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Get to Know Gale Presents: Peterson’s Test and Career Prep


Whether you are working with students or patrons exploring higher education, recent graduates embarking on new career paths, or folks in need of a career change, Peterson’s Test and Career Prep will provide you with support tools, including practice exams, financial aid information, school and scholarship searches, career assessments, resume tools and career aids to support your patrons needs. In this session, we explored the different tools available to customize a unique plan for the needs of your patrons or students and prepare them for what's next!

Duration: 45 Minutes
already. Hello and welcome everyone.

I'm Stacy and I am one of the gale trainers,

glad to be with you to take a look at

our Gale Presents: Peterson's test

and career prep resource. Thanks

for tuning in today.

What we want to do is share what

you can expect out of this resource and

when you're going to use it the most, you know,

kind of knowing what's in there is is

going to help you say if you're at the reference desk

or are working with a student

and need to know what's

in here when you can direct them to us, we're gonna

help through that up today

and then we'll share how to navigate

the resource. The content

and the resource is a lot,

there's a lot of different tools here but

they all kind of work very similarly depending

on on what you're looking at. So we wanna make sure you're comfortable

navigating the resource, finding what

you need and then of course work you through it as

made it and then we want to share some ideas

for discoveries, way our discovery

ways to drive your users into

this resource and of course you're going to be um

directing them to it, but there are other ways to kind of

put them into the resource that are a

little more subtle may flow into or may

fit into your workflow are in their work

flow a little easier

and then as always will wrap up with

Gale support so where can you go after

today when you get questions when you get feedback

for us, we want to make sure you know how to get in touch

as we're going through today though. Do feel free

to take advantage of the chat and the Q and A.

Both are open. I'll keep an eye on them

throughout the session and and get to

those as quickly as I can. This is really

your training session. So if

there's something you want to see something you want

me to click on

or demonstrate do share that

in the chat so I can give you what

you need out of the session today.

So let's go ahead and dive in

with what to expect out of

our Gale Presents

Peterson's tests and career prep


So as you might have assumed with

both company names there in the title.

This is a partner product for us at Gale.

We're thrilled to partner with Peterson's.

There is such a well known and well respected

company in the

test prep and college readiness

field so you know really there's nobody

better with a partner which provide this

resource in libraries.

I remember using the books way way

back when I was prepping for the S.

A. T. And A. C. T. Exams

years and years ago.

And of course it's great to have this content available

online. So of course that's one of the features

of the resource. Being able to prepare

for college and career related tests.

We have online practice tests built

right into the resource with immediate

ratings. you can check your score, see how

you did retake exams, stream



along with the e book content that comes along

with those tasks so you can,

you know, take advantage of not just

the practice test but also the

content that helps you prepare and

get ready for those those exams.

Oh I apologize, I've got my

animations a bit out of order here.

Um but that's fine, it's all good stuff.

So this resource also

can help you find a college,

you have searches that help

you narrow down to the uh

you know type of school you're looking for. So you

know public or private in state or out

of state.

search based on tuition

of course based on the program or degree you're

interested in. As well

as some other features that come in really handy

and not just that, you know, paying for

college is

can can be a challenge.

So we've got tools to help you find scholarships

to find financial aid help

and a lot more kind of college

breath. And what's nice about these tools,

It is of course going to offer kind of a traditional

two and four year institution search, but then there

are specialist searches for distance learning

for nursing programs.

So they've created some custom search

paths for different types

of schools. So take a look at those.

This resource also has a great resume

creator tool. Somebody may be familiar

with visual C. V. They offer a lot

of great

formats for your resume, use kind of input

your information. It's also

got a lot of great content around

writing a resume around writing cover

letters, lots of good career advice

sections within the resource, so

it's gonna kind of give

you, the end result,

may be that you're looking for a resume. You feel good

about sending out to companies and sharing,

but also help for getting it to the right

hand, right the right companies, finding the places

you want to be, even taking it a step

further, so it might surround maybe salary

negotiation and things like that.

So lots of good advice here

for those seeking a new career

or really just a job change whenever

they may be interested in


And then also this

will help kind of bolster apologize folks again,

I have these a bit out of order um finding

a career that's best due to do you. So

there's a career assessment tool that walks

you through, answering

once you if you're basically a questionnaire looking

for where what type of industry

you might be a good fit for, then

of course you can dig deeper finding based

jobs based sorry, careers

based on those assessments and looking

at overview. So what's expected out of that

job with a salary range, that type of

thing. And then there's even a

link out to content to search for

open positions. So folks who are actively

looking for a new job right

now you got to see what's out there.

So lots of good stuff in this resource

and they all kind of fit together nicely.

So we want to walk you through how to get to this


what you can expect from it and kind of putting

it to work. So

let's go ahead and jump in and navigate the resource.

So I've got to have a lot of down here

to the homepage and

the resource is divided into four

categories. Improve your score

is a section that's going to

allow you to find content to

from different tests.

So a variety of sections

here, we've also got again find

our finest school. So we've got

the scholarship search information.

They're linked to the college planning center,

which is really handy. And we're going to dig deeper into

these. I just want to give you the basics here.

Start there's also the explorers

career section that's where you would find the resume

builder, the career tools in the

life. And that is very protective

for vocational test prep.

Variety of tests available there.

So there's a lot of content here, we

won't of course be able to go into everything.

So again do share in the chat

or the Q. And A. And if there's anything in particular you

want to look at.

So for library staff, I really

like the four boxes here to

kind of browse around and see what's here.

So, you know, which

test prep to do. We have, you know,

do we have the firefighter exam? Do we have the asvab

you can kind of

quickly get the list there.

It's also again, a good way to get comfortable

with what's here. So again, so you know what to expect,

you know, when to recommend this resource.

We've also added a search right on the homepage.

You can dive right in with a search for,

say, S. A. T. And get taken right to that contact.

So the search is handy as well.

You know what you're after?

We've got a question what job boards

is the is the job search link

to? Great question Diane.


oh, gosh, of course I'll know

it. Of course. The minute we pull it up in the resource,

let me just actually to get that question answered. What's

going to use it?


I'm 90% sure of what it is,

but I I don't want to be wrong.


most of the content in this resource

is going to require you to create a user

account. So actually, let me back

up for a second before we go look at what the

job search. I believe it's a need dot

com. But


to create an account, we have a new

user sign up for first time users of

the resource.

And it's very simple, We're not doing

anything with the information that we're gathering

here. It's really just to create the account


again if you're using test prep, you're taking

an online practice example wants you to be able to come

back, look at your work, see how you do it, retake

exams, the scholarship search

tasks for details about

you. So things you excel, that stuff

like that so we can match you up with

scholarships that fit. So you're

entering in some information that is going to require

what we call a named user account.

Your email address is not required.

Again, we're not doing anything with the information

we're gathering here. You're not going to start getting

a bunch of emails from Gale or


It is the best way though to create

your account if you want need might need to be

able to reset your password down.

So we are tech support can always figure something

out for you. But the folks are comfortable.

They can share their email address that they don't have.

You create a user name and password and then

a secret word to reset

your password if you need you and your there's

no um

second step where you have to go to an email

and verify or anything. You just have your

account created. So very simple

and I'm gonna go ahead and log into my account

and we will double check. We

just feel quick

search here. We'll come back and look at this a little closer.

But I do want to confirm

the resource that we're using.

Oh, it's a link up. I apologize folks. I

that's why I shouldn't have mentioned

for if we believe we used

to use indeed that combo with partner.

So we go ahead and close out

of there, we will come back and look at that job searching closer.

Okay, so back to the homepage just clicking the

banner there.

Now. One of the neat things, another neat thing

really about having the names user account aside

from being able to kind of keep track of what you're doing here

is on the home page, you're able to

identify favorites things you're kind of going

back to again and again. So if I'm

coming in pretty regularly and working on different resumes,

I can make that one of my favorites

on the homepage. If I'm walking through in this case

some basic skills math tutorials, I can

add them right here and I'll show you how to create

these favorites. But it's a nice

quick way to get back to what you were doing

in this resource if you is coming back

again and again.

So I'm gonna start with improve

your sports section and we'll look at a few of the items

there, we'll walk through all these others, um

as well. But again, do feel free if there's nothing in particular

you want to see, let me know

so improve your score again is is a

lot of um test prep.

But also we've got a section I think

that doesn't get talked about enough and that's

the foundational skills tool. So

this isn't quite, it isn't specific

to any

certain exam, but it's to kind of

prep you for taking almost any of these

exams. So maybe a basic

skills math tutorials, I'm sure that's

something I could use at any point. Right?

And it's going to help prep me for any sort of math that

maybe on some other certification

exam or something like that.

You've got basic english and writing tutorials.

Uh there are question banks kind of gets

you in the habit of answering questions.

So this is a really excellent piece of

the resource also where you can

find our Microsoft office tutorials.

So something folks can do online from


on to learn a bit more about how to use Excel

word PowerPoint,

any of these. And you may notice

these ones that have the little gold star that's

because I've added them to my favorite.

So just

looking that little star,

we'll add that item to your favorites on the homepage.

So again, if it's something you're going to come back to again

and again, the right way to find those

easily, right on the homepage when you come into

the resource.

So a lot of great content

here can again help you prep for any other

tests you're going to use. But also just

good practice you know tutorials for

for for students for

for adults who could maybe just use a little

help in those areas feel a little bit more confident.

But we've also got of course kind of the classics

for test prep. As I mentioned the

S. A. T. The A. C. T. And so on. We've

got exams to prep for different high school

exams. So if you

are in a school setting maybe have

a p courses. We've got a lot of

test prep for ap

I'm the list here

and we are going to dive into some of these online tests.

I can show you what they look like and what kind of show you around

a little bit here with some other high school equivalency


So on some of these are state specific.

Okay we're gonna go into college prep here in

a second. So we've also got test prep

for grad school.

He's looking at that passed through the various

uh the G. Net and G.

R. E. But then the elsat for


types of graduate degrees and

so on.

Sorry folks.

And then our international test prop you'll find

our total and uh

we say to each a measure exams

as well as the U. S. Citizens of exams

can help

what's going to happen.

But one of the ones I always like to highlight

because it is the

most used in the resource. Our college

prep exams. So A. C.

T. S. A. T. As I mentioned. But we've also got clep

exams accuplacer DSST.

And so on.

And what's really I think

especially nice about two of these exams

here the A. C. T. And the S. A. T.

Along with the online practice


and the book content. These also

have online courses to go

along with them.

So I remember taking one of these in high

school I was I was lucky. It was you know an afternoon

at school it wasn't something we had to pay for but

not everybody else is as lucky.

So S. A. T. Prep can

cost some money. It also takes up time

right that everybody has that.

So the S. A. T. Online course within

uh Gale presents Peterson's test and

career prep, that's a mouthful. Um

Is a great way for folks to do this on their

own time at no cost. So

they come into the resource. It can work

through this course as needed.

And it provides tutorials.

You know it's not just um

kind of content around

the exam questions

around preparing for the exam kind of knowing

what's there. So you take a pre assessment, you

work through the program let's

see how you do at the end as well.

But it's a great way to get comfortable taking

the exam without kind of the pressure of

the practice exam itself. So

again getting more comfortable knowing what to expect

out of the exam.

But again our most popular piece in the

resource are the online practice test themselves.

So let's say this is something I'm gonna keep coming back

and revisiting. So I'm gonna go ahead and add it

to my favorites. But that little gold star there

and when you come into the exam, you may notice

it's opened up in a new tab or window depends

on your browser's behavior. But it's

nice because you've got the database there if you need it, maybe

we want to go back and quick check into the book or something

that's right there for us. We've got the test

open as well And you can see I've done some

work before. I will caution you

that I randomly answer questions

on these exams. So I'm not doing so great

in my

migrating of my practice

exams. But

um we'll see how I want to show you how this works.

So if you look to the left hand side

there, basically we've got the practice practice

exams labeled as they would be

in the actual test. And generally

you're going to have three practice tests.

Uh in most cases for most

of the exams in the resource

in the handful where we only have one or two.

But our goal is to have at least three exams

for folks to take because it's not good to keep taking the

same practice test over and over. That's

one of the things

you learn in the in the S. A. T.

prep eBook,

you don't want to get in the habit, you know, start

memorizing answers. It's, you know,

it's about learning so it is good

to take these,

oh and actually it looks like for the S. A. T. We've added

some more examples here. So that's what

I get for, not strolling down when I was prepping for

the webinar the other day, but we've got

more practice this year, so climbing for

the S. A. T. Better to not take them over

and over and you will be able to keep track

of all your scores from these

sections as well.

So let's take a look at how these work. I'll go ahead

and jump into say a math section

and you give a little introduction. You don't

just drop right into the exam, it kind

of gives you a little instruction here on how this test

is going to work. So then we can choose

to start the quiz


this is going to mimic the real world


So you're working with pages, you can

see those in kind of the middle column on the

page here. And as you

work through, you can see which pages you've completed.

Uh you can go back and change

answers, things like that as you're taking the exam,

it's saving your work as you go

through. But you can always come back

and make a change has me,

so it's going to randomly select

some answers here.

And as you're working through

again, it's going to make that real world exam.

So we select our answer and then

move on to the next page. Let me get a page

here. Granted you can notice there

in that middle problem as I'm answering questions,

I get a little check mark. Right? So it's a quick

visual way to make sure you've kind

of done your war. So you keep moving

through to the next page.

But again, can always go back. Maybe, oh,

you know what that question number five on page

one, I want to go back

make an adjustment.

You're not committed to your answers

until you choose the submit

quiz yet. You just keep moving

through the pages

answering questions.

And just in the interest of time I'm going

to go ahead and scroll down, let's say I've

gone through all these pages I've done,

I'm going to jump to the last page. Last question.


just a five, I'm

sure in close. Uh, and that is

you submit the quiz.

It is uh

right, that's not working. It

is going to give me a little warning. I have missed

some questions. Right? So

I've missed several, but this is really handy

if you're just accidentally maybe skipped over

one, which you know, kind of a scrolling

list could be easy to do,

but we're not going to go back and answer is

and we'll leave it as is So you get a little confirmation

before you've submitted to have the test. Great


I work for a minute and then immediately

puts you in a review so you can go back through

and see how you did.

And what's nice is for each question

we can see here the question was it looks like

randomly selecting answers is not the way to go,

but I got mine wrong. I selected

a B was the correct question.

If you open up the feedback

option, you can see why that was the


So you get an explanation and you can

just keep working through

the entire exam, seeing how you

did it. It looks

like these random guesses. Oh, I got lucky

on questioning,

but most cases

it was not for yeah Rachel

that we can work through,

you see, I'm here.

So let me just check the chat with you and they quickly

see if anything's come in.

Oh, excellent day, I love to hear yes. The feedback

feature is really great. That immediate

kind of learning you can do when

you come wrong with a with a question or method

or you know, whatever it may have been the thing that's

really handy.

Now if we jump back, I'm gonna go ahead and click

here in the upper left hand corner, back to content

when you're on this page. Mostly folks

are jumping right into the practice test But I wanted

to point out when you use no little annotate tool here

that you can work through the

different kind of options with the practice.

Well, I shouldn't say option the different features

for the practice test within

it as well. So if you want to go back and review

grades for tests you've taken,

there's a quizzes section for that.

You can, of course, you know, go to the brain section.

Uh There is a

class progress which is handy

and then a system check.

The requirements for this resource are not

are pretty basic, but just in case you can

always take advantage of that. So this

will let you explore uh the

features of the exam as well. So I'd like to point

out that banner because really the focus is,

you know, on the practice test and that's where most folks

go. But if they want to kind of look at past history

of the exam,

you've got those sections up here to work with.

We gotta be clear these out.

Now. A question we get for the exams

in some cases is

um if you're working in a school setting

or really just stay, a student wants

to check their work with their teacher, I have a question,

you can print from the exam results,

but sometimes um if maybe

it's been given as assignment to take,

you know what uh Yeah practice

test or something like that and you want

to uh

share what you've done so far if we go into

class progress and click

on quizzes, you can see all of your attempts

at the various exams

and how well you've done. So this is something

that a student can print out and share with the future.

There isn't really a future for someone else

to come in and look at anyone else's account.

But this finding the content

just food. Got a nice print option here

at the top of the page for an ice cream print.

But you can share results that way with others.

Uh If you like.

So lots of good stuff there and really all

the tests are gonna mimic that same experience.

So if we go ahead I do want out we're going to kind of

jump over the uh find a school and

explore careers for a minute and go right

to the vocational test prep.

This is going to give us really

the same format of exams but each

of them are going to have their own kind of tools.

So kind of scroll of it here. You

can see there's a broken down by category.

So if I jump to say military, we

do have the asvab but then we've added some

recent ones over the years or in some cases e

books to support for example the military

flight aptitude

test. E book. When you select

an e book it immediately prompts

you to download a pdf

and then you can I apologize. What's up publishing

on this already open but don't look up pretty quick.

You've got that pdf to work with

and that's yours. It's there's no real check

in or check out. It's it's not like it's going to disappear

off you say if you put this on your own device

um you know if you downloaded it for offline

use you're going to go any time. It

doesn't disappear from your device after a couple

of weeks. It's not like an an overdrive e book

or anything like that. This is really just yours to then

use however you see fit and

what's nice about the books is again

you've got the practice test that always appear

at the back of the book and you know you would have

to do the grading yourself. It's not like the online

practice test but you also get all of

the content that perhaps you for the


So you can study with it. You learn more

about how the test is administered. All

of that information

that you folks are really great.

But if I go ahead and say jump into master the


it's going to give me the option to

again download that book and take advantage.

You can have unlimited downloads with this content

which fall down a bit.

We've got an as we have prep course

jump into that and you'll see it mimics the


oh we have a bad one there.

I'm gonna have to investigate that. This is what I get for randomly

selecting instead of going with Maya.

of course. Let's see if this one

larry, that's what I was looking for. So mimics what

we saw would be S. A. T. Prep course as

well. Nice

familiar tools as you move between them.

But you can again just kind of take a look

again, it's about to get comfortable relax

here. So we've got different military exams, firefighter,

law enforcement,

um postal exams, real estate

got a lot of options here and

again, unlimited use here. So folks can come

in and take advantage of

uh and all the e book content, the prep

course to practice us and so on.

And they're all going to follow that same format

already. So let's take a look now.

We're going to jump back to find a school

and the finest school tool again, as I mentioned

is going to give different options. It's not just

about finding a school.

What does I'm clicking on things in it.

There we go. Um The college

and scholarship search pages going to offer

us of course college searches but

also the the uh scholarship

search which is a great way

to find what's out there, right? It can be overwhelming

to go online and look for scholarships

search. So what's nice about this is

the scholarship searches searches

have been indexed by different

uh filters. So if you look over

on the left hand side, you can look

for awards based on school type,

ethnicity, gender.

Right? So again, this is where we need that, why

you're creating a user account, You're answering

some questions about yourself. In

this case, you've also got

the ability to um narrow

by a few more items to your area

of study is always a good one. So I

was interested in a particular program and

as you select over on the left was

quite, and perhaps the earth science,

it filters to scholarships on the right

and then we can jump in,

read a bit more about this labyrinth stem


get some backgrounds, find out how

to apply

how much money they're giving out.

More companies,

find a school will do the same thing

for the different college searches. So if I jump

into say the undergraduate school search,

it's going to again offer filters

over on the left. We can break down by location.

So for example, I live in new york state. So

in state tuition is always nice

to go ahead and grab the new york

and you can choose multiple. So this as

well. So it's going maybe I'm also interested

in massachusetts

go ahead and select and over

on the right. It just keeps filtering and working

with the choices that you've made

over on the left, the area of study.

And what I like about these is you

can certainly scroll these lists.

But as you start to type,

it will match you up so you don't have to scroll

these entire lists. So

if I'm looking to say a few different biology careers,

go ahead and select

and again, don't have to ah

use the uh

uh just a pick list

and you can work on things,

you know, area of study location of the

corporate standards. But I like some of these other

choices as well, something like setting,

you know, um If I, which I did

grow up in a small town, maybe I want to

mimic that experience or

maybe I'm looking to really

kind of jump up and and

change my, my setting

quite a bit. I could maybe add in urban and

again as I'm making this election just over

on the right. It's narrowing gun showing me

various schools

and if you jump in,

if anybody used remembers using

or have them on the shelf in your library.

Those, you know, big thick Peterson's

college books.

That's what you're getting here. You're finding

all of the details. If you look over on the left,

you've got kind of a table of contents to work through.

So jump into state tuitions and

fees, find out about their financial

aid situation.

We got there interesting statistics here.

I don't remember these in the books back when I

was using them, but I love to see this

data. So average percentage of financial

need met. Um you know,

I think it's important that financial

aid piece is so important nowadays. You

get all your details around campus sleight

of athletic programs, faculty and,

and so on.

So lots of good data. And if you haven't

been in this resource in a while and

you're using this session is a little kind of refresher.

Uh again, I encourage you to kind of come

in here and look around. There's a lot more

um, things a lot more visually appealing

than it used to be and it's more modern.

We're linking out to their facebook page, pulling

in tweets, um, for some schools.

So really kind of engaging way

to look for school and you're not getting bombarded

with ads. Right? So a nice

feature and working through library

resources is no ads.

So lots of good stuff.

So let's go ahead and take a look at a few more of these

college search options.

So again, we have for graduate programs,

but also specific types of schools. So

graduates, uh, distance learning

search, you're looking to go to school online.

And again, these are all gonna mimic and work the same

way just over on the left. You take advantage of the filters

that will match you up with schools on the right

Oh pretty.

And one piece I would like to show off

here is the college framing center also

underlined the school. What it does is

kind of gather together

all of the different tools and the resources,

but all of the different sources to help

plan for college. And really

it pulls in a lot of the career stuff

too. So it's all

one nice place. This is something again,

if you're in a school setting, show

this off during parent open houses,

this is really great content certainly

could be put to great use in the guidance

office as well.

But you've got all of the kind of help

and advice articles that come along with

choosing a career and and finding

the right college. They've even created these checklists

for both parents and students.

So what should I be doing as a parent of a

kid who was in 11th grade.

And what I like about the advice content

is it's kind of these quick

um articles. They're not, you know, lengthy,

lengthy, lengthy tones. It's just good

stuff to know, kind of breaking it down to the most

salient point.

So the college planning center I think is a really

useful piece in the resource. It links

out to test, you might need to take it offers.

Again, a lot of advice links out to various

searches. It just kind of pulls all

that content to one place. So excellent

resource to point both students

and parents to the college planning

center again, found it or find a school.

All right. So the last section we're going to take a look

at and spend our time in is explore

careers because it kind of the second most

used piece of this resource

is these career tools,

most specifically the resume builder.

I want to jump into the career tools

and the first thing that's gonna want you to do.

Sorry folks, I seem to have to keep clicking my mouse


Um when you're working with this section


to find a career

that I had to use that. This is where you're

going to find those career assessments. So

to help you find

the industry, the job that might suit you

best. You are going to have to participate

in the first two assessments,

the ones related to interests and values.

So I've gone ahead and done that ahead of time

so we can kind of take a look at what happens

after. But I do want to show you how these

assessment work because there are

four of them

and a lot of career assessments just kind

of asked you know, would you like to do this job?

Would you like to do that job? And you know that make

you know the judgements based on what you said yes

to, you know, that's one

way to do it. What I like about these assessments

is it kind of comes at it from different


certainly wants to know your interest. But then it also

wants to know more about your values, your personality

and your workplace preferences because these

are going to impact the type of career you might fit

best in as well.

And what I also like about these is they're really engaging,

It's not just a bunch of multiple choice

questions, so I

think there is one that is multi,

but I think maybe the interest, but if

we're going to see a workplace preferences

use your little, you know, instruction on how this

is gonna work, but and jump in.

It's asking questions and

then it's a little more interactive than just

like selecting answers. So in this case,

uh which of these statements are

the four least important for you to

have in your ideal organization. So

thinking about the place you're going to work, what is

not that important to you

and then you go through and just grab each

of these, you move on to the next page and it will,

it goes through what would be most important

and you're kind of ranking them in order,

So it's engaging. But it also kind of really

makes people think critically about

their their needs and their wants

in this case, in the workplace or again

around values and the like, so we

do encourage folks to answer

all four

assessment sections, but again,

you really just have to take the first

two, so assessment interests and assessment

values, you're going to have to work through


then what you're gonna get is

I just pointed out here

is the option to explore your career matches.

So by answering those questions,

what does it think I'm well suited for?

And if we jump in,

I ranked highest in science

Engineering and Mathematics, which surprised me

education, which did not

health science and so on. Going

through here

and we're just seeing where you kind of landed

with these broad categories. So these by these

subject areas, we can always get to everything.

View all careers,

explore things that maybe didn't come up

All right, you know what you say, it's fast. So

if you all careers allows you to get to everything,

but if we go ahead and choose, I'm gonna grab, say, new

careers in education,

it matches you up with the career overviews

that fall into that subject area and

over on the left again, we've got filtered.

And what I like about this is

you can filter too,

your education experience experience

level. So if if my ultimate

goal is to go into education and maybe

that's going to require a Master's program,

what could I do right now with a bachelor's

degree, what could I do right now with

just, you know, maybe a g E D. Or something

like that, you get almost this kind

of career ladder. So maybe while I'm

going to school for my masters,

I could be doing some of these other tasks, the

kind of things I might be well suited for and qualified

for right now,

while I'm working towards that ultimate goal

that elementary

and you can see you can add favorites here. So something

looks good. You think, you know, that's something you want

to explore. You can add it to your favorites.

Right? Roll through here as well.

You can look at these

and each of them are going to and go and

jump into one.

These will be, you know, kind of familiar breaks down

with the job description is programs you may

need to be in uh degrees, you

may need to have what skills you'll,

you'll uh using the job

you look over to the right there. Often

career videos you can link into and learn

more average salary

about look which is interesting search

for available jobs and that's going to go ahead

and launch that

job search that we got a quick peek at earlier

so we can put in,

oh I probably should have included

a location as well. There we go.

And now once you've taken the assessments,

it matches up with

your uh

uh huh

matches pardon me

uh that you got from the assessment so

you can see where you might.

Why not? Well,

so you get those kind of and oh and I apologize

this okay. This I apologize folks, this is my confusion

before the job search that you get

without using the assessments

does come from a different parameter but here is

where we're using Indeed dot com

and I apologize because I keep thinking

the one replaced the other but it didn't be so honorable.

So with indeed dot com. What I

love about their site there, another great partner.

Um I think

uh really a top of the line tool

out there on the web because they crawl

other search boards. So they're looking

not just at, you know, openings

that come from other uh, kind

of career tools, but also they're crawling

company websites. They're crawling,

you know, different government sites that pose to

open positions and bring them back

into one place. So indeed Dot

com is a really great

resource. Your your

so I mean casting out a wide nap when you're looking

for open positions when you're using this tool. So

probably I spoke to my confusion on those. I don't

know why I can't keep that straight

So there we go.

So there are other help. There's other help here too.

We want to show you the resume tool,

but before we wrap up and let you go on with

the rest of your day. But if we just

point them out quickly, we take a look at the tools.

This is where you can get a lot of that advice

content. So advice for writing

your resume, your cover letters interviews,

There's some worksheets that can maybe help you walk

through learning um you know

what you might like as a career. So

lots of good stuff in this section of the resource.

Um Ellen, can you please show that again?

So I'm not sure which

thing you'd like me to show again. Gonna be happy to

us if you want to elaborate there in the chat, I will.

We'll definitely show again.

So all of this content I got

to through going close some

of these camps here

is through the career tools under

find a career.

So all of that content opens up

this halfway use section, our

project. Let's do that time out. There we go.

So it brings back all of that content


how to get to Indeed, versus the other job

listings that he showed. Absolutely.

So this comes from and actually

let me back up.

So you go to the Explorer career

section and go into the find

a career. And once that opens

up there,

let me point it out here in the toolbar. So up

top we have this this banner that

follows us through our time in this section

and what we want

is that jobs button there

around my drawings here is like

and we keep you in our

interface here while you put in the job

you're interested end,


and show you our matches

and then once you click on one of the matches,

Not cool anymore. But yeah, you end up

at indeed dot com

and then from there they actually link

out by the original posting and

they've got a lot of great tools here too.

So what you want to come in to find the indeed

dot com matchups

come to the job section of

the career tools here. Under find

a career. You're

welcome. No problem.

Alrighty so lots of good content.

And the career advice tool is well

I'll open this up. This is almost more like tutorials

that you work through here

so it will mimic coming the

courses that we've seen before. But you

just kind of pick the things that you're most interested.

You don't have to work through the many certain order.

The transitioning out of the military

is a really popular section

on data for our folks who are

um leaving the military coming

out into into civilian life.

The last thing I'll show you here though is

create a resume and this is

a really excellent tool. Again another partner

we're working the visual C. V. Here

which has

really excellent


building a resume tool. I mean it's just

I love what it does here. I think it's

good for beginners but also folks who are more experienced

in their career are looking to give their

resume or refresh.

It's really I think for everybody when

you come into the resource you get a little tutorial

about how it works which is nice but of course that's

what I'm here for. So let me show you

um one of the great things about this collection

is that lets you build multiple resumes.

So if I'm applying for different types of jobs.

I maybe I'm using different resumes for each

one. I can keep track of all of them here on

the home page,

you can see I've got a couple going already.

It actually allows you to create a website

and this is something folks are being asked for

more and more to kind of share a portfolio

of work you've done. So it will

walk you through creating website to post your content

to to post your resume to.

There's also which I love.

This new career journal tool which

helps you track your career accomplishments

over time. And this is new to the resource

really. I think this this week


or so and it kind

of a tool to remind you of the things

you've done right. It's hard to write a resume. What

do I do my job every day? I don't know why

it for me it feels hard to write down,

but this also has you

keep track of what your achievements are. So things

you've done big projects you've taken on and

then it's ready for you.

Uh two and include and again

can category on your website.


jump back to the resume section so

you can work with

ones you uh you know, I'm sorry

to put it that way, you can edit content

that you've created for, you can create something brand

new and for first time users

this is really handy because one

of the things you can do is import a

resume. So if you've already got say a

word version or pdf,

you can import it

and then you know, finish your editing

here. You can start from

scratch and just kind of fill in the blanks as

needed. Or I think one of the interesting

things here they've got this use stample content

and basically it lets you pick

from a bunch of different kind of


resumes and what I like about

it is you get this example of what

something what a resume might look like

and while the industry may not be

specific to what you're looking for,

like say the marketing

um you get

a sense of what a resume should look like, what

kind of information should be there. So

it's it's an interesting way to kind of work with

an example. You just can't then

can go in and edit each bit of

the content. So

I have not been an executive system at

smith inc so I could always go in

and just make changes

and fill in the blanks here.

And you've got

a lot of formatting. Healthcare, which I appreciate.

That is not my forte. You know, making

my resume looks good. I can certainly

use the help if you look over on the left,

we've got templates, you can choose from. If

I open that up,

it will give me options for a different format.

This one add a little color.

All right and again, don't forget we

have those areas of database that are helping you write

this. So that's why it's another nice little

bit. We've got the database back here for

us. I can jump back into the career advice

going to the resume section as I'm working

on this. Right? So should I include a

photo or not? You know, that's that's kind of debatable

nowadays. So you've got the

career tools to help guide you,

right? There's lots of formatting help

up here at the top. So changing the colors

of things. Maybe if I want a blue instead,

make that choice.

Alright, take out there. Um so

we can, you know, make adjustments,

something important that you've got

lots of tools for the way this works. But the

most important thing I want to share here is

the settings for your resume

because when you're creating this right, we're in an

online environment. So there's the benefit

of the actually being able to publish it and put

it online if you want to. By

default, when you're creating a resume,

we are set to resume. Type

export only.

So that means I'm the only one who can

see this resume and I can download

it. I can give it to someone that

way. But really it's I can only take this

resume out of the resource and then

give it to someone. So certainly I can print it

out or I can, you know, attach it to an email

whatever I need to do,

but it's kind of the most the highest privacy

levels setting here is export only. So that's

what we default to.

You can also make it on the list.

Well, no, let me go from kind of both extremes

and then come back to the middle choice. So public

would actually publish your resume

out on the internet. So if someone search

for Stacy Knibloe, they might find this resume.

I even have a U R. L, but I conclude

and stay a cover letter. This would be the

U. R. L. I could just copy and paste that right

into a cover letter uh that I'm sending

to a prospective employer. They'll be able to click that

link and see this resume,

Right? But you become searchable

by search engines when you choose this public

option. So that's kind of the most extreme

level. The happy medium

is unlisted.

So you don't become searchable with

this option, you wouldn't be able to search

for Stacy Knibloe on the internet and find this resume,

but it does create a web page

for you. So, again, I could still choose

who I give it to. So again, prospective employers

in a cover letter or wherever I want to put it,

I suppose it to my linkedin page or something

you can use that you are around. But that's

the only way people will be able to find this resume

is if they have that.

So these settings are really important

and it is again the default

is always exporting,

but it's a great way to get your name

out there. If you can publish

this online. Right? And I don't have to create

a web page to do it. Visual C. V has done

it. So bury

it. So

lots of good stuff here. I will point

out, oh, um should this come up,

I can feel, I can see people rushing to

the references for help with this. So in the history

section you can see the different versions you've

created. I just created this one. So I don't

really have a revision history,

but if you've done some work you're like, oh my gosh,

none of this is good. I want to go back to what it was.

You can go back to an earlier version

of the resume.

Yeah. Really excellent tool

here. Again, keep in mind all the help that's within

the resource itself

to get you to um writing

a great resume too, so

that all that's there. Um and there's

there's good stuff in their health as well. People

into the knowledge center, so

no shortage of helpful books and

already, so let's go ahead and start getting

on with the rest of your day. We'll

go ahead and and wrap up here. So I do want

to share a couple of thoughts on,

you know, you are always going to be the one often

pointing your users to this resource, but

there are other ways to get them in kind of a more

passive way. Marc records

are a great way to do that. What we've done is create

Mark records for subject hub pages

and e books.

So the e book's pretty, you know,

self explanatory that Marc records going to take

folks right to the e book content in

the resource. So they search in your catalog

for master the asvab boom, they land

in the database,

they grabbed that length.

The subject hubs are those pages

where we've gathered all the stuff we have for

whatever practice exams for the college Planning

center, for the Career center of those


That kind of home page that each of these items

have and directs them there. So if I come

into your catalog and search for

S A T, I'm going to land on a page that

gives me the online course. It gives

me the practice test and gives me the ebook,

right? So this is a great way

to drive users into the resource. And

the marc records are,

and of course loaded in your catalog. We also

have these links available though, just

as you are l so you can post them

in a tweet, you could post it into

an email and online newsletter.

Um, you know, maybe that goes out to parents or

patrons or something like that. So

where you can get all of this, the mark records

and the direct lengths

is right through our support page support dot

gale dot com. We've got the Marc

Records, we've got those, you are rows,

um, you can also find lots of great

training materials there if you are in a

school setting or you're in a public

library setting or well really any setting,

we've created a training deck for this resource.

So we've created a bunch of slides. You

customize a little bit and boom,

it's ready to go out to a presentation here,

parents to teachers and students.

You've got power point slides, ready to

go. We've got lots of great marketing

materials as well. So social media

posts, you know, ready to go, You just plug

in your information. We've got email

templates, we've got

news release type entries. So

don't recreate the wheel. We've got lots of good stuff

out at support dot gale dot com. I'll be sharing

a length to these pages and my follow

up email so you can reach out

um to me with any questions or

another good person to get to know at Gale is, your

customer success manager.

This is someone who is there

to help you be successful with our resource

and you visit our, visit our support page

and sign in with your with your library.

You can actually find out who your CSM

is and make an appointment on their calendar.

So they're a great person to talk about promoting the

resources, different discovery options

and really they handle just about

anything and if they don't know the answer, they

know where to go.

So great folks and again, I'll share this information

in my follow up email that will come to you tomorrow,

um in the, in the zoom system.

So with that I'll thank

you all for attending when you leave the webinar

today, it will prompt you to fill

out our session survey. We'd

love to hear your thoughts on who that might

follow up email as well.

But I thank you so much for tuning in. I apologize,

I run a little over here, but

we love to have you on these sessions and

keep in mind we keep a key under up in our support

site and also post all of our recordings

to this session, to the uh to the of

these sessions to this page as well. So

tune in there to see what's coming, but

also to catch up on anything you might have missed. That looks

good to you. So

thanks again everybody for tuning in. I'm gonna

stick around and answer questions for a

few minutes, but if you're all

set, thanks again for tuning in and hopefully we'll

catch down another session down the road
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