Health & Wellness Resource Center - Supporting Health Curriculum

This tutorial will show you how to use Gale’s Health & Wellness Resource Center to find authoritative health information to support school programs, assignments, and classroom activities.

this turtorial will show you how to use Gail's

Gale's Health & Wellness Resource Center to find

authoritative health information to support

school programs assignments

and classroom activities

health and wellness Resource Center provides

a variety of search and browse features to

help you quickly find health articles and multimedia

content Drive browse

topics for quick connections to Reliable information

covering common diseases drugs

treatments and more

we just a few quick clicks you

can find recent materials to enhanced license

it's also a great place to direct students

looking for topics for health projects

select one of the topics to generate a list of

ad free results from trusted Publications

and help organizations

an overview and reference materials

provide straightforward introductions

to build background knowledge keep

students engage with multimedia content play

short videos or use audio to spark

discussion use

articles from premium news sources and magazines

for recent Health developments and popular

coverage of treatments quick to view

more of each type of result or

an individual result

when you find contact you'd like to include in

class you can click the bookmark

tool to create a persistent like back to the

content copy and paste this link to

quickly access content in the future during

the lecture or class discussion or

provide the link to students in an email or

on a class website if

you use G suite for Education you

can easily add content to Google Classroom simply

click the share to classroom and follow

the on-screen instructions The Bookmark

and share the classroom tools are not only available

on individual results but also on

topic and search result pages so

you can even direct students

to view multiple results to build

a deep understanding of health condition or issues

best of all health and wellness Resource

Center can be accessed by your student

anytime anywhere