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Last Updated: September 29, 2022

For MA: Discover Gale Presents: Peterson’s Career Prep

Gale Presents: Peterson’s Career Prep offers streamlined content for job seekers at all levels from creating resumes to searching for jobs to finding the right career. In this session, we explored what this resource can offer your patrons and students and shared tips for putting it to work in your library.

Duration: 45 Minutes
Welcome to your training for Massachusetts Discover Gale Presents Peterson's Career Prep.

My name is Tammi Burke I’m one of the Gale Trainers, and I'm.

Stepping in today for my fantastic colleague, Stacey Knibloe

For this session. We are going to focus on gill presents Peterson's career, Prep.

And We're going to walk through the tools and features that you have available.

I'll share with you today how to build a resume where to go to do some job searching right within product.

How to do college or career searches and I mean career programs for colleges.

So those are the searches I’ll share with you today, and then we also have an additional section on advice before we get started. With that resource.

I want to cover a few agenda items and we are going to start with a quick review of what's available.

So I’ll talk to you about The different product families you have and what to expect in those product families.

Then I will start with an overview of Peterson’s Career Prep.

So you're aware of what that resource can do and then we're going to go live into the resource, and we're going to spend the majority of our time there today, so that you can see how it functions I can build your

knowledge, so that I then you can share that with your patrons or students where you can go for support.

I'll share at the end of this session so that you have access to the gale support site.

That also will be linked up in your follow-up email.

So you'll have it here in the session and also in that follow-up email that takes about 24 h to generate.

First let's talk about what is available from Massachusetts.

So your gale Massachusetts resources, you can see quite a few are listed here.

So what I’m going to do to make it a little bit easier is to talk to you about them in product families.

So what you're going to find is anything that one file in the title you can see here academic one file academic, one file, select and general one file.

You also will see in the title bar. Here, for example, Gale, one file, Health and medicine.

Anything with that one file title, or in the name I should say in the title of the resource.

That's your periodical content. So you're going to find academic journals, newspapers, magazine some multimedia there.

These resources have millions of content. of articles and documents available.

Academic. One file is geared for more that academic approach You're going to find more scholarly journals available within that resource, and general one file is great for that general reference.

So our patrons will use that resource a lot.

It does have, as I said, all that great periodical content. You can set up journal alerts and also search alerts within the one file resources.

You also have quite a few of it looks like almost Aren't our entire set, I think of in context resources.

So Gale In Context resources. And you can see here in the title it says, Galing context.

And we have biography, elementary environmental studies, global issues, middle school posing viewpoints, science, and both of our histories, Us and world.

You have all of those available, and the English research resources are designed.

I mean if you see elementary in the title it's going to be for your elementary students.

If you see middle school it's for our sixth through eighth grade students. So that makes sense, right.

But you'll also see that you have biography and Global issues and environmental studies, and those resources are great for K.

12, mainly moving more towards that middle School High school, and also a higher Ed.

So our undergrad students are utilizing environmental studies.

Opposing viewpoints is used by our public library patrons, and also K.

12 and academic or higher. Ed: So you are going to find great content in all of these resources.

Multimedia very robust resources, their curated collections by topic pages which are great for units of study or course studies so great resources for that type of content.

You also have gale interactive science scale interactive science is exactly that it's a great way to interact with science.

You're going to find activities interactive activities within this resource where you can manipulate the content.

That's there in the activity. you can literally if you're let's say you're looking at a fetal pig, and you want to rotate it or dissect it virtually you can do that right within that

resource, and there's great reference content connected to all those activities. you have gale literature resource center.

So get literature. Resource center is our flagship product.

This is used at all levels, especially at the high school, and a higher Ed levels.

It is you're going to find great literature criticism there, some great biography content.

It really is one of those resources that works in every lit course and class.

Few others I wanna mention real quick. get LegalForms if you're looking for all the Massachusetts legal documents.

You're gonna find them here. Anything related to real estate or maybe you're making a sale on a vehicle, or you need divorce documents.

These are all legal forms that are available, and these are also used in the legal system.

So they're great forms and some of them can even be filled out online.

We also have quite a few Spanish translated those documents translated to Spanish.

We just added, I believe it was 200 more documents to legal forms for high school students.

One file, gill, one file. High School edition is a great resource.

This is more periodical content, geared towards high school so if you're using this resource in high school that's one, I suggest, get one file.

News is a fantastic resource at every level it's again more that general reference content.

But it is really focused on those newspaper documents once we're going to talk about today.

Is we're actually going to go into Peterson’s Career Prep.

But I also meant Want to mention that you have Peterson's Test Prep.

So there's a difference between the 2 if you can look at the title.

Career prep is focused more on careers. Where test Prep.

Is going to have some of that career prep. piece, but also all of the test. Prep: So test prep.

Meaning. You have everything from Ap. courses to sat or act, but also certification.

Tests are available for, let's say the firefighter, or we have cosmetology, certifications there, real estate.

We have all kinds of different certification prep tests available in Peterson's test prep.

Alright. So let's jump into talking about first of all access and let me share this link with you in the chat.

So 2 access your there you go it's in the chat there to find your library links.

You can go to use this link I just shared with you type in your library's name, and you'll find your library in that in the dropdown box there, and then you can grab once you click into it or select it

you'll be able to grab all of your links for your library's resources, and it's a great when you're using your library links.

This is a great way to track usage. So if you want specific usage for your library, I definitely suggest getting those links here from the Massachusetts Library system. So all you have to do is copy and paste these

links exactly where you want them on your library website or if you're using your gale page site.

All of those links are already there, if you're not familiar with gale pages.

It is a complementary resource site that can be customized, customized, and it will display all of your statewide databases in one place.

If you want more information about that, I’ll share with you at the end, your customer success managers.

You can connect with them, and they can help you they're your one-on-one support can help you with getting your gale.

Page resource, site Alright, let's talk about Gale presents Peterson's career, Prep.

I do love this resource. It has so many great tools available within it, and it is for all levels.

Really we even have students utilizing this resource if they're building, resumes if they're doing their college searches. this is a great resource.

It's very it's a little bit more simple than test prep. test prep.

As I mentioned, has a lot of those same features there that we're going to cover today, but not all of them.

But this is more focused with that career approach. So if you have patrons coming into your library that are looking to build a resume or want to do a job, searcher, want to keep everything in one place this is a great resource

for them. So what you're going to find in Gale Presents Peterson's Career Prep.

Is, it is you can create an eye catching, resume, and also cover letters that will really help those hiring managers.

See what your patrons have to offer, and we have great templates available in that.

Resume. Builder, you can take a career assessment. so you can explore crews after you take 2.

There's 4 different assessments within that career assessment piece.

If you take 2 of them you can then access and it's minimum of 2, you can take all 4 of course is what we suggest, but you can explore different careers, and from there you can go when you find one that matches your

strengths. You can go right into the job. search and I’m gonna model that for you today, looking for a school or a degree, or a certificate for a program.

You can do college career and college searches here right within the resource, and then looking for advice or support for all different aspects of finding a career in job hunting we have a library of information in our virtual career library that users

can access and do additional exploration. alright so we're gonna spend the majority of our time in the create a resume, find a career and college career college search.

But I did want to mention and we'll talk through that advice section it's pretty intuitive so clicking into it.

You'll be able to see what is available there so Let's go into the resource.

We're going to come back to the support section at the end of our training today.

So did you have a question pop up? Do you have Pdf handouts with bullet points like this that we can share with teachers?

Great question, Kelly. So we do on the support site. We do have PowerPoints available.

I believe we have career prep. on there I’d have to double check.

I know we have all of the in context resources. there but I will check and see if we happen to have the that what we have for Peterson's 2.

But I can always take this handout if you like that slide.

I can share that that Pdf or that that slide for career prop in a in the follow-up email. If that's something you're interested in. I'm.

Happy to do that, too. Alright, hopefully you're still seeing my screen. everything just adjusted real quick.

There. It looks like I’m still sharing it but the nice green box that goes around so in Zoom is not here, so I really hope you're still seeing my screen sometimes.

Zoom has a mind of its own. so looking at Gale presents Peterson's career, Prep.

What your users are going to want to Do first is they are going to want to create an account, and the reason why they want to create an account is because they're creating their resume.

Or they're doing the career assessment and they want everything saved here.

Can they export a copy of their resume absolutely they don't have to come in here that can live on their own device if they choose to, but creating an account saves all that, information and allows them to come back at any time and

pick up where they left off so creating an account it's right here at the top.

I did already sign in. But I just want to show you what you have.

You can edit your account information, your email address username and on the right hand side it walks you through on what all is needed now email is not required.

But it is something we highly suggest it's great and very helpful if you need to reset your password.

But we also have secret word which can help assist with that reset password of someone does not want to use their email address.

Do students need to create a separate account? for Peterson's test Prep: Okay, Maria, this is a great question, and I'm going to share with you what we have discovered.

So Peterson does keep the user accounts for each product.

Siloed, so they actually can use the same username.

So they can use the same email address for both databases it won't cause a problem.

The only place where we're seeing a little bit of a glitch is with that resume tool.

So when they access that resume tool, they may see a error message. If they're using the same username for each one, it's okay.

All they have to do is they click the okay button, or like in mine.

It has a back button, because I do have both accounts.

So when I click that it opens up it opens up that resume builder.

So that's the only thing. So if you run into that where students are using the same username on each account or on each resource, just let them know for warn them with that resume tool that they might get that error, message.

Okay, great question. Can you log in with Google? You do have to create an account on the resource itself, Julie.

So you can. You can use Google as a single sign-on at your site.

That's a different conversation. so there's no authentication questions that that they may have but as far as having a Google account here within the resource.

We don't have that capability yet. Okay, so let's any more questions.

Please feel free to ask. You guys are asking great questions this morning.

So, looking at the resource, you have some questions. Here are some FAQs at the top.

And these are those questions that are asked fairly often, and some of them kind of came up already. Do I need?

How do I reset my password, or why do I need to register?

How do I delete an account? all of those types of questions are here and available, our text support, if you ever need to reach out to them?

They're here in the navigation but you'll also be able to reach out them directly in the upper right hand corner.

Going back to that homepage, let's talk through some of these different tools you have available.

So creating a resume, and I do already have this open.

But as soon as you click create a resume, it will take you into

The resume builder. I am logged in, so it took me right in there.

And as you can see, I have some navigation at the top, and then I have some boxes organized here below and disregard that chat message. It's not anything your users need to worry about because You have access to

this tool through your State library. So these are your statewide resources don't worry about that, chat message.

So that pops up. Don't worry about it at all you do have resumes websites, cover letters and career journal.

I'm gonna actually start with the last one and then we're gonna explore the rest here on my dashboard.

The Career Journal is a great tool to use, especially if you have students, if they are.

And I have a couple of my own kids here at home that have had to work on the resumes from high school on my oldest graduated from college, and having that career journal is really helpful because sometimes they forget.

Oh, I did. I received an award for that I was invited to this conference, and they gave me this award or this certificate, or those are things that they don't always remember So this career journal can be really

helpful, and also for not just for students but for adults. I don't remember every single accomplishment that that I've had that I thankfully had the opportunity at Gale.

But if I had created this career journal here, I would have that information available, so it's a great way to just kind of keep track, and remember, and it's a quick way to jump in, if you maybe you don't have time to work on your resume

But oh, I want to add that to my journal or this just recently happened. Just so.

You have that record of that information. So I was like to share that first, because that's a newer feature within this resource going back to our resumes.

If I have a pinned resume I have that here at the top. Actually, let's go to the dashboard.

That's where I was first I can create a resume I can create a website we already wanted to create a journal, and then also create a cover letter.

So all of that navigation that's up here is also in my dashboard, and it's organized here in these nice boxes. and then also at the bottom, I love the knowledge center.

So we have the advice, which is the virtual library that you saw on that homepage.

But I also really like this knowledge center and now they've made it a little bit more visual.

It used to be up in the upper right hand corner under like a question mark which was not very helpful.

But now it's here available on the dashboard and you can quickly jump into I mean cover letter writing is challenging how to write a resume online career resource guide.

So there's all kinds of different piece of advice that are available here on that dashboard.

Alright. So we're gonna start with the resumes. Now I can create a brand new resume, or I can go into an existing resume, and you can see with an existing resume.

I have some options that pop up right away where I can go in and edit that resume.

I can download it right from this screen. so if I log in to career prop, and I just want to quickly download my resume.

I don't do that here and I could see all and I have quite a few sample resumes, because when I do trainings I tend to build a new one every single time.

But if I click that, see all, I would see, all of my resumes, and you can title those resumes.

So this one I just titled test that I utilized on April the sixth.

But if you have users as they should be creating those resumes, or updating them, or customizing them for each position that they're applying, for, they can label it with whatever position that is, and they also have the ability to share

a link. So all those options are available once you've created that resume under the 3 dots here.

You can see I can pin this resume so if it's one that I go to all the time I can pin it.

I can download it as word. I can do. duplicate it.

I can see the stats. The stats are great if you're sharing a link to the resume.

You can look at those stats, I can go right to my settings, or I can delete that resume, and we're going to start with resumes, and then we'll work into websites and cover letters so let's create

a brand new resume. If there any questions, let me know, and I can copy.

Right. From this screen you can see I can copy an existing resume.

If I want to use an existing resume, I have that option here.

I can use sample content. that's where we're going to go today, or I can start from scratch. So, starting from scratch does give me some options.

Still, I can still choose a template if I want to, and then I can enter in all of my information.

If I go back, if I use sample content that's going to look a little different.

I'm going to use a sample position and pull in that content which can be really helpful because that language is there.

I can just use that as a jumping off point and tweak it to where I want my personal information in there.

But sometimes that vocabulary that's there can be really helpful.

If I had a resume that I used often maybe it's that one I pinned to the homepage.

I can quickly copy that, resume and start it again, and just rename it.

I have that option to edit and change that name.

So all of those options are available I’m gonna click on that sample using sample content.

And here are most popular samples at the top and you can see business development.

She's chief accountant, a technical writer as I scroll down.

You can see different positions that are available. Maybe you have some small business.

You or small business owners coming into your library looking for funding that we have an entrepreneur sample there for you.

As I scroll down, you can see all of the different positions that we have available.

So I am going to I used to use and I don't see it in here anymore.

Let's use entrepreneur since I was talking about that one, so I can preview sample, or I can go right into using the sample I'm going to go right into using the sample and it just takes

me to basically out here. So I’ve I have the summary and this is again.

This is just a sample below. I have all different types of work experience.

My education, key accomplishments, and this again just a sample.

I can do a lot of things with this now. First of all, I had a name change, so I would want to change my name.

I changed my last name recently, so I can change that and I can do that right here, as I’m looking at and I’m a visual learner.

So for me. I like to see it. I do like it when you can edit, and then then preview that back and forth.

But I also love it when you can see it right in real time.

So this gives you that opportunity to do both. When I say that here you can see in these documents are in this this information below.

I have that ability when you see that pencil is where I can open this in a different screen.

So when I click on that pencil I can edit this information.

So if I prefer this form because it puts it in a different layout for me, then I can.

You utilize this editing feature, so both are available where I can just click right in and start making changes, or when I see that pencil I can edit it in a different screen opens up a different screen, all right Let's

talk about some different things here on the appearance section so I have some options. If I’m not pulling in a template where I can change the text features I can change the all the workflow tools that you normally

have are going to be here at the top if I want to send something. I have a preview mode up in the upper right hand corner, and I want to talk to you about share and download that I also have available so

let's talk about the navigation at the top first and then we'll work through the navigation on the left. So share gives me a few options, and I want to talk to you about these because it's really important

unlisted. So we have different options. of public and unlisted, unlisted is what I suggest, because unlisted, will still provide you with that shareable URL.

But it won't be indexed on any search engines, And the reason why you want to be careful with this is because, if a patron or a student, one of your users is adding their personal information and making this public then that

information, and we have that messaging here. be careful about sharing private information on public.

So when you're sharing this public and this public resume because it can be indexed by search engines.

Okay, Now I do have the ability to change my usual.

I don't have to keep the one that's generated for me, but the my visual Cv. Com.

Is going to stay the same, and then it'll provide a link back to my resume.

So again, I do suggest using the unlisted Okay, let's look at page layout as you can see I can still change the color.

So I’m not tied to using a template which is down here.

I can just keep it basic. If I want page layout gives me a few options of changing the margin.

Sometimes you need those bigger, or those might say smaller margins.

I can adjust those page breaks. I find page adjusting page breaks really helpful, because what I’m seeing here, I may not have that page.

Break. I maybe I want the page break here before edition, because when I looked at it in the Pdf.

It kind of split up. this information, so adding, in those page breaks, can be really helpful, using sample content.

I already did that, and I did that right from the beginning.

But I can change that sample content if I’d like to by clicking into that here on the left hand side.

I can also import a resume. So if I did have a resume.

So, even though I’ve already use some sample content let's say I looked at it, and I was just like, Yeah, no, I think I want to use what I already have I can import that resume.

Now we'll overwrite what is here so just make sure that you're available, or understand that information it won't add to it.

It will overwrite it and you'll get that you can upload that information right here at the top.

It can be either word or pdf it doesn't just have to be a word document.

You can also use your profile from LinkedIn, so you can import your current resume from LinkedIn right into, or your, I should say, your profile information right into your resume.

And then here's that option to upload a Pdf: Okay, so you can do it at the top or also at the bottom.

There. All right. let's talk about template this is the fun one.

So when you have all of these different choices, available and you can switch between each one, we're using the basic one here, it's just standard at the bottom of the page.

But maybe I want to use. I do like this one, this orange one where I can put in a logo.

But or I’m an entrepreneur so maybe I want to use my logo I want to.

Maybe I want to upload an image here I’m we're seeing that a lot more on resumes where you do have that image again.

I can edit that content the same way, but it changes that organization.

It pulls out my key accomplishments of course I would want to adjust that.

I don't know that I would use that terminology I might want to adjust it.

If I want to add a section here on the left hand side, I can add a text section going into each category.

If I wanted to add an entry for work experience. I have that option here.

I can Also, you see these little arrows. I have that ability to move this down to the bottom.

If I want to, I can delete any of these.

You see that little delete option there, that little trash can education?

I can add an entry for education, I can add a section.

So with sections you can add just a blank text section or skills portfolio custom dated section.

So you have some options here. let's say I want to add my portfolio.

I can add in that information. maybe it's a link and it does give you a little bit of guidance.

There, now, am I tied to this orange color? Absolutely not.

I can change that up here at the top I can re come back and reset my styling.

I can change my fonts. my body font the font size.

So I have all of those options, even though this is a template.

I can come in here and change and add in any information.

As I mentioned. If I wanted to change anything right here on the screen, maybe I don't want to use summary. I want to use something else here.

I can. I don't work experience is pretty straightforward but maybe I want to add a section on my skills, and I wanted to add certifications.

I could do that, and just put in the title I want So here's skills and I’m not tied to that name of skills.

Maybe I have certifications that I wanna add, Okay, all right.

Now remember, if I as I’m adding to this resume and I've been working a long time, so my resume is a little bit longer.

Don't forget that you can in that page layout is where you can adjust those page.

Breaks. So we talked about changing the template let's talk about the settings and the settings is. remember I shared with you under that share icon in the upper right-hand corner when I have it set

to unlisted or public that's when I’m going to see a shareable link when I have it set to export.

Then it's just going to export it won't give me that shareable link.

So it does not have a shareable URL. This is just a download as a Pdf.

Or word. So in settings you can change the your resume to any of those items public.

Remember, if you have you, your email address is probably one thing, but your address and phone number.

You might not want to keep those on that resume if you're making it public.

But if you're keeping it, as unlisted so that you control where you share that information, but still want that shareable URL, that's what I suggest.

Or if you just want to download the resume, you have that option available.

Okay, alright. So we talked about resumes let's go into websites.

I'm not gonna go all the way back to the dashboard. I’m gonna use my quick navigation here at the top.

I don't have any websites pinned but I do have a sample one.

So let me jump into that one and share it with you.

So what happens is you can pull all of your content from your resume into these websites, and you can change the background.

So we do have again. We have different templates we don't have as many here, but you can change the background images.

You can import your own image and change that background. So let me go back to appearance.

And you can share or I’m sorry change that background information or in image. I have.

I used to have I don't hear I used to have a couple files.

I think I have it in another resource but I can import an image, and add that as my background, I am not tied to these glasses sitting on a desk, if I don't want it.

And same with your logo and your image. So those are things that you can upload.

But that background. you can change at any time it's in the upper right hand corner.

There. But the website is great. Let me turn it into preview mode. So you can see.

So this is what it would look like. I would have that shareable link that I can again.

Public or unlisted I suggest unlisted but it's a great option to have available for your users, and you can see how easy it is to scroll.

But it really takes it to the next level that really takes to the next level.

It's also great if you have any folks sharing portfolios, and they want to add a link, and they're if they're sharing this as a website that's a great opportunity to just have everything so digital and easily

accessed cover letters, and we do have some sample cover letters

Here's a cover letter for real retail job I’m pretty sample information there as an example.

I can change the play, the layout, and change the template.

And all the same features too alright. let me know if there are any questions that we had just to clarify about logging in.

Can we set it up with our it department so that students can use single sign-on with Google, Then they would have to create an account correct.

So they can. Our customer success managers can help you with that single sign-on access, information.

It is in Gale admin. So that when your students go into Google, then they'll see this resource and have access to it.

But they still would need to create an account on the resource because of the resume and the career assessment.

Is it possible to disable the ability to make resumes public under the share button for your school?

That is not possible. but I will share that with the folks at Peterson's.

They are working on some different items right Now but I’ll share. That's a great idea, thank you for asking that question, so I’ll take that back to our product.

Team and let them know. because, yeah, that would with students I could see that would definitely be a benefit.

Alright. so we're done with resumes that's a large part of our session was covered there.

We have some more time to talk about the career assessments and the college searches.

These are a little bit more, not as in depth information, and we can move through a little quickly.

I do have the career assessment already opened up, but I do want to point out before I go into it.

You do have the option to go directly into searching a job. so you don't always have to fill out this career assessment for students. But even patrons, when they're making a career change the career assessment can be really

helpful. I gave it a try myself, and it really challenged me to think about.

Huh? Okay, for my workplace environment. What is really important to me?

So it really challenged you to think about, Especially now Is it work from home?

Is it having a hybrid role? is that you know being in an office like those are things to consider as your you're doing this assessment.

So let's jump in and look at that I do have it open already, and I already did complete 2 of the assessments.

I create completed the interests and the values we also have personality.

And there's those workplace preferences I was talking about.

So when you're users will first click in they'll be taken to this, my journey page this helps them understand the journey of doing that career Exploration taking the career assessment.

What our next steps, and what's available to them through Gill presents Peterson's crew prop specifically this career assessment, too, if I go into assessments.

This is where I can complete those assessments, and I can retake them at any time.

What I love is, it shows me a little bit of a summary here for each one.

So here's my interest in my values I can click into and I click into interest.

It's going to open up that complete summary I can print that download.

I can retake it. You can see on the right hand side.

I have a little bit of a graph here available of where my interests lie, and then it talks a little bit more about my interest, artistic, social, enterprising.

What do I do with these results? here's some other interests values works the same way?

Once You've completed you do have to complete those assessments First, before you will see these summaries if I click into personality.

I just want to show you what it looks like when you start the assessment.

I won't go through the whole assessment because it does take some time, and here you get some advice trying not to think about it.

Just answer the questions, And here we have, and these 2 are different.

So the assessments we have one form is this way where you're clicking either strongly disagree or strongly agree, or anything in between.

Exit that assessment. Let me show you workplace.

Workplace is a little different again. try not to think about too hard.

That's my that's my downfall and this one You're It's a little different approach which of these statements are the 4 least important for you to have in your ideal organization.

So you're thinking about the workplace and you're selecting the 4 least important, and it'll continue to drill down.

It'll switch to the 4 most important and it'll continue to work through and then provide you with your results.

So those are the 2 different and you're gonna see them here also in the interests and values.

We just have the 2 different tests. I just like to show what they look like when we get to this point, where I have completed at least 2 of the assessments.

I have some options, and that is, I have the opportunity to explore my career matches.

I can go use my top navigation to careers or I can explore career matches here.

It's going to pull in that information so I start with the those that are very strong, so that have that most of a connect or majority of what I answered applies to these subject areas.

Not surprising that education is at the top. Former teacher and trainer.

I would expect to see it there, but kind of interesting. a few others I always found interesting, was a marketing and some sales.

The Health Science Category, and you can see as you go down business and management administration, business and management administration.

Yeah, there's 24 careers but that's a very weak connection for me, so that might not be one that I'm interested in looking at but very strong arts and media communication or human services So let's click in to

view the careers for human services, and you can see how you can continue to drill down.

I have some navigation on the left-hand side.

Maybe I want to choose my education, experience and filter this information down.

Maybe I want to search for a specific career. I have that option at the top where I can search for that career.

Maybe I just want to kind of explore through these and I can see here, if it's a very strong match, and I didn't mean to click into. I just highlighting it and I can add this to my favorites I can look

at programs that are available here's one that I added to my favorites, and once I click into it, this is my results. So it starts with general. It starts with that job description, and I can explore that information alternative job titles that

are available. What you would do on the job programs abilities that are knowledge that's needed, skills that are needed on the right hand side.

We have some career videos and average salary, and I can look for my local information.

Average salary. what's the outlook for this job what kind of education is needed.

So you have all this additional information on the right hand side that is available again.

Once you take just 2 of those tests, then you can go through and start exploring those careers.

The final section here is jobs. Well, there's actually tools also, but jobs. I can do a search for a job title.

And what was one of those job titles I think it was.

There was a therapist let's just look for a therapist.

Oh, there, I forgot it in my and location I am actually let's do.

I'm gonna do the office here

I'm in Michigan search for jobs and here I can see again in my results a very strong match as I scroll down.

They're going to be good match and Then weak match I can filter on the right hand side.

Once I click into these. Then it's going to take me out to indeed, and where I have the ability to apply for that position.

But right here it keeps your users in this database and keeps them in that a bit with that ability to just do some exploration.

Okay, Can you explore career information without taking the quizzes?

You have to take 2 quizzes so you can't explore the career information until you take at least 2 quiz quizzes.

So it's a minimum of 2 because it's hard to match you to a career.

If we don't have any idea of what you're interested in So that's the thinking behind that all right, and the last section is tools.

You have resumes again. We have so much information resumes cover letters, networking interviews.

There's some worksheets that are available here there's even a workbook available.

So that's all under that tools section if you are working with students.

This would be a great place to check out see what we have available as you're working with your students.

Okay, the last section I’m going to cover again, I just want to mention, because we virtual career, as I said, very intuitive.

You can click into it. Next explore that virtual career library There's different modules that are available here for anyone that is seeking a career or a certain program.

If We're looking for a college or a program we're going to go into search colleges Now you have some different options here.

I can right away. Put in an example of a school at the top.

I can search by my location. I can search by area of study, school type, admission, difficulty, school size, setting, tuition.

GPA SAT and ACT scores. I can clear any of those filters also.

So if I’m searching for a location and let's do your whole entire state there it pulls back all of those undergrad schools.

So there's 93 available I can see just a snapshot here.

So northeastern it's 20,000 a year after financial aid.

That's nice, healthy. I have one in cat one graduated one in college, one about to go.

So tuition is a big part of our conversation right now in my household.

And also scholarships. We just had college night for the my senior.

And yeah, it was interesting how many, how many scholarships and grants and what they have available.

So Let's I’m just gonna click into northeastern university, because once I click into it, you can see some college information acceptance. rate.

How many students the setting I can use, the navigation on the left-hand side, or I can just read through this whole page, Talk about great information about a college, and this is good.

To explore 2 before you set up those visits. I know I’m setting up some for my son.

Right now. but this has really been really helpful for me as a parent, but as a student, or if I’m changing careers and I want to find out more information about the students that are on campus, what degrees are available, you can see

student body here's admissions great information tuition and fees very important information Financial aid that's available.

That's already listed here. what's the student body consists of male the female pretty close there mailed a female.

That's pretty good campus life, so you can see all this great information that I have available on these different schools.

Alright. So we had some questions great resource. I missed the beginning.

Will we have access to the recorded session? Yes. So the recording and will show up in your follow up email.

Are you going to cover test, Prep. content, wondering if there is a direct link to each of the different test?

Exam modules. so Karen the test prep we aren't covering it today.

This session is focused just on career. Prep:

Stacy will cover that session in if she hasn't already. she'll cover it in the future I'm going to share with you where you can find all your recorded webinars and upcoming webinars and that will be linked

out in your follow-up, email, too. But there is a as far as a direct link there's links to each hub within test props.

So, hub, meaning the sat hub so those are options that are available, and I’m going to share with you.

Now, if there are no other questions about this resource where you can go for the that support information so great way to lead me into where we're going to next.

So thank you. So let me go back to my PowerPoint, because you do have great information available on the Gale support site.

But before I share that, if you need help with your databases, these are the folks that you can email.

Hopefully. You already have this information, but you have database support team.

You can browse the database FAQ there's also vendor contact data, usage data upcoming training sessions are all available here with these helpful links. and these will be I’ll double check that follow

up email. But knowing Stacy, these are going to be in your follow-up email.

It takes about 24 h to generate if you want to screenshot.

This I'll leave it on the screen a few minutes just let me know Here, if you need anything else

Our guild support site, and this site is available, and you can go in and access all that information.

Some of the stuff that you mentioned today, or that you brought up in your questions, Karen.

So you're gonna find all of your access information you URLs title list.

Mark records. Those hubs are available for test prep.

Are available on the gale support site. and you're going to find database icons and widgets.

Also that ability to contact your customer success manager. They can walk you through everything on the support site.

They can help you with access. they can answer a lot of those one-on-one type questions that you may have.

You have that great database support there in your state.

I would go there first and see if they can support you.

Chances are they can. If not, they know how to contact all of us at Gale.

But if you want to try to find that information yourself I highly suggest going to the support site, you're also going to find in the training center tip sheets, tutorials, recorded webinars.

Those training decks that I mentioned those PowerPoints you're going to find in the training center they're under professional development.

If you go into product type, explore that training center, look at what we have available.

We have lesson plans and projects, and scanner hunts looking to promote your resources.

We've got you covered bookmarks posters We have all kinds of great digital assets email templates, communication templates, every single social media post you can think about.

You're going to find it there. and we have all of those blog templates, That type of information available for you on the Gil support site upcoming gale Webinars from Massachusetts you're going

to find here on the support site. that I mentioned and let me let me pull that up.

I'm gonna put that in the chat real quick I’m just well, I got to put it into my URL real quick

And okay, so. and it did change a little bit. So this is the training link.

So let me share that in the chat. There you go, and I want to see.

Okay, so I will mention to Stacey. I don't know she probably has done a test.

Prep: Yeah, she already did so. There is a test prep session.

That question came in here. I'll share that direct URL for the session for you, Karen.

I think you had asked for that. So yeah So she already did. That's a recording to the test prep session that was facilitated.

Okay, And then, don't forget to check out the Massachusetts library system.

They also list all of your training sessions in that calendar. That's a great one to bookmark. I'm so not just gale, but also from your other vendors, too need additional support.

You have the support and training tools available here on the sports site that I shared with you.

I gave you the one to the training link. You have a educational.

If you need your educational sales. consultant. This is for statewide resources, but we do have their information there.

Reach out directly to Stacy, and then also your customer success managers at Gale.

But that wraps our session. I apologize.

I want a couple minutes over there, but if you have any additional questions Please feel free to stay on the line.

I'm happy to help answer any of those questions looks like I had one come through.

If students make an account using a school email address that's a good question, would they be able to change the account email address to a personal one?

I would suggest. So here's the thing if they're using a student email address.

It's going to still live in that account whatever that username.

They can use any email address It doesn't have to be their school one.

Now they could use their personal one now, or vice Versa it's not going to change for them in in Gale presents Peterson's career, prop even if, after they graduate as long as they know that that is their

username, because that's what they're using is that email address.

The only thing is they need to change their password.

So that's a good question. changing that email address after the fact.

I have honestly I’d have to give it a try and see, I do have to say because I have multiple accounts.

It is a little bit more challenging if you know they're about to graduate with you a bunch of seniors.

You might want to suggest that the user personal email just to just to be safe so that they can have access to it because it is a statewide resource that they would have access to.

So, and that's one that they hopefully will remember too, that's hard when they leave isn't it I know even at the college level.

So sometimes in that scenario great question. I would probably suggest using the personal one just from the get Go alright.

So thank you for attending today's session I’ll stay on the line, too, if there's any additional questions.
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