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Last Updated: July 07, 2022

Gale OneFile: News

Gale OneFile: News provides access to more than 2,300 major U.S. regional, national, and local newspapers, as well as leading titles from around the world. It also includes thousands of images, radio and TV broadcasts and transcripts.

In this webinar, we explore how to find content using basic search strategies, publication search, subject guide search, and Topic Finder. In addition, we explore the tools and features to support simple discovery.

Duration: 15 Minutes
Amber Winters: hello, and welcome my name is amber winters and I am your Gale training consultant today we're going to be taking a look at Gale OneFile: News.

Amber Winters: A brief agenda for you today first we're going to talk about the content you're going to find, within this resource.

Amber Winters: will have a walkthrough after that will take a look at all of the different tools features and workflows that your users are going to experience and then at the end of the session, I do have some wrap up information for you to help you learn moving forward.

Amber Winters: So first let's just talk briefly about what you're going to find within Gale OneFile: News so you're going to be able to access more than 2300.

Amber Winters: Major us and international outlets so things like the Washington Post, the New York Times.

Amber Winters: BBC News 60 minutes what i'll be found here on this platform, we do also have some local magazines and newspapers as well, that your patrons will be able to search for.

Amber Winters: In addition to just having the the text of the newspaper reports in the magazine reports, we also have images radio and TV broadcasts, so we are bringing in in that multimedia content for your users.

Amber Winters: We do have a nice search and browse option if you're looking for a specific publication, so they don't need to worry about maybe searching the topic first and then looking for publication.

Amber Winters: If they just want to see what's been published recently by a specific outlet they'll be able to do that in the platform.

Amber Winters: And finally, we do have a subject guide search as well, so if they have a topic, but are maybe having trouble.

Amber Winters: Finding the exact content they're looking for, they can run a search through our subject guide search, which has different topics kind of index together they'll be able to find different clusters of topics.

Amber Winters: That might be interesting to them might support their research, if you have a researcher coming in and looking for information that's fine on this platform, as well.

Amber Winters: Now let's take a look at the resource it's really get a feel of what your users are going to see here.

Amber Winters: So this is the homepage of Gale OneFile: News just a little bit of information on our homepage you'll see at the top, here we have our search bar with our advanced search.

Amber Winters: And then down underneath that we include some other search tools as well, so a topic Finder, as I mentioned that subject guide search here and our publication search.

Amber Winters: Now we'll take a look at three these three searches later, but first I want to just type a basic search because, for the most part that's what your users are going to do they're going to have a topic in mind.

Amber Winters: And they're going to want to just search to see if they find so today let's run a search for inflation.

Amber Winters: said, my enter button i'll give me a quick second here and now we're on our results page, as you can imagine, there is quite a bit of information.

Amber Winters: Related to inflation, if you look in this Gray bar up top here there's over a million news reports 48,000 magazines we've some academic academic journals books images and videos.

Amber Winters: So we've got a huge amount of content that your users are going to see and most likely, this is going to be pretty overwhelming for them.

Amber Winters: So if you scroll down here on the right hand side, we have some different filter options available that's going to kind of support them in finding exactly what they're looking for so some of the best.

Amber Winters: filters, I like to use are these subjects option spoken narrow down yes i'm looking for inflation, but maybe i'm looking at how inflation is related to maybe politics, political parties, maybe bakes i'll be able to narrow that down.

Amber Winters: I also like to narrow down based on publication title, this is really helpful if maybe your search holes for a lot of information from different countries and maybe.

Amber Winters: Your users are specifically looking for just information related to the US, they can choose which publication, they want to focus on so let's narrow it down to the New York Times and we'll choose PR newswire as well.

Amber Winters: Once I apply this, you see, we still have a lot of content, but we're down here now to 86,645 news reports.

Amber Winters: So of course that's most looking at all of the filtering they'll be doing if they're really trying to narrow down the results, this is a great starting point for them and you'll see, I have my filters listed up top here.

Amber Winters: So anytime I can just get rid of one of these and be taken back to all of my resources.

Amber Winters: We do default to showing the full text, they can turn that off for the most part within this resource they're only going to find full text there's not going to be a lot of abstract information and things like that.

Amber Winters: So let's click into one of these results here here i'm just going to click into the first one hesitation to discuss inflation.

Amber Winters: Once I don't load this out here you'll see at the very top, we have information about the article itself will see where it's from.

Amber Winters: will see the document type the one or how long as we have that listed here another great feature we provide the date so they want to make sure this is a current Article, they will have that listed there.

Amber Winters: scrolling down on the left hand side you see the text of the piece, but on the right hand side I do want to point out, this really is explore panel.

Amber Winters: So if they have read through this article, and maybe wants to know more, you know they got this basic bit of information, but they need to know how it's related to other things.

Amber Winters: or they just want a kind of deeper dive into this info they can take a look at this explore panel, and we have a more like this section.

Amber Winters: we're just going to provide just that it's going to have articles that are very similar to this one.

Amber Winters: or they can click into the related subject section that's going to pull different subjects that we've related to inflation, so you will see inflation, maybe we're worried about consumer price, and this is where we want to see.

Amber Winters: You know the discussions from related to Joe Biden and with inflation will be able to click into those related subjects that they're.

Amber Winters: scrolling down to the bottom, I want to point out, if you have any researchers coming to you, we do include citations here, so if you have a researcher pull this information for projects there'll be able to pull that citation and either MLA APA Chicago or Harvard.

Amber Winters: scrolling back up to the top here, I will also mention that citation is found, right here in our toolbar so we can easily put that way.

Amber Winters: If we like this article, and maybe wants to hold on to it for later I can hit my send to button up top here this little paper airplane and I can save this to my Google drive my onedrive or my email whichever I prefer.

Amber Winters: If you have users coming in, who may not be as comfortable with the technological side of things, and maybe they want a hard copy or maybe they want to send it to their desktop to take a look at later, we also have both download and print features.

Amber Winters: So downloading you'll see it pops up here a download as a PDF or they can hit print that it does just that prints this information for them.

Amber Winters: I will also point out our get links feature, so if they just want to copy and paste this link somewhere, maybe they just want to send it in an email to.

Amber Winters: Some peers and I found this interesting they want everyone else to take a look, this is a persistent URL that will take them right back to this article it's not going to break it's not going to.

Amber Winters: change over time it's always going to be her and it will always get them back to this point of the resource.

Amber Winters: Now, in addition to these great tools we have to be able to kind of send this information to where we want it to go.

Amber Winters: If I scroll down here, and this left hand side, we also have some great features to kind of manipulate this text, a little bit to make it more accessible.

Amber Winters: So the first option we have is translate here, so if you have patrons or users coming in, who aren't native English speakers who may benefit from reading this in a different language they can translate both the article.

Amber Winters: And the interface here and translating the interface is going to translate all of these tools and all of the buttons you find within the resource.

Amber Winters: We import from translate, we can also increase or decrease the font size as needed.

Amber Winters: We can change our display options to see we have different colors for the background of this text.

Amber Winters: I can change the font here and we do have a dyslexic font available, so if you have users with dyslexia coming in this may help them as they read through these different articles.

Amber Winters: And then we can change the mind letter and word spacing again to try to make this as accessible as possible for all of your users and going to go back to my default settings today.

Amber Winters: And our last tool here is going to be our listen button, and this is going to read the full article.

Amber Winters: For your users from the title, all the way down to the very end of this article, so if they prefer to have that read them as opposed to reading it on their own, they do have that option here.

Amber Winters: One final document focus tool, I want to point out to you before we take a look at some of the other workflows in this platform.

Amber Winters: is going to be our highlights and notes option, so if your users are kind of reading through this and define different paragraphs they think are interesting they can actually highlight those paragraphs.

Amber Winters: And maybe they want to make a note.

Amber Winters: And they can do that all the way through this article find any bit of information that they think is important and save it.

Amber Winters: And all of these highlights and notes they're making our session based What that means is when they sign off the platform.

Amber Winters: or when they're signing out due to inactivity all of this information is lost, so if they are highlighting content to kind of save for later.

Amber Winters: Make sure you let them know they need to get this out of the Platform, some of the best ways to do that are to send over to their drives or to print it out either way they're going to retain those highlights and notes that they took.

Amber Winters: Now I want to take a look at a couple of different ways, your users can access content, so if they don't write once run a basic search maybe they don't have the exact topic, they want in mind.

Amber Winters: They can search through a few different ways as well, so i'm going to click into my advanced search option here right next to my search bar.

Amber Winters: And when I do that it does default to showing just the standard advanced search option here that they could click through.

Amber Winters: But I want to show you a few other search options found here at our gray toolbar The first one is that subject guide search I mentioned earlier, so if I have just to kind of broad topic that I want to learn a bit about I can type that in here so let's say economics.

Amber Winters: Of course that's going to provide me with all sorts of information if I would have just searched that and the basic search.

Amber Winters: Most likely I would be kind of inundated with things that might not actually be what i'm looking for.

Amber Winters: But when I run it through this subject guide search now, you can see here, I have some different kind of subdivisions you'll see here, maybe I wants.

Amber Winters: Things related to economics and the like, and clicking through that and see the different bits of content, economics and literature economic research.

Amber Winters: And I can go through agricultural research if we're really interested in something like that I can go through and find these little categories that are just going to make it so much easier for me to pull the content, I need.

Amber Winters: Another great option if we jump back to our advanced search here.

Amber Winters: is to go into our publication search, so if they have a specific publication in mind.

Amber Winters: they'll be able to run a search here, to see if it's available, you said they can limit down if they want to buy say country publication, maybe the publication format if they're just maybe looking for videos only they don't want to read anything they want to see news reports.

Amber Winters: They can narrow it down to video here.

Amber Winters: Another great feature that I really like is the ability to list all publications.

Amber Winters: So they just want to browse and I will mention, of course, this is going to pull a lot of information, but if they just want to browse through the different publications available here, they can hit that browse publication and it's going to show all of them here.

Amber Winters: On this right hand side they can limit the search, because you know, most likely, this is more than they're going to want to read through.

Amber Winters: So they can limit again by publication format if they like if they want to limit by a specific subject so maybe they're wanting to look at health and medicine they can limit down to that.

Amber Winters: They can also limit down to country publication, as well as the language of publication you'll see you'll see, we have a few publications here that are not English publications, we have a few Spanish, Portuguese available here so there'll be able to click through to find those as well.

Amber Winters: So, if anyone that they're looking for those let's say 60 minutes here.

Amber Winters: When they click into this it's going to show the coverage that we have so it's going to show if we just have indexed coverage it's going to show that and it's going to show our full text coverage so you'll see here we have from June 14 1982 to current.

Amber Winters: underneath that I could choose the specific year I want to take a look at, and I can choose the specific entry here.

Amber Winters: don't underneath it does give a little bit more information about this publication here but let's just launched right here into the.

Amber Winters: July 4 option.

Amber Winters: going to take a look we're going to see what was published on July 4 and I can click for any of these and take a look here.

Amber Winters: looks like dynamic robots and these of course are going to be broadcast transcripts here then click into any of those and kind of read through Nice and easily.

Amber Winters: you'll see on this right hand side I do still have all of my filter options available if I would prefer to filter from here that's a really nice way to narrow down to content and you'll see for.

Amber Winters: Results is much easier to navigate through the million and results that we got when we ran a search for inflation.

Amber Winters: In one final method of finding content, I will point out to you before we end our session today if I click into my advanced search here.

Amber Winters: And now move forward on this Gray bar we've taken a look at our subject guide in our publication search, I want to take a look at topic Finder now.

Amber Winters: This is a great kind of visual resource for your users who may not want to kind of filter through.

Amber Winters: By pointing and clicking kind of reading through a different bits of text, maybe they're a bit more visual they kind of want to have a different way to look at the content and topic Finder is a great way to do that.

Amber Winters: So let's go back to our initial search, which was inflation.

Amber Winters: So i'll type that into my topic Finder search.

Amber Winters: will take just a quick second to load.

Amber Winters: And now, this is going to let me narrow it down again so as opposed to clicking into my filters and a basic search, this has given me a nice visual maybe I want to see inflation related to banks.

Amber Winters: Now I can click in here, and I can even click further down here, so if I maybe want to take a look at the United Kingdom, I could do that.

Amber Winters: Maybe if i'm just really worried right now about interest rates i'll be able to click into that.

Amber Winters: And you'll see on this right hand side here, this is providing the different results for us so again it's like pre filtering search results when I point to take a look at a search result page.

Amber Winters: Until we have everything filtered out here so you'll see we have 86 things.

Amber Winters: I can click into any of these and read through these articles or if they're a video i'll be able to watch the video take a look at image, whatever it is i'll be able to go ahead and click through that I can narrow it down even further so maybe I want to take a look at federal reserve's.

Amber Winters: And now i'm down to 24 results so got a really nice way to filter through to make sure i'm getting the exact content, I need without having to.

Amber Winters: To click through all of my filters and kind of read through those it's nice visual way to take a look at this and I can reset it down here underneath the visual at any time if I want to start from the beginning.

Amber Winters: And we have a wheel version of this as well, so if they don't if your users don't quite like the title version.

Amber Winters: If they prefer kind of the organization of a wheel they'll be able to click or this wheel and you'll see the kind of the first SAP in those sub topics listed here they'll be able to click through those.

Amber Winters: Now i'm going to go ahead and jump back to my slides here because I do have some information, I want to provide for you, before we're done with the session today.

Amber Winters: If you have more questions about this, or maybe you just want to walk through with someone on your own you can reach out to your customer success manager.

Amber Winters: they're really there to help you with anything if you want to talk about usage, maybe wants to talk about how to get this information out to your users.

Amber Winters: And maybe you want to talk about best practices within the resource your customer success manager is going to be the person to go to for that.

Amber Winters: If you don't know your customer success manager is you can send an email to [email protected] and that's going to send your information to a general inbox and you'll be forwarded to the correct individual.

Amber Winters: If you're looking for more support tools, maybe future webinars or recorded webinars tutorials maybe you're looking for lesson plans if you're an educator or maybe you're looking for flyers you can find all of that information on Gale's support site which is

Amber Winters: And finally, we do have a training survey here for you it's going to launch in your browser as soon as you sign off for the day and we would love.

Amber Winters: for you to take that to hear your feedback and it was and I do appreciate everyone being here on the line today, I hope you enjoy your day and hopefully we'll See you in sessions in the future, well bye now.
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