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Last Updated: October 04, 2022

TexShare Academic - LibGuides Instructions (HTML)

Using Gale import files to populate your A-Z database list

Please download the Texshare Academic Import File for your Texshare specific resources. All files are configured to match the LibGuides A-Z Database list import file structure and file type (.csv).

If you would like to request a custom import file for your institution, please reach out to the Gale's Academic Outreach & Engagement team to submit your request.

Modifying Files

Each file contains information about Gale databases and can be imported as-is when adding new databases to your LibGuides site. However, if some databases included in the file already exist within your A-Z Database list, the file can be modified to act as an update to those databases. Additionally, if you don't subscribe to certain databases included in the file or want to make your own modifications to databases, including database descriptions, subject associations, or database links, edit the file before uploading.

You can use any spreadsheet editor to modify the file like Excel or Google Sheets. The resulting file must continue to be formatted as a comma separated value (.csv) file to be uploaded in LibGuides.

Removing Databases from the File

If a database should not be added or updated from the import file, simply delete the entire row of data from the CSV file.

Modifying Database Information

To update databases listed in the file, edit data cells using a spreadsheet tool. Specific instructions for each type of data or column in the file is included on row 2. This information includes character limits, instructions for dealing with multiple subjects or types, and how to toggle on or off specific functionality.

We recommend updating database URLs to match the custom URLs for your own Location ID. Simply replace the existing URL with a replacement URL bearing your Location ID; if you need help locating your institution's URLs, please feel free to contact Gale's Academic Outreach & Engagement team and we would be happy to supply them.

Marking Databases as Updates versus New Additions

The LibGuides A-Z Import template uses the column labeled content_id to control whether a database entry is treated as an update instead of a new database. If a content ID is not included for a database, it will be considered a new database being added to the list. If a content ID is provided, LibGuides will update the existing database matching that ID with the information provided in the data row.

If you plan to update databases, admin-level users can find existing content_ids by viewing the A-Z list, available via the Content dropdown menu in the command bar.

Preparing to Upload

Before uploading, we strongly recommend downloading a backup file of any existing databases, using the available TEMPLATE format. Use the help documentation linked below from Springshare to find out more about downloading or exporting your databases.

It can be helpful to use a standard naming convention for backup files as well as import files, so that you're more easily able to tell them apart if you need to re-import a previous version of the list.

Uploading the Import File

Follow the steps documented in Springshare's help documentation linked below. Use the Gale- provided import file, with any needed modifications, as your import file instead of downloading an empty import file to add databases to.

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