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Last Updated: July 12, 2023

Narrowing Your Research Topic

This tutorial shares strategies for narrowing wide research topics, and using advanced search features to pinpoint documents within your Gale In Context resources.

When you have a broad idea for a research project,

it can be hard to narrow it down to something specific.

Gale In Context databases give the

tools you need to focus your topic

and find the best sources for your research.

Start with a reference article or overview

to build background knowledge, brainstorm

keywords and develop a specific perspective

for your research.

If available,

continue refining your investigation with Topic Finder,

which maps themes and sub topics within

your research.

Click to discover new search paths and

immediately access relevant results.

As you clarify the focus of your research,

use Advanced Search to target precise

results and quickly locate materials

that meet your needs.

When you find documents to support your project,

make sure to use the available tools to

stay organized and save yourself time

so that you can focus on getting your next A.

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