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Last Updated: January 12, 2023

Get Healthy With Gale Health and Wellness

As patrons gear up to achieve their New Years resolutions, Gale can support healthy habits and lifestyles. Gale Health and Wellness provides user with up-to-date consumer-focused medical information on topics like diabetes, heart health, exercise, clean eating, and more. Join this session to uncover content to support your health-conscious patrons.
Duration: 30 Minutes
Thank you again everyone for being here.

Today. We're going to be talking about getting healthy

with gale health and wellness. My

name is Amber Winters and I am your gale training

consultant for the day

So today first of course we're going to talk about

exactly what gale health and wellness is.

We're going to focus specifically on the content

that's going to be found to help your patrons as

they start trying to live a little

bit more healthy. this session

is being recorded in january, so I'm

sure a lot of your pa are coming in looking for

health tips at the, at the start

of the new year. So we're going to go over the

different bits of content as well as the resource

platform and the resource workflow

that's going to help them as they run

through their own discovery. So we will take time

to walk through the resource

And at the end of the session we will have time for

questions and I have some closing information

with some contact information for you

as well. Again, if you have questions

as we move through the session, you don't need

to wait until the end of the session if you don't want to

go ahead and put them into the Q. And A. And I'll be

able to answer them as we move along.

So, first let's just go over briefly what

exactly gale health and wellness is.

And this is a resource that's really going to,

it's a, a very broad resource that's going to

help a lot of different patron types

that you may run into. You have access

to content anywhere from full text

medical journals down to

news and magazines or reference work. So

you're really getting the basic intermediate and

advanced leveled content found here

in this. And it is focused really

on everything, health and wellness. So you're going to get

the standard, what you would expect, like diseases

and disorders, you're also going to get

different treatments as well as other health topics

that may not be strictly mainstream

medicine. You may get information

on holistic treatments or information on

exercise and yoga, things like that. So

it's really kind of an all encompassing

product that you're going to spend a lot of great information

on. and it has a nice

clean organization. So if your patrons are starting

to kind of be beginner researchers a little bit

and aren't quite sure where they need to go.

We have really nice topic pages that are pre

created for them. We pull together all

of the different contents related to whatever

topic they searched or browsed for.

And they'll be able to point and click through that instead of having

to kind of navigate through a basic

search results page.

And in addition to that workflow, we have some

really nice tools. So not only today are we

going to take a look at the content that's going

to support a healthy lifestyle for your patrons,

but we're also going to learn how they can manipulate

that text to make it as accessible as it possibly

can be for them. And also how to take

the text with them. So if they do find something

really helpful while they're on the computer,

say at your library as opposed to being home,

we're going to go over some different workflows for

them to save that content to take a look at later.

a great way for them to save content. If

they're planning on speaking with their doctor, they can

save whatever article they found and

they'll have it prepared and ready for them to go when they do

speak with them.

So first I just wanna go briefly into

the different content types

we have available and how they can be helpful. So first

a big chunk of information

we have within this resource is going to be

reference articles. So again this

is really excuse me.

this is really basic information

that's going to allow your patrons to kind of build

their found foundational information about

whatever they're learning about. maybe it's

heart disease, if they're worried about their risk factors

that way, maybe it's exercise, Maybe they've decided

they need to work on their diet this year.

they'll get these reference articles that

are going to give them that base level of knowledge

before they start going any further. So

those are going to be the starting point for most likely.

A lot of your patron research.

moving from there, We have news and magazine

reports that are updated daily.

So if your patrons are looking for information that's

currently in the news, they currently want to see what's

going on. This will be a great place for them

to stop as well. So it's going to let them connect

to those topics as they're happening.

So they'll get informa information like

maybe community health or something like that, or

they can find information on different medical breakthroughs.

Maybe there's a new treatment for something

they're struggling with. They'll be able to find that

on this platform as well. And again, the news and magazines

are updated daily. So they're

getting that most current content

that we have

We also have a pretty huge multimedia

collection as well. So if you have patrons

who are maybe struggling with reading,

maybe english isn't their first language, or maybe

they just have difficulty reading screens,

they can take a look at some of the different

videos. We have audio files and images as

well. And they're able to take a look through those

instead of that text formatting. So we

do like to supplement our text with a lot

of multimedia that's going to help them.

and within our images sections. We also have

a lot of great graphs and charts

and statistics and things like that. So

again giving your patrons just another level

of content to help them

understand whatever topic they're trying to learn


And as I previously mentioned, we do have full

text academic medical journals.

So of course that's going to be for your more advanced

researchers. Maybe you have individuals

coming in from the, the local community college

or from a high school or something like that

and they need that kind of more advanced,

moving away from consumer focus

to more advanced academic work.

They can find that information here on this resource

as well.

So, again, a really nice holistic approach here,

and all of this content, as I mentioned, is

organized in two different topic pages.

So you'll see, I've pulled forward here. We have

a topic page specifically related to fitness.

So if your patrons are coming in trying

to start their own exercise regimen

or something like that, they can click into this nice

topic page.

when they do at the very top of that

page, they're going to get a nice overview of

just fitness in general. So they're going to understand

what fitness is, what kind of the

the expectations of fitness are.

They'll find that in the overview

then down below that they're going to see all of

the different results related to fitness.

So this is what they'd see if they just ran a

basic search for fitness. You'll see right now. We

have over a million magazine

articles related to fitness. We have our academic

works pulled out here. All of our multimedia

will be found here as well. So these topic pages

organize and pull all of that content together

to make this really simple for your patrons to access.

And down underneath that we also have a

search within option. So as they start to look

through this topic page, if maybe they're finding a lot

of content that isn't directly what

they're looking for. Maybe they're specifically

focused on yoga or something like that. Some specific

type of fitness. They can type that into

the search within and gets more exact

results for what they're looking for.

and before we do dive in, I have just a few key

topic pages. I want to mention that you may want

to point out to your patrons, especially

if you have individ individuals coming into your

library asking you for information or

maybe you're running a program a around around

healthy living. We do have some great topic

pages that you can get a quick

link to and share out either on your

social media or your life, great website wherever

you wanted to go. So of course fitness.

I've listed here. You'll see my screen chat here. But we

also have topic pages on obesity

and obesity related illnesses like heart

disease and diabetes. We have

a, a really huge mental health section

that I'm going to point out to you today for your

patrons. So if they are help struggling

with some sort of um

Mental health concern like depression,

anxiety. We've got information to help

them. We have great topic

pages on vaping and vaccines. I

think vaping is especially important if you have

many patients coming in with

Children who are kind of struggling with vaping.

Of course, that's a big issue in high schools right now.

We got a full, topic page for that as well.

We do have a full diets topic

page. We're actually going to take a look at that today.

So we can see some of the different diets and

kind of learn background. We also

have information on different medications

as well as different exams,

different tests and things like that, you'll say have included

physical examination here.

this is a really beneficial one. If your patrons

are just starting to go to the doctor. Maybe

it's been a been a while and they're

just starting to go back or maybe they're just

turning into adults and they have to go in for that

adults physical examination. We actually

give a background on those just to help

ease the anxiety of going to the doctor a little

bit. They'll also find information

And if they need x-rays or biopsies

or ultrasounds. all that good

stuff is found here on this resource as well.

So it's a one stop shop to make sure

they understand what's going on around them and make

sure we can try to ease the

anxiety of going to the doctor a little bit

So let's go ahead and take a look here. We'll go through some

of the different workflows and how your patrons

can access this content.

while I switch over. Does

anyone have any questions, Let's

see. Here we go.

for me, as we get going,


I don't see any questions. So we'll go ahead

and just get rolling here. So this is the

home page to gale health and wellness.

And I will point out

towards the top of the page here under

our topics of interest. We do change

these frequently depending on what's going on. So

you'll see COVID-19 has

been listed on this little carousel for

quite a while, but we also include

some other things listed here as well as poverty

and health as well as senior health. We've

decided to pull forward today. So if your patrons

find one of those topics interesting, they

can click directly there without even having to run

a search. They'll be able to access that content

of course we have our search bar up top.

But today I want to show you how you can click through

using our browse topics option.

And this is really great if your patron doesn't know exactly

what they want to search.

We have this access here. So

two sections I want to point out today, since we're talking

about healthy living are going to be

the therapies, treatments and surgery


because the treatments is going to

include things like exercise,

like diets, um, weight

loss, things like that. It's going to show

different treatments for those things and a lot

of those treatments are going to be individual

driven, not necessarily going out to the doctor

So this therapy treatments and surgeries section

is really great to find content.

And then our mental health section, we've pulled

forward as well. So all of our mental health

information, we've pulled to this one

page here. You'll see. We've pulled out and highlighted

56 topics that

are most used and most searched within

this platform. So they can access this directly

here. See if they can find exactly what they're

looking for.

So let's click now into just this

therapy treatments and surgeries options.

and you'll see listed.

Let me jump back quickly right next to the title.

There were 81 topics listed

here and of course these 81 are not

the only topics we have available,

but we do choose to pull forward into these categories.

The most searched and the most used.

So this is for the most part what your users,

your patrons are looking for. Of course,

if they can't find what they're looking for, they

can run a search and they'll still pull great contents.

It's just sometimes we don't have them listed

here and you'll

notice a lot of these have either updated

or new flags attached to them. So,

new means we've just added and highlighted

this topic to this section. So

running and jogging is something that's

must be gaining

in popularity. So we've started to include

that here. If it's listed as updated,

that means we've changed they featured content

in it within the

Excuse me, the last few months.

So you'll see these flags listed here.

and what's great is on this topic page.

I can choose to look at different sections here.

I can choose using this strap down just to

take a look at those new or updated options.

Maybe I just want to take a look at what

what people are currently looking for. Of course R.

S. B. has been really pulled

forward recently. So if they're looking for information

there, they can simply take a look at that.

if I clicked into this therapies option.

But I actually want to take a look at mental

health. I can click into that section

here or

maybe I'm looking for drugs. You know, I

am looking specifically for a weight loss drug.

I can take a look here and kind of start

to move forward.

But we'll stick here with therapies, treatments

and surgeries today. I'm gonna

scroll down, I'm going to look at diets because

again, it's the start of the new year

at the time where this is being recorded. Maybe

not whoever is watching this, but as

this is recorded, it's the start to a new year.

So we'll click into diets because again this is

probably where a lot of patrons are trying to

get to

And now we're on our topic page here. So again we

have our overview at the very top

and then scrolling down, we have these different content

buckets that are going to include the different content

types. So we've pulled reference

works out separately from magazines.

We have our images listed here again, as I mentioned

a lot of times, we have some great statistics

or different kind of bits of information

like infographics and things like that.

down further. You'll see. We do have

our academic journals pulled out here as well.

You'll see these are listed as peer reviewed.

So if you have students coming in

again, maybe from the local community college

or maybe if you're with a school on the line with

us today we do label things

that are peer reviewed as peer reviewed. So if they

need that content, they'll be able to easily find

that Let's

scroll back up here.

So while I'm on this topic page, maybe you as a librarian

found this you have a lot of

individuals coming in wanting information

about different diets. You can use

this get link button at the very top here

and you can copy and paste this and send

it wherever you want it to go. So maybe you want to

forward along. Maybe you have a a list serve for

for patrons. You can forward it along that way.

Maybe you want to put it on your library's web

page, you want to send it out in

a social media post. This is a persistent

URL that's not going to break. So any of

your patrons will be able to click in and

look at this topic page and then they can move forward

with their own research. So this is still

giving them a pretty broad

set of content. You're not narrowing it down

too much for them, but you're still helping

them navigate to exactly what they need.

and this get link feature does actually follow

us around on almost all pages.

So you or your patrons can really

get a link to any page. You want to be an

article. Maybe a list of

search results. You can use your get link

today. I'm going to click to click into all

of my reference works here because again, that's kind

of our basic content and that's

where I want to be as a patron. I'm just starting

off learning. I want to take a look at my reference here.

on this right hand side. I first want to show

some of our different filters and you'll notice

we have the option to narrow down to just

spanish content.

And this is native spanish content. This isn't

content that has been translated into spanish.

this is written in spanish.

Generally the publication is going to be spanish.

So you'll see. We can pull that forward here.

So if you do have patrons looking for spanish

content they can narrow it down.

If they run a search, they can also go

onto our advanced search and there's a filter

for just spanish content there as well.

So they can actually begin their search

in spanish

I'm not going to turn that on today though.

We'll leave that off. I can also narrow

it down to consumer health. So this is going

to make sure I'm not getting a lot of that.

really advanced medical journal

content. If I really just need the more basic

level I can choose just to narrow that down


I can also choose different subjects

see I have different subjects tagged here

and I can also choose a publication title if

I want

I'm going to leave those blank today though and

you'll see as I start start to scroll down here in

this left hand side, you'll see we have a lot of

information on fad diets. A lot of

different types of diets here.

I can click into any of these. let's go

ahead and click into a keto diet.

Of course a lot of individuals are on

keto diets. So if someone's interested,

we can click into this now.

Again, as I mentioned, get link has followed

me along. So if I found this really interesting,

maybe I want to share it with someone. I can

do that with my get link.

I can start to scroll down here and you'll see I have

my full text but on this right hand

side I also have an explorer option

that's going to give me some additional information.

So this is really great to move them forward if

they learned a bit about keto diet, they

want to learn more.

They can take a look at that here. You see this

related subjects is often times really helpful.

Maybe they now want to take a look at the Atkins

diet or something like that.

scrolling down here. I also want to point

out, we have our citation included.

So if you're a student coming into the library

using this for a project,

we do have our source citation built in right

there for them.

You'll notice a lot of these have these blue

sidebars. This one here, the questions to

ask your do doctor I think is really important

because of course this platform isn't going to

replace a doctor but it could certainly

help spark conversation

spark. Um

some different ideas that your patrons can

bring to their doctor. So if they are planning on getting

healthy and want to discuss they

could pull these questions and have that ready

to go so they don't get into the situation where they

get home from the doctor and say,

you know dang, I wish I would have asked blah blah

blah while I was there, they can pull these questions

right here on our platform, you'll see those in a lot

of different

articles. You'll see this one's also got

some key terms here. You'll see some of them look

fairly um

complicated in my opinion.

So we'll give definitions for all that good stuff

and again, they can pull this forward here.

and keep it with them.

And not only can they get

a link of this document if they want to, they can

print it out, they can download it to their computer

or they can send it in a few different

in kind of tech ways,

they can send it over to their drives if

they're using google drive or

one drive or integrated with both.

So they can choose these different bits of content

and send them over to those drives to save for later.

Or they can email to themselves or to

someone else

So again, if they find something really great,

maybe they want to send it over to their kids or

their parents or wherever they want

it to go. They can do that in quite a few different ways.

They can also edit how they see this text

here. So if you have patrons coming in.

maybe they want this text in spanish,

Maybe we don't have a spanish version of this.

They can translate this english article

using our translate button here

They could click pull it down and

choose whatever language they need.

We also have the ability to increase or decrease

the font size. So if you have patrons

who are visually impaired, who need

that larger text, they can change any of those

right here.

We can also change how the text

is displayed to make it as easy as possible

to see if you have patrons coming in

who are dyslexic. We do have a dyslexia

font available for them

and we can also change the line letter and word

spacing. Again, trying to

keep it as customizable

as possible to make sure your patrons

are getting exactly what they need

I'm going to leave this, I'm gonna go back to my default

here though,

but I can change this at any time

Your patrons can also listen to this content.

So again, if they find something really helpful

and maybe they're struggling readers a little bit,

they can have this full article read to them.

I'm just going to pause it here. I'm not going to play

it because you can see here when I hit that play

button and pulls forward this option here,

I can actually download this as an mp3.

So if I want to take this with me and maybe listen

to it later,

I can do that. As opposed to sending over the

text, I can send over the actual

recording of what's being read to

me And

I do have another way to find some content that

I want to take a look at before we leave

today, we've got about 10 minutes left

before I do that, does anyone have any questions

about what we went through browsing through?

Topic pages, filtering anything

like that

Ok? I don't see any. So the last thing

I want to show you before we're done with the day is our topic

finder. This is really great. If your patrons

have a really broad topic that maybe

they're trying to narrow down when they run the search,

they're just pulling way too much content.

I just click into my advanced search

And when I click in here, you'll see. Topic finder is listed

as one of my options in this gray bar at the

very top. So I'll click into that.

and what I do. I'm going to be able to run a search

for whatever I'm interested in. Let's just do

mental health.

So when I run my search, I'm going to get this nice

little interactive

chart here, we'll be able to click

into a specific subsection

of mental health. So maybe I'm specifically

looking for information on college

students. You know, maybe I'm a concerned parent coming

in whose student may be struggling a bit

with some mental health issues. I can click

in there

and you'll see now we've narrowed it down to 34

results here on this right hand side for

patrons to click through

So this is starting to narrow down exactly what

they're seeing

and they can go down a step further. So

maybe they want to take a look at mental health


And you'll see now we've narrowed down to 10 results.

So this is a really nice way for them to drill

down to exactly what they need without

having to run a lot of searches or without having

to tailor an advanced search to

what they're looking for. They can just type in their

search and narrow down all on their own and

then they'll be able to click directly into whatever piece of

text they think is going to be most

beneficial for them.

when they do that, you'll see it looks just

like it did previously. If they were to just navigate

by running a search. And

then again, they have all of those same different tools

if they want to send this somewhere, if

they want to print it out for later, they

can do that on this page as well.

now, I do have some wrap up information for

you while I'm switching over that. I'll ask

again if we have any questions,

I haven't seen any pop up but I don't want

to miss any.

so go ahead and put them into the Q. And A. And

I can go over some quick contact

information with you. So you'll have access

to a customer success manager. So if you

want to go over this resource a little bit more,

maybe take a deeper dive into the different

tools. I just mentioned that we could and go all the way

through today. Or maybe you want to talk about usage

or resource promotion. Your customer

success manager is going to be able to help

you out with all of those things if you haven't

worked with them yet, I would suggest reaching out to

them. If you don't know who it is, you can send

an email to gale at customer success

at dot com and you'll be forwarded

to the correct individual and you can set

an appointment with them and really go over anything

you need to regarding your resources.

if you don't have gale health and wellness and you want to

talk about it, you can reach out to your sales consultant

if you haven't been in contact with them yet,

you can find them using support that. Gale dot com

forward slash finder and I'll forward you to the correct


and if you want some more training materials,

so we'll have additional

wears like you saw today or if you're

looking for um

tutorials, resource guides, flyers,

tips sheets social media posts,

you'll find all of that great content on our support

site, which is support that Gale dot com

and we've created this stuff. It's ready, It's free

for you all to use. So don't feel like you need to reinvent

the wheel. If you're planning on promoting

or using any of your Gale resources,

take a look at this at this support

site before you build your own content because

we might have something that'll make your life just a little bit


and finally, I do have a training session

survey. I would love for you all to take. If you have

the time. If you want to scan this

QR code, it's going to launch you right into

the survey

the URL is bit dot forward

slash G training email and I believe

it's also going to pop up into your browser once

we're done with our session today. so

I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of bombarding you just

a little bit with the link to the training

session survey, but we want to make sure

that we're hitting everything you all are looking for

when you register. So please go ahead

and take that if you have the time

and again, I haven't seen any questions

pop up on the line. So I'm going to

go ahead and end our session for the day. If

you do have questions feel free to reach out

to me or you can reach out using any

of these contacts I've listed here,

but please enjoy the rest of your day and hopefully

we'll see you on future sessions
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