you can see as I scroll down how its organized on the page so this is a little different when I do a basic search it pulled back these great boxes but when I have the curated information I can use this.

If I in my library programming, or if I'm doing a unit study on business ideas, going back to that homepage, and where you'll find all of the topics now I'm just showing you under each of these subjects is, remember I have this little Browse Topics section

that's going to take me to all of the topic pages. So this will I can see everything that I have available and then I also have. And this is on business topics.

Here we have business types.

How to you have additional resources, so be sure to look at all of those don't don't think that oh business topics that's all the topic pages they have we have them sectioned off here, even further for you so they're organized even further for your users.

Okay, well, the other thing I want to share with you is some of the accessibility features and then we are at the at the end of our time. So, I do encourage you to explore fund start, manage, and really just look deeper at that content, but for this next

section I'm going to go into the angel investors and venture capital and access this topic page, and we are going to go into recommended resources

and financing and your venture overview.

Because, this would be an article that I would be interested in saving it is helping me understand financing. But what I can do is I talked to you about your workflow tools here.

I also have some options to translate I can translate all the texts on this page I'm at over 40 languages, and we are using Google Translate.

I can decrease or increase the font size so great for my users that are reading this, even on their cell phones because we are mobile responsive so they can access this from their cell phone and increase the text size or put the readers on like I need

to do have display options. This is a new feature in all of your Gale resources, where you can change the background color. You can change the font we have open dyslexic now available, increase the line spacing or the Word Spacing, and when I click done

you can see what that text now looks like so I can manipulate that text to suit my needs. These are tools to support accessibility to go back to my default settings, it's the same box.

Done. And then I also have the listen feature so I can listen to any of this text being read aloud to me at any time also again very helpful for your users that are experienced any if they have any visual disabilities.

I'm very helpful for them.

Okay, so I promised I would share with you where you can go for additional training information so I'm going to share that now with you let me know if there are any questions or if you'd like me to go over anything again.

Before I do I want to let you know the next session we have coming up in your three part business series, we're going to be covering Gale Business Insights essentials.

And that is on February 22 at 11 to 11:30am. Eastern time so 10 to 1030. central time. I do want to share.

Sally shared some information and Sally I would love to give you some feedback on that I don't know if you want me to share that with the entire group or not just let me know if you would like me to do that in the comments section.

And then where to go for training materials support, you're going to find training tutorials that like the Google one I had mentioned google classroom is on there.

I'm training materials tutorials the tutorials are two to three minutes long, they're very short and sweet. They're also great to highlight on your library web page, or if you have any teachers that you're working with, with students they're a great way

to get students into the resources and that's, you'll find video tutorials for the specific resources and for the tools within. So you want one on how to use get link, we've got a video tutorial for it.

I mentioned previously the Google option. There's also the topic finder if you're in one of our other Gale resources and want to use topic finder Advanced Search you're going to find those all their also webinars and we have some 15 minutes to mastery

webinars that are short and sweet. Also, but they are about 15 minutes, and they're very focused though they're focused on individual tools within the resources or concepts.

We also have some great principal tools posters resource guides resource guides are a step by step through the resource. You're going to find those and also tip sheets scavenger hunts those types of things we don't have as much like scavenger hunt wise,

those are designed more for our K 12 audience, and they're on our in context resources and our literature resources so we really don't have them for the business.

But what we do have is PowerPoints available so if you are training and you're building. And that is something you are tasked with look and see if what PowerPoints we have available you'll find those under the library tool section in the training center.

So we do have and they have notes and they're ready to go. You can use as many slides or as few slides as you want but they're all they're available for you.

And finally electronic tools looking to promote your tell resources that you have.

From Gale, then include we have webinar banners social media posts anything to reach out to students faculty any patrons that are coming into your library.

We have those available in the marketing materials section. So look and see what we have. And that wraps our session My name is Tammi Van Buren I'm your Gale trainer for that one on one support of course you have the fabulous Andrea silky at tell, but

also for Gale one on one support your Gale Customer Success managers, they can help you with direct URLs they can talk to you about access, they can talk to you about usage reports and everything on the support site.

They are your one on one support and very helpful and knowledgeable, folks. So reach out to them using this email address. It is also included in your follow up email, so you'll have that information and you can reach out to them directly just, just let

them know what site you're coming from and they'll direct you to the customer success manager that covers your territory.

All right.

Sally Great thanks I'm going to share this Sally shared something with us here today, here's a link to her story she did a, let me see you called it a library database story walk.

So I'm really excited to take a look at that. Thanks for sharing that. So I'm going to share that with the group.

And that wraps our session if there's anything else you would like to ask let me know or want me to go over again. But thank you again for your time. I really appreciate it today, and have a great rest of your day but I will stay on the line for a couple

minutes here.
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