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15 Minutes to Mastery: Increase Family Engagement with Gale Presents: Miss Humblebee’s Academy

Gale Presents: Miss Humblebee’s Academy provides on and off-line kindergarten readiness activities and information to young families coming to your library for support. In this 15 minute session, intended for public library staff, we will explore the activities and worksheets you can utilize in your library to supplement programming and engage your community.

Duration: 15 Minutes
Amber Winters: Thank you again for being here, my name is amber winters and I am your Gale training consultant today we're going to talk about increasing family engagement with Miss Humblebee's Academy.

Amber Winters: I have just a quick agenda here since we're only here for 15 minutes first i'm just going to give you.

Amber Winters: A refresher about what exactly Miss Humblebee's Academy is, if you haven't been in the resource and while.

Amber Winters: I just kind of get a background, but today we're going to actually click into the resource and take a look at some of the.

Amber Winters: Content that's going to support engagements we're going to be talking about a lot of the offline content that's fountain this resource.

Amber Winters: The different projects and activities that you can use either in your library, or you can pass along to families looking for additional information they can use them at home.

Amber Winters: At the end of the session I will have some time for questions again, you can type them into the Q and A as you think of them, but we will have a bit of time at the very end today.

Amber Winters: So first off that reminder about what exactly Miss Humblebee's Academy is.

Amber Winters: it's a great resource that's going to support kindergarten readiness so it's designed specifically for children ages three through six.

Amber Winters: And it does aligned, both with preschool and elementary standards so it's really hitting all of those standards for parents.

Amber Winters: So they don't even need to think about it, you know we have this pre made for them and students will be able to walk through it or their their children.

Amber Winters: And it is cross curricular so they're going to find information on everything from language and reading literacy to math in the social sciences.

Amber Winters: you'll find science or music what's great is, we have a nice social and emotional learning section, so if parents are struggling to find that sort of content for their kids they'll find that within this resource.

Amber Winters: And we also have a lot of health information we have some really nice fitness videos for kids that i'm going to show you when they walk into the resource so really simple and specifically built for young children.

Amber Winters: And finally, it does include a nice guided pathway that's going to kind of move students throughout the resource throughout the lesson so again parents don't need to worry so much about.

Amber Winters: Building how their students are or how their kids are going to click through the resource, they can really just focus on getting them into that content.

Amber Winters: And it is customizable as well, so if parents, maybe want their their kids to look more closely at.

Amber Winters: language and literacy, as opposed to math they'll be able to choose those lessons for students to click through they don't have to specifically go through.

Amber Winters: Our guided learning pathway, but the pathway is a great way to start we've organized it to kind of build up on itself to make sure kids are hitting exactly what they need to.

Amber Winters: But let's go ahead and actually take a look let's jump right into this resource here.

Amber Winters: There we go so when your patrons hop into the resource, this is what they're going to see you'll see mine says welcome amber winters users of course yours is going to say your library's name.

Amber Winters: But to find the great content we're going to use today we're going to need to sign into an account.

Amber Winters: And will recommend you creating your own account just so you can see how patrons are going to use the resource.

Amber Winters: There are a few features and tools that you're not going to see with a guest account where you don't sign in on your own, so I already have one created so i'm just going to go up top here and sign in.

Amber Winters: And now to get to the content, first I'm going to select one of my students, so today we'll click into Blair.

Amber Winters: You will see, she has not taken their cognitive skills assessment, but we're going to skip that for today, I'm going to take one quick second, because it does read to me on the screen and.

Amber Winters: it's a little bit difficult to talk, while it's reading so now i'm in the actual classroom for Blair and she sees she'll be able to walk through these different steps.

Amber Winters: But i'm not going to go through all of these today, while i'm in the classroom What I do want to show you are the bee fit videos that we have here, if you take a look at kind of this bottom section our bee fit, it has our little Bumblebee right here.

Amber Winters: clicking into this, we have these nice pre made our workout videos for kids will see they're really focused and kind of one move it's not going to be a full.

Amber Winters: Exercise experience, but it is perfect for kids you'll see there'll be able to do the flamingo stand mountain climbers so just getting them up and moving around, especially if we're talking about.

Amber Winters: You know, in the summer, if they're stuck at home, maybe they'll have the time to run around things like that so maybe there are.

Amber Winters: You know, stuck on the computer a little bit and you want to get them up and moving, you can get them taking a look at these resources and they'll be able to click through these quick videos.

Amber Winters: But let's move forward, because I do want to show you that content that's going to be offline kind of that supplemental information i'm going to go right up top here to this little hamburger icon.

Amber Winters: And when I click into that now i'm going to exit my classroom and when I do that it's pulling me to the dashboard which is kind of like the back end of this resource, so this is what parents are going to use to track their child's.

Amber Winters: test results track their.

Amber Winters: Their progress things like that, and this is also where you're going to find that supplemental offline curriculum, if we go up to resources here at the top of the page and I drop this down.

Amber Winters: You see, have quite a few different options here a lot of them are going to be specific, for parents who may not work as well in your library things like chore charts developmental milestones, but we also have this nice offline curriculum button right here.

Amber Winters: When I select this it's pulling forward all of these greats little activities here so you'll see if they're organized based on the topic.

Amber Winters: So we've got numbers and math we have reading and writing science experiments as a favorite for me, especially for.

Amber Winters: parents who may have some children who are a little bit bored over the summer, we have some really nice science experiments that they'll be able to click through you'll see we have cooking learning with animals the list goes on.

Amber Winters: what's great about these as if I click into one here so let's take a look at this picture scavenger hunt.

Amber Winters: I really love this one, especially if you're trying to get kids engaged with your library.

Amber Winters: You can run the scavenger hunts having them take pictures within the library itself so finding different key pieces of information.

Amber Winters: within your library, but when I click into this activity, if I scroll down here you're going to see it's going to show me the messiness level.

Amber Winters: So if parents are trying to avoid you know, a big spiller if you're trying to avoid a vase, though.

Amber Winters: you're going to know what to expect, of course, this is just taking pictures so it's a low messiness lovable our age level but they're going to need the estimated time it's going to take, and then underneath we have all of our directions here.

Amber Winters: And finally, at the bottom, we do have a print options feature, so if I want to print this out and again if you're using this in your library and maybe you're going to send it out.

Amber Winters: To parents as they're kind of walking in if you want them to have this information.

Amber Winters: Or if you're going to be using it in your library and you just want to print it out to have it available for all of the different kiddos who are going to come in.

Amber Winters: You can do that you'll see you can choose your different print options, so you can include the pictures, if you want just the Info box, you can do that, or you can have just the description, you can print those out.

Amber Winters: So, in a really nice way to have all of this content, all of these are going to look the same as well, so they'll have all of that information readily available for you you're not going to have to hunt around for it.

Amber Winters: I can easily use my little breadcrumb trail up top here to jump back to my online curriculum i'm sorry offline curriculum.

Amber Winters: and invite right back here to this page i'll be able to kind of look forward again.

Amber Winters: And in addition to these offline resources, we also have different worksheets that can be printed out so if I go again back to my resources tab up top here I drop this down.

Amber Winters: you'll see I can scroll down, and I have principal practice worksheets listed here.

Amber Winters: And you'll see some of them are going to be coloring pages, some of them are going to be writing numbers and letters, but these are readily available here as well.

Amber Winters: And finally, one last bit under resources that I like to point out, is going to be our reading charts here.

Amber Winters: So if you're planning on getting some engagement if we're talking about summer reading or things like that we can pull up these reading charts you'll see I can download my PDF.

Amber Winters: scroll down here and get to keep track of what they're reading so if you wants to kind of help them as they're moving forward, make sure they're getting their reading in.

Amber Winters: This is ready to go, you can download it and share it with them as they're going through their summer reading Program.

Amber Winters: which I personally find very handy to have this ready to go for me.

Amber Winters: And again under my resources tab you'll see, I have quite a few other bits of information as well, many so are going to be specifically for parents or, if you have.

Amber Winters: Individuals coming in, who do some sort of homeschooling or work at a daycare and they're looking for content they'll be using those as well.

Amber Winters: Now i'm going to go ahead and jump back to my slides here we've got a few minutes left so want to make sure I answer any questions that anyone has I haven't seen any come up.

Amber Winters: But if you do have questions go ahead and type those into the Q and A for me now.

Amber Winters: And while you're doing that I do want to give you a little bit of contact information so moving forward, if you want to learn more about the resource, maybe haven't been in in a while and you want to kind of dig in.

Amber Winters: Your customer success manager is going to be the person to go to so that they can walk you through.

Amber Winters: Best practices they can talk about usage like to talk about promotion, if you don't know your customer success manager, it is you can send a quick email to gale.

Amber Winters: customer [email protected] and you'll be forwarded to the correct individual.

Amber Winters: If you're looking for more supports more training tools you'll find those on our support site which is

Amber Winters: you're going to find things like recorded webinars tutorials tip sheets marketing materials all that good stuff squared be right on the support site.

Amber Winters: And finally, if you have the time we do have a training survey it's going to pop up into your browser once you close off the session for the day, but it is

Amber Winters: And I don't see any questions popping up in the Q and A so we'll go ahead and end our session for the day I appreciate everyone joining in and hopefully we will see you on sessions in the future.
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