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Last Updated: September 30, 2022

Gale Health and Wellness - Finding Trustworthy Medical Information

This tutorial will show you how to use Gale Health and Wellness to easily find ad-free authoritative health information to put your mind at ease.

When you are diagnosed with a health problem,

it's easy to get lost in worst case scenarios

on the open web.

Use Gale Health and Wellness to easily

Find and free authoritative health

information to put your mind at ease.

Start with a Basic Search for a health issue or condition.

You will find a variety of premium content

options, including articles and videos

from vetted publications and well known

health organizations.

If available, an overview at the top

of the topic page provides a straightforward

look at a health condition.

Thes entries come from expert sources

like the Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine.

You can trust that they'll provide a thorough

but accessible introduction to your

health concerns so that you can have a

fear-free conversation with your doctor.

Click content headers for more results.

Reference is a great place to find additional

background and summaries.

Use available limiters to quickly filter

results and hone in on information

most relevant to your needs.

Select relevant text within the document

and use the Highlights and Notes tool if you want

to keep track of details to discuss with your doctor.

Be sure to use the available tools to

save any documents you highlight before

closing Gale Health and Wellness.

Access these articles any time,

from any device, and you'll be on your

way to an informed conversation with your doctor.

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