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Last Updated: December 16, 2022

For NOVELny: Discover the New Gale Business: Insights

Change is coming to Gale Business Insights: Essentials and we want to make sure you’re ready! New content and an interface change will become available in mid-October with a “Try It Now” button in the resource and we want to prepare you for the full transition in December. During this session, we went over the changes and timeline for this exciting launch!
Duration: 45 Minutes
Hello, everyone and welcome to our Discover the New Gale Business: Insights for NOVELny.

I’m Stacey Knibloe, your Gale trainer for New York State.

Glad to be with you all virtually to take a look at what's coming or actually kind of, is already here.

For gale, business insights, essentials.

Sorry the names are so similar, I mean having trouble at jets state.

So I’m going to give a quick refresher just on the content.

In case this is a resource, maybe haven't used in a while the good thing to know is all the content is moving over to the new interface, and we're going to talk more about all the little details I thought it might be good to get some of the FAQs out of the way at the

Top of the session. I know if I’m in a session like this.

I want my questions answered right away, so that I can ease in and take a look at what's happening.

So we're going to we're going to handle those first and then we're actually going to go live into the new.

Business insights, experience, and walk you through the differences from the old platform and where to find all the new stuff, and, as always, we'll wrap up with Gale support.

So where you can go, and you've got more questions.

After the session today I’m going to send an email follow up. You'll get it around this time tomorrow with a link to an attendee certificate.

But also lots of handy links out to our support site.

All of our contact input mail. She'll have something to refer back to in say a month when you've got a question you'll know where to go.

So we'll get all that into the email. Follow up that you'll receive tomorrow.

So as I’m going through, though feel free to ask questions anytime.

You don't have to hold them to the end, or during the FAQ.

Feel free to use the chat or the queue, a whichever you prefer.

I'll keep a close eye on those throughout the session.

So questions, of course. Feedback too. This is a new experience for the resource, so we'll we'd love to hear thoughts on it, so feel free to share that or when you leave the session day it'll open up into our feedback form.

You can, of course, leave your thoughts there as well. So that's our plan for our time together.

This morning. Do let me know how I can adjust it in the chat or the Q. A.

To meet your needs. So let's start first with just a quick refresher on the business resource from novel New York, produced by Gale .

So currently it is known as business insights essentials, and it is a resource to help you.

Research analyze, interpret and understand companies and industries, and it is built with a lot of different users in mind.

It's really popular in an academic setting for students.

Of course, in some sort of business program, or say an MBA, or something like that.

It's handy in the public library. Users, can, you know?

Maybe find new investment ideas study in your business idea, industry, and the like.

We even find it's used in high school business classes.

So it serves a lot of different types of users, and has a lot of different types of content within it, and the platform.

That it lives on currently doesn't really serve all that content as well as it could.

So we've been working on a new platform for the business databases for a while, and we're thrilled that it's finally here you've been able to try out the new experience since I think it was mid October we launched the try New experience.

Button but we want to give you an idea of how things have changed, and again ask your questions about how this kind of migration to the new platform is working.

So let's go ahead and talk about that a bit.

So I’m going to go through these. But again p pardon me, feel free to share any other questions you might have in the chat or the Q.

A. So basically what is happening? Business insights essentials, which is the resource you have for novel New York, and we have another product called business insights.

Global sorry I've got the name of it wrong. There are migrating into one combined resource called Big Gale business insights, and I’m just going to fix this while we are here.

Because I don't want to make it confusing

I think we did have a few folks registered who maybe had upgraded to business insights.

Global so the nice thing is for those of you that were using Yale business license insights, essentials and hadn't upgraded to global you're actually going to get all the content coming from global partnership

Of course you get an itchy throat when you're on a webinar.

So we are moving to a new and improved platform. For both of these resources and we're combining them.

So there will be one business insights product going forward.

When is this happening? The new experience is actually already available when you're in the product.

If you click the tr new experience button and I’m going to pop in there and show you where that is so it's actually available.

Now, however, we are doing a hard cut over December sixteenth, meaning that all of our libraries who are using Gale Business Insights: Essentials and Business Insights: Global will start getting the new experience automatically that's on track for a December sixteenth release we

Wanted to do it. And what is typically a quieter time of the year kind of heading into the holidays to give everybody time to maybe get eyes on the new resource with the try.

It now and then do the hard cut over, and what is typically a quieter time giving you some time to get to know it.

So that is our plan, barring anything happening. This number sixteenth is a date that we'll just automatically happen.

Does our library need to do anything? No, there's no action required.

You'll automatically get moved to the new experience on the hard cut over date, which again we're on track for a December sixteenth release.

So you won't have to make any URL changes.

It will just happen you may want to update the product name and the icon on your web pages.

If you're using a Gale Page, and if you, if you have what you know, you're using it, if you're not, no worries, but for those who may be using a mail page, that actually will happen, automatically but if you aren't if you have of course as most of our libraries

Do your own web page where you're linking out to your online resources you may want to update the product name the Icon. You don't have to.

If you've got name recognition for business insights, essentials, or you want to leave it as is, and you'll just start landing in the new experience on December sixteenth.

Technically, you could actually move to it now, and I'll explain why in a minute, when we take when we start diving into the resource.

But with the tr new experience being available, really, you could start pointing to that new interface already, and I'll share how you can do that.

But you can wait for it to happen all on its own.

On December sixteenth. Too. So what's new in Gale Business Insights?

So for the big, big, most obvious kind of newness is all the interface changes.

There's enhanced navigation. I think it's much easier to get where you want to go in this resource.

The content and its current iteration is kind of siloed here.

It's much more integrated. It's much more streamlined, a lot less clicking to get to the things.

You want to see it is the people who helped us designed it.

were actually MBA students. So we took. We had a lot of great user feedback in the development of this interface.

So what were they looking for out of the interface? That's really what we ended up with and there has improved accessibility.

So the standards have risen, we have a certainly a lot more details about that inside our VPATs and the like, but I'll show you where you can find all of that detail, too.

Now for our libraries who were using business insights essentials again.

You're now getting the content that was available in business.

Insights global as well. So there was a lot of country coverage.

So if you think about a company, profile or an industry overview, we now have the equivalent for countries.

So looking at that it also adds on some more titles from that collection.

So business insights global was kind of the same as business insights, essentials but added on new sources.

Now again. It's all one combined product. So if you were an essential user, you're now getting all the content that was coming from global as well.

And so around 500 entitles, and I think the most exciting thing, particularly for our academic libraries, in terms of the new content is the case.

Study collection, so I’m going to highlight those when we get in there.

But it's harder and harder to find case studies.

You can use in the classroom at no cost and now you're getting a whole collection inside Yale business insights that's available for you, and I’m sure you had a link to them and you know that so here's a quick.

Look at the interface we're about to jump into it. But oh, sorry.

Yeah. Should let the slides do what they're going to do, what I set up animations, although actually, now I think I've messed it up.

So let me bring him up anyway, so you can see if you've been using Yale business insights as essentials.

You can see it's overall just a more modern looking resource.

We have again brought the content that people were looking for onto one page basically and then different.

We're looking at a company profile here. This is a long webpage that you normally be looking at, but same thing for the industry overviews the things that people were looking for are now where you'd expect to find them rather than having to keep clicking to get to them going back and you know keep

looking back and forth so overall. It's just a really great looking new platform.

So we're going to get in there and show it off and I want to show you again how you can experience it now.

So let's go ahead and take a look. And we're going to spend most of our time in the live experience.

So, you know, pop over to the Gale product menu, which may not be familiar.

This is probably not something you use very often and that's great less clicking is always better the Gale menu really just shows you what you have from Yale and most of our libraries bypassed by linking directly into the database that's the desk, that's the definitely the way to go

However, I’m going to spend a minute here on the menu because I wanted to point out that there's the new resource.

No sorry. That's the that's sorry. I’m sorry I’m really struggling.

Names are so similar business insights, essentials is the product we've had Yale business insights is the new one, and they're both here that's how we had to do it.

So you could use the tr new experience button. We actually had to add the new product to everybody's account.

So technically, it's already available and you could start linking to the new experience.

Now, if you want to do that, we can give you a URL that would do that again.

No URL. Changes are required. If you're going to just going to stick and go with the hard cut over date, that will all happen automatically.

You'll start getting redirected to the new URL.

If you want to make the move early, though it would require a new URL so if this is something you want to do now, and you get your eyes on the new interface and you want to switch immediately email me and I can share what your link would be so again, I’m going to we'll wrap

Up with our support. My email will be right there on the screen.

You'll also get an email tomorrow and follow up. So just let me know, and I can now get that URL, for you.

Hi! So it's already there!

And I’m going to pop into the existing product.

I guess a couple of business insights essentially, and show you where that try it now.

Button is so hopefully, we've made it really kind of jump out at you.

It appears just here in the upper right hand corner.

Try the new experience in that bright orange button, and you can jump right into it and try it.

Now, and it actually opens in a new tab. You have both product, or I have both products open right now, and I’m actually going to use that.

I want to show you how some things are different. So I I'll pop into the legacy product.

Maybe is how I want to call it. I've still planned with the terminology here, but this is the new home page which I think is a lot more engaging.

If we pop back to the legacy interface, you can get to different browse tools.

Here! But oh, get rid of that! But the search is really the main thing which is what most folks use.

But this is a database. We wanted folks to kind of explore and discover content.

So the new home page is much more engaging. Of course you're still going to have a search. We're going to use that in a minute.

But at the home page we list. Most search companies, most searched publications, and so on, so you can kind of jump into something you may already be looking for or explore something you want to know more about and you can see right on the homepage here some of our new country data flowing in again if you

want to subscribe to global before just had essentials.

You'll see that new data. What comes along with that, though, is then also the browsers to all those different types of sources.

So browsing to companies browsing to all publications by topic, by industry, and what I like about these, is it just kind of leads you into things?

Maybe you particularly say research by topic, you know, gives you a search term to start with.

Start looking around, and you know, discover Content the most used publications.

You've got a ton of periodical content here about 4,000 full tax titles alone, plus some indexed and abstracted titles.

So we want to show off that content, and you can browse and treat these, you know, like their an issue I’m a magazine. So we're going to explore some of these in a minute.

But just overall the homepage is much more engaging.

It also, though in a subtle way, is kind of informing you what's here.

So you get an idea of what this resource can do for you.

Hi! So if you've also used other jail databases so like dealing context opposing viewpoint, you'll see it looks more like that.

To the header is similar. We've got the toolbar, the search in the same place the homepage allows browsing we're just kind of modernizing and making it more online with other Gale resources as well so it looks more like Gale Academic OneFile and I like so as you move between these

you're going to have all those tools that those databases have.

Now have had, and now you know business insights will have as well.

Hmm! So let me check my notes. I do have a list of things.

I want to be sure to show you so the home page.

Yeah, I think I talked about everything I wanted to there. So let's go ahead and explore a bit here.

So we use the search cause. I want to talk about the way we've changed that.

So in the legacy product you kind of had to choose between the different silos.

You were searching by selecting from the drop box here in the search field you could use keyword which would send Content.

Send your search out to lots of different types of content.

But you kind of had to pick a silo that's no longer the case.

You just put in your topic and you'll see from the suggestions.

It's suggesting from the different silos. But you don't have to pick from those homes.

However, we found that that's what most folks end up doing.

They are searching a company. They are searching an industry, so they just select it from the list.

But you could just send out a search, and it will perform a keyword search to you.

Don't have to select from this list, however, should you see what you want in this case, I did.

What's going on. You can see the ticker symbol there, so that can be part of your search as well.

You could just search on the ticker symbol which we've always had. I just think this calls have a little bit more

So we jump right to the company profile page, and that better fills you in on some quick key data links out to their website different social media.

This is new. The social media links. You also are getting content that we have before called out a little more like the company hierarchy is easier I think, to locate here so you can kind of jump in and grab the list and then move into one of the subsidiary company profiles if you

Like you also have right at the top of the screen. The swat analysis.

These got a lot of use in the legacy product. So we wanted to call them out a little so you can then jump into the swat analysis and also on the screen here explains what that is so maybe those are getting business students maybe aren't familiar with spot strength weaknesses opportunity and threat right away

They find out and of course you jump into the document, and these are still Pdfs download.

You've got kind of an embedded Pdf.


So grab all that data

We also have the company pro sorry the company overview and in depth articles linked here at the top of the page, as well.

We're going to scroll down in a minute. But these are kind of the pieces that would come from Gale reference, and they were often lumped in with other pieces. As well.

These are good places to get started if I want to. Just learn a bit more about Starbucks.

I have can link into their company history, their chronology, we've still got our content from brands and their companies and their brands.

Leadership details and things like that.

So just pulling that content up into the overview really where it belongs.

So we jump into the company history. I want to mention briefly and actually sorry I’m going to make this a little.

Bigger the article layout is. Now going to be more like what you see in academic one file, opposing viewpoints.

All of the article interaction tools, like translate font size.

Listen. Are built in here right with the tax. You can jump right to them.

You also get the new-ish as it’s in other databases is been around for about a year, but new to the business, database the display options, tool or we can make a more comfortable reading experience just by making a few adjustments

Hi! It'd be helpful. I haven't a nephew who has a processing issue, and he reads better when text is on a bluer brain, background.

So I can you know make this change no reset, though.

Starbucks Corporation Company Perspectives

That you've got the read speaker tool to have the article read to you, and until we had in the legacy inner but it just didn't get called out as much.

So these tools. Are important. Want to be able to find them easily yeah, it looks like we've got something to chat.

Oh, good! That's good to hear, Marianna. We'd love to your good feedback so good to know you've also got the tools to pull content out of the resource, and we just made those warmer more visible too.

So there're actually 2 new ones for the business database again, something you might have been using in the others, but you can send content right to Google drive Or Microsoft one drive just keep it in the cloud it's going to send it over apologize but normally I log into my Google account.

Early so we can skip this stuff, but takes a minute documents have been sent over to my Google drive.

What we do is put it in a folder named after the database.

You're using, and it will

Pop up right in that folder. And now this is my document to do with what I like.

And it's going to live in my cloud. I can move it around.

I can share it. Use any of the Google tools that are here inside this document.

It's mine right. It lives in the cloud so very handy could do the same thing works the same way with Microsoft.

One drive. Course can still email the contact and download it can print it.

All those features are there, and then, as I move down into the article, they exist up in the toolbar, so I can get to send to and send the document from there I've got download print our citation tool is going to give you the option.

Of course, to create your citation, using these 4 different citations styles, you can then export that out to Google as well or if you use something like easy, they have a ref works just pull the citation. Into there.

That will also appear, though just at the bottom of the article, too.

So. Usually the tools live in the article and in the toolbar.

So you can kind of get to them easily wherever you need to.

We've also changed the persistent URL terminology here.

Business insights, essentials has been using it, calling it a bookmark which we change the naming on that for most of our other databases a while ago, because it's a little confusing you know bookmark is something you do in your browser so we've renamed it get

Linked if I want to link this company history in my online syllabus.

Get link up there in the toolbar will give you that persistent URL.

So students will get here. They'll land right in this company history with one click.

It is also, though going to. Should I have it. It's my library set up so that our proxy server information is tied into our databases even though I don't see it here in the URL it would actually build that in so the proxy server and a path would still work

If you use the get link so right way to drop students right where you want them again from a syllabus.

But also your live guys anywhere. You'd put a URL even just you know an email.

It's Yeah, Link is: going to get you there. So the last thing I want to share, and again this isn't really a new feature it's something you've been able to do in the databases other databases.

For a while, but it'd be new, for the business is our highlights and nodes tools.

So as people are reading through a document, something jumps out at them.

You can click and drag is if you're going to copy, and that will initiate the highlights and those tools, so I can basically mark up this article and say something like use quote and I can give it whatever color, I want and that's now embedded in the article for my

Session, alright. If I close my browser right now.

Yeah. Highlight note disappears. Privacy is important. Right? So we don't track our users I don't have to log in as myself.

I don't enter any information about myself to get into Gale databases.

We clear out your search history when you leave, we clear out your highlights and notes all of its gone, so then the next time you come in you're kind of starting fresh.

So with how much you want to make sure to take them with you before you go.

So even if I just you know print. And kind of see in the print preview.

The highlights and notes will be there. It's going to be at the bottom of the page here.

Oh, well, you can see the highlight in the article, but at the bottom of the page it prints out the highlighted passages, and your notes, so do the same thing.

If I downloaded it. If I send it to Google they're all part of the document now for my session.

So again. Not a new tool something, you might be doing in the others. Just now.

The business database has it, too. So all the articles will have this feature, although I will say for things like the financial data you can actually download and excel format and things, like that so depending on the content you're in your downloading options, may maybe enhance, but all of

Those features very handy to have in a business database.

Now, so jump back to the company, profile and start scrolling down a little more when I mentioned the financial data.

So we have had financial performance data in the database.

Sorry data in the database before we partner with time Zoom Rooms for this info, but it opened in a separate tab.

It was in a different format. This is now all integrated into the interface, so we can take jump into the full balance sheet and we're still keeping us in the resource.

I can then move to the other financial performance pieces of data here at the top you can adjust.

What's here so still open features that were available before.

But now it's just, I think, called out a little more.

You're not weeding through a bunch of other company news and things like that they were kind of bogging down the financial page.

So this is, I think, a much cleaner way to work with this content, and again can download this data into a spreadsheet.

Work with it from there so very handy

You also will have, and it does. Take a minute for that financial day to go. You'll see those little arrows here in there, but those days you want financial performance over.

Time is displayed, and you can jump into the compare Tool, for here we've got the link.

So just, you know, calling out some of these features here a little more clearly the competitors list we're still working on refining this algorithm for what pops up here.

But in some cases we're companies that's been hand selected, and some cases we're working with the algorithm, but you can also just jump right into industry data and research other competitors.

Well, from here so one of the things we're doing with the industry and you're going to see it all put all over.

The resource is we're showing you the industry within the hierarchy of the naked codes, so you can actually select others.

If you want to get into that, but you kind of see where it lives.

You get the context for that industry, and we have we're going to see that in the when we go in and browse industries as well.

But I really like what we've done here, but most for a further little later the company.

Articles this now gets into basically all those periodical type sources.

And then some of our ranking tools and market research are going to show up here, and just like we do in our periodical databases. We're breaking them down by the content.

Types here at the top of the page, and again the one I wanted to call out because it is new content for business insights, essentials.

Our case studies so these are embedded in the resource.

There's no additional costs. They can be used in the classroom.

They can be, you know. Of course, used in the library. The case studies are really valuable content, and the resource.

So let's go ahead and jump down to those. So we've got 4 here for Starbucks, and kind of jump in.

In some cases some of these are in Pdf, but most of them are the e-text.

Here, which is nice because then you can take advantage of highlights and notes, and all the all the other tools.

But here we have a case. Study again. Just grab that gat link can embed it right in the syllabus to live, guide wherever you want it to go.

Hi! So really great new content. I'll show you how you can browse it all later

So this is content, kind of selected for the company overview.

You can always do a keyword search if you want to open things up a little bit, but if I jump back to the company.

Profile, page, sorry going back and back

You'll see within the company article section of the page.

There's a search within results. I live in Buffalo, New York and

We had the first unionized Starbucks store here.

So if I want to read more about how Starbucks is dealing with this, you know unionization, I can just do a quick search within the company articles.

But this is targeting content on the company profile, so I get some.

That's probably news, but might bring me most of the content I want.

But remember, the search now is integrated. So if I just search

Starbucks and Unions it goes out. It looks across all of the content and more of a keyword search kind of way so it really opens up.

You can see how many more hits I have just here at the top of the page, and I get my filter tool so I can work with these isolate by day by industry.

Subject I can nicely to different types of documents, pure viewed publications, or full text only because we do they're about 4,000 full text titles, but then there are some indexed and abstract only titles as well so I could just with one click narrow that down and we group the

article type or sorry the content types by the types of sources they are.

So if I want academic journals, or if I want trade journals, I've got that option, so you can really 0 win on these different types of publications, and we did this in the previous interface.

Too, but again I think just the way the platform works it's kind of opened up these searches a bit more and made this stuff more discoverable.

So, you can't tell overall. I am a fan of the new platform, so but let's go ahead and kind of look around a bit more.

So the company profile again, just kind of centralized all that good info, and made it much more discoverable we've done the same thing for the industry overviews and you have from the home page and from the toolbar the ability to browse and seek out a company or an industry on the

Homepage. You just look for explorer industries and browse, all industries.

You can also go into most search. If, of course, your one's there.

If you're not on the home page, though this exists on the toolbar as well under browse, you can get to all the browse, categories, and these are similar to what we have in the legacy interface, from the purple bar so you could do these types.

Of things there, too, we've just kind of condensed it down into the browse tool, and then you pick the browse item that you.

Want so if we go to industries, this is again where I really love what we've done here.

We've made the industry tool a hierarchy like the naked system, is before you I don't know.

It just wasn't quite as I think, as user. Friendly so this is where again we were taking notes from the folks we're working with and getting advice.

You can just open these up and see the higher hierarchy in action.

Understand. Maybe there are related feels that are slightly different and kind of see them side by side, so what's the difference between furniture, stores, and home furnishing stores?

Right, and we can see how the this category kind of breaks them down.

So once. You jump in. This will remind you of the company profile.

We're just coming at it from an industry point of view now.

So again, some key data here at the top of the page, brief industry overview.

But then you get into the Plunket, reports the Us.

And depending on the answer you're looking at global reports.

Top companies by revenue, and this has this is a new feature.

We can isolate. It first shows us globally but then you can isolate this microphone, so we want to switch this up to say United States Hi! And these are all linkable.

So I could jump right in, still giving you the context for what you're looking at, looking at related industry.

So if we want to jump into something else which I think is especially handy when you're looking at industry.

That maybe isn't is clearly defined in the next code.

You can kind of jump around and look at related ones, and then again breaking down the industry article.

So all those same, you know, content types, things like case study, the rankings and the like.

All that content. Still here, just I think much more discoverable.

Look at my notes. If there's anything I want to mention.

Good Anne oh, well, actually! Let me show you the industry or the company browse to while we're when we're talking about companies.

So this is basically a list of every company in the covered in the database, or that has a company profile.

I should say you can use the filters at the top to narrow down.

So by company type, revenue in industry, code. You do need the code here.

It won't search on keyword. I’m not sure if that's a feature we might be adding down the road so again handy to be able to go to that industry brows and find the next code you need location and if you pick a us or Canada, you can then make it more

Specific by State or province. Go ahead, grab new York, here

And then by available company data so if I only want to see companies in New York State that have a swell slot analysis, company history, chronology, these were the things we found our MBA.

Students were looking for so again love to hear feedback if there are other things you'd like to see here.

But you know kind of a new feature in the way you can search for companies on these pages.

So let me check my checklist again that

Okay. We're in good shape, all right. The oh, other feature I wanted to mention.

So once you go into browse. What you really get to are all of our search paths, because it opens up.

Oh, sorry! Want my use my annotate tool here your search options, so you can then get to any of these.

We've been a company but you can also then go and browse countries looking directly.

Go to right financial reports, investment reports. So these are kind of silos that exist in the legacy product as well.

We also made a couple of things more findable, like the glossary.

So this is a great tool. If you are like me, and maybe aren't as well versed in the business world as, say, a business library might be the glossary is a quick way.

To look up some of the terminology that you're finding in the resource.

So all, of this you can get too quickly by going just to advance.

Search it'll give you those search options at the top.

But of course advanced search exist as well, and this is similar to what we've had advanced search across all of our products as pretty similar.

It's just the different filters that might be available, depending on the content of the resource.

So the different fields you can search in. So, for example, company ticker is available here where it, you know, wouldn't be insane.

Opposing viewpoints that kind of thing, but really the same type of search you give your search terms match that up with the feature you want to search in, and then all of the search limiters are available as well, so I can start out here and isolate, to say peer reviewed publications and filter

by document type, Lexus scores things like that revenue, sure.

So we have on screen search out for advanced search so right away.

I can. You know what are quotation marks going to do for me?

What are our wild cards? All right here? It's always lived in help, but they get used most often in advance search.

So we just put some quick on screen help for them here so just to make a little clear what you can do, you have the find results that tool basically describes each field.

You can search. So some of these are probably more obvious than others that something like keyword looks in key fields of articles it doesn't read the entire text entire document search would do that so the results that helper is a is a good.

The info to have when you're searching so

Alright a couple more things to show you. Here, let's almost we haven't browse country.

So again. This will be new content, for folks who hadn't upgraded to global so basically these are country overviews like we have the company.

And the industry overviews, and you again just get a list of all of them.

You can filter these or sorry, not filter. You can sort these fields.

So if I wanted to say sort these by population, just to click, and there we go, same thing by GDP.

And then, as you select.

Again an overview, so start out with some key details, brief overview and then get into market reports.

Top companies in the country, GDP. And then into all of those articles

So great for folks who are doing. You know more international research as well

Not there. We have a few more minutes, I think I've covered most everything.

Let me just again kind of clients at my

No, it's I think those are all the new things I wanted to share.

Let me know again in the chat or the Q. And a.

If there's anything in particular you were looking for kind of where did it go?

Type thing again, haven't lost any data. Everything may have just shifted a bit, but I think it's so much more discoverable that it's pretty easy to find.

But of course this is a you know the database that I've worked with for a long time, so I know I know Gale databases right so I you all have to keep track of so many more I think that's everything I wanted to share though so again, just look for that

Business insights, essentials, try the new experience. You can get your hands on it, test it out.

Let us know what you think. Bang on it. Let us know if you're finding any issues.

Or again, what other content would you like to see? Try that new experience?

Let you get in there now to look at

Alright. So let's go ahead and pop back to the PowerPoint and talk about.

Gale support. So I’m actually going to go out since we've got a couple of minutes here and go out to the support site.

[00:39:11.000] slash novel, New York.

We'll give you a lot of good tech support. A lot of good training support and a lot of marketing support.

So check our support site. You don't need to recreate the wheel.

We've got bookmarks. We've got banners you can use on web pages.

We have the new logo for Yale business insights ready to go.

The marketing materials for it aren't ready yet.

Training materials are coming, but they should all be there in time for the hard cut over on the sixteenth of December.

But you've got, of course, other resources from now.

New York and kind of take advantage of these materials there, too.

But I want to go out, because we've got a couple of minutes.

I’m going to go out to the support side and show you how you can.

If you'd like

Point to the new experience already. Hi! So this is the path I would take if somebody emailed me and said, Hey, we want to start using new experience now this is what I’m going to do.

You go to Slash, Novel, New York, and look for your school in the list.

I’m going to use just a general account we have for the state DMV.

Access, and the first thing it's going to give you is a list of URLs and the nice thing in New York State that we offer is the URLs for your novel, New York databases that we have here not just Gale databases but also Britannica down there at the bottom these

URLs use geo authentication, so that URL checks to see if the person links cooking on it is in New York State.

Of course it has permission to know their location if they say, No, that's okay, we just use an alternate authentication method.

But if they say yes, and we see there in New York we just let them into the database right this list of products.

You will see the new business database in. Oh, like are we hang on

Oh, I’m sorry! Awful or confusing me today, folks.

I apologize. Can't blame it on Monday, but there it is, because again we had to add the new database to get the try it now experience to work.

So it's already been assigned to all of your accounts.

So that URL I could replace the existing URL, or Gale.

Business insights, essentials with the new gale.

Business insights. People start using the new experience immediately, so that will get you the URL.

What you would also get if I click on the product. Now it's going to be pretty skimpy, I think if I click on it you go to the product details page.

This is where you can get the new logo and I ready for that.

We have the R. Which we're at Widget ready, but we have just some of our recorded webinars that we've offered for the new interface looks like we oh, we do have the resource guide so all that says new I wonder if they loaded that this morning.

So the training materials are here. This will get fleshed out, is the launch happens as well as new marking materials will be available when that her launch happens.

So support page already has some things to get you going. If you want to start prepping, you know more library staff on the on the resource

Oh, great thanks, Adel, glad to hear that all righty, so lots of good.

Step on the support page. But what about when you want to talk to a person you can get to us through the support page, but I’m just going to go ahead and give you my contact info here and again.

You're going to get an email with this info tomorrow.

But another good person to get to know if you've got questions about this migration?

Is your customer. Success, manager at Gale. They help you be successful with our resources, and the great thing is, they are specializing by state and library type, so if you're an academic library, in New York State, there's someone you work, with if you are in a public library in New York State there's someone

Else you work with. So they know that library type right? And they can share ideas.

They can certainly answer questions, but if you have some sort of challenges and things going on, they can, you know, help and maybe give advice from what they've done with other libraries you send an email to this address it gets routed to the right person for your institution.

And then you can also reach out to your rep. Your account reps always a good person to get to know as well you can find them through our rep finder, and then of course, again can just call the 800 number and ask to talk to someone too, so you can reach out to us that way and again.

The support side has lots of great on demand help, so no shortage of places to go for help.

You've got the help desk at now. New York as well.

So definitely reach out and let us know what we can do for you. Right!

Don't suffer in silence, so with that I will say, Thank you and appreciate you being here today and hope to see on future sessions.

We keep track of all of our upcoming webinars specifically for novel New York, and our support page for novel.

But then also we have an at-large calendar. You can, you know, sign up for those sessions as well.

If you see something that interests you so visit our calendars, keep an eye on what's coming.

We also keep all of our recorded sessions on these pages.

You can always tune into something you may have missed, but if you register for a session, you will always get a link to the recording after any, if you can attend, and you know that ahead of time no problem register anyway, you'll get a link to the recording after so feel free to do that

As often as you like, so I’m going to stick around here.

See if there are any other questions, but thanks so much for tuning in today.

We'll let you go to get on with the rest of your day.

But again do stick around. If you've got any questions.

Thanks. Everybody
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