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Last Updated: January 01, 1970

Health & Wellness Resource Center - Supporting Health Curriculum

This tutorial will show you how to use Gales Health & Wellness Resource Center to find authoritative health information to support school programs, assignments, and classroom activities.
When you need high quality health information

to enhance classroom lessons and activities,

use Health & Wellness Resource Center

to find articles and multimedia from trusted

publications and health organizations.

Try Browse Topics for quick connections

to common diseases, drugs, treatments, and more.

It's a great place for students to find topics for health projects,

and with just a few clicks, you can find recent materials to enhance lessons.

Build student's background knowledge with straightforward overview and reference materials.

Play short videos or use audio to spark discussion.

Use articles from premium news sources and magazines

for recent health developments and popular coverage of treatments.

When you find information you'd like to include

in the lesson, click the bookmark tool

to create a persistent link for quick

access during class,

in an email for students, or from

a classroom website.

Or, if you use Google Classroom,

simply click the Share to Classroom button

and follow the on-screen instructions.

Both tools are not only available on individual sources,

but also on topic pages and search results,

so you can even direct students to view

multiple articles and build a deep understanding

of health conditions or issues.

Best of all,

Health & Wellness Resource Center can be accessed

by your students anytime, anywhere.

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