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Last Modified: March 19, 2020

For NMSL: Discover and market your El Portal digital resources

El Portal offers an amazing collection of materials for your patrons but perhaps you've found that the Gale digital portion of the statewide resources doesn't always get the attention deserved. Please join this webinar to learn creative and effective strategies for spreading the word about your Gale digital collection and make sure those great resources get used! Whether you’re new to your library and want to find out about Gale resources available to you and your library patrons or a veteran librarian looking to increase visibility and usage of your digital collection, this session is for you. In this webinar, we showcase marketing materials and outreach templates available for all your Gale products, discuss how to create a content calendar to promote your collection year round, and outline steps to develop a marketing plan focused on your unique users.

Duration: Under 15 Minutes
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