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Last Updated: December 03, 2021

Gale In Context: For Educators - Organize

Build out folders with your resources and work with others to create classroom materials tailored to your needs.

Gale In Context: For Educators

folders allow you to gather and organize

premium Gale sources and external

materials into units, easily

share those materials with students,

and work with your colleagues to save time developing


After finding items of interest, add

them to existing folders

or create new locations to house

the materials.

Items you save include any introductions

and annotations you add to the content,

so you can construct hubs of customized

readings, discussion prompts and

assignments for your classes.

Use "My Class Resources" to

access all of your folders.

Arrange and tag items to provide

direction to students

and structure your content.

If you want to include classroom sources

found outside of Gale In Context: For


use the "Add Link" button to enter

a title and URL for each item.

When you're ready, use

"Send To" to share the folder with

your students. If you use

"Get shareable student link" or share

a link to the folder via email or Google


students will see up-to-date content as you

add or remove articles.

You can even change the items that are visible

to students over time,

making it possible to plan instruction in advance

and direct students to new content from

the same folder.

If you want to see what students can access,

simply check the Student View.

To share your folders or build instructional

units with other educators,

select "Collaborate"

Use "Share a copy" to provide access

to a new folder identical to the

current version.

If you want to collaboratively edit a folder,

choose "Work together."

You can create and share as many folders

as you want to organize trusted sources

and enhance learning.

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