Kids InfoBits - Basics

This tutorial covers the basics of navigating information and working with results within Kids InfoBits.

Kids InfoBits is designed for students

in kindergarten through grade five

and features an engaging

and developmentally appropriate interface,

premiere reference content, images,

and magazine and news sources for elementary students.

On the Kids InfoBits home page you'll find

pictures representing broad topics.

To browse for content by topic

simply click on an image.

A popup window will display a set of subtopics.

Select a subtopic.

A list of subjects related to your topic

and subtopic is displayed.

From here you can select a topic.

Your results are arranged by content type.

The number of items found

for each content type is displayed.

For each item you are given the content level,

the title, the source and date, and word count,

if the item is a book, a magazine, or a news article.

Click Content Levels Key for description of the levels.

Click the folder icon to save a document

so that you can return to it later.

When you want to view the saved item,

select More from the resource banner,

and then select My Folder.

Click the article name to return to the article.

Use the Search within results search box

to further search within your results list.

From the Kids InfoBits banner

you can access the advanced search feature

to perform more complex searches.

Or use the Bookmark feature to copy and paste

or email a bookmark URL for the page.

Select More from the resource banner

for additional tools, including Educator Resources

designed to help you make

the most effective use of this resource,

the Merriam Webster's Elementary Dictionary,

a list of all ebook titles in your library

or school collection, your search history,

your highlights and notes, or your My Folder

where you'll find items you've saved.

Click the Kids InfoBits icon from anywhere

to return to the home page.

Notice that you can save documents

to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

Teachers can use these tools to easily share

and download content with students.

See our training resources on using these features

for more information.