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Last Updated: August 09, 2023

Explore Enhancements to Gale Business: Plan Builder

Gale Business: Plan Builder has received enhancements! Our new interface allows for a more streamlined process and highlights supplemental materials to ensure your patrons have what they need for a complete business plan. The simplified homepage brings greater control and editing capabilities right at the start of users' planning.

Duration: 30 Minutes
Welcome in again everyone. Today. We're taking

a look at the enhancements that we've recently

made to Gale Business: Plan Builder. My

name is Amber Winters and I am a senior training

consultant here at Gale and I'm excited to

be with you today.

So our agenda first, I want to talk about the resource

and just briefly go over kind of the basics

of the enhancements that we've included in

this recent launch. Then we're going

to walk through the platform. We'll spend the majority of the

time in the walkthrough. So you can really

see how all of the new features kind of flow together

and how the platform looks a little bit different and

is a bit more streamlined for your users.

And at the end of the session, we will have some wrap

up time for any questions you all have. And I do

have some contact information for you as

well, but we should be able

to answer questions as we're moving through this session

today. So don't feel like you need to wait until the end.

If you have a question, feel free to ask

it and I can answer it as we move through today.

So for anyone not familiar with Gale

Business Plan Builder, just a very brief over

overview for you. So we can all get on the same page

here. So Plan Builder is going to be a

step by step business planning

tool. So this is going to be for

your entrepreneurs who are just planning

on starting a business. This might be for

current small business owners who

maybe need to get themselves organized, maybe

they need to pivot their business. This is

great for them as well to kind of take stock

of what they're doing, what they may want to do in the


And this is also great for business

students. If you have business students coming into

your library or if they have anyone on

the line from K 12 or academic schools,

this is great for those students oftentimes

throughout business curriculums throughout business

courses, they are required to make business

plans so they can do that right here on the platform,

download it and turn it in for whatever

they're doing. And this resource

is built to support both for

profit and nonprofit companies. So if

you have nonprofits

companies looking for support from

you, they will benefit from this resource as

well. And

in addition to just the standard business

planning features, we also have

some great detailed scenario planning.

So this really comes in handy for your patrons

who are just starting off who are, may

be thinking of maybe two different locations for their

business or two different business

models or maybe selling two different things,

they can create different scenarios

and fill out their business plans for each of them to kind

of see how things would pan out, especially

things like the financial projections,

the break even analysis and things like that.

And finally, we do include supplemental

supporting materials. So as your

patrons are getting into the resource, starting

to build their business plan, most likely

they may run into things they're not quite sure about,

especially in the financial section.

We've seen a lot of patrons kind of struggle

with that, especially if they're new to business.

So we've included a great learning library that's

going to help them out. They'll be able to, you

know, read about key terms, read about

key topics to really better understand

how they're going to fund their business, run their business.

Um work through

hr processes, things like that.

Any questions about Gil business plan builder

just in general before we kind of get

started on some of the enhancements.


I don't see any. So let's go and get going.

So first off, even with all of our enhancements,

we've kept our integration with our other business

resources. So if your library currently

has access to gale business entrepreneurship,

gale, business demographics now or

gale legal forms, they will automatically

be integrated into gil business

plan builders So your patrons using

the integrated resources button, right at the top

of the page will be able to navigate into

any of these three resources or two.

If you only have access to two or one, if you only

have access to the one, and we'll be able to

research in a new tab. So again, if they're

building out their business plan and they're just

really stuck on one specific idea,

maybe they're working through a SWAT analysis

and they're just really struggling,

they can click into those integrated resources.

It'll open in a new tab for them and they'll be able

to kind of get the information they need, come

back to plan builder and keep going, keep

um working on that

plan there.

So let's talk a little bit about our recent enhancement.

So this is the new home page, we call it a dashboard,

but this is the new layout here. So

you notice on the left hand side, we've streamlined

our navigation. It's now just focused here

on the left and we've done this to

kind of help your users

pull to one specific area. We've gotten

a lot of feedback about our previous

platform with the multiple

access points. It was just a little bit cluttered.

So we've decided to streamline that. Now

all of the access is going to appear here on the left

hand side and you'll see that actually

opens up in the middle here for some

detailed information about the individual's

business. So as your patron enters in information,

they're now going to see that on the dashboard where they

previously couldn't.

In addition to that, we have a new pick up where

you left off section on this dashboard

or this home page that's going to take

patrons directly to wherever they were previously.

So if this is their second time on the resource,

we don't want them to have to kind of remember where

they clicked where they were in this list of

navigation. We want them to get back to where

they were easily. This was a feature that was

often requested. So we've added it.

So they're on the home page, the dashboard,

they'll be able to go right back to wherever they were previously

also added onto this home page is

a download and email tile

or a square or box or whatever you want to call

it over here on this right hand

side and we have always had download

and email features on the dashboard, but previously,

they were smaller buttons, sometimes

a little bit hidden. So we've pulled those on

the home page and now they're very clearly right

here. Your patients will be able to choose how

they want to download or email. They'll be able to choose

the different file types, the different sections

and they'll be able to simply download our email right

here off this page.

In addition to that we have included

a learning library. So those supplemental resources,

we've pulled them all together previously, they

were found within each individual

navigation section.

So entrepreneur profile will

have its own resources, business ideation,

things like that. We've decided to pull all

of those forward now into this great learning

library. So if your patrons click into

this button here and it is available on this

persistent URL. So they are sorry,

a persistent toolbar. So

they'll always be able to access that right there.

And you'll see it pulls forward this option to search

through some of the different resources we have available

or just to click directly into some of these different

resources. And we'll take a look at those

once we click into the platform today, but what's

great is not only do we have articles but you'll find

some video tutorials and things like that. So a

nice way to engage all of your users

and these resources will still appear underneath

the different sections, the

business plan sections. So they will still be

able to find them there. But we have again,

pulled them out separately just to make it as easy as

possible for your patrons to find what they need.

Now, I'd prefer just to go ahead and jump right into

the resource so we can take a look at how all of this

flows any questions while I'm doing

that. OK.

We've got a quiet group today. No problem.

So let's go ahead and get started here. So I already signed

into my account. So I already had one created

here. So this is my dashboard. This is what I'm

taking to directly when I sign in. So

first I want to point out before we even start

anything. Our guide me button,

which was on a previous

pre enhancement platform

has moved along to this new platform.

So if you have patrons coming in

using plan builder, who maybe you don't have time

to speak to directly to kind of direct them

on how the resource works. This guide

me button is a really great feature for them.

Just let them know it's on the home page and

it's going to walk them through

this dashboard or this home page.

So we'll be able to see all of the different sections that they

can kind of

navigate to and what they all do.

So again, that's the guide me, it's found here

on this dashboard right underneath

a great feature for anyone who's just

new to the resource and who may not be able

to meet with you to kind of go over everything.

So let's take a look at our dashboard here. So

right in the middle of the page again, remember we've removed

the navigation to the different sections

to allow for this nice your company

tile here. So I've already entered

in all of this information just from previous

sessions, but as your user

is entering in this information, you'll see it's going

to start to appear here. They

don't have to fill it all out. Some things are required

but lots aren't so a website and email

not required, but they can put it here

as they create companies. You'll see this is going

to show for profit first.

If I created a nonprofit,

I would just jump over here.

Now, this is a nonprofit company,

but I'll say in for profit businesses


So this gives me some brief information. I can also

edit the information right here,

so I can change out the basic information

here. If let's say, um if

I click into optional here, maybe I have

a new website they want to include

or the state I'm in. You see, I can

do that here as well. What's great is we

can also put different identi identification

and license numbers and things like that here.

So if they have that information, they want to keep

it all collected, they'll be able to do that right here

on the home page.

And then if I want to go back to just seeing the information

as opposed to editing it, I'll just hit

view details

and now it's pulled me right back here. So now again,

I can see all of this information

and the business information is also included

up top here in this top left corner

and this gives you a little bit more detailed

information. So, so it is showing what

company you're currently using. So if

your patrons maybe have more, more

than one company built into their plan

builder, maybe their um

thinking about opening a bakery versus

a retail store versus a coffee

shop, they may have

different companies. So this is telling them which company

they're going to be working on and it defaults

to whatever company they they used last.

So if they signed off and signed back on, it's

going to stay with whatever company they were in.

This is also where it shows what scenario

is being used. And just quickly,

I like to mention the difference between a scenario

versus a company.

So a a scenario is what's

going to be happening within the same

company. So the best way I can think about

about it is having a best case and a worst

case scenario.

So the parent company is still the same,

it's still a coffee shop, maybe it's a bakery.

But what's changing is the circumstances

in which that company is functioning?

Ok. So maybe it's a different location

or maybe it's you know, going

through a pandemic as we've seen a lot

of companies unfortunately weren't prepared for that.

So that's a great way for your patrons to prepare

for something like that is to build a separate

scenario within a company.

Again, a different company is just

like a whole separate instance, a whole

different thing. They're not really related

to each other. That would be another company.

And what's great is I can easily change my company

or my scenario right up top here.

And you'll see here the company I have,

I don't know if I have anymore. I do. I have a

bakery listed here as well,

so I can choose a company

and then you'll see. I've already got a few

scenarios built out here. So again, a

best and worst case pandemic

changes if I want to maybe have

a larger storefront for my same company,

I could do

a scenario for that and

I can choose what I want and save it

up top here. This is also where I'll

edit those things. So clicking

the edit button, this should look fairly familiar. This

is kind of a, a pull over from

the pre enhancement side, but

there are a few differences.

So you'll see, this is my active company here.

I can drop it down and just like on that

home dashboard page, you'll see, it gives me

the basic company information,

but it also lists here those scenarios

and you'll see I can edit these scenarios so I can

set it as active. This is the one that's active.

Now anyways, I can edit the name,

I can make a copy if I want to. If I kind of

tweaked a lot of information,

I want to make a copy and maybe tweak

a second copy a little bit more. I

can do that here and I can also delete it.

This is where I can create a scenario as well.

When you're creating a scenario, all you're going

to need is to name the scenario to

save it for later because it's

going to kind of roll up directly into your

business plan. So you're not really worried about

adding in a new company information

or things like that because it's the same company just

functioning a little bit differently

and scrolling down here. If you have patrons

who are maybe struggling with that scenario, verse

company organization, which

is a little technical, you kind of have to get used

to it down here. We have this great kind

of layout of what the difference between a scenario

versus a company is going to be. So you'll see

what's tracked attached


just the company or what's

attached to a specific scenario.

So in other words, these things will change

on a scenario. This is going to stay

the same for the company as a whole.

So let's jump back to our dashboard. I can do

that by just hitting the

the address bar up top here. I'm

sorry, the toolbar. I don't know why I keep saying address

bar when I mean toolbar, I can hit

the toolbar or I can hit dashboard either

way it'll launch me back to where I started

again. On this right hand side, I have my pick

up where you left off. So this is showing me the

last time I clicked into this resource

I landed on companies and organizations

right below. That is our tile here so

I can change what I want to download.

What's great is you can download in different formats.

This was available on the,

the pre enhancements platform.

But again, it was a little bit harder to see. So

we've pulled it out here. So I could choose if

I want this profile in a PDF or

maybe I want to be able to edit it off the platform.

So it might be better to download it as a word


Some of them you'll see, you can down either download

either as a picture or as an Excel

sheet. So again, if they're planning on editing off

the platform, most likely that Excel

is going to be better than PNG, which

is an image file,

I can click over into email,

you'll see it on to that information

and then have the same options down here as

well. So we're going to attach whatever

they want to this email and whatever formatting

and what's great is they can choose none. You'll see they can

choose that in emails

or if I jump back to download, they can choose none here

as well. So maybe they didn't

work on the break even analysis and they're

not going to really mess with that right now.

They can just choose to not download that.

So it's not kind of cluttering what they have

downloaded. They're not going to have kind of an empty

area or an incomplete area. If they

just started working on it, they'll be able to

get rid of that.

And before we click into our different

options on the left hand side

here, I do just want to show you in the toolbar.

As I mentioned, the integrated resources button

is available here.

So this dropdown might look different for your

library depending on what you have access to

on my account. I do have access to these

three resources so I can easily click into

one of them

and it will load me in on a different tab so I can

start to kind of navigate through there.

But again, yours might be different, you may just have one,

you may not have any and then you won't see this,

the integrated option here

right next to that is the full learning library.

So again, that's where we've decided to house

all of the supplemental information we have listed


As I mentioned, there are things like video tutorials

and then you'll find just articles about

a variety of different things you'll see. There's a lot.

So sometimes it's beneficial to have something in

mind and to use our search option

in our learning library that's usually beneficial

to kind of narrow it down to what they're

looking for. Exactly.

And then moving on from the learning library, we

also have the option to change languages here.

So this is a really handy feature for any of your patrons

coming in. whose first language

is not English.

Of course, we see a lot of patrons, Spanish

speaking patrons coming into the library so we can

change this to Spanish.

And now you'll see all of my tools, all of my

navigation here are going to be in Spanish

and they can change those at the very start of

their process and it's going to follow them along

no matter where they click. So they're not going to have to worry

about, you know, translating every

single page. It's going to navigate through

for the duration of the session. Once they sign

off though, it will default back to English.

It looks. So I have a question from Amanda is Russian,

one of the available languages. I do

not know.

Mhm mhm.

It looks like not on the platform

unless one of, unless this is Russian.

I know, I don't know Russian. So I can't tell you, but

I don't believe so. These are the ones

you'll be able to change to right here.

But feel free if you get

feedback, you know, if you have a, a large Russian

speaking population who are trying

to utilize this resource, we'd love to hear your feedback.

So anyone if you have populations

who are struggling with the resource. Christopher

does think that's Russian. Thank you.

Ok, great. I have confirmation

in the Q and A that Russian was

listed as one of these here.

I'm assuming this one.


Yes, this one is Russian. OK. Good

to know. So Russian is a language

that you can use here. Um

But again, if you see that a language

isn't available and you have a patron base

who's really in need of that, feel

free to email us. We'll get you some

some contact information at the end of the session

and you can just email us to let us know that it's

something that's needed. We always try to include as much

as possible. So if we know that there's a need,

then we do try to, to make that a priority over

some of the other things.

I'm glad I have so many people who do know Russian.

In fact, that's great.

Um Beth, I'm not sure about Korean.

Um Again, go ahead and click into

this and you can take a look, um most

likely one of these, but I'm not sure on that one either.

So go ahead and take a look once we're off the session

today, ok?

So let's go ahead and keep going here. Now, let's

take a look at our navigation. So this is,

you know, the big, the main

bulk of the resource. This is what your patrons

are going to want to start to click through and explore.

So they are the same as they were previously.

We've just kind of built them out a little bit differently.

And if I should mention if your patrons already

started a, a business plan before

these enhancements, it did transition

over. So they don't need to worry about everything being deleted

and starting over. Just so you all are aware,

it did already transfer over.

And so they'll see the same concept they had before.

The first thing I want to point out are these little icons

here and these actually change color,

you'll see. Mine are all green because they've already ran through

this resource. But if your patrons

are just starting, if they haven't completed

anything yet, these are actually going to be white.

So they're going to see exactly where they are.

So again, mine are all green because I've done it

all, but

they will start off white

so I can drop these down here and

we'll see everything I have in this section.

So we do pull our resources

out specifically here. So just

like within this learning library, but we've pulled

just the entrepreneur ones. So just

the bits that are going to be related to

creating this profile

and you'll notice this first option has a little

star attached to it.

And that's true. In a few of these, you'll see the lean canvas

has a star next to it.

Our business plan has a star. Those

stars indicate that this is what we recommend.

They start their business plan.

So each of these sections we suggest

they start with where wherever the star is. So

if I click into this here,

this will look very familiar to your patrons.

If they use this before, it should look familiar

to you as well. It hasn't changed too much.

but they'll still be able to click in

and edit whatever they need to edit here

and hit save. I want to remind everyone, please

make sure you do hit the save button.

Don't just close out. It doesn't save automatically.

We do need to hit that. I've unfortunately done

that a few times and it's kind of a bummer. So make

sure that they hit save. I do want

to point out we've included some amplifying questions

and prompts here as well. So if your

patrons are starting to click through this and they're just,

you know, are really at a loss for this.

Um All it's asking is what

do I know how to do? That is extremely

vague. It's extremely broad. So

we're trying to kind of narrow that down

for them a little bit. So what

specific skills do I have? Am I a quick

learner? So this is just helping them kind

of better understand what they can do

and how that's going to benefit or

potentially, you know harm

their business, some things they may need to look out for

so they can still fill that out just like previously

just by hitting that little pencil button

there. And you'll see we have

included the email download options

up top here. It does look a little bit

different because we have to use the full

screen for the actual

entries here.

But we do have that listed up top here. So

if they only want to pull this entrepreneur profile,

they can do that up top here.

Now, if I do want to take a look at the resources

available, I can click into the entrepreneur,

entrepreneur profile resources

and just like the learning library, you'll see

it has these little pop ups here,

then I can click into any of them. My

computer may take just a quick second. Some

of them are going to be PDF S here. Some of

them are going to actually launch into a different

resource if you have the resource available.

But I can click through and read whatever I need to know.

And again, this is going to be specifically specifically

related to their profile. You'll

see they can also just briefly run a search

here and

I can collapse that now and I can move on to my

next one.

So if I want to, let's click here into my lean

canvas again, mine is already done, but I

want to show you this cool little feature

we have here. Now on a few of the pages,

once you start to click through, you're going to see it at the top

here. I have this nice show example

option. So mine's already filled in.

But if it wasn't, if I was just starting off

and again, kind of just blink,

we can prompt them by showing them this great example.

And what's really nice is this example is

going to be directly related to

the kind of company that they have. So

I put in this one, this is a coffee shop.

So all of this is going to be related to

coffee shops. So problems related

to coffee shops, metrics related to coffee

shops, different customer segments again

related to coffee shops. So

this is kind of a a smart example

that we're building

and they can copy and paste any of this that they find

interesting, they can download just this.

but it's not going to default to filling

out these different sections. They do still need to fill

out the sections on their own.

We've done that because we want to

guide them but not do it for

them. We think it's more beneficial as opposed

to just you know, putting this together

for them to have them do it. Even if that does

mean copying and pasting from the

from the example, they still have

to read that copy and they have to

kind of understand what they're, they're pasting

into the layout here,

but they have this here and then I could just hide my example

and I can continue on with whatever I'm doing.

What's really nice is I can click show example

more than once and it's gonna show me more than one example.

So if maybe

what it showed me before isn't exactly what

I need, I can click it again and maybe there's something that's

a little bit more related to my company

or maybe something that's kind of gets

my juices flowing a little bit, gets my brain thinking.

and I can use that example instead. So

it's a nice feature we just recently added to

make sure

patrons are kind of getting what they

need. They're getting that little push to start

their own business plan,

scrolling down here, you'll see we have the same

options as before our break, even

analysis, our business plans.

We've always had pitch decks in here,

but I do want to point out that we've pulled them up because,

um, previously they were a little bit hidden.

I actually, it took me a while to even realize

we had them and they're such a great feature that I'm glad

we've decided to pull them out and give them a little more prominence.

So if your patrons are kind of moving

past just building a

business plan and they're going to be presenting


to I don't know, potential investors

or banks or whomever

we have example pitch

deck here so I can click into these. You'll see,

I'll be able to download it either as a powerpoint

or a PDF here. I can download it as

a Power Point today.

And eventually there we go. It

gives just a brief introduction and kind of gives

an idea of what they should do and just a really


styling there, you'll see. It wasn't anything

super crazy fancy, but it's a great

way to get them started seeing those examples

and they can actually upload their pitch deck

here as well. So if they're trying to keep all

of their business resources organized and they

do have a pitch ready to go, they can

upload it and save it here and

use it whenever they need it. It's always going

to be found under this business plan


also found under this business plan section,

under other business plans.

You'll find some more detailed business options

here. So a full business plan, an executive

summary, we default to creating

a lean business plan for your patrons.

You'll see that's the little star here. But

if they do need something that's more specific,

they do have the option for the full or the executive

business plans

underneath that. We also have our financial

projections. If they are ready to enter in that information,

they certainly can.

So they can really simply kind of knock through all

of this and get everything done. I will point

out, I skipped it under business idea. I like

to point it out though, under our other business

ideation option.

With this dropdown, I can I have the ability

to create SWOT or PEST

reports here. So I'm going to click into

the SWAT because this is used frequently

here. So it's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities

and threats,

which is hard to say altogether.

But you'll see, I can go through and fill

this out and this is a great thing to add

to my business plan. If I'm going to be sharing it with

others. It's also great just for me

as an entrepreneur to kind of wrap my head around

where I am within my industry

and where I am just in general, I'll be

able to see, excuse me,

the strengths they have available. I'll be able to see

maybe threats from other companies. I can really dig

into that and make sure I'm not missing something

that could really hurt my business or can make

it. So my business isn't viable.

And that's another great way a plan builder can be

used. So even if you have a patron who's

really just on the edge of even thinking

about being an entrepreneur and just kind of want to

explore a little bit, this can help them

see if their idea is even viable. They'll

be able to kind of evaluate

what they're expecting to do and they

can run financials and if they break even

says they're not going to break even ever,

then maybe that's an indicator that they need to step back

and reevaluate what they're planning on doing

and it'll just help them kind of organize their thoughts

a little bit. And that's the goal of this resource

here. Now,

I'm going to jump back to my dashboard

again so I can do that here. You'll see, I have the back

to dashboard option here

or I have my dashboard button on top

here just to get us back to our home page.

And the last feature I'll talk about before we're done

for the day is right here

under my name. So this is where I'm going to be able

to change the settings for my account here.

So if I click into account settings,

you'll see, I have my information like

I always have and I want to mention we

still have the ability to add users to

this account. So this is a holdover from

before our enhancements.

But if you have a colleague

who's working with you, a business partner who's working

with you and you want them to have access to this

this business plan as well,

we can still add new users. You'll see, I

do have one person added here.

When I add a new user. You'll see, I actually create

this for this individual and this person

can choose to make their own account if they want

to. But this is going to link them to your

business plan. So I'll be able to enter in all

of this information for them.

And then underneath, I actually get to choose

what they have access to. So with defaults,

they don't have any access.

But I can say that I want them to be able

to fully access and change my entrepreneur

profile. And then maybe my business idea,

I want them to only read it. Maybe I just want

them to see it and you know, give me notes or something

like that. I can go through and choose exactly

what I want them to be able to see

and what they want. I want them to be able to do

and I can jump back in my little bread crumb trail

up top here to get back to that.

Oops, I should read the dialogue

box. Shouldn't I

go and I'm back here right where I was.

So again, this is a holdout from before

our enhancements. But I think it's important to remind everyone

that it is here and available for

you. Now,

we've gone through all of the enhancements on the platform

already and we've got some time left over. So

I would love to answer any questions that

you all have thought of that I haven't been able to answer

previously. If you want to maybe

dive deeper into something on the resource

that I didn't take a look at. We do have the time for that

as well.

It looks like we do have a quick question. Let me read it quickly

are Lean Canvas and demographics now included

in the subscription to Gale Business Plan Builder.

So Beth, the Lean Canvas is

going to be available here because that's

how we kind of organize everything for

patrons. DemographicsNow

is a separate resource that you

can get through Gale. So it isn't included with

Gale Business Plan Builder. It is separate

but it does integrate. So you may

have seen that right here.

It's only going to integrate specifically

if you have access to that resource. And if you don't,

I'll give you some info at the end of the session if you want

to talk about, talk about it with

your sales representative.

OK. And we have another question here.

Show financial projections, please.

Jay, I certainly can

let me pop that back up here. So

financial projections are at the bottom here. And I will

say that a lot of times this is the

um the section that struggled

with the most and a lot of times the section that isn't

used as much just because

a lot of times they're not ready for that sort of thing. But

when I drop down financial projections here,

you'll see, we've really tried to break it down into small

chunks. So you'll see capital expenditures.

We've pulled out debt and loans. I can

drop any of those down,

click into them here.

I haven't added anything so I can

hit add. It's going to ask me for this information.

I can't tell you what all of this means.

But hopefully your patron

who's going to be using this resource will kind

of understand exactly what they'll be using here,

but they'll be able to click through

and again,

they'll be able to create whatever they need to create

here. Um Let's go into a different one. So we can


trying to find one, a lot of them are formatted

as spreadsheets. Of course, I don't know which

one to easily click into them.

I don't know which exactly, but some

of them are organized kind of as spreadsheets

as opposed to kind of these you know,

click entry options. Um

But they are going to look different depending on what


specific section is. So they'll

be able to enter in any information they

have. Again, they may not have any information on

this at all, but if they do it, at least to

be able to click into those and add the information

that they need.

And we've got one more question is a I utilized

in any portion of this. So it's

a really nice question. We

do actually have a small, built,

small bit of A I integrated within

our platform that we didn't previously have

and I didn't mention it, I should have. But that

is found any time you see this show example


and what the A A I is doing is it's pulling

the information

that the patron has input it into the

resource to make those um very

specific suggestions. So remember I said if

it was a coffee shop and I hit this

show example, it was going to give me information

related to a coffee shop.

We're using that through an A I program.

So what they're going to do is they just pull

um a very small amount of

information. They don't pull

any sort of, you know, protected

information or any business secrets or anything

like that. All they're going to take a look at is the name

of the company. If an in an industry

code was put in, they'll take

a look at that. And with that company name and industry

code, they're going to be able to pull forward

some information.

So yes, we do have a little bit of A

I that's being utilized in this resource. Thank

you for asking that. It's a newer feature that

we're really excited about being able to bring to


OK. So I don't see any more questions. So let

me go ahead and jump just back here to my


So you have some some support

here at Gail if you need some additional information

or maybe you just want to talk a little bit more in depth

about this resource. If you currently

have access, you can reach out to your customer

success manager.

If you know who that is, reach out directly. If you don't,

you can send an email to [email protected]

and you'll be forwarded

to the correct individual.

You also have access to a sales consultant.

So if you don't have Gale Business: Plan Builder

or maybe you don't have um

DemographicsNow and you want to talk about DemographicsNow.

Now, you can reach out to them again, reach out to

them directly. If you already know who that is. If

you don't know who it is, you can just go ahead and

go to

You'll put in your library's

information and you'll be directed to the correct


If you want some additional support, some additional

training or marketing information, you can go to

our support site, which is

We got some great things built out

there for you. So you don't need to reinvent the wheel.

If you're going to be training your staff or if you're

going to be working with patrons, we already have things

ready to go for you. So check that out again


And now if you have time, I do have a

session survey I would love for you to take just to make

sure that we're hitting everything you're looking for in

these sessions. It is actually gonna pop

up in your browser once you sign off for

the day. So it will be there or I have

a QR code, you can just really quickly scan


if you're typing it in. I

love for you to take that to make sure that we're covering

everything you guys need to be successful.

And of course, if you have suggestions, we always

love to hear those as well.

And I don't see any more questions coming

in. So I'm going to go ahead and end off

the session today. If you do think of questions,

feel free to respond to the follow up email,

I'll be sending tomorrow or you can reach

out to either your customer success manager

or your sales consultant and everyone,

please have a great day.
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