Kids InfoBits - Enhance Elementary Education

This tutorial shows teachers Kids InfoBits supports elementary curriculum and enhances classroom learning.

When you need trusted sources to supplement textbooks

and develop critical thinking skills within your elementary students,

use Kids InfoBits for cross-curricular support.

Quickly find materials for classes by browsing for topics, entering simple search terms, or using advanced search.

You can look for sources of a specific content type or reading level.

Lexile levels are applied to articles for magazines and newspapers

while content levels can be used to search for materials generally appropriate for beginning readers,

or resources suited to upper elementary and middle school students.

You can customize your search with multiple terms and a variety of search fields.

When you find something you'd like to use in class

make it easy to access by using the bookmark tool

to create a persistent link so that your class can view the item in one click.

If you have Google Classroom, you can even use Share to Classroom

to post the link on your Google classroom site.

You can tell your students to use Highlights and Notes to color-code key words and concepts,

and have them keep a copy to show you their work.

Best of all, Kids InfoBits is ad-free

and accessible 24/7 on any device with an internet connection

so you can also use it to have kids conduct their own research and exploration.

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