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Last Updated: July 12, 2023

15 Minutes to Mastery: Explore Enhancements to Gale’s People Search

Gale has enhanced the People Search feature within Gale Literature, Gale Books and Authors, and Gale In Context: Biography. These new updates allow users to find information about individuals more effectively with a new LGBTQ+ limiter, and clearer views of applied filters and number of names returned. Join this 15-minute session to see these new features in action!

Duration: 15 Minutes
Amber Winters: Okay, so today we're going to be in a 15 minutes to mastery session specifically about exploring our new enhancements to gail's people search.

Amber Winters: My name is amber winters and I am your training consultant for the day I appreciate everyone joining into this session.

Amber Winters: A quick agenda for you, so I will mention which specific resources are impacted.

Amber Winters: This has not been included in every single resource, we have, so I do want to make you aware of which ones are going to see this changing.

Amber Winters: will spend the majority of our 10th day actually clicking through that people search, so you can kind of see how that functions and see the workflow your students and your patrons are going to be going through them.

Amber Winters: Finally, again, as I mentioned at the very end of the session we'll have time for any questions anyone has and we'll have a brief closure with some contact information for you.

Amber Winters: So let's go ahead and get rolling so are updated resources include good literature resource Center gail lit Finder and gillers your contemporary authors, so all of those fall under kind of the.

Amber Winters: umbrella umbrella of gail literature, so all of those resources have been changed galen context biography has also been changed and finally gail books and authors has been changed as well what's great is all of these actually work, the same.

Amber Winters: So even if you don't have one of these resources you'll be able to see the same exact information but i'm going to click through today.

Amber Winters: But quickly what you're going to see here, so I new experience our people search, which again is found under the advanced search will navigate to that a little bit later on.

Amber Winters: We now have a search limiter listed right under the search bar, which is LGBT Q, we can check that off just to see those individuals.

Amber Winters: And we now have the option to filter by genders, other than female and male we also now include gender fluid and non binary so we can choose to narrow down to any of those right here on the platform.

Amber Winters: In addition to that now, when we do run bets people search, we can easily see at the very top, how many names were pulled for word.

Amber Winters: We couldn't see that previously now we can and we're also going to see what our search term was so you'll see in this instance, my search term here was frost.

Amber Winters: And my applied filters for this I applied nationality and gender.

Amber Winters: So now he easily be able to see those on our search results page, and you can also remove them you'll see we have these little access here, so if we want to remove a filter at any time, will be able to do that, we won't need to jump back to that main person search page.

Amber Winters: So let's just take a look here I don't want to talk to too much just go ahead and just dive right in again if you have questions i'm not going to be answering them until the end of this session, but please feel free to put them in the Q amp a before we get going there we go.

Amber Winters: So again, this experience is the same on all of those updated resources, so the literature resources galen path X biography and books and authors.

Amber Winters: So today i'm just going to click through galen context biography but, again, you get that same feeling, even if you don't have access to this one, so the people such as always going to be found, under our advanced search which you'll see is listed here under our toolbar.

Amber Winters: Now, on our advanced searches, the person searches pulled out separately up top here.

Amber Winters: There we go and now we're here on a person search and what's great is, if you really don't have a name in mind at all, maybe you really just want to kind of take a look at.

Amber Winters: Some LGBT Q biographies and or you want to see some of the individuals that are maybe activists supporting these communities, I can just hit this as my search limiter not include a name.

Amber Winters: run my search here.

Amber Winters: And now i'll forward, you see, right now, we have 1500 names just with this filter you'll see I can scroll down this.

Amber Winters: kind of presentation is the same so you're still going to get the occupation listed if we have it, the birthday, as well as the death dates.

Amber Winters: They have passed to you, so you can easily click into any of these, and of course clicking into these names is going to pull forward their biography we're not going to go that far, today I can easily click back as well.

Amber Winters: and get back on my person search and if I want to take this limiter off, I can, and if I do want to run a search.

Amber Winters: let's go we'll do SEM search I did before, if I do want to run a search, here again, remember, I could choose a specific gender so maybe I want to choose just gender fluid and mail today.

Amber Winters: i'll click that I could choose a nationality as well, so let's go.

Amber Winters: Trying to make sure we actually get some results, because, of course, if you get a little too specific, you may not find us as many, especially since we did actually put in a name here so we've pulled forward a few limiters here unless run our search.

Amber Winters: So now again at the top you're going to see how many names, we have so right now we have 90 it's showing me my search term which is frost So if I only know a person's last name.

Amber Winters: I could search by that really easily and it's also again showing my filters here, so I have my nationality, as well as my gender list so if anytime I want to take off let's say American I can do that.

Amber Winters: You see, now I have 113 names and of course I can remember this is falling just search through frost.

Amber Winters: And we get 169 names.

Amber Winters: And again, we can really simply just click through and be pulled right into a biography for them.

Amber Winters: So let's go ahead and click into one here, so we can take a look.

Amber Winters: To see for this individual we do in fact have one biography we can click right in.

Amber Winters: and get right to the the information about that individual.

Amber Winters: And then back to the advanced search.

Amber Winters: Our person search and we can start all over you see it has kind of removed all of those filters, we have, so we can build different searches as needed right here on this page.

Amber Winters: um that's great in addition to this, I can, if I do run a search here.

Amber Winters: And let's just click on all of our genders here.

Amber Winters: So I can search any of these, and you can you'll see this one i've actually applied all of the filters So when I remove this it's going to pull all of those separate here.

Amber Winters: I can easily click out of it it'd be pulled to this here and I do have the option, right here on this.

Amber Winters: This results paste page to actually browse people as well, so just a little extension from that people search if we wanted to.

Amber Winters: browse all the people we have in the resource, maybe our search then generate exactly what we're looking for.

Amber Winters: You know, or maybe it just generated too much, we want to kind of narrow it down, we can go on to our browse people.

Amber Winters: And kind of browse through this way, of course, with this you're going to get a long list of individuals, so, even if they started with browse people.

Amber Winters: With great is now that we're on browse people you see we've pulled person search out of advanced search and now I can click back into person search really easily.

Amber Winters: and carry that on.

Amber Winters: So a lot of the tools do remain the same, a lot of that functionality, will be very similar you'll see we haven't gotten rid of any limiters here, we have just updated the gender gender limiter.

Amber Winters: So we can still include the occupation place of birth, all of that good stuff we've just included these extra little bits to really narrow down to specific information.

Amber Winters: i'm going to go ahead and jump back here.

Amber Winters: To my slides because that's what I have for you today a really nice short session, just so you can get a feel for that new tool.

Amber Winters: If you have questions, please go ahead and type them into the chat or the Q amp a now.

Amber Winters: And I do have this a little bit of information for you, before you sign off for the day So if you want to dig any deeper into any of your resources or talk about best practices for our advanced search.

Amber Winters: You have access to a customer success manager here at gale who's going to be able to help you out with that.

Amber Winters: They can walk you through So if you don't have galen context biography maybe you want to see how this looks.

Amber Winters: Within gail books and authors, of course, we didn't click through that resource today, you can reach out to your customer success manager and they can run a quick walkthrough with you right right over zoom.

Amber Winters: If you don't know who your customer success manager is you can send an email just the general inbox.

Amber Winters: Which is scaled that customer success at cengage COM you'll be forwarded to the correct individual.

Amber Winters: You don't have access as well to your sales consultants who have any questions for them, and again if you don't know who, that is, you can go to support that gail COM.

Amber Winters: Forward slash REP Finder and that will direct you to the correct individual and, finally, we do have a session survey for today's that really quick session so if you have the time I would love for you to take that it's just a bit that leap forward slash gail training survey.

Amber Winters: And right now I don't see any questions in the chat or the Q amp a, so I am going to stop her share.
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