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Last Updated: October 11, 2022

National Geographic Kids - Spark Your Child's Curiosity

This tutorial shows parents how to browse magazines and navigate exciting content to help their children develop curiosity and gain an educational edge.

Curiosity activates the brain, unlocks possibilities,

and makes learning rewarding.

With 24/7 access to world-renowned

images and awe-inspiring information,

use National Geographic Kids to

spark curiosity and give your child

an educational edge.

Use Browse Magazines to explore every

page of National Geographic Kids magazine

anytime and anywhere.

Simply click a cover

to begin paging through an issue or

use the issue's table of contents to

jump directly to regular features with

fun facts to pique your child's interest

or to access articles with colorful layouts

and interesting subjects that make your child

want to keep reading.

When your child is ready,

there are more articles, as well as standalone videos,

eye-popping pictures,

and full-length National Geographic books.

Simply search for a topic of Interest,

or click explore topics to browse all

available information related to

the environment, history, animals, and more.

Use the view all

button to dig into all

available videos, pictures,

books, or National Geographic Kids Magazine articles.

All of the information comes from National Geographic, and

is designed for kids, so your

child will not only find authoritative answers,

but also inspiration for

further questions and investigation.

When you find a regular magazine feature,

or book, or video series that your

child enjoys ,you can even search

for more of that series to continue

fueling your child's curiosity.
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