Kids InfoBits - Searching

This tutorial shows how to search and limit results within Kids InfoBits.

There are three ways

to find what you're looking for in Kids InfoBits.

One, you can browse topics from the home page.

Two, you can use the search box to perform basic searches.

Or three, you can use the Advanced Search tool

for more complex searches.

To perform a basic search, enter a search term

in the search box found in the banner of most pages.

Notice that as you type, terms are suggested.

Select a term and then click the go arrow.

Your results are arranged by content type.

The number of items found for

each content type is displayed.

For each item, you're given the content level,

the title, the source, and date.

And word count, if the item is a book,

a magazine, or news article.

Click Content Levels Key for a description of the levels.

Click the folder icon to save the document

so that you can return to it later.

When you want to view the saved item,

select More from the resource banner

and then select My Folder.

Click the article name to return to the article.

Use the search within Results Search box

to further search within your results list.

To perform more advanced searches,

select Advanced Search from the resource banner.

From the Advanced Search page, enter a term,

and then select the type of search you want

to perform from the drop down menu.

Use the Boolean operators And, Or, or Not

to combine searches.

Click Add a Row to add more items to your search.

Notice that you can also limit your search

to documents with images, by publication date,

by document type, by content type,

or by Lexile reading level or Lexile score.