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Last Updated: May 17, 2018

Summer of Possibility

Learn how to stay ahead this summer with quality research materials from Gale and your library.

This is Emma.

Like every student,

she's excited that

school is out for the summer.

She is leaving the classroom behind,

and in doing so, saying goodbye

to Educational Learning.

Students like Emma go through this ritual every summer

known as the summer slide...

Until now.

Turn this summer into the summer of possibility

with quality research materials from Gale

that will ensure that Emma stays ahead.

Just because school's out doesn't mean

that libraries are closed.

The same trusted materials

that helped Emma ace her exams

are still available at home or

on-the-go, 24/7.

Emma can also visit her public library

to participate in summer reading programs,

or get ahead by mastering the skills she'll need

next school year.

Emma can access the best of Gale's

age appropriate videos, books,

magazines, primary sources,

and much more!

Planning a vacation this summer?

Emma can learn about your destination

from the comfort of her tablet.

Off to Camp?

She can use her phone to keep her research skills fresh,

and study her favorite sports or music hero

before heading out.

As technology becomes more central,

Emma is quickly learning about online research.

Put her a step ahead

with Gale and your State Library.

With engaging content,

learning is exciting

exactly as it should be.
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