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Last Updated: September 15, 2022

Get to Know Gale Presents: Peterson’s Test and Career Prep from JerseyClicks

There’s a new addition to your JerseyClicks collection and we want to introduce you! Gale Presents: Peterson’s Test and Career Prep provides job seekers, lifelong learners, and students with help in finding the right career or college, making a career switch, prepping for certification or college entrance exams and much more! In this session, we explored the tools available in this resource and how it can help your users to develop their career preparation skills. 

Duration: 60 Minutes
All right good morning everybody and welcome.

I'm Stacey Knibloe with gale. Glad to

be with you here this morning to take

a look at a newer resource

you have available to you through. Jersey clicks

Gale Presents Peterson's Test

and Career Prep Which is a mouthful

for a a product name. So you'll

probably mostly hear me refer to it as Peterson's

or Test and Career Prep

with some sort of abbreviation.

But we want to make sure you know what you can

expect from this resource and how it can

work into the workflow at your library

and just share some best practices

for using it.

and of course answer all your questions so we want

to leave a lot of time for those as well.

Another thing we're gonna look at is a way

to make this resource more discoverable

at your library. We've lot you've got lots

of great marketing tools out at the

gill support site that you can certainly make

use of but there are some other neat

resources you can take advantage of.

we're gonna talk about Mark

Records and subject. Top links, a little

in a little more detail. because

we certainly want folks to know that this is available

through your library and have some neat ideas

for how you can spread the word. So

as always though, we'll wrap up with where

you can go for more help from gale. We want

you to be able to reach out to us with questions

and feedback any time.

and to that end we'll also

be sending a follow-up email that will come to you tomorrow

around this time. That has some links

and lots of the good stuff

that I mentioned in the session so

you can of course feel free to reach out

in response to that email or

again to anyone on the Gale team

when you've got questions after today

but do feel free to keep them coming during the

session. I have

Again budget is a good amount of time so we

can cover lots of questions

and I'm happy to kind

of click on what you see in the resource

and want me to show you what it does just jump

in any time. So

let's go ahead and dive in.

So first we just wanna give

a quick overview of the resource, you can know

what to expect from it that it is well named.

But we want to let you know

a little more detail about kind of the main areas

of the resource. So

Gale Presents Peterson's Test and Career Prep

is of course a partner product between Gale

and Peterson. So even before

I went to work for gale, I knew Peterson's resources.

We had a hard time keeping their books on the shelf

in the library. I was a also

a hard time getting them back and maybe the condition

that they went out in,

So very familiar with Peterson's content.

We're thrilled to partner with them

and this whole resource is built

around their test and career prep offerings

and of course we have a lot of that content in

the resource. So one of

the most popular areas of the database

is the test prep tools.

So you can prep for different standardized


for them relating to college high

school and career

and we're gonna explore those, show you how those

tests work.

We also have a lot of great content

around folks looking for a new

career or say in a high school

high schoolers point of view of

their career. There's lots

of tools around support

like figuring that out. But then also

active tools where you can go in and take a career

assessment, read up on different jobs.

Even view open positions

Ok. And then to that end, when you're ready to start

applying for jobs, there's a resume builder

or a co a cover letter builder along

with some additional pieces we'll talk about.

And again a lot of support for that as

well, so how to prepare for an interview, how to negotiate

salary, what your resume should

include. There's lots of great support

within the resource

And then lastly should the career you're interested

in require some sort of schooling. We've got

searches for colleges specific

programs for safe but there's a nursing

program. Search there's searches for

say an M. B. A. Program

you also have support around a lot of

the financial issues that come with college.

So can find scholarships to

apply for, can read up on you know

what you have to do with F. F. A. And things like that

so a lot of support

is built into this resource. You know the

the I think the kind of resume tool

and the test prep get a lot of

use. But keep in mind that this

does more than that. There's really a lot more help

here for for building a career.

So we are gonna dive right into it and

spend our time most of our time in

the database. So again if you see

something on the screen you'd like to know more about.

Just let me know I've of course got a list

of things I want to cover with you. But

I'm happy you know to take a left turn.

This is really your session. So let's get your

your questions answered.

So the home page of Peterson’s

Test and Career prep is gonna basically

give you a sense of what you can do here

but you'll notice in the upper right hand corner,

there's a login option and it will also

prompt. You kind of should you go down one of these paths

and select something to log in.


the resource is something

that people come back to right they come back and they

keep working on a resume. They take another

practice test, that type of thing. So we need

to be able to keep track of who's using the database.

So it does require what we would call

a named user login.

so let's look at

that first and then we'll explore the resource.


the login button of course if you've been here before and

log into your account or we're gonna use the new user sign

up so you can see what's involved.

It is very simple. Your name,

user name, password and a secret word are

the only things that are required, email address

is optional.

Folks don't have to submit that if they

don't want to. It is the best way to reset

your password. Should you forget it. But if

you don't.

there's other ways to reset your password.

We are not doing anything with this data

nor is Peterson's you're not gonna start

all of a sudden getting promotional emails from

Peterson's or gale. If you do turn over your email

address it is strictly there so you can

reset your password.

You also fill this in

and your account is immediately created. You don't

have to again because your email address isn't required,

you don't have to go and verify your email address.

You're just in immediately

Again we don't truly know

who you are at the other end of this.


No user information is being tracked aside

from this account that lets you get back to your

practice desk your resume.

So privacy is important.

It always is important particularly

if you're gonna be working with people who are under 18.

So Yale has very strict rules around

privacy. You can actually if you scroll to the bottom of

the page you can get out to our privacy policy


learn more about it.

Now I am gonna go ahead and log into a demo

account just because I want to show you what some things look like

when they're completed. So rather than sign

up here, I'm gonna use that log in button.

And just use my demo account here.

and there's unlimited users. So feel

free to create your own accounts to get

to know the database and then of course,

you know, your patron and your students cannot

create their own as well. So no,

no limits there.

All right, so now we're back to the home page

before I kind of dive into each area. I

want to point out at the top of the screen

Oh my I wanna use my little

anti tool. It's blocking the thing. I wanna circle.

There we go.

there is a title list available

that breaks down all

of the content that's in the database and

this gets updated as we up are actually

I think it's around four times a year because

different parts of the database, different

tests are updated at different times.

The title list is really the best place

to see what's in the database and

when it's from. So you can see

even more detail, how many practice

tests do we have for that exam, that type of thing.

And the last official

testing because some of these standardized tests, you

know every three years they maybe change up the

format or you know something like that.

You get those dates as well. And

then the last time the content was updated.

So this might make a nice printout to keep at the reference

desk a quick check of what's in

the resource. You kind of though. Of course

though explore and just test and see if

we have what you're looking for. But this gives you those

additional dates. So I would like to point those

out, But the resource

itself really tells you what's in it. So

that's what we're gonna explore here. There is a search

so if you want it you know you're looking for the S. A. T. You

can just kind of

search and land right there

or what we're gonna do. What I tend to

always start with. I like a brows tool

because then you can see what's around

in the resource and you know discover new

things. We are always

our databases are never finished so we're always adding

new content. I think there have been a few new things

added even since this was added

to the Jersey clicks program. So

you know, always good to I think be in the live

resource and see what's here.

So there are four areas where you'll kind

of go down paths within the resource,

improve your score is

mostly gonna be test prep for

standardized tests. But then some additional tools

we're gonna take a look at,

find a school is exactly that. It's

all the collar, scholarships or sorry the college

searches plus scholarship searches, you

know, advice around financial aid and things

like that.

explore. Careers is gonna lead you to the

resume builder. The career

assessments. And again help

for doing all of that job search.

and then vocational test prep. So again more

standardized tests which is relating to particular


and we're going to go down each of these paths. So

let me know if there's anything particular you want to look for.

Actually let me check the chat and Q. And A.

Nothing yet. But let me go ahead and

get started with improve your score.

so we're gonna get into you

know probably the most popular test in the resource is

the S. A. T. But before we get

to that I want to point out some of the other

tools that are here, we have

this foundational skills section

which is

really handy because what it does is

let you go through some

tutorials and question banks

around English reading math.

It can be just a good brush up. Say we've got

someone who's on the job market again after say

20 years and they're looking for something

new. Maybe there's some you know they're

gonna prep for the postal exam. Firefight

exam, something like that.

And they just want to brush up on some

of these skills That's gonna be a great use here.

These can also be great supplemental support

for students for

folks who are maybe learning English

you'll also find here though office Microsoft

office tutorials. So

something folks can do at home.

We've got a Windows 11 tutorial down here

So there are these kind of additional

not quite for specific tests but

just additional kind of skills building

here under foundational skills.

now. The four paths follow me

through my time in the resource. So if I open

up that little arrow next to improve your school,

I can get to all the other areas. So if you

take a look at high school we've got things like preparing

for a P. Exams and just a quick

click into them, you can see which exams

are here. This is a list that's really grown

over time. We love to hear feedback

about what folks need

in their schools and their libraries. So

you know you see the results in this resource.

When that happens

So college prep is where we'll find

the S. A. T. The A. C. T. The

clap exam, P. S. A. T. All

of these that you might take while you're

in high school

and what you'll find is as you select

each test

You'll see whatever support we have for

it. So in some cases you'll see

three items. Three cards here like I have.

In some cases you'll see one card, it's just gonna

vary about the content that's here.

But what we're of course always looking for

are those practice tests. So that's the most common

card you'll find.

We also though carry the eBook content

from Peterson so

we've got the master of the S. A. T. 2020

eBook here that we can go through. It just gonna

be a P. D. F. I can work with

and then a few tests a handful of tests

will actually have online courses to go

along with them. Which I always like to

point this out for the S. A. T. Because

this is something someone can do for free

through your library

at their own pace. You know this is it. They don't have

to make time you know to co go

to an S. A. T. Prep course again

don't have to pay for it. So you know

really equitable here, anybody can get to


and it basically like it implies

preps you for the S. A. T. There are some pre

assessments as you go through

you work on the different sections of the test,

and this is along with

the master of the S. A. T. E. Book so you can use

that as a companion or

another tool to help study for the exam.

So really valuable to have those two kind of

powerful tools with you. But

I will say the practice tests are probably the most popular

because that's of course gonna put you right in

that kind of test. Taking mindset and

testing how you're doing

So you can, as you're going through

the practice test you'll see they almost

act like courses. I should say almost

they kind of do, we can see course contents here.

I'm 24% of the way through the practice

tests available.

And for the S. A. T. We

actually have a lot of

versions of a practice exam. I think we're up to nine.

Yes so nine practice

tests for the S. A. T. That will

vary too. We're gonna look at other tests where maybe

we've got three different versions.

We want to add as many as we

can because it's not good to

just take, keep taking the same one over

and over and start memorizing answers. Right

so having multiples is

really valuable.

and you can see here over on the left the ones I've taken.

I've got a check mark four

and if we go ahead and wanna take another,

I'm just gonna jump into one here.

you get a little info about the quiz

first you have you

know instructions for how it's gonna work. You might

also have

let's see it looks like the S. A. T. Doesn't have

one. But some of the tests will have like their own

introduction over here on the table of contents

at Sandy.

But if we go ahead and

start the quiz

This is formatted like it's pieces

of paper. So the way you might move through the test

Some are of course electronic themselves but


it's kind of mimic that real world experience

here, we've got a passage we need to read.

And as I scroll down I'll then

see the questions for this passage.

And if you go through

it really is like taking the test, you're

just marking your answers, you can go

back and change them at any point. I can

adjust as I'm marking

them off. You'll see the pages over

on the left or marking each question with a check

mark as I answer it. So I can kind of

visually get a cue as to where I am

this of course not the way you probably want to take

the S. A. T. But you can move


and mark your answers.

And then at the bottom here you have the option

to move to the next page. You can always submit the

quiz which we will submit this early

but just keep moving through.

But with that navigation over on the left

and then at the bottom of the questions you can always

get back and forth. So if I want to go back and

review my answers, make some changes

or even leave one undone, I can

skip a. Question and come back to it

later and again I'm gonna have that visual cue over

on the left. as well as

and once I submit the quiz

or click the submit quiz

button, it will let me know if I've forgotten

any questions if I haven't answered something.

So let me get a few more of these answered

and I'll go ahead and submit now

it's even warning me down below here, 20

of 52 questions save. Again I've got

the visual queue over on the lap that I haven't

answered some but when I submit to

it's gonna warn me I've got 32 unanswered

questions which I'm just gonna go with.

and it takes a minute but it grades

the exam and then puts you right back in it

to review it so you can go through and see how

you did.

And randomly selecting answers is

not pro oh it looks like I got lucky

on the first one. So

you can open up and see I've got the correct

answer here and even the second one, wow

I did ok on these first three. Here

we go. But this is what it looks like when you've got something wrong.

So it lets you know with a little red X. Your answer

was wrong and then the blue arrow pointing

you to the right one and I can open up and view

the feedback so you can see kind of where you went

wrong. So

very handy to have this feedback

immediately. You can always go back and get it through

the kind of course view too if you want

to go back and review another test,

It's keeping track of all of these for you.

And the resource is

of course always gonna grade the multiple choice

sections. But if you've got a section

say like you do on the S. A. T. That's an essay

or a short answer.

It's really more for you to kind of have

the practice of writing that essay.

And then you can often use the eBook

to get an idea of maybe you know

what you should have done. There's some advice for

the short answers and essays and things like

that. So

It doesn't technically get graded here

but it does give you the, you know

a practice of doing it

So the other tests are gonna be formatted

like this. Let's go ahead and take a look at a few more.

I'm just gonna exit out of this tab here.

So again improve your score is gonna be

the test typically that have to do with

some sort of schooling. So again

whether it's a P. Exams or a P. S.

A. T. Or something like that grad school.

You've got those. This is also although

I think we have an inter vocational test prep to the international

sections. You can prepare for say the U. S. Citizenship

exam or the


met those here as well

but let's go ahead and take a look at vocational task

prep while we're on the subject. So I'm just gonna skip those

two tabs in the middle.

And the browse here

gives you an idea some of these are kind of broken down

by industry almost so

something like medical and nursing. This has

been a popular section of the resource. And we've

added a lot of new exams here.

E. M. T. I know we I think we've added

within the last, well no E. M. T. Has actually

been around longer than that dental admission test.

If you've got something we added this year we got some feedback.

you've got of course all your nursing practice

tests as well as the T. S. To kind of get into

nursing school. You have

C. N. A. Dental hygienist

massage therapy.

And again just click in and you'll see kind

of what's available for each

to go through. It looks like this is

can be just some test prep.

Oh no it looks like they've got some studying tools here

too. So clicking in will just

again gonna show you what's available

Some of the newer tests are here at the bottom

of this alphabetical list. So aviation and

transportation, this was one that kind of jumped

out at me for a New Jersey. You're

close to some airports there

or have some airports. So I was being close

to a few. The T. S. A. Exam is

is a newer one that we've added,

we've also added journeyman plumber

and electrician exams.

The HESI you've got

you know some great stuff here and the

p. A. Exam is is

a recent addition as well.

So these are,

all available

to any user again to take as many as

they like and if they're gonna keep coming back to something,

you'll see as I click around

and I'm looking at different cards, there's this

little star next to each of them.

If I click that star,

sorry, let me get rid of my drawing there so I can

click it, it adds it to my

favorites, it turns it purple, and then you'll

notice when you come into the database and log

in Your home page

lists all of your favorites. So

you can see I've got a lot here. I probably should clean this up.

I add a new one every time I do a training. So

you can easily get back and pick up where you

left off under create a resume or

math videos or whatever it may be and

just jump

you know right there from your login into

where you want to pick back up.

So let me just check the chat and Q. And A. Let me

know if there are any tests in particular. I'd like to see if we


I'm happy to to navigate

to those

Alright so let's I'm gonna leave find

a school for our last

card we'll go into. I'm gonna open up

explore careers because I want to show you again some of

the more popular content so things

you might be working with folks a little more often on

the career tool section is

where we'll find career assessments,

the builder resume

Career advice we even include

the sometimes you'll see things in multiple places.

So career colleges searches here, it's

also gonna be under find a school, so kind of wherever

it's appropriate. You might find these cards.

and if they jump to create a resume, this

might be a familiar tool. This is We've

Peterson's partnered with Visual C. V.

Which is a resume builder out there on

the internet. They have a kind of

fee based service that folks can take advantage

of our subscription service. I think

here though there's no cost

of course to your end user and we get to take advantage

of some really cool tools

here with visual C. V. So


resume and cover builder are both

here and we're gonna look at those.

But I just want to mention these two other features

that are available.

Create a website. Actually let

you create a website about yourself

that you can send people to maybe put

in a cover letter. Oh,

when you visit the Visual C. V. It

will pop up and offer a tutorial

when you get here. So I'm here for that

today. So maybe I can close that out, but very handy.

but create a resume, lets you build

a website around yourself and they make it look

good, they build it around one of your resumes

or you can upload a new one and and

get started.

But we're gonna skip that for now but it is

a very handy piece created.

Journal entry is a really interesting

tool. I think that I want to start

taking advantage of what it does is

let you track your career highlight,

you create this career journal

so that

when you're applying for a job, when you're updating

your resume you go like oh yeah I did

do that big project that went really well. Or

even often in a resume they'll ask

you, you know, where's something

you had a challenge and how did you handle it. But those

are the kinds of things you can put here this little

you know journal entry to keep track

of all of that, refresh your memory, which

I often need help to do.

But you can also publish this. So if you did

want to keep track of that info and make it available.

You can send books to

the career journal as well.

so some neat features. But I do want to dig

in more to the resume so let me jump back to that


so you can create and keep track of

multiple resumes. You can see here. I've got quite

a few going here.


you often are creating

a resume

every time you apply for a job you'd be adjusting

a little bit depending on what the position is. So

it's a great way to, you know, keep all of that here

and also have a great looking

resume. There are tons of templates. I am not

this creatively inclined. I'm letting

the database kind of do the work to make it look

good for me. So let's

go ahead and take a look. So

creating a new one

is actually gonna ask you those same questions.

So do we want to upload an existing resume?

So if I've got one in word I want to work

from, I can upload that.

I can just completely start from scratch and

start filling in the fields here myself

or what I love is the use

sample content option.

This is gonna let me steal

my watch and put it that way. Let me borrow

text from prewritten resumes.

So if you use sample content

It's gonna open up and show you some of their popular

samples which you can take a look at and review.

You can also search those. So if I've held a job

as a bank teller

I can search on that and see if they've

got an example resume and they've got three.

and you can give it a little preview or

I'm just gonna go ahead and use this sample.

and it knows my name right? Because I have a user

account and pulled it from that. But here

it pulled in all that data

and where I know I struggle but I know

a lot of other people do too

Is this section here under work experience.

How do I describe my job

and if we've got a resume that's similar to

a position you've held, it's done a lot of that

work for you, you can of course edit all

of this. So if I needed

to add something else to this

and I'm just gonna say

E. T. M. Maintenance

no idea. but let's say

I can include that. Oh it looks like maybe you would borrow

this resume from someone who is maybe and

they spell check a little different. So the spell

check has popped up for me

and adjust that.

But you have this starting point

and I think starting from scratch. Maybe some

folks really you know would

rather do that and kind of get a maybe

a resume going that way but I really

appreciate having this data to work

from and adjust as needed.

and again it already makes it look

good. It puts it into a really nice

looking format but you'll see over on

the left, you have all these menu

options for things you can change.


If I go in to change template, this

is where I can find all those nice kind of really colorful.

resumes and a lot of them include

photos which I think is something

it is kind of, I feel like this goes back and forth

including a photo isn't always preferred,

so you don't have to, that

space just goes blank if you don't upload

an image. But I'll go with

one here like the look

at this one,

grab that and it just reformats it

for me

and I can change things too if I don't love

the green color here up in the top.

I have all the options for kind of editing

so I can switch that. Maybe I'll go with

a this

pink color there.

Really simple. I don't have to worry about

the formatting. I get all these options

for how I how I want to adjust. It

can change the fonts, can change



margins and things like that as needed.

Again can always edit the text

and get rid of content entirely. So

if I don't want the

oh what was it? There was a little trash can here. I can

I can delete content.

and when you've got it the way you want it you

have the option to download it and

share it outside of the resource. So

we can download a P. D. F. Version, we can

download a word and that is still

in beta but it does a pretty nice job.

You do want to just kind of double check everything

looks good but the word

version looks pretty good.

You can also go choose to share it

and get a link for it. under

publish this will also appear

over. Let me go ahead and circle it on the screen

here under settings, you can do this in either

place under settings or share.

You're choosing kind of the privacy

level of this resume you've created

by default. The

resume is always


that is the most private

kind of level you can have

Oh no I'm sorry, you know what I apologize

folks, I'm forgetting when you choose to share,

You pick one of the sharing options. There are

two of them. Let me actually show you what I'm talking about under


When you go to settings you'll see where

your privacy is at currently. So

share you're preparing to share. So

it's giving you the sharing options under settings,

you can see where your privacy is at.

but also change it if you want it. So

sorry about that. So under privacy

export only is our

highest level of privacy meaning

I only have access to this. No one

else can find this resume. It lives

inside my account. I use download

to get it out as a P. D. F.

Or a word document but

it lives inside the resource and nobody

can get to it but me

that is by default,

if I switch though to unlisted or

public. Those are the two sharing options.

If I switch to unlisted.

What this does then is create

a link for the resume.

So this U. R. L. Here I'd be

able to include in a cover letter or

hand it wherever I need it to go. If I'm you

know filling out a form online or something

like that. I can I can put it there.

It's unlisted though meaning that

it's a shareable link but it's not out

on the web and searchable

right? If I switch though to

public this will publish

on the internet and folks searching on

search engines by my name would be able to

find this resume.

So it is a great way to kind of get your

name out there and make yourself discoverable.

Not everybody wants to do that

though. So that's why we've got the other options. So

public is kind of the most

public export only

is gonna be the most private only. You have access

to it and you have to choose to download it and

share it that way

and then unlisted is kind of that happy medium.

You can have an online version of the resume but

it's not searchable by search

engines. So

I since this is not true, I was never a bank

teller. I'm gonna make sure to leave that as export

only if I click save just to be safe

but it is a really handy way

to you know, in this kind of online world

where you know,

Often you're not even going somewhere for an interview,

you're doing it via zoom and it's great to

have these online tools to be able to share, throw

into a chat message, you know while you're

having your interview or again put it in a cover

letter or when you're submitting online


there are lots of other features here but

those are kind of the main ones I wanted to point

out, you can change up the look and feel

you can change your privacy

letter or privacy level.

All right, so we've got the same type of options under

cover letters. So I've got a few

going here. They're not quite as


assuming this often is gonna get, you know, pasted

right into an email or something but

you've got some options for cover letters

here too.

now resumes tend to come after

you've decided what kind of career you want. Right?

So also under career tools you've got

the option to find a career

and this offers a career assessment.

Oh sorry I think I've timed out.

Yeah. Sorry folks let me let me log back

in. oh wait

now I think men

try this again

Yeah there we go. So yeah look like

I timed out in the visual C. V. Tool

Are there sample practices I believe?

Let me double check. I'm gonna actually

use the search

Yes. Master The

practice prepare

pro exam which is not an exam

I'm familiar with but it looks like practice

practice two.

oh sorry that's the eBook so it automatically

wanted to download it for me.

and there we go practice test for the practice core

practice core exams.

Takes us right out. I'm

gonna yeah I was gonna say should

be right to the practice test so yes there are

thanks and let me know if you wanna dive into

those a little more

Ok so back to the career assessment,

there are four assessments

that are performed

and we would encourage folks to fill out all


If they can uh, you

know, if you're gonna kind of sit down and commit to this,

we hope you'll kind of leave enough time to do all four.

But technically you only have to take the

first two which I've done here

to get matched up with careers.

So as interests and values

both have to be completed

Oh you're welcome man, no problem.

the tests though


I find really engaging a lot

of career assessments. Are would you

like to do this job? Yes. No. Maybe

really basic what I like

about these is they ask different

questions like four different sections,

not just your interest but what do you what do you like

your workplace to be like?

and also the way they've done them is kind

of engaging. There are of course going to be some multiple

choice involved. But this is,

you know, asking on these cards, what are the least

important um,

uh, cards here for my ideal


and then it will ask you what are your most important

and all of this feeds into

the ultimate careers, it's recommending for

you. So again I would encourage

folks to fill out all four. I'm gonna

exit though this

oh how my journey wanna be under assessments

I would encourage folks to fill

out all four but it is it is not required

just to have to take the first two and then

once it's matched you up

it ranks them by these are

probably gonna be kind of familiar


you know, kind of industry and subject areas.

It's looking at where you'd be

strongest by subject area

and then showing off to the right kind of where you

where you land in some of these now, you're

not limited to things that you were strong in,

you can of course always view all careers

and explore them.

And as you go in, I'm going to say health


and you're looking at these. It's letting you know

whether you wear a strong match or not. If

you look over on the left you can kind of

break them down by different areas.

So Say I'm strong in

health science but of course it's a lot of schooling to

become a psychiatrist. Maybe that's

my plan. But what can

I do in the meantime, you know, I've got a high school

degree, what can I do to, you know, maybe

still work in health sciences so you can adjust

and choose the education level and

or an experience level to see what

what might be a good fit while you're going

to school.

You can also

Isolate and use the military

crosswalk tool, which I think

this is great. I know you know that

military base is in New Jersey. So this could

be really helpful for folks who may be out of

the military. They're looking for what to do next.

You can get matched up with

putting in your codes and let

me go ahead and I had these are things I had to

look up

Or someone who's in a career is probably

going to or been in the military

is gonna know these codes.

And you can get matched up. So a 255

a is an information systems technician

in the army and I can get matched up with

what careers would go strongly with that experience.

so I, I wish

this was a tool you could get to before

you perform the assessment. I wish it was

elsewhere. But you do have to go through

and again answer those first two assessments

and then once you get to your careers list

And just of course make any choice here.

You'll then can get to that military crossword. So

it's a couple extra clicks

you're gonna have to go through to find

it but hopefully down the road that'll be offered

standalone so you can get to it from elsewhere.

But in the meantime that's how you find that very

handy. and then for each

of these jobs I'm just gonna go ahead and jump into one,

you get the a good overview. So you

know what are the you know kind of daily tasks like

what programs or

degrees do you have to hold what abilities,

what skills, you know that type of thing

over on the right, you can find average

salary and it will even let you kind

of look out

and see what's out there

right now for astronauts.

Oh no, astronomer astronomers is what, pick

all those astronauts for a minute.

you can even see the outlooks over the next 10

years. Is this career growing? Is it shrinking?

Looks like we're astronomers, not

super promising. But

some other tools as well.

and then there is actually a job search

tool here and when

you come in you can actually filter

by the data that it's pulled from your assessments

to so jobs match strength

and then that type of thing.

But let's say we're looking for

Give me here, I've got a uh,

Sorry folks, I don't have my note for what I was gonna

search here. So I'm gonna go ahead and

and put in

in a moment. We'll see how we do.

go so still tying in with your content

from the assessments

And here we have found some jobs. Now this

is also gonna actually be a partner tool

when I click out.

choose to learn more. We're actually

crawling out it indeed Dot com

to grab these open positions, which is

a tool in itself. It is a crawler

that goes out, folks can of course post things here,

but they also go out and crawl different websites.

So like, you know

employment offices or.

even just like corporate websites that post open

positions, things like that and bring them all back

here. And then of course indeed, dot

com has its own, you know, kind of tools where

you can, you know, keep track of your resume and the jobs

you've applied for and things like that, but

really great site. So

it also could be something familiar if someone is already

looking for a job. Indeed is something they might already

be using.

So lots of paths when you come into

the assessment tool, you get to the job search,

you get to that military crosswalk, you get to of

course the overviews for jobs

and careers. So lots of good stuff

there, just

checking our time we're doing ok again do

feel free to ask questions

We gotta come back close out some of these tabs

under explore careers. You'll also find

under career tools, the career

advice section. And this is kind of run

like a course as well. It's almost tutorials

for all of these, you know different

areas of looking for a career

or a job. So career changes,

transitioning out of the military and you

do kind of go through it like of course since you have completed

some of these or haven't completed, but

have started them

So lots of against

support and certainly these


you know, con things you might cover

on the shelves in the library, you know, lots of books

about these content. What I like about these is

they're fairly short, they're a little quick to go


you know and just get some good pointers for all

of these in this case salary


So lots of good stuff here.

And then last thing we'll take a look at find a school.

So we've broken these down by college

and graduate school. So if we go into

college and scholarship search

that's what these will be tied to. So distance learning

for you know two and four year institutions.

Career colleges search undergraduate

nursing school. There's a graduate nursing search

in the graduate program. So

just kind of breakdown by where you're at or

where you're looking to be I guess in that

state of education

And again the help for lots

of financial tools here. So the scholarship

search as well as f on financial

aid advice, a quiz.

That's a good stuff.

We take a look at the undergraduate school search.

basically, if you're, if you've used

one of the Peterson's college books, that's

what we're gonna be browsing here. Just of course,

lots of different ways to filter it. You can certainly just

search by a school if you want to see their info.

But the filters over on the left will

let you kind of get a list of schools

going maybe to apply to. So let's say we're looking

with, I love that in state tuition.

Let me see, we'll choose New Jersey.

and you can break down by area

of study school, type, average G.

P. A. Things like that to get in.

It is I love the area

of study because it's a long list,

but you can also just kind of type,

and get to those areas

you might need. So I kind of scroll

a bit here, grab for

biology degree

and as we select over on the right

it's just kind of filtering and showing the schools

that match so you can choose public

or private two and 44 year

missing difficulties school size


All of these options are available.

and then once you want to go in and explore

a school, go ahead and grab say Saint Elizabeth


Again, this is what you can, you know, expect to

find in the books, just breaking down all these

areas majors and degrees offer, what the

student body makeup is, tuition and fees,

Athletics faculty,

you've got all of the those

kind of details to help find the perfect school.

All righty, so a couple of things under

this college search.

And so go ahead and let me jump into the graduate school one as

well. So M. B. A. Programs.


I love the distance learning. A lot of folks like to

do their degrees that way particularly

for a graduate program but then also

the the F. F. S. A. Help. So again multiple things

can show up. the scholarship

searches I think are really valuable. We

have again one for graduate and undergraduate

They work really like the school search. Does

you just choose over on the left?

You know, maybe we're looking for something

that's tied to the state we're gonna be studying

in. We

can isolate to those, see if they're a good fit.


great way to be able to keep track of

or sorry, not keep track but to find, you know, scholarships

to apply for.

also under find a school, the college

planning center. So if you're with say

a high school or a public library where

you find you're you know offering a lot

of support to students and parents. This is a great

place to kind of start with them. So

great tool like if you're having an open house this

fall at at school or

some sort of you know program around


college help and applying at

the public library.

it brings everything together. We've got

the advice tools, we've got the different

test prep links, we have a lot

of things all pulled into one place.

I love these checklists. So if I've got

you know a nephew who's going into

10th grade, what should

he be doing? What should his parents be doing?

just these quick checklists for,

you know, tasks relating to getting ready

for being out of school basically.

whether you're heading back in or or heading

into a career. So really great

content there.

And that leads me to some of the tools

I want to talk about around discovering

this, your, your patrons, your students discovering

this resource in the library. So

any questions about anything here

in the resource itself,

I kind of nothing in the chat in the Q.

And A. All, it can always come back. So I'm gonna pop back

to the power point for a minute.

So Discovery we

want to get these users in this resource

right. So we offer a couple


mentioned the subject hubs.

So those are the pages where

if I come back this would be a subject hub.

The college planning center.

If I go in under college

prep and choose a. C. T.

This is a subject to

What we've done

is create,

sorry. Then back to my power point, there we go,

create Mark Records.

For those subject tops,

we've also created direct U. R. L.

S. For those subject tops.

And what you can do is

use those U. R. L. S. To promote

say if your library has a twitter or facebook

page you can you know embed them in a tweet

or a facebook post you can put

them in a newsletter. The library sends

out what a lot of libraries

have done. Is taking those U. R. L.

S. And turn them into Q. R. Codes

and then place them around,

you know all the test prep, books in the library,

the college books in the library.

So folks can quick snap that with their phone

and they're left right to the S. A. T. Subject

hub. And Peterson's test and career

prep. we've also created

Mark Records for the subject hubs

and the ebooks. So folks come

into your catalog,

Search on the practice exam,

they would land right from that mark record

in either the ebook or the subject

tab, whichever you, you know, whichever mark

record you choose. Oh or both.

So let me show you where to find these.

All right, so

We offer a support site

for New Jersey

and I'm gonna I've got this on a slide in a minute

but it's support dot Gail dot com slash N.

J. S. L.

and when you get there, the first thing it's gonna

do is ask you to choose your library

from a list.

And if you don't see your library

do let us know. We've got a request here. You can of course

reach out to someone at gale.

But hopefully we've got everybody. I'm just gonna grab

one of the first ones here

and then what it does is customize our

our support site to your library.

So first you see your link so there's your

your U. R. L. To get into the database

as a whole and those and I'm sorry I shouldn't

mention this at the top but we are using

geo authentication there. So if folks are

in New Jersey they click the link and they're

in as long as we can, you know see their

location as long as they allow that. If not of course

there are other authentication methods we can work

with but

right there. I've got the link into the Resource

and if I click on the database name

it will take me to the product support page.

And we've got database

icons if you need them. But here are those Mark

Records I mentioned. So you can download

Mark Records for the ebooks

and then if you've done that before.

Maybe if this was a resource you were subscribed to before

the state picked it up we also

have just content updates. So here's the

last set of mark records we created

for the content that's been added to the database

since that that full list. So you

can get just the updates. But then there are

the subject head records.

and there's other good stuff here. We'll come back and

look it up but it kind of talking to more about Discovery.

I wanna also show you

if from product support they're at the top

of the page up in the banner I select

direct U. R. L. S.

It gives you your link for the database.


if I click on this tab this button here,

Test and Career Prep

they are the subject hub U.

R. L. S. So if we've got

an a p study section in the library

I can grab this U. R. L.


create a Q. R. Code out of it. Put

it where that a p study section is.

Kids can click boom they land right

in the resource on the A. P. A.

P. Subject hub.

And of course you can do that for any of these so that


planning center. You have

the LSAT the adam

all of these

Subject types. You can take people to

So great way to point them into

the resources

now. The other good stuff on this page and

I scroll back up to the top

marketing materials, we've got

bookmarks, we've got

social media posts ready to go.

We've got

newsletter blurbs.

You can use press release type


all ready to go.

I grab these images, put them

on an Instagram, put them on a Facebook post.

There are print materials too.

You can usually customize those and put your library

link on them. We'll take a look at the bookmark here.

I'm pretty sure you can do that.

These yes add your logo here

Your link on the on the other side

Hi so maybe just your website not the database

where all those are too long. But

You know ways to promote the resource

There's also lots of good training material

under the training center. So tips for using

the database any I'll just

browse by product and we'll grab all of it.


you know, we have a presentation if you're gonna go

out and again, maybe you're running a program

at the library around college preparedness.

We've got a PowerPoint ready about this

resource. We tend to

think we want to give you more than you might

need. So there are a lot of slides you can of course pair

that down to just what you want can

customize it, but it's again, no need to recreate

the wheel. We've got a lot of this stuff ready to go

handouts quick, you know, tip sheet

about how to create an account.

and using the Resource, we've got some videos

as well, so

lots of good stuff here. And then

we also specifically if I go

ahead under the once we're again logged

into the account, it knows we're with New

Jersey State Library and using the

Jersey clicks program. If I go

under training there, that's where you'll see

content specific for New Jersey. So any

upcoming webinars or ones that we've

offered specifically for New Jersey

and then I've also put some tutorials and

additional materials here, but you

got to keep track of what we've done specifically

for New Jersey training on this resource on this

page as well. So last week

we offered a session about getting usage statistics

for the resource and using gale's

app. Access my library. So that

recordings here as well as the one we did this

summer to kind of introduce the resource.

So lots of good stuff there.

So let me pop back to the power point

we'll start wrapping up here

So again we want you to be able to rely on your

Gale team.

and we have

oh sorry, I didn't know if we might need this

slide. Let me go ahead and I'll just kind of fill everything

in. We did we used it this summer

just there were more questions about

access and things like that for

the resource. So I'll just kind of put it up here

for me. see if this would be helpful for anybody. But

at this point if you were already subscribed

to the Resource when Jersey clicks

picked it up you should have heard from your file representative

About a credit I think

everybody really has gotten set up with

their access U. R. L.

S. But again you can always get those through the support site

so of course feel free to ask

any questions.

And then again the support site, I was just using

support dot G dot com slash N. J. S.

L. S. Where you'll find all that good stuff

And then of course when you want to talk to a person

you can reach out to your Gale team. So again

I'm your trainer, happy to hear from you.

You'll get an email again around this time

tomorrow with my follow up it will

have all these email addresses and our number

and everything as well as some other good stuff.

But you can always reach out to gale. Your account

rep. Is of course always happy to chat with you

customer success managers

at Gale are really there to help you be successful with

the resources so they can give you ideas for promotion.

They can walk you through, signing up for usage reports.

They're probably the best person to get to know at gale.

once you've you know got access to

to Gale content. They're an excellent resource.

And actually when you go to the support site and sign

in, it will let you know who your C. S. M. Is

because they specialize by library

types. So if you're with a K. 12

school you're with a academic library,

that's who they work with all the time.

So they kind of are prepared for that

type tips questions you might have or needs you might

have. So.

this email address though will get routed to

the right person for your library

and then of course tech support is available. Should

we have, you know, any issues with the database,

you can always reach out to them. the

800 number or of course we've got their

email address there too.

So with that I will say thank you.

Keep an eye on our calendars for more sessions,

let us know what you'd like to see in terms

of training for this resource.

We are that's how we, you know, ended up with

the usage stats and access

my library app. It was a request from

the first training session we offered. So let

us know when you leave the webinar today, it

will I'll prompt you to fill out our survey.

So you can certainly give your feedback there too. But

I'm gonna stick around here and see if there are any

questions or feedback and

we'll take those but if you're

all set, thanks so much for tuning in today.

I hope this was helpful and has

given you a good basis to kind of start

using the resource and spreading the word

with your users about it. So thanks

everybody for tuning in.
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