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Gale Single Sign-On (SSO) options

Last Updated: March 05, 2021

This document describes single sign-on methods available for Gale resources and provide instructions for enabling single sign-on.

Q. What is single sign-on (SSO)?

A. Single sign-on allows users to authenticate to a variety of applications using one set of login credentials (e.g. name and password). As an example, if you are a Google or Microsoft school or institution you can empower your users to log in to Gale products using their school-issued email addresses and passwords.

Q. How does SSO benefit me?

A. Taking advantage of SSO means that your users will be able to authenticate into Gale products with familiar credentials from popular services such as Google, Microsoft, ClassLink, and Clever.

Q. What are ClassLink and Clever?

A. ClassLink and Clever provide a variety of services to school districts, including a provision for SSO. After set-up, access to a district's Gale resources is available through the Clever or ClassLink login, with no additional login necessary.  Usage for a school's Gale resources will then be logged at the district level.

Q. We're a Google school district that uses Clever. Can we use both Google and Clever?

A. Yes. Students can log in using their Google account, and also have direct access to Gale products through Clever. Your institution has the ability to set-up the login page with one or more of the services noted above.

Q. How do I enable SSO for my Gale online products?

Google / Microsoft Single Sign-On Authentication

1. Sign in to Gale Admin

2. Select the location ID for your institution

3. Click on Authentication

4. Click on Third Party Authentication

5. Check the box for the service you want to enable

6. Type in your institution's domain name

7. Click Save


Clever institutions will need to request access to the Gale Resources app through their Clever dashboard. Their Customer Success Manager will then reach out with any follow-up and complete the implementation.

ClassLink institutions will need to enable Gale access through creating a ClassLink app, using this Launch URL:, and then reach out to their Customer Success Manager to complete the implementation.