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Last Updated: June 12, 2023

Resume Building Support for Job Seekers

Explore the user-friendly resume tool in Gale Presents: Peterson’s Career Prep, Gale Presents: Peterson’s Test and Career Prep, and Gale Presents: Peterson’s Test Prep. In this workforce support webinar, we'll walk through the step-by-step process of building a resume, view available resume templates, and learn how to share a completed resume.

Duration: 30 Minutes
Welcome to your Gale training session resume building support for job seekers My name is Tammi Van Buren, and I'm your Gale trainer, I encourage you throughout the session to ask any questions that you may have.

Please feel free to use the q and a box for any questions or any comments, I will be monitoring it throughout the session.

So resume building support for job seekers the focus of this session is with unemployment rates and summer jobs for students, employment rates, I should say peaking and upcoming summer jobs for students job seekers are really looking

to their libraries for support.

So our focus today will be on the resume building tool that is available in all three of the Gale presents Peterson's tests and career suite resources so you may have one of those resources, you may have one that your library purchases and then the state

provides you with another one. The nice thing is is this feature this tool I'm going to go over today with you is available in all three of those resources so no matter which one you have, and I'll go over the difference between each one today just so

you're aware, no matter which one you have you have this resume tools that makes it nice and simple. And you know the the nice thing is to with that no matter where your users are learning or where they're working, they'll have this tool available so

users can build that professional resume to share with potential employers. Our agenda is to first talk about the three resources that Gale presents Peterson's testing career suite so I'll briefly go over each of those and just so you understand the difference

between them. And then we're going to create a resume, I'm going to go right into the resume tool and show you how to create a resume.

And then, I always encourage questions throughout the session but if there's any additional questions I will stay on the line at the end, and answer any additional questions you might have.

And then also share with you where you can go for additional support.

Okay. So a question did come through the q amp a real quick. There is not a meeting password you there, the link that you're accessing the, the session from is a registration link.

So you do have to put in some information, and then you're taking right into the session. So there is not a password for the session but there is a registration link so that might be what you are experiencing thank you for typing that in the q amp a so

I was able to share that with with everyone real quick.

Okay. So with that, let's jump into talk about these three different resources that are available. So Gil presents Peterson's test and career suite. So there are actually three resources.

Gale presents Peterson's career prep so you may have access to this this is something that your library's purchased or as I mentioned it may be something that your state purchases for everyone within your state.

I know there's a few states that I work closely with Tennessee and Florida and South Carolina they all have access to Gale presents Peterson's career prep.

And the nice thing is with the career prep resource this one in particular is it's really straightforward. This is the one we're going to go into today and I'm going to show you the resume tool but again this resume tool is in each of your resources dependent,

no matter which one you have access to you're going to find this tool and I'm going to share with you where it is in the other resources too, so you're going to get all of that today, but the career prep resource is a great tool to have that's really

kind of straightforward. So, looking mainly at jobs getting creating a resume finding a career doing a college search or looking for a program that supports your career, and then career advice so it's really four different categories.

But really, really focused on the career prep side of things. Now another resource, and this may be the one that you have access to is Gale presents Peterson's Test Prep.

So with Test Prep.

You have all of the testing materials the AP tests that sa T the ACTA all of those practice tests. You also have vocational Test Prep so it could be nerve, and we have great medical and nursing practice tests we have it for empties we have accountants,

the teachers practice tests we quit and that's just a few that I rattled off there. So Test Prep is focused on exactly that. The test prep portion of your Peterson suite.

But again, you still have that resume tool available in this resource to the third and final brings it all together. The Gale presents Peterson's test and career prep so this one you have all of the tests materials all those practice tests I mentioned,

US citizenship test is in there too, just to throw in another one so all those practice tests are available.

And then you also have the career information the career suite so that's the career assessment, the career advice and again the resume tool. So for today's very focused session, we are looking just at that resume tool, but just know no matter which of

these resources you have you have access to this tool and all the features I'm going to go over today.

And if you are looking at these icons and are like oh those look new, they are they were just recently updated and the new icons can be found on your Gil support site and I will share that with you today too.

So creating a resume, you have this great dashboard that is available that you your users can log in create this professional resume. And there are samples, there are templates that are available so there's sample content.

There's also templates, they can change the templates how, you know, however they liked choose a different one, even do some customization, they can look and use that sample content if they're interested in that.

Not only that, but you have the resume and also a cover letter, it's a very brief cover letter but it's really helpful it gets to the point, cover letters are really, as you all know it as you've probably written your share of cover letters.

Over the years, the cover letters are very unique to the position. So we but we do give a framework we do give a template in this resource. And then there's also the option to pull your resume into a website.

So if you would like to share your users would like to have a website available it's right here within the resource it pulls in all of their resume content maybe they've been working and editing their resume and now they want to look at it on a website

they can do that they can copy that information right into a website and use the templates that are there. So another great tool for our users, especially now with everything being so digital this could be really helpful to some of your users that come

in your library. So if it's maybe it could be as simple as a position that they are applying for for maybe an entry level retail position and that's when we're going to talk about today, or it could be a you could have a developer programmers, or developer

designer that needs this website look to link out to maybe their portfolio, just an idea so it could be you know all aspects, all users can benefit from these resources.

Resume features you're going to find to create a resume, users can use the templates here's a screenshot of some of those templates, they can import a previous resume so if they have a resume already saved on their computer they can import that into the

resume tool. They can input their information from scratch. So if they're brand new like I mentioned students looking for summer jobs, or you may have recent grads that really want to start out from scratch their old resume that they use when they were

in high school or even beginning years of college really doesn't apply to the professional one that they want to share with potential employers so in putting their information from scratch is an option to users with existing LinkedIn profiles can import

all of that information from LinkedIn into a resume pre built templates and sample resumes provide users with that guidance I can't stress that enough because I think it's really helpful.

And then, as I mentioned before the users can even create a website to share their resumes.

Alright. So with that, let's go into your resume or your Gale presents Peterson's tests, and career suite, I'm going to start and share with you where you can find your resume tool in both the test prep and the test and career prep.

So if you happen to have Gale presents Peterson's testing career prep, or Gil presents Peterson's test prep, then you're going to find the resume tool under explore careers, click into career tools so it's the green one click into career tools, and it's

right here, create a resume.

So your users can select that, but it's going to be found under that explore career section and career tools create a resume.

Now if you have Gale presents Peterson's career prep, then the page the homepage looks a little different, like I said, this one's more straightforward it's really looking at the those job seekers, that career prep, but again you have this tool in all

of your Gale presents Peterson's test and career suite resources. Okay, I'm probably stress that enough for the day. But I just really want you all to understand no matter which one you have you're going to find this tool.

So for today's for today's training we're going to spend all of our time in the creator resume section.

Now I did already login, but it is really easy to create an account and the reason why you want to create that login is it provides the user with the ability to save their resume, and then come back and make changes very easily to the resume the cover

letter the website. So that's why they want to create an account on the resource itself. Now if they don't want that information if they're done they've gotten that dream job and they no longer want an account on this resource they want to clear their

resume they just have to delete their account or even delete the resumes and then it will they will no longer live here on the resource, and they will they will not live here I can't just send out they deleted it's gone so it's not like they can come

back and grab it again. Once it's deleted it's gone to create an account is really simple, first name, last name, email address, password and secret word, some of our users don't want to use an email address that's absolutely fine.

They don't have to for their username, And that's why we provide the secret word, the secret word is just in case if they're having issues that can't remember their password and they're calling or contacting our tech support for that password, then they

will be asked for their secret word, if they did not use their email address so it gives that option for both.

Because we have heard that so that's why it was edited. Okay. Looking at the homepage, let's jump in and create a resume.

Okay, sounds like.

No. Is everyone muted yes okay so question came through. Everyone is muted from entering so I'm not sure why you're hearing background noise and it's pretty quiet here.

Let me double check my audio on my end. Yeah, I'm using my headset so it cancels out all other noise.

So I'm really sorry you're experiencing that Wendy I'm not not sure where the background noise is coming from, but everybody is is muted.

But thank you for asking. I hope it goes away whatever you're experiencing.

Okay, so let's go into oh here and this, this is a little glitch that I noticed on my account, it doesn't happen on every account where I get this error message, you just click the back button I'm not really sure why it's popping up that something that

just know that they're aware and they are working on it so if your users experience it there, click that back button it's going to take them right into the dashboard.

Okay, so I am in the resume building dashboard creating a resume.

I do have your first time your users login, they won't, of course have the sound of a resume, cover letter or website I had a few examples that I got going for us, stats are exactly that I'm going to go over these tools at the top first so stats.

If a user is sharing their resume, they will, and not just downloading it, so if they're sharing it.

There's a link that is provided back to the resume and they can share that privately that secure link back to their resume with the hiring manager, let's say, or maybe they're working with someone.

resume with those folks, and you can see the nice thing is if they do share it that way. There are stats, so you can see any weekly views, which anyone that's ever applied for a job, this can be really helpful views downloads visitors source you have

with a different resume so if you had multiple resumes, you can select that resume and see if there been any views on that resume. So that is at the top, that's our stats section, and there's a brand new section that was just added, And that's career

journal, and the career journal and I just took a quick look at it, because like I said it was it's brand new to us to. It is a way for users to hold on to their information or organize, like a journal entry in an actual journal.

This is a way to keep any maybe you've received, not a not a promotion but maybe you've received some kind of award or you've, you've worked with a customer and you want to make sure that you and you in something huge happened with it something notable

that you would want to remember may forget, but want to make sure that you have that content to add to your resume at a later date that's exactly what this career journal is it houses that information it collects it for you.

You can add in whatever you want you set your email settings you to you.

So the email settings is the next step after you create the career journal, then you have an entry you add that entry, and then you can keep that information so it'll live here that career journal, you can create and work through to keep that content.

Now, will everyone uses a career journal, maybe not but it is, if you're using this and teaching it as a tool if you're coming from schools, this might be something to explore.

You have students that may be working on creating a resume that they're going to use, but that career journal can be really helpful. Could you imagine having that content available in a journal from when you were younger and and all the accolades that

maybe you've received or job, things that have happened at your job that you don't always remember, it's nice to have that content available and it's it's their own information so on the dashboard, those are the three tools you're going to find at the


And now let's dive in deep to into this resume building. So right here you can see that if I click this first button, a CV resume that will take me to building a new resume.

Same with cover letter and same with website. I do have some examples here below that, Once I create a resume, it's automatically saved for me. I have the ability to edit it.

I have the ability to share. So download as a PDF or Word document or here's a shareable link.

I also in this gear at the top. This is where I can choose to delete also so if I don't, there's a resume I've created and I decide, you know I'm done with that one.

I'm just going to delete it, I have that option here under that gear, there's a few other options and we're going to go over these in a different route here so let me take you into the resume.

And right at the top you can see I can copy and existing resume. So one of my examples I already have worked on or I I'm editing, I can copy one of those, you can even see the date that it was created.

So I can copy that resume if I choose, I can import my resume. So if I have my resume saved on my computer Let me open this up and share with you. You can import, click and drag or drop the file here, upload it right into this resume tool.

So if you already have a resume that you're working on, you want to build it out more use one of our templates here, then you can, you can add that content you can import your content and this is also where you can use it gives you the directions and

where you can add if you have a LinkedIn profile and you want to bring that content and it's here so under that import you can import from your computer, and also from LinkedIn.

I also have the option to use sample content. So this we're going to use this today, using sample content you can see different positions business development senior level.

We're going to go into retail entry level we have nursing mid level so these are just some examples of resumes that your users can edit close that out.

And then the last one is starting from scratch, and that is exactly it I click on this, it's going to take me in and I can add in every section and just start from scratch.

I don't have to use any sample content and I don't have to import anything either. I can start right from scratch, anytime I want to go back to that dashboard it's up here in the upper left hand corner.

And you can see it added a couple of resumes for me. So let's, I don't think I clicked on an example here,

Let's you sample content.

And I'm going to go into entry level and use this sample.

So this is the just some sample content, it gives you a summary it pulls in my name already because I haven't named account. It does have some information, obviously Peterson's is not my email address, and it does say that fake email to fake, so I can

in my email address, phone number so anytime I want to edit a section. I can click into that using that pencil, and it will open up this screen where I can edit the section at it might This is my profile section I can even add an image if I choose to

or personal website,

or I can just click right into the box. So if you're a visual learner like I am, I like to see what it's going to look like. So I like to work on it in real time see what it's going to look like and make my edits right in that text right here so here

I can add in

training consultant. And I have my personal information on the right and automatically saves it for me.

If you also notice in these boxes, see the up and down arrows. If I want to move an entire section. Now remember I'm using a sample I'm using sample content, if I want to use an move an entire selection or an entire section.

I can use these up and down arrows, or maybe from the sample content there's a whole section that you know when I really don't need my certifications, I can delete that you could see that little garbage can there, so I can remove that section, or maybe

I want certifications above volunteer experience, I just click on that arrow and it will move that entire box for me.

And you can see it gives you a couple options to delete. Maybe I just want to delete the content under certifications.

I can do that.

Or if I want to delete the, oh no I'm sorry that deleted the entire selection, I thought it just would do that section. So just be aware, then, that the garbage can, will delete everything so you.

If you want to remove that whole section you can very easily by clicking that garbage in delete it right into there, you can add a section here at the bottom.

And it gives you some examples skills portfolio custom dated sections so that's if you want to add in something special certifications or maybe you want to share what workflow tools that you have experienced with charts, and then there's just the option

to add a text section and you can add in whenever you want. so that's what the ad section is.

Now this is the appearance, and I didn't pick a certain template, I'm going to go through and do that next. But I do want to point out a few things I can change the header font the body font the text size the colors on the page so if I like this, this

more basic very straightforward resume, I can still customize it, or reset the styling back to the original results that we have here, but I can still customize it.

And the share and download are also here, so I showed you right on the dashboard there below each resume, but we also have them here at the top of the page where I have that ability to download as a PDF or Word document right onto my computer, or share

gives me the option to provide a shareable link. Now, something with share I want to go over real quick, is there's a resume type and there's three different ones unlisted is just exporting the resume so if you just want that resume, where you're not

going to be sharing a URL, it's only just a PDF or a Word document, then you want your resume type to be set to unlisted.

If you want.


If you would like your resume to be public. Then you have the shareable link but just a reminder that if you share this publicly that your personal information will also be shared publicly so whoever has this link will have access to your personal information

or your users personal information so that's just something. Something to note and something to let them know about their that private information that they're sharing.


So let me close that out.

On the left hand side you have page layout is an option so all of these tools is where you can do some additional editing, maybe adding a page break is something that you need if, if any, any of you have ever sent your resumes, or you know digitally they

look one way and then you put them into a PDF and the page break isn't where you want them or into a Word document, you have that ability to add in that page break.

Here's that sample content and that's what we already pulled in.

Import resume so I still have that option to import my resume into the content that's here and it will overwrite what I've already done. So if I've used sample content or choose a different sample it's going to overwrite what I already have on my resume

and that you get that notice right here at the top. Same thing with this import resume it's going to overwrite what I've done here so far so even if I've tweaked the sample information it's going to overwrite it now changing the template, you can change

the template as many times as you want. That's not going to overwrite it's going to obviously changed your template, but all your information is going to stay the same.

So that is the cool thing is you get to try these different templates like here's this orange one. And I can try this template I can still even still customize it if I want.

Up at the top so that option is available, but it's great to see this content.

I'm here on the page and what it would look like in a different format, same content, but look it isn't that cool the difference that it makes but maybe I don't like orange maybe I want a different color here maybe I want to mimic the company's colors.

Then I would may want to choose a different color there or something that is you know really attention grabbing, I'm not sure however users want to change they do have that option to change the colors.

Now, a question did come up recently from someone who contacted me and I thought it quite interesting so she was working on this resume and I just wanted to share this with you.

You do have that ability to remember to change these sections and move them up and down. Well, she was wanting to move a section over to the left because one of the templates she was choosing had this column here.

Well, to do that you you can't slide these sections left to right they do only go up and down in that template area.

But, on the left hand side, if you wanted to add a section and include, maybe you want education over here on the left hand side, I can add in a text section, and then title that education and copy and paste that information so if I wanted education on

the left hand side here I have it I don't want it in the center anymore. That's how you would do that. So you would have to add that section in and put the content in that column because these remember our templates that you're using.


Is there an unreleased no Susan thanks for asking. As far. Now, I have to be honest and upfront with you. I'm not sure if you contact.

If, if you contact tech support if they're able to go back to grab that previous version so for training purposes and you all as you're working with customers, I would say if you deleted it's gone.

But is there a chance that tech support can pull that resume out, possibly, I don't know 100% though so I don't want to say yes or no, but it's sometimes our texts for it, they amaze me at what they are able to do.

Now it's something that you can do is you can actually if you don't delete your resume. You can look back at the history, so I won't have much history here to share on this one.

Let me see.

I can, I'll go into one of the other ones in a moment and show you but your history will give you those previous versions, so you can click back to a previous version that that you've worked on now I created a brand new one so of course I don't have any

history to share with you, but it will go back it's really nice and you can click back in and restore a previous version of this resume. If you choose not to delete it.

And then under settings here the lead the last section I want to share with you, under Settings. Again, this is where you have the option you can change the title of your resume.

I'm going to change this to retail.

It's always great to have different resumes for different positions, hopefully your users understand that. And then you have that ability to export only.

And then you have the unlisted

and public, this is what I was looking for I didn't see it when I was going under that shareable link.

I didn't see the export only and I'm not sure why it's not showing up there could be zoom sometimes messes with my resources, unfortunately. But what you so what you should see under that resume type, and I would suggest for your users to go through

settings here when they're on their resume and determine what they want to do with their resume do they want to share this keep this resume as export only where they can download it, there's no shareable link.

It's just a Word or PDF document or do they want to have it as unlisted which is kind of the best of both worlds. Because unlisted provide you with a shareable link that you can edit, you can actually edit this link to whatever you want it to be, and

provide when you provide that URL to hiring managers only they will be able to see your resume or counselors or career counselors, whoever your work whoever users are working with.

so only they will be able to see that resume. It's the public that you need to, to make sure your users understand and there is a message right here. So it's straightforward I mean so that you know, be careful about sharing private information on public

visual CV so and any resumes that you're making public and using that shareable link, be careful about that. So if you're posting this indeed say or one of the monster one of those search engines job search engines, you might want to be careful.


And then there's that option to delete but remember, be sure you want to delete it.

Because that history will be gone.

All right, can you copy and paste the subtitles into a new area.

Yeah, let's give it a try, you know what, so let's say we want me cut Let me see how this will work. I haven't tried this before, but looks like.

Okay, I have another idea of copy and pasting. So let's go, Hmm, I don't work either.

Looks like you have to, oh no wait, you know what, okay. So I think this will work great question, Raya thank you for asking. So I added education on the left.

Let's say I want to copy this section, I have it in the center of my page I now want it on my column. I want the content that's already there. If you click the pencil.

Now that didn't work either I was hoping it put it in one big block so I could just copy and paste it but it looks like you have to go in and if it's set up that way like this one probably isn't the best example because the templates turn it into different

boxes to 2013 to present general education, the school and then the GPA. Now here up here under my work experience though. This one would be really easy to copy and paste.

So that if it's in that singular text box like anything that you put in a text box, it's going to be easy to copy and paste that way. So, and that's probably more of what you would want to copy and paste anyway is this long list of information with the

great bullet points, which I heard hiring managers love just side note, but that's how you would go about doing it and same with the if you use the pencil icon because that description it's one big box that's going to be easier to to copy and paste, but

everything else is in its own text box to keep give it that beautiful organized Look here.

So that would be a little bit harder. Okay.

You do have all these, these Word document type tools at the top here also when you're working on, on your resume. last thing I want to show you on the, well I'll show you the cover letter and then the last thing going to show you is the website.

Like I said, the cover letters pretty straightforward. I did do a little bit of editing to Oh, that's not my cover letter. I added in too many resumes here we go cover letter.

And it's pretty straightforward like I said he gives you the option you can see here gives you some guidance, you can just type in whatever you want you can edit this however you want.

It's just turning it into a workable document. And then from here you can change the page layout settings are here also and then you can go to a previous version, you have the ability to download your cover letter, and also some styling on appearance.

So just like our resume just a few less tools there. The last section I want to show you is the website section.

So I have one already going so I'm going to click Edit again share is here below so you don't have to be in the resume to get that shareable information, you do also have it right here on the dashboard really helpful.

I click Edit, and there are different templates, so I love this one that always I'm always like blown away by how cool it is, but I didn't pull in any sample content.

Let me pull in that sample content let's say I'm a business development, senior level, so you can see it kept my template and pulled in that sample content.

I can edit it just like I can my resumes.

Change the font if I want, not thrilled with that font, change the page layout you sample content so same thing that I could do in my resume I have those options here.

The difference is the templates are different. We don't have as many for this, these websites, you can see that's why I like that one I also really like this one I think this one's pretty cool, but I can change that template and change it up and and have

different websites that I can share. And again, this is great if you especially if you have folks that need to share links or maybe they're working with a career counselor to take a look at the preview of it.

Here's what the website would look like if they were sharing this link with someone.

Pretty cool huh.

You have that preview option on your resume to when you're in the edit mode on your resume preview is right there at the top.

All right. Looks like I had some questions come through, answered the and delete.

Can the resumes be downloaded saved to a doc x file or updated to Google Drive. Okay, so they could be uploaded into Google Drive, anything can be uploaded a Word document can be uploaded to Google Drive, or the PDF, you may want to do, let me go back

to the dashboard I'm going to go into the resume, I'll just choose this first one here. So download gives you both the PDF version or the word version so the word doc.

You can download in here I'll download this one so you can see this is the

zoom Thank you very much.

Okay, I didn't, I don't know where it downloaded to on my computer I've got three screens going here.

When you download.

you may want to do.

Okay, so if you're going into Google Drive if any of you have worked from Microsoft to Google or a PDF to Google PDF tends to hold the format, a little bit better than a Word document sometimes Google Drive will will change that Word documents so be sure

to let users know if they are putting it into Google Drive they want it from a Word document, they might want to take a look at it but I do find that the PDF holds that format better when you're pulling it into Google Google, you know, it's a Google Doc

so it's going to change things, but I'll make that you can do it. You just have to download it first.

The unlisted ok so the resume types I know that's always something too good to go over again. So just to clarify the unlisted resume type allows you to still use the stat tracking feature where the export only type does not exactly.

So those three settings where you have export only which is exactly that you're just going to export it. You created this great resume on your computer now you want to save it on your, you know on your own device as a Word or PDF.

It's you're going to just export that resume and you're going to keep it that, that's all it'll do so you're not going to obviously be able to see stats, because you're not sharing a link.

It's just something you're downloading onto your. It's just a resume you're downloading onto your computer which is something I do suggest it the best practice would be to export a copy of your resume so you have it, download it so you have a hard copy

of it, but then the unlisted and public will give you those stats because you're sharing a link and you'll know how many times that link was clicked into, great question Casey thank you for asking.

Absolutely. You can add sub sections to a new section, like education just as I did on the left you can add sections to your resume. You'll see when you scroll down, wherever there's that ad section, you have that option on the main part of your resume

or this template I happen to pick has this column on the left hand side so yes you can add a section. Thanks for asking Maria.

Can you change the pictures on the website. No, you can I, I don't think you can let me double check, but I don't think you can. I think that's what you're talking about when you can you change the pictures.

Yeah, the appearance. Well, no, it looks like they added background so you can upload a background, I haven't done this yet to be completely transparent, Deborah thanks for asking.

Well hi Deborah, you can. Looks like you can upload a file and change that background, the websites, I haven't tried it yet. So and look at you can see here, upload and then set background or select background so if I had uploaded a couple of files, I

could try a couple and see how they looked as my background. I'm gonna have to check that out and give it a try. I did that must be a newer feature there.

So yes, Deborah you can select exciting, if someone tries to access an old document from history How long will that file be available in history or other files available and definitely in once account, what I've discovered Shannon, is that when you are

the history section here. Let me see.

I don't know if I have a lot of history on this one either I had this is a newer account that I created so here you can see that his this history from yesterday I have other accounts that I that I work on in in the other, you know I have just have multiple

accounts in this in these resources. And I've gone back in it does hold my history. I know that there was a recent update in the revision history now, it gives you the option to preview and restore where you didn't have that option to preview it first.

So, at that time, I noticed that my history wasn't available because they made this update but ever since then I the, it's always there that revision history and it was previously to.

So all of that history is there and available for users to go back to.

So do I know how long as far as I know it's indefinitely.

That's what I've discovered in my own experience and we that's was shared with us so that's the information I have for you Thanks for asking Shannon.

Can you add pages for multiple resumes. So if you have.

If you want an additional page to your resume if you so if you continue to add sections like here's a summary.

If I continue to add those sections and it's moving. I'm just going to add text sections because those will add to the bottom, what will happen is, is this resume will continue to just grow.

What I'd want to do if it's multiple pages, is make sure that I add in that page break.

So if I wanted to add in a page break under.

At this point, then that would give me two pages.

Right. So here's my first page I want if I want a one page resume. Most resumes, I'm sure, unless you're a student, new to the workforce, may be multiple pages or you found a great template and you're able to put everything because of this, these cool

columns on the left hand side, in a one page resume, then you wouldn't need those page breaks, but if you keep adding, and then you determine okay here's page to.

This is a two page resume, you can add in that page break. That's how I would suggest doing and Shannon, so yes you can add those pages.

It just isn't like click at a page you're actually adding a page right so you're determining where on this list of information that you're adding into this resume template, where you would like that next page to start.


Great questions y'all Thank you so much, or everyone I should say thank you so much for for asking them Now I do want to leave you because we are over time with those questions but I do want to leave you with where you can go for additional training support

and marketing support so this is I'm taking will take you to great training materials. There are materials for each of the Gale presents Peterson's test and career suite resources.

This is a screenshot of one, and this is that create a resume so this is for career prep here's just this screenshot of that first page it's a great tip sheet that is available and it is on the support site.

I'm going to share that link in the chat with you all just so you have it. Now the support site to is where and I'm going to share the general one, and that's the

This will take you to you can go to training materials but also marketing materials there's great marketing materials if you're looking to promote any of these resources on your library site, take a look at what we have available on the support site we

have email templates. We have digital all kinds of ways that you can share it digitally designed for Twitter and for Facebook and Instagram and we've had them all built for you so see what we have available.

And then a lot of our training materials will have the option to add in a link to where your users can go to access this resource so maybe you have users that you're doing curbside pickup right now with books and you want to tuck in some information with

your direct URL to some of your digital resources that you're promoting. And here's also a great training tip sheet to go along with it. You can edit these and add in a link to your library, your direct URLs on your library page.

Okay, so I want to leave you with customer success managers, they are where you can go for that one on one support if you would like to take a look at the support site, and all the tools that are available training and also those marketing tools, they

can help walk you through that they can talk to you about usage they can talk to you about access if you would like some help. Accessing or sharing how your users would access the resources they can, they're experts at that they're really really good

at that. And so feel free to reach out to them. Again the support site for those that are possibly watching the recording I did share it in the chat with the rest of the group but support.gale.comGale, is where you're going to go for all those materials

training survey and that should pop up for those of you that attended the live session, pop up, feel free to give us your feedback on the session.

Thanks for all of your great questions you did a great job I'm really excited you were so engaged in the content that I was sharing today and I really hope you're excited to share this information with the job seekers that are coming into your library

because you all are such great resources so feel free to give us any feedback on the session. And that reps are session so thank you so much for joining me today.

I look forward to hopefully seeing you again at one of my sessions or one of my fabulous colleagues, they're all on the support site. So under the training center, not only will you find all those tools, video tutorials, and and tip sheets, and resource guides.
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