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National Geographic Kids - Rock Your Projects

This tutorial shows students how to find articles, books, and more in National Geographic Kids to take classroom assignments and projects to the next level.


your teacher assigns a paper or presentation

National Geographic Kids provides

tons of interesting facts and incredible

pictures to make your project awesome

search and browse to discover

what's available if you don't

have an idea for your project try Explore Topics.

you can select

from 6 large categories and

then click to view all available videos, pictures,

magazine articles, or books.

if you already

know what you want to explore

use the search box

you can focus on different material types or

subjects related to your topic

books are a great place to start

click to start exploring individual results

you may even find details that help you

focus on something new or more specific

when you find sources for your project

use citation tools to give credit to your

sources and easily create your work cited

cited individual pictures

can also be printed or downloaded to

take your class project to the next level
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