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Last Updated: January 04, 2024

Gale Interactive: Chemistry - Activities

This tutorial shows you how to navigate activities within Gale Interactive: Chemistry.

Gale Interactive: Chemistry provides

learners with access to 3D model activities

to better understand key areas of chemistry,

including elements, molecules and

compounds and chemical reactions.

Select an activity of interest by browsing

or searching. Reference articles are

provided on the right side of the screen. For additional


options at the bottom, right of the activity allow

you to toggle between activity window sizes,

click and drag within the activity window

to move the whole model, right, click

and drag to edit the angle at which you view the activity

zoom into the activity. By using the scroll

wheel on your mouse. If you are using

a touch screen like a tablet or phone,

use two fingers on your screen to zoom

in or out,

many activities contain workbenches

in which you can select different buttons to view specific

features of the model.

Choose start activity, select

the arrows on the side of the activity to move

through the slides. The slides guide

the activity and provide detailed information

models can be manipulated at any time

when you are ready to move to the next slide, the

model will reorganize as needed.
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