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Last Updated: March 27, 2024

Canvas Installation Guide - Admin

Please Note: All Gale Resources must be installed individually. There is not a single bulk app that can be used.

Click the Admin shield with a key inside and click on the District School account. Click the Settings link in the navigation.

Canvas Administrator key and shield with school district listed.

Click the Apps tab.

Click the View App Configurations button.

Canvas course settings, apps, view app configurations

Click the +App button.

blue plus app button

On the Add App form:

  • Select by URL configuration type.

Add App entery with drop down menu. By URL is highlighted and active

App configuration, product name, consumer key, shared secret, config URL, blue submit button, white cancel button

  • Enter a Name (e.g. Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints, Gale eBooks, Gale Primary Sources)
  • Enter the Consumer Key (if you are not sure what your consumer key is, please contact Gale Customer Technical Support).
  • Enter the Shared Secret (if you are not sure what your shared secret is, please contact Gale Customer Technical Support and one can be generated for you).
  • Copy and paste the appropriate URL in the Config URL field (configuration URLs are available via LTI Installs URLs)
  • For example, Gale Academic OneFile:

Click Submit

By default, the app will appear in the Editor Button, and will be hidden in the course navigation.

To add the app to the course navigation, first click on the Gear icon next to the app > click Placements.

Click the x next to course navigation to make it active with a green checkmark.

Gale app placement. Inactive in course navigation Gale app placement. Active in course navigation

Click close then go to the Navigation tab to drag the app up so that it appears in the course navigation. By default, the apps will be in the inactive section.

Canvas course navigation app set up. drag Gale app from the inactive section at the bottom to the top so it appears

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