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Last Updated: August 24, 2018

For FEL: DemographicsNow for Academic Research

DemographicsNow provides key data points from sources like the Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Simmons National Consumer Study, reported by state, county, school district, congressional district, and even custom geographies. With the ability to compare regions, and map demographic trends, DemographicsNow supports projects within business departments, but also fuels research interests within the social sciences. This session will introduce demographic tools, and will explore applications of data to academic coursework and research projects. It will also highlight mapping capabilities to uncover interesting demographic tendencies and visually depict regional connections to demographic variables. If you support subjects related to business, politics, nonprofits, or the social sciences, join this session to learn how DemographicsNow can fuel research at your institution.
Duration: Under 15 Minutes
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