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Last Updated: July 12, 2023

Gale Interactive: Science - Activities

This tutorial shows you how to navigate activities within Gale Interactive: Science.

Gale's Interactive Science Resources,

including Interactive: Science,

Interactive: Human Anatomy,

and Interactive: Chemistry,

allow students to manipulate and explore 3D interactive

models to visualize and understand concepts in science.

While reference and periodical content

provide additional context for further understanding.

Since all Gale Interactive Resources work the same,

for this tutorial, we'll use Gale Interactive: Science.

Use the Search box in the resource banner

to search for activities by keyword.

Select the category from the home page,

or click Browse Activities in the resource banner

to browse all activities.

You can filter search results by category.

The number of results for each category is displayed.

Click on a result to view the activity.

Once the activity loads, click Start Activity to begin.

On the left side of the screen,

you'll find the activity panel

where you can explore and manipulate areas on the 3D model.

Use the buttons in the lower right of the activity pane

to enlarge the viewer, or switch to Full Screen mode.

Use the mouse to explore and manipulate areas

on the 3D model.

Left-click and drag to move an object.

Right-click and drag to orbit your view.

Use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out.

You can use the navigation along the bottom

of the activity pane to step through the activity.

As you move through the activity,

content related to the activity you are viewing

is displayed in the article pane.

For each learning activity,

you'll come to a brief interactive quiz.

The quiz may consist of multiple choice, drag and drop,

or select an object style question.

Correct answers are displayed in green

and advance to the next question.

Incorrect answers are displayed in red,

and allow the users to try again until correct.

You can share the activity using social media tools,

copy and paste a link to the activity,

or copy and paste a link to a single slide.
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