Kids InfoBits - Documents

This tutorial demonstrates helpful tools for working with documents in Kids InfoBits.

For each item,

you're given the content level,

the document or image name,

as well as the source and date.

Notice that your search term is highlighted in the document.

Click the Listen icon

to hear the text read aloud.

You can also download an mp3 file of the document.

For each item,

you'll find a variety of tools.

Click the Citation Tools icon

to generate a citation in MLA,


or Chicago Foreman,

or to export the citation

for use in a third party citation tool.

Click the E-mail icon

to send a copy of a document to yourself or someone else.

You can select the e-mail format, the content,

and citation format you want to include in the email.

Click the Download icon

to download or save it to Google Drive

or Microsoft One Drive.

See our training resources

on these tools for more information.

Click the Print icon to print the document.

To highlight a passage or make your own annotation,

first use your mouse to highlight a block of text.

Next, select Highlight from the pop-up menu,

and select the color for the highlighted text

or select notes to enter an annotation.

Later, when you want to view, cite,

email, download, or print your highlights and notes,

select More from the product banner,

and then select Highlights and Notes.

Click the Save icon to save the article in your My Folder,

and return to it later.

To view your saved documents,

select More from the Kids InfoBits banner,

and then select My Folder.

Click the Download MP3 icon

to save an audio version of the document.

Click the Share icon to share the document on social media.

Or click Translate,

and then select a language from the pull-down menu

to translate the article into another language.

Under Related Subjects,

you'll find a list of topics

also covered in the current document.

Select a topic to view the results for that topic.

Notice that you can save documents to Google Drive

or Microsoft One Drive.

Teachers can use these tools to easily share

and download content with students.

See our training resources on using these features

for more information.