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McAfee Security Center

Last Updated: January 01, 2017

The McAfee Security Center software suite comes with several different modules. One module is the McAfee Firewall that was discussed above. The module that most directly pertains to individuals accessing the Gale products is the McAfee Privacy Service.

The Privacy Service is very intrusive and begins this way right from the installation process. The installation process highly recommends that users select the highest security level, as this is the most secure. The problem here is that it is very restrictive on allowed cookies, pop up windows are not allowed, and java is disabled.

This is extremely problematic as the Gale systems rely on cookies to handle such critical functions as authentication, session tracking, etc. Furthermore, the Powersearch platforms uses Java scripting to open windows within the product that display Infomarks, streaming video, and help options. Having Java disabled or blocked can severely inhibit the Gale products from delivering the required content to users of the McAfee products.

From here, trusted domains can be added to the configuration files. In the image above, is about to be added as a trusted domain. This can be done by simply entering the domain into the field at the bottom of the window and clicking the Add button. There is no limit to the number of domains that can be added. It is suggested all of the pertinent Gale domains be added on this screen including:,,,, and the others based on the customer's current subscription list.

The interface pictured above is the standard configuration screen for adding and removing domains in the product. Since this document centers around adding entries to allow access to the Gale resources, we will not be looking into the Block Info, Block List, or Block Ads tab.