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Last Updated: September 19, 2022

For MA: Discover Gale LegalForms MA

Gale LegalForms provides professionally written national and Massachusetts specific legal forms as well as valuable resources like a legal dictionary and Q&A so that your users can begin to take charge of their legal affairs. In this session, we shared how to find the forms your users need and the additional support the resource can provide for legal issues.

Duration: 45 Minutes
All right, good morning everybody and welcome

to our discover Gale LegalForms.

Uh, webinar, I'm Stacey Knibloe

your Gale trainer from Massachusetts

and glad to be with you virtually

today to take a look at this really

um exciting resource for your

libraries. This is one of the additions

to the Massachusetts contract this year.

So, um,

we wanna make sure you're comfortable with it

and feel good, uh, sending your,

your patrons and uh, uh,

any other users to it, we're

gonna spend most of our time live in the resource.

But I thought to get started, we just give a quick

review of what's available in Massachusetts

from Gale uh, through the statewide library

program. And then just a slide,

uh, one slide about Gale LegalForms

kind of let you know what's there. But then of course we're gonna,

go right into it and show you what's

there. Uh, and then as always, we'll wrap

up with support, both the support you can

get from Massachusetts library system, but also

from gale, we want to make sure you've got all

your avenues covered and have no shortage

of places to go for help. So as

we're going through, do feel free to ask

questions anytime. Um

use the chat or the Q and a and actually

let me double check the chat because it had been


Yes, Sorry folks, I'm having to reset it every

webinar so now you can chat with me.

I apologize. I should have checked that earlier.

It keeps defaulting to not letting you chat with


Uh but now you should be able to uh chat with

the host. So

uh I think we're in good shape

All right,

Sorry, I wanted to double check that, but do feel free to ask

questions there, but also just give any feedback

or if you see something on the screen you want to know more about.

Just let me know as we go through.

Um I will mention there's some work

being done on my street. So I apologize if

you're picking up any background noise, I'm right

in front of my window, so hopefully

it's not uh, squeaking through, but

uh, I apologize in advance if it is

All right, so let's go ahead and dive in.

And again, wanted to give a quick overview of

what's available from Gale through the Massachusetts

um statewide library program and

you have a lot of resources that have been available

for years and then some new additions

of Gale LegalForms being one of them.

Uh but wanted to give just this quick slide

uh to speak to uh everything.

You've got a wide variety of content,

you know?

really. Something for everybody. Uh So

we're of course gonna focus on the one but

uh do feel free if there's anything you got

questions about it, you can certainly ask today or

you'll get my follow up email tomorrow and we'll have

all of our contact info and lots of good links

for uh information.

pardon me.


Here we go. So to find uh your

links for all the resources, whether the

ones you've had or just the new ones, you can of course

always visit the M. B. L. C. Site.

They've done such a nice job, kind of making

it easy to get all your links. There's a troubleshooters

guide uh can reach out with questions

and then of course the um links

that you get here offer the

geo authentication so that

if your users are in Massachusetts when they

click these links, they're just gonna land right

in the database there no other form of authentication

is required. So a really

handy feature, you can then use

these links of course, wherever you like.

They're of course, you know, a good fit on your web pages.

But uh, libraries often tweet them or

maybe you put them on Q. R. Codes around the library

to send folks to resources. So that

might be a nice idea for the LegalForms resource

if you've got a section in the library. uh

around legal help. Great

idea to point users to this resource. So

all of that, you know, still kind of the same paths

you've been taking

with the statewide resources.

Uh Just of course has the new additions

All right, so let's get in here and talk

about Gale LegalForms.

So this database is very well made.

That's exactly what it's made up of

is legal forms. We partner

with a third party U. S. LegalForms

dot com that out in kind

of the commercial world, offers a subscription

based tool for these, these legal forms, but

we partner with them to provide it in libraries.

So there's no cost to your end user

and you get access to these forms

that have been used by attorneys then

used in the courts and folks can

find these, fill them

out and kind of save themselves

maybe on some lawyers fees and take

care of issues on their own.

You've got a blend of forms here that

are kind of nationwide or multistate

and then those that are state specific as

well. So you all have the Massachusetts

version of this resource of course. And

I'll point out how you can tell the difference between


along with all of the legal

forms themselves. You also have a lot

of other types of forms in the resource.

So there are,

Even things like employment applications,

checklists, sample letters.

Um, so along with the things that always have to

do with legal matters, there are other things that kind

of come along with that, uh, but also

just could be used, say by a small business owner.

Um or really, you know, lots of other purposes.

So we'll explore those as well.

and then I think what is really

one of the most helpful places of the database

is, you know, legal issues are tricky.

I remember being at the reference desk and it seemed

like folks are basically looking for legal advice

and that's not really, you know, the role

of the library. So

you'll find lots of guidance here. There are lots

of legal overviews. There's a, like

a legal dictionary, there's even

a Q. And a tool where you can see

questions that have been submitted to U.

S. LegalForms and the answers provided.

So, There's a lot of help around

this content in the database for what can be,

you know, kind of a tricky area.

So this is a great place

for you to be able to kind of avoid having

to give legal advice and point users

in the right direction to this resource and

all the support it provides. So

we're gonna get in there and look around. We

don't want to spend too much time here in the power point.

So let me go ahead and move on.

and get logged in.

Now let me actually make I'm gonna make

my screen a little bit bigger for your end of the



The home page. Really like

a lot of Gale databases gives you the option

of diving right in with a search or browsing


I'm always a fan of browsing. I think

it's handy particularly for library

staff so you can kind of get an idea of what's here

and when you want to use it,

But I think it's especially important in the legal database

because we don't know what we

don't know. And the browse tool

really lets you see what's

available for all of these different legal

issues. So you might discover something

you didn't know you maybe needed, uh

which is I think really handy. So

we're definitely gonna take advantage of the browse.

Uh, but just explain the layout here a little bit.

you've got that extra help

over here in the upper left hand corner.

This will follow us through the resource so

we can jump right in to say the um

uh legal definitions tool if we need it

when we're looking at a form. Uh always

just a click away.

Uh, I am not gonna start with a search because that's

how folks tend to start in any resource.

They see a search box and they go for it. They know what

they're after. Uh, so we're gonna dive

in right there and just look for

Elise and

the database is organized. The results

I should say are organized.

by categories.

So you'll see, I kind

of scrolled down a bit more so you can see a bit

more of the forms that are offered,

The categories are a bit more general

and I think a bit more natural language

where the form itself is gonna kind of have

to use that legally is the

categories are more what you might think to search

by. Uh So I appreciate kind of

the uh options here. What we're also

gonna see is the brows tool uses

these categories as well. So you can kind of drill

down into them

and it's a really thorough search. It

will help you out if you maybe misspell

or have a typo um, it

is searching both the category names

and the form names and

along with those form names.

Let me point out. they're all assigned

a control number here. Now, that

number doesn't really mean much out in the

world. It's kind of how they get kept

track of in the database, but

it does tell us something important about

the form, any of these that start

with an M. A.

Have been used or prepared

for Massachusetts.

Ok, what you'll see later

in the results. Let me get rid of those circles

so I can actually show you I'm just gonna

move ahead a few pages. Well,

several pages, I'll go ahead. So you can see them

is the forms that are multistate

are gonna start with the U. S. We

always push the state specific

forms to the top of your results and

then the multistate come after. So

of course lease is a pretty common term.

So we've got over 900 here

we can make it of course much more specific with a

search but

wanted to give you an idea. This does

a really, you know thorough search,

but it also is taking into account

what state you're in and your results to push

those that might be more relevant to

the top of the results.

Right? So something to keep an eye out for. Should

you ever have a Question about a specific form.

If you if you give us that control number, it makes

it easiest for easy for us to make sure

we know which one you're talking about, but it

doesn't really have any other impacts elsewhere.

You know, it's not going to get recognized

kind of outside of LegalForms.

So looking at this search, you

can see, I've of course got a lot of leases.

I was thinking, you know, kind of landlord tenant,

but there are lots of other leases out

there. My favorite, the one that comes up

um here, we always have

a lease agreement. So should

you need that, We've got it,

and if we scroll around again, looking at the categories,

we have lots of legal forms.

But then check these other options. So like landlord

tenant applications, we have a salary

verification form. So,

you know, maybe not a legal form per se, but

you know, something you might need as a, as

say, a landlord or need to fill out

as a tenant, that type of thing.

So you have a variety

here. We can break down commercial leases versus

say residential and just throwing

extra search terms in will help and narrow this

down or again, if we came through the browse


But I wanted to give you kind of an idea

of the scope of the resource. So there's

a lot of kind of interesting things here. So,

So we've got some landlord tenant

disputes notices and letters here.

So we've got a tenant who's maybe

up to something and we want to give them

a uh warning that their lease could be terminated.

We've got a form for that. So

often I start with a really broad

search. So you

so I can see kind of what's here relating

to this topic, but then you can always throw

in more search terms and make it more narrow. But let's

go ahead and take a look at this form.

and the forms are always

gonna come with a description

which is written for me as a regular

person because the form itself

of course may of course may have legal language

in it might be um you know

maybe a lot more words than I would think to say

something. Uh So the description is

a nice way to kind of get a brief

description or actually it could be a couple of paragraphs,

depends on the form, but

written for me is the non lawyer and

you can always get a little preview which I like because

if we download, it's gonna open up in word

or you know, wherever we may choose. P. D.

F. Takes a minute. The preview is nice.

It just loads really quickly so you can get a quick look to

decide if it's the thing you're looking for.

And then related definitions are also available.

So we can kind of open these up.

and they're just coming from the legal definitions tool.

So some additional helps to understand the form

you're working with

but of course we move on the real forms.

So you will see

um Spanish language versions of

various forms popping up.

Um We do have a current list but

they're adding this content in all the time. So

it's you know probably something we'll start

to update.


uh what, not as frequently as they're

adding new forms just because it's happening so fast.

Uh but I'm certainly happy to make kind of that first version

available to you right now,

there isn't a way to specifically look

for forms in Spanish, although

some of them their titles are

in Spanish so you can search in Spanish and

find them, but uh they

are looking uh to create

a browse tool around the Spanish language

form. So something to keep an keep an eye

on. So

we're never done with our databases at Yale. Always

new things coming to them. But that's a more recent

addition and uh, functionality

will start tying into it soon as well. So content

is available in Spanish and then we're gonna

again make some additions so you can find it

um more easily, but it will just

kind of pop up with the other forms

here. and the forms

are gonna be available usually

in a couple of different formats. We

have usually Microsoft

word, rich text and you'll see

P. D. F. As well.

the nice thing about the rich text

and the M. S. Word and even some of the

uh, P D. F. S is

you can actively edit them.

Uh, in some cases you'll see samples, those

might be more in P. D. F. So you can just

get a look at them. But usually a few

different formats. Rich text will open

with any type of word formatting

or sorry, word processing, uh, software,

Microsoft word though very popular. So most

of the forms are gonna be available in that too.

and you just click there's unlimited downloads.

So no worries around that

download and open forms

as needed.

let me bring this one over. So you can see it

and the forms are

again they're to be customized and

used. So you can fill in the blanks here on

the form.

If someone's using a library computer,

they're probably gonna want to put that, Save it maybe to

a flash drive or upload it to the cloud

or something to kind of take it with them. Or

even just print it out if, if that's all they need.

Uh if they're on their own devices though, of course they can

keep this form, file it away, keep

it where they need it.

Uh, but very simple. You just,

you know, fill in the form

And again, if you've got questions, you can

always pop back to the resource.

Sorry, let me get back to the resource.

Take advantage of the legal definitions

tool. The law digest can be helpful in that

way too.

The legal life articles, we're gonna look at all

of these, but

there's a lot of additional help for kind of questions

around what folks are using

and what you'll also see

go back out to the results here.

Oh no, sorry. I think I jumped all the way back to the home page

back to the results

something you'll also see. Let me scroll

up. I think we had an example up front here

You might see a couple different versions

of a form

So commercial building or space lease Massachusetts?

Commercial lease package,

which of these do I need? It's really

gonna be up to the user. Now, the packages

are nice. Let me pop into this so I can show these

they group together forms. You may

need multiple forms. You may need, or

different options, um, or even

a couple different versions of the form.

So you have,

this kind of wealth package as they call it.

It's again, well named here in the resource,

um, a package of forms to work with, so you

don't have to go looking elsewhere. So this

is the other type of thing I like when they're grouping

the forms together is you get things like the questionnaires,

letters, those flow into here too.

So again, you kind of discover content

uh, using the browse tool, but also

in the package components, because it's just putting together

things you might use all together

so there are all, well, you know

what, let me, let me put a pin in that we'll come back

and talk about the uh online versions

of the forms uh a little later.


again, really handy. The packages put

together a nice group. So,

but again, you can always search for something more

specific. So say we're looking to lease a condo

or create a, a lease for a condo.

I can search on that and of course that cuts

our heads way down. I think we had over 900 before

now. We've just got nine.

And what it's also gonna

do is I mentioned before, it helps with spelling.

It also uses implied truncation.

So, I searched on condo it found

condominium, so really helpful search

engine here.

So we've got um a boat dock

lease if we need it in a condominium but

uh going through again, which one do

I need? That's when you get the users to kind of jump

in and take a look and pick

the one that's right for them. And again, because

they're all editable

Just open this one up

you know, of course, things like names, dates,

all of that have got these blanks so you can fill

them in, but

you know, you can adjust other things as well if there's,

you know, an additional,

you know, rule you have for the condo,

you can always add on to these. It's again

all completely editable. So

yours to work with as needed. Or your

users were uh needs uh met

as well.

So it's pretty straightforward working with the

forms. Oh and good. And we've got another one in

Spanish here. So let me just actually show open

that up and give you a look

So these will pop up more and more.

The other thing you're gonna see more and more of

back to the database here,

I don't think we have too many for Massachusetts

right now but you'll start to see them flow in

our um

completed samples from real

uh cases. Um they,

you know, block out identifying details

generally, but often the completed,

the other completed samples you'll find are

just examples, but they're building

in and I apologize. I'm forgetting the name for them.

I think I've got it in my notes here. Let me double check.

Still pretty new.

Oh no, it looks like I don't have it here.

Um, but

you'll see more of these in the resource. So

it's, you know, examples of things that

have actually kind of gone through the legal process

uh in real life. So those

will pop up here too as they, as they've come

into the database. Um, Oh

I do remember what they're called. Sample cases where

you'll actually see it. Let me go back

out to the results list is you'll actually

see sample cases listed in the header.

So these are very new. They just started

loading them uh, within the last

month or so. So didn't have

one to show you for um, for Massachusetts,

but where they'll pop up is again, you'll see them

in a category. Uh, sample case

is the designation they're using.

All right. So let's take a look

at some of the other content and the research. Oh,

there we have something in the channel.

What is E. S. P. News? Oh, I believe.

Let me pop back into that form.

I you know what I'm not gonna say just in

case I haven't opened those ones, those

ones in a while as you go to the I think

you just get

just make sure

Yeah, it's in both. That's what I thought

it was. But I wanted to double check. You get it in both

English and Spanish. So you get both versions.

So say maybe you're the landlord

you speak Spanish, you've got the form in that

maybe you're renting someone who speaks English, you've

got it in both versions here

and these are, I should mention, these

are hand translated. This

isn't something that a machine has translated.

This is actually written uh

you know, with

a Spanish speaker,

All right,

Oh, good question.

All right, So let's explore some of the other content.

Again, the forms

we hope pretty straightforward.

You know, some help for using them with

the description. But really you just download the

form and fill it out and make use of it.

So the Brunel tool, again, a favorite

spot of mine in the resource.

The most popular searches are often

handy as well because they kind of bring

back groups of documents too. So

say we're, you know, starting to explore

putting together a will we go into wills

and estates you get.

you know,

a pretty good rather than a search

where just searching on will is gonna bring back tons

of hits. The popular searches are

almost organized a bit more like a subject heading

or search for more like a subject heading.

Uh, so you kind of see all the, the

different options. Again, the categories

are where I think,


You just get a better explanation. So, for

wills for people with Children, if I've got Children

that's, you know, I'm gonna want to look at those if I don't, I

can kind of move on and see what the next categories

are. So people without Children. So

these are forms you might consider.

So the categorization, the

organization of the resource is really well

done. And that

brings me to brows. So this

is gonna work almost like an outline.

uh, when you're browsing for content

and let's say, I'm starting a business

with a partner, so I might want to explore partnerships.

and here we have a

breakdown. So partnerships forms relating

to accounting agreements, dissolution,

new partners, different

types of partnerships you just kind of break

down like subject settings really and just

follow the path.

So this is um,

also again where you get exposed to that content

that maybe isn't quite a form. So

for example checklists

So if we're putting together a partnership agreement,

here's a checklist of things I might

need to think about.

And again, I'm just gonna pop into the preview rather

than downloading

You don't know what, you don't know. So is

something not crossed our mind in starting

a business together and not everything may apply,

but it's useful to have a

starting point rather than having to work,

you know, coming up with things from scratch


the browse. Again, we have to put together packages

of forms for you. So I really

love this kind of organized way of coming

into the content, content. So

let's say we're looking for forms relating

to, um,

you know, kind of general partnerships jump

in. There's a general partnership package.

and it's gonna pull together. Again,

some of those things we might need,

as we're building a partnership and

I love this example too because this can be

a great resource for your

small business owners, your entrepreneurs.

This is a database that can help

with a lot of those issues. There's

a lot of content in here, say after the business

is up and running, hiring and firing

procedures, things like that dealing with

employees. Um again, applications

in the resource,

There's a lot of great stuff here. They can just kind

of take advantage of rather than say going

to staples and you know, buying a package

of forms, they can come here and create one

that's really custom to their business.

So really excellent resource

for your small business community, uh,

uh, with your library,

So, and I think fun too. I know this database

is uh you know, kind of really popular

in public libraries, but could have some, you know, great

use and others as well.

All right. So let's browse through a few more things Just

gonna jump back to the home page.

and the, um, resources here

again, the browse, I think is a good

way to get comfortable with what's here to know

what's in the resource. So,

you know, it kind of sparks if someone should come in

and is looking for

you know, help with uh

um, well adoption, things

like that. This is a database to

things to come to and you know, kind of explore.

So lots of good stuff here. Let's

go ahead and pop in to say

bankruptcies, folks may need some help

with that. Again, the browse is

just gonna work like this outline and break

down the different types of forms and tools that are here

And if we jump on the same packets.

See what's available.

Hmm. All

right, so lots of good stuff. Let me check my


uh we have um

Let's see. We've done that. So, I got I got a little

out of order from my guidelines here.

I think we're good.

yeah all right so

I want to explore the um

help that's here. I've kind of looked at my

on my kind of search recommendations and best

practices and browsing and the like

so let's look at the support that's offered. We

already saw with each legal form. You're getting that


description and with many of them you're actually

getting some legal definitions tied to it.

But should you need that, it's always just a click

away here in the upper left hand corner.

and you can, you know, browse

it just using the alphabet or if, you know the term

you're after,

I understand, you know, complaint has different

connotations and, you know, life

versus the legal world.

So we can see all the different terms

that you or all the yeah, sorry, all the different terms

that use complaint within them.

And we've got some general ones,

but then some more specific ones

And it's written from that legal point

of view. Right? So we see the difference between

that and, you know, kind of general complaint

uh in life and it's a little

more, you know detailed than say, a dictionary

definition where things get really

detailed though is if you go into the law

digest, I always think of the legal definitions

as kind of an extended dictionary

the law digest is more like an

encyclopedia. So I could certainly look

up complaint there too. But

if we I'm actually gonna browse here so you can

kind of see the broad idea, it talks about different

legal um issues and terminology

but it also has, you know, biographies

uh, for various lawyers, it's got

overviews of, of particular cases.

It's really, um, you know, much

more extended than the legal definition and

uh, the uh, legal definition section.

So if we wanted to read more about the glass

Stegall Act, which I'm not familiar

with. We'll find out right here. This

is also interlinked so it speaks

to the new deal so we can go out and read about

that. All of these are, you know, quick

ways to kind of jump around and discover

more details about.

the stock market securities.

kind of goes through.

But, nice


Hm So

those are gonna be more general help,

where things can get really specific

is in the legal Q. And A.

And in the legal life articles, we're gonna look at those

too. The legal Q. And a.

One of the services they provide out

at the commercial site for U. S. Legal

forms is folks can submit a question

and get an uh well not always, but they can submit

a question and hopefully get an answer back. Uh depending

on what they publish what we get

are kind of the results of that. All of the published

questions with answers and

we break them down by category here.

And go ahead and jump into one.

you can see the state they're associated

with because that's often gonna of course have an

impact on the answer. Um so

that can be important

but if we're in a similar legal situation

and someone is asked a question you can,

click in and view the answer again, could be

different, say in Massachusetts versus you

know, the answer that we have for Texas, something

to explore, but at least kind of gives you an idea

and you can browse through these and see

if anything applies.

um So

the legal Q. And A. Is really I will

also say kind of fascinating some of the questions

um that get asked. So it's interesting

to browse and read some of the

uh questions but

pardon me

again, can give folks an idea of where to start

and help you avoid having

just one minute

I mean, and kind of avoid

putting you in the hot seat uh to

give, to give legal advice

now. Another good place to start

is the legal life articles when

folks come in with an issue.

this takes on some of actually you can see

some of the most popular legal form searches.

That's a bit how they determine what's gonna be in the

legal life articles just by what's popular

in the database. What are the things that kind of come up the


and it starts from

a, here's what you'll need to do kind of point of

view. So hang on, I think I've got something in

the chat

Is there a way to browse Q. And A by state? There

is not currently,

but let me make a note and

that's something we can uh

and I don't think oh let me double check,

let me pop back for a second

yeah there isn't let me just scroll to the bottom. I don't

think we've added one but let me just be sure.

Yeah there isn't a way to search either

here. You've really just got to browse by category

so let

me make a note to pass that on to our product


um And then oh good question Captain who is asking

and who is answering the questions the

lawyers that work with U. S. Legal

forms are uh answering the questions

and I think actually let me pop into one.

Oh no, I thought sometimes they had

a, Maybe I'm thinking

of somewhere. Oh no you know what I think I'm thinking

of the law digest. Sometimes it gives an author.


there is

under the about

I feel like there was a decision help,

yeah thank you

apologize folks, I feel like I've seen something about

this in the database.


pardon me I could be mistaken.

They have a who is LegalForms but that doesn't

really give

what I was looking for

for me.

always a tickle in your throat when you're on a webinar.


Let me I can get kind of a more formal answer

for you. I thought we had something in the database about

that but

I mean yeah


get something more formal for you and then

I'll if I can I'll include it in the Q. And A. Or

the follow up email that

comes to you tomorrow. Um If I don't get

the answer though, until after that comes out. I'll

just send a separate email with an answer

uh So back to the legal life articles

back in. Oh, you bet. No problem.

Um, let me jump back into the legal life articles.

So again, this takes kind of a

starting point of view. So say, like

we say, we're trying to put something together.

You know, a lot of us have aging parents.

What should we starting to do?

Start to do, you know, advice for cared givers.

Things you wanna, you know, kind of just be aware

of. So again, this database, you

know, is named Well there's lots of legal forms

there, but there's all this additional help as well.

And what I like about it is they keep it really

simple. I mean you can see this is a fairly lengthy

article but you know something

someone can print out, you know, take home

read over time and go it doesn't

make things too complicated but gives

you a lot of good pointers for things you may need

to think about uh when, when dealing

with any of these issues so

Uh The list of these will grow over

time again. Just kind of looking at what's being

searched for in the database and what folks are

using. So

A really good place to get started when

folks are coming in. Maybe they want to handle

their own divorce

and jump right in and start into the legal

life articles. So again, great starting

point, uh, when folks are unsure just

what they need to do,

Hmm. All right,

so there's some other tools here. Tax forms,

you know with the start of the year. Might

find some need for these and uh just

point you where to find those on the various states

and uh federal sites uh which

is handy. There's an attorney directory

and these are often attorneys that are working

with U. S. LegalForms or firms

that they've worked with. It isn't though. As you'll

see of course there's a disclaimer, there's

not really an endorsement but say we're looking

for an attorney in Maryland.

This will break down different practice areas

and then give you a list of attorneys who specialize

and what I like about this is,

You know, you're you haven't gone and done to search

it. you know, google or something.

So you're not getting a ton of additional ads and things

like that. So

and kind of jump in.

and find some starting points.

All right, so good stuff over

here on the left,

the last thing I want to share. Let me just

check my checklist. I think I've got everything I wanted to

hear just for fun. And

because we have a minute here,

there are some fun things in the database.

and I can't resist the tooth fairy letter

So we have sample letters from

a child to a tooth. The tooth fairy, but also

a sample letter from the tooth fairy to a child.

So should

your tooth fairy be a little more uh,


let me go ahead and open this up

We have some fun stuff here so

you know, lets them know

and great. Uh the tooth fairy

is given a little history for why they collect

teeth. So some fun stuff.

The letter from the child.

Actually I'll just go into the preview

instead of opening it. But

is kind of funny it. Um,

they're uh negotiating. They, they

want a raise in uh what they

get for their teeth. So some fun stuff

here too. There's some Santa stuff and

you know, things like that. So good

stuff. There are even, you know, kind of go to

or uh complaint letters

ready or you know, things like that.

So again, just not having to start

from scratch is often really handy. So

you know, try a search for what you're in here.

There's an example letter in here for someone who's unhappy

with the sunglasses they ordered. So really

lots of good stuff.

Ok, usage statistics. Great question

Wally. So we have

usage stats for legal

forms. Let me double check something though. I'm pretty

sure this is the case but I wanted to just confirm

it on our support site.

Bear with me, just a second,

I think

you might have to,

Yes. Ok. Let me double

check something else though too.

Yeah. Ok, so I'm gonna quick pop

because we've got a couple of minutes here. I wanted to budget

enough time for questions. So let me also

check something else.

So we have a tool called the usage dashboard

which is an on demand

uh tool

to obtain usage statistics.

We also have and many of you

might already be receiving these uh usage

portal. We call it you access it through Gale


and that's where you can go to

um set up monthly reports

that come to you automatically,

I don't think.


Although we'll find out here in a second

That's funny.

My use reports aren't uh


Ok, so it could

be an issue with just my account. It's a demo

account. It's not really like

a real library account but I can't log into

a real library account because for

a um

privacy concerns

So I don't think I'm gonna be able to see what I wanna

see here. Let me try the reports. What I want

to tell you. What I want to be able to tell

you is if

The standard usage report that you'll get

will include



But I don't think I'm gonna be able to tell

you that with

my account acting up. So

bear with me.

Yeah, I can't even pick my

Yeah, I should be able to have more

options in there. Ok, one more thing I want

to check here in the list of reports. Yeah,

something's going on.

So um

Bear with me just a second. I'm gonna log in a different

way. see

if we can get this answered Now.

Ok. There we go. All right. I wonder might

as I get them the other way. Ok, so

let me go back over to the

filters and see if he performs

this here. It

is. Ok. So let me

let me see if I can.

do this and I get what I want.

yes. Ok. So this is one

thing I wanted to check if you are getting

the monthly reports from Gale already

or if you, you know, sign up to get them,

LegalForms will count in those

in that usage report, you'll see


searches and retrievals

however, what we often offer

and that's why I'm gonna go over to reports here.

Shoot, it's there. It is. Ok.

So you can also see.

Yes, this is what I want to show you.

So session searches and retrievals are always

handy. Good to know how many people are using the databases,

how many searches they are throwing, how much good

stuff they're finding with retrievals. But with

databases like LegalForms and

say, you know, your Peterson's resources,

the test prep and career prep. It's

good to see what they're actually using in there

because those databases are built on a specific

subject area and they can help with say collection,

development, programming, things like that

so you can see what forms

are actually being accessed. So it's not tied

to any particular user. I don't know who

looked up the checklist partnership agreement,

but I can see that someone did. So

you could kind of maybe see a theme in what people

are searching. And again, that could maybe

lead to a program in the library or

you know, bulking up any of your book

materials or things like that or other online


This can only be generated though

in the usage dashboard, this is not

a report, You can get out of that regular monthly

report that would come to you that just showed the sessions,

searches and retrieve levels. You've got

to use the usage dashboard

uh to access these and if there's


we're happy to offer a session on the usage

dashboard. It's a really great tool

as you can see right off the bat you get these

nice visual displays of your content,

uh can use those in reporting and things

like that. You can compare time

period you can put in of course the time period that

you want to see.

Uh there's lots of good stuff.

when you come into uh the usage

dashboard and again, these

kind of extended reports

for various databases. You can

get a closer look at

uh kind of what's happening in those

databases. So this is my

demo account. So we're seeing a few that aren't available

in in Massachusetts. But um the

Petersons uh reports would be

really handy.

So. Ok. Great question. Um

Sorry, it took a minute to uh kind

of go on about the answer but I wanted to confirm,

I was kind of giving you the good info so


let me just check that I haven't missed anything.

all right. So while you let me know if you have

any kind of further questions about the usage

that leads us to though support.

So usage could be, you know something

you would come to Gale or M. L. S. For. So

let me make sure you've got all of

our contact info. So you have an excellent staff

at the Massachusetts library system to help answer

your questions about any of the databases,

both Gale or um you

know the other database as your provider or any of

the other, you know, numerous services that they provide

Um They've got a great database F A.

Q uh on their site

and lots of good info at the web guide.

So I'll include this info in my follow

up email that you'll get tomorrow,

but uh easily found on their website.

and then out at support dot Gale dot com

slash M L I N.

Uh This is our support

site for our Massachusetts libraries

and you can get lots of

great materials again, kind of legal

form, so you don't have to start from scratch. We have lots

of great marketing materials training materials

that you can take advantage of Many of them

are customizable as well. We've

got lots of tutorials which are really handy

uh for end users, we have training

decks for you all, so maybe you're gonna go out to

your Chamber of Commerce and talk about what the library

can do uh for your local businesses.

We've got a training decks for resources,

so you can go out and

Uh, you know, just let folks know we have

uh slides, you can customize

and, and, and again, I have to recreate

the wheel. The marketing materials

are really handy. We have social media posts ready

to go. So you can drive people into the resources.

Um, and then of course, lots of good, you know, access

info, Mark records, things like that.

So again, this will be in the follow up email

as well. Um

Oh well, let me not forget to

uh let you know about the rest of the webinars we're offering

available both through the calendar, at M L S

and on our bill support site. And again, I'll

put this in my follow up.

but when you want to talk to a person again.

You've got great support in M. L. S. Then feel free

to reach out to your Gale team as well. I'm

your trainer, I'm also a librarian.

So if I don't have the answer I know where to go to get

it. Uh Our customer success

managers will be great people to talk to

about usage. So if you

want to kind of dive deeper into your reports

or maybe if you're not even getting them and you would like

to. The customer success managers

are great folks to talk to about things like that.

Marketing the resources,

you know, product questions. They

are a good person to get to know at Gale

and they specialize by library type.

So if you're in a public library, that's

who they work with all the time and they also

specialize by location. So they'll

know Massachusetts, they'll know all the resources

you get.

So they're great people to work with and

if you visit

support dot Yale dot com slash M.

L. I N.

The first thing it will ask you to do is identify

your library and then the site customizes

to your library and you can actually find out who your

C. S. M. Is and make time on

their calendar, right from that page or

if you send an email to this address, it'll get routed

to the right person and they'll get in touch with you.

So really an

excellent resource. Um We of course offer

tech support. You can get us at the 800 number

uh really anybody at the company but of course

tech support. Uh and then if you're interested

in talking to your Gale rep, we have a rep

finder tool so you can easily identify

who you want to talk to. Uh if you're interested

in additional resources or anything like that.

So do reach out for help. Don't

suffer in silence. M. L. S. And Gale

are here for you.

So I will wrap up just by saying thank

you for tuning in today, I'm gonna stick around and see

if there are any questions, but

if you're all set, thanks so much for tuning

in, have a great week and hopefully we'll catch

you on another session down the road.
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