Kids InfoBits - Fun and Reliable Learning

This video shows elementary students why they should use Kids InfoBits instead of the open web to find trusted sources any time and anywhere.

The Internet is big...

like, really big.

It can be hard to sort through it all, and

it's tough to figure out what's true and what isn't.

For an easy way to learn about anything you want to know,

use Kids InfoBits.

Every result is from a well known source

and cited so that you can know exactly

where it came from.

You can search for anything you might be interested in,

or just browse topics to make your next discovery.

And just like any other website,

you can use your computer, phone, or tablet

to access Kids InfoBits

from anywhere at any time,

so that you can take your learning on the go.

For fun and reliable learning,

don't just use any old website.

Satisfy your curiosity with Kids InfoBits.

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