Gale Primary Sources - Searching

This tutorial covers basic and advanced search strategies for finding primary source documents within Gale Primary Sources.

The easiest way

to uncover primary source material

is to perform a basic search

using the search box found on the homepage

and in the banner of most other pages.

When more than one database or collection is available,

you can search across multiple collections.

First, select the database or collections you want to search

and then enter a search term.

Use advanced search to perform more complex searches.

Simply enter your search term

and then select the field or index that you want to search.

Click Add Row to search multiple terms or fields.

Check the Allow Variations checkbox

to accommodate for spelling variations

sometimes found in historical documents.

Notice that you can limit your search by database

if multiple databases are available.

You can also limit your search by content type,

by publication date, to a type of illustration,

by document type, by language,

by publication title, or by source library.

The search returns results that meet your search criteria.

Your search results are arranged by content type.

Content types may include monographs,

manuscripts, newspapers and periodicals,

magazines, photographs, maps,

images, and/or video.

The number of results found for each content type

is displayed.

Click View All or select a content type

to see all results for that content type.

Use the Sort By option to sort your results by relevance,

from newest to oldest, oldest to newest,

or by document title.

Use the Search Within Results box

to further search within your results.

You can also limit your search

to results from a specific database,

by language, by subject,

by document type, by publication title

or section for newspapers and periodicals,

or by publication year.

When viewing newspaper and periodical documents,

click on the hyperlinked publication name

to view publication details

or access other issues from that publication.

Click on a document thumbnail image or title

to view the document.