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Last Updated: June 28, 2024

D2L Brightspace Installation Guide - LTI 1.0

Please Note: You'll need to install each product separately, changing the name and custom parameters for each installation.

Navigate to the course you are wanting to add Gale products to and click on Course Admin, Select External Learning Tools.

D2L Course Administrator

Click Manage External Learning Tool Links.

D2L course admin. Manage external learning tool links.

Click New Link

New Link Button

Enter Properties for the link you're adding.

New link properties: Title, URL, Description

  • Under Key/Secret, select Link key/secret
  • Enter the Key and Secret you received from Gale Customer Technical Support. If you do not know what your Consumer Key and Shared Secret is. Please contact Gale Customer Technical Support and they will get you the Consumer Key and Shared Secret.

D2L key and secret entry.

Place the number 2 in the Add custom parameters row, and click on Add custom parameters.

Add customer parameters button with number 2 in the row box next to it.

Click Save if presented with this window.

save changes button.

The top of the page has now changed to Edit Link and the title you provided.

title of the external link you addd changed to

Now scroll down to the Custom Parameters rows you just added and add the information for the product and LMS (this information can be found in the LTI Install URLs document).

Under Name: Product in one row, and lms_name in the other row. Under Value: Database Code in the first row. d2l in the second row.

  • Keep the default settings for Security Settings.
  • Put a checkmark next to the courses where you'd like to have the link available.
  • Click Save and Close.
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