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Last Updated: November 18, 2021

For FEL: Engage Future Entrepreneurs with Gale Business Resources

Gale is here with the Florida Electronic Library to support business students at all levels with simple access to data, statistics, demographics, business plans, and reports about businesses. In this webinar recording, targeted to high school and college librarians and educators, we review the applications of Gale Business: Entrepreneurship, Business Insights: Essentials, and Gale Business: DemographicsNow to support business students in their research and projects.

Duration: 45 Minutes
Welcome to your Florida electronic library training session engage future entrepreneurs with Gale business resources. My name is Tammi Van Buren and I'm your guild trainer, and for today's training our focus is going to be on three different business resources

that you have from the their guild business resources that you have from the Florida electronic library, and going to share with you how those resources can support business students.

we will access each resource to share the content features and tools, and you will discover where you can go for training material at the end of our session, but I'll also share with you during the session what resource to use and when you would use it.

So, it is this session is geared towards students our students, either business students, either at the high school level or at the college level.

So keep that in mind, but these resources are used heavily with in the public libraries, with patrons also small business owners, so you may be able to apply some of what I'm going to go over today to that those those users also.

Alright so let's talk about the agenda here real quick.

We're going to start with an overview of the business resources that we're going to cover in the session, I want you to really get a good understanding of each of those today before I go live into the products.

We're going to then explore content to support small business, small business students and investors so I'm going to kind of work in everything but again the main focus is going to be on students today.

And then questions training materials and contact information, I encourage you to ask questions throughout the session, but I will stay on the line at the end if there's any additional questions, I'll also share with you where you can go to find some

great training materials including short little video tutorials if you want to link those out or share those with your students, and then contact information my contact information.

And also you have Gale Customer Success managers that are there to support you and all things scale.

First and foremost access to your Florida electronic library resources. If you are going through the Florida electronic library portal or website. You have complete access to all those resources your users should be taken right into the resources because

as long as they're in the state of Florida.

The database, or I should say the website will identify that and take them directly into the product so they won't be prompted for a password at all as long as they're in the state of Florida.

If you have the direct URLs on your for each individual product on your library website, the same should apply so you should be able to what we call it's called geo authenticating your, your users should be able to get right into those resources without

being prompted with a password or you or username.

Access to the Florida electronic Library website. It has recently received some updates because a whole collection of ebooks were added there was a collection, added to K 12 public an academic library so you're going to see a new collection of ebooks,

oops I go back to that page here, there's a new tab for that and then you can jump into all the titles over here on the right hand side. so this is a new section, and your Florida electronic Library website.

Let's talk about our first resource it's one of my favorites Gale business entrepreneurship. I love it too because it's the platform is very similar to your in context and your one file so Gale In Context resources which you have a couple, and you get

world business plans so the complete business plans handbook is here, it's digital so you have unlimited access to it. The nice thing is the Florida electronic library also purchases the ebook version of this.

So you have that digitally, and unlimited access, and you're going to find that in your ebook collections under business you're going to find that complete series, so you have it here in the database, and also as an ebook so you have both from Florida

electronic Library Reference works like the Encyclopedia of small business you're going to find within this resource. Fantastic directories related to establishing maintaining or managing a small business.

These are great two for students, students looking to network, students that are our future entrepreneurs. You may they may have a marketing class at the college level or, and they if they are looking to start their own business they might have an idea

in mind and where can they go What, what can they do after what connections can they make while they're in school the directories are a great source for that.

And then you're going to find over 300 Full Text entrepreneurial. It's always a tricky word and industry specific magazines and journals within this resource.

Business Insights essentials is a little different this is giving you a little bit more specific information so you're going to find full text for more than almost 4000 journals within this resource.

There's information on 465,000 companies so their profiles and their histories, you're also going to find industry profiles and the Plunkett industry reports.

So reports are going to be here within and there's other reports available on the global data global data research report is also available within this resource SWOT analysis so if you're looking for and that's used a lot I know, especially at the college

level, but I'm seeing it also in high school, where certain classes are taking a look at businesses and that SWOT analysis, understanding what it is, how it works, what it looks like for different businesses and maybe writing their own is really a helpful

tool and to have this in within this resource and have a business that they're that they know about to take a look at it can be really helpful in teaching students fundamentals, a nail analysis data you're going to find in this resource and then comparison

charts Association information and investment reports, along with detailed financials, so there's a lot of financial reports within this resource and business executive video interviews.

Now I will tell you that this platform will also be getting the same update so you're going to see that in the last I heard what was going to happen over the summer so it's still a little bit of time before.

Business Insights essentials is also going to receive all the same updates and it's going to look very similar to your Gale business entrepreneurship and your one file and in context resources so do know that that is coming, but it's still a ways out

right now but they are, they are working on it.

Gale business demographics now this is a fun resource to do some exploration and even for your own libraries if you're now. Our focus today is on business students.

But if you need to do any marketing for programming. This is a great resource to use.

So Gale business demographics now offers information on income housing, education retail spending and so much more.

You're going to find individual focus data, so large list compiled more than 206 million US residents organized in 135 million households. So by name, address, telephone and more.

You're going to find customizable printable maps and a variety of views that offer users to review demographics and people that reside within this geographies.

I like the reports, is probably my favorite within this resource. I do like the maps, but the reports I find them really helpful information. So, the demographics tool where you're leveraging that census data, consumer expenditures is really helpful information

retail spending and those most say at mosaic lifestyle reports those market segmentation groupings. If you're not familiar with those we have a help button.

Within this resource that explains each one but it really helps users crunch that data.

Alright so let's jump in if there any questions don't forget please use that q amp a box but we're going to jump in to our resources today.

And I'm going to start with the Florida electronic library sites. Now I can only get so far before I'm prompted to login because I'm coming to you from Michigan so I'm not getting that g authentication.

But I did want to point out those ebooks and where you're going to find if you're accessing from this point, the collections have been, you'd have quite a few collections that have been created with all of the, the E book titles existing and new, but

you're going to find those business titles primarily if you go under General, you're going to find business here that you can access those titles. Okay, so it's going to be under that general section, all of your other resources if you go under all resources,

and you can search through the list, or you can look for Let me see if she's Yep, they're all organized here under g for Gale, so you'll find a lot here but you may have to go to like Business Insights essentials.

So, you'll see that a lot where at not everything is listed under G, you're going to want to look for those those titles. Okay.

Or you can go by interest.

So there's a lot of eyebrows, there's a lot of options that you can select from to find, find those resources. So let's dive in. We're going to start with.

Gale business entrepreneurship.

And I want to start with pointing out a few items first and foremost you always have basic search and advanced search right here on the homepage. and then you have this contextual toolbar and this toolbar will change depending on where I'm at within the

resource and what tools I need.

What I love about this is that there's a glossary. So that's within Gale business entrepreneurship, you're going to find this glossary it's not in all of your other Gale resources but it's really helpful to have that glossary because there's a lot of

business terms that maybe especially students might not be familiar with. So building that vocabulary, but helping them to understand what some of these business terms mean or maybe they found a business term and they want to search through the glossary

that option is available to.

And that's in the contextual toolbar at the top, we have Browse Topics title is search history get link highlights and notes, we're going to talk a little bit more about some of these title lists and search history is session based so anytime I do a basic

search it's going to show up in that search history. As soon as I log out of this resource that search history will be cleared title this gives you exactly that a list of all the titles that you're going to find within this resource so we publish a lot

of our own information but we also work with some fantastic publishers too. So if you're curious if we have a certain journal maybe you're looking for a certain Business Journal and you want to see if we have it within this resource maybe you have one

copy in your library, and you need multiple copies or you are have one, you know, your, you want your students to have access to, if they're you're at the high school level or college level and you want to have access to a specific business journal but

don't want them to have to go out and purchase that journal, see if we have it, see if we have it in our title list and and add it to your your list of of texts that you'll be providing or that students need to access.

I have two college students so I understand how that goes very very well, and especially the the one I have one daughter that's at Michigan State and she has a lot of professors that utilize these tools, very well I was really impressed it's help save

the students a lot of money too and you're getting those that content that's that's up to date you know you're getting the most recent copy of whatever it is that you're searching for maybe it is a Business Journal, just an idea trending small businesses

so you're going to see these topics of interest and they change once a month we happen to have four here we also have these four categories below. I love these categories I love how this resources organized, because it kind of takes you through this process

right you start with the planning. You may look at the funding next usually you got to figure out a way to fund your business so planning this is where your business plan comes into play or you're looking at business ideas, but then it under start you're

also going to find trending small businesses so this could be an area that you're accessing to. So trending small businesses minority veteran women owned businesses.

These are just some of the topic pages that we have under each subject. And then finally manage you started your business, how do you manage that's something that we hear from small businesses, a lot is how to specially during everything that that's happened

the last year and a half, how do we keep our employees, how do we manage those employees, how do we attract excellent employees right so that's something that we hear a lot and that's something that students need to consider if they're opening a business

yes you're starting with that idea in that plan, you need to fund it.

You need to know more about your you know networking or your industry, but then where do you go from there. Long term five years down the road. What's it going to look like.

So, this manage section can be really helpful to students to.

Alright so I'm not going to do a basic search I'm just going to jump into one of the topic pages, and the first one I'm going to start with this business ideas and then I want to show you business plans.

So going into business ideas. We have an image in an essay overview here at the top this is really helpful. These overviews because they give you more of a general selection of disregard this information, it looks like I've got some cookie content on

there from a session I did yesterday, let me see if I can clean that off real quick here, which I never like to do. I don't know if you're like me, but I'm not a big fan of clearing my cookies and cache and then go back over there.


Let me see if that took it off there for me. Now it's gonna make me log right back in so hold on one second, I'm going to log in, I apologize for the technical difficulties that we're having here.

There we go.

So again I am not in the state of Florida, although it is gray and dreary and cold outside and I'm really wishing I was today. So business ideas, this overview, is exactly that it's a document, and it is something that we've published here at Gale, and

you will see these on every single topic page, I go back to that. Hold on a second.

Let's go back again.

It's going to go back to that topic page but I gotta go back in because I cleared everything out.

Alright, business ideas. There we go. Looking at the topic page itself you have all of these content types here on the homepage, I do have some business plans we have there's only 51 showing here, I'll show you how many we have within the resource, and

then don't forget you also have the ebook version of those two in your Gale ebook selection that Florida electronic libraries purchased for you all recommended resources directories magazines and journals, these are where you're going to find those great

business magazines and journals newspaper articles, any safe vetted websites, you're going to find those here, great audio files and videos because it is multimedia this resource.

So looking at this content, we're going to first take a look at the business plans here, but search within results if I wanted to look for a specific topic if I have a student that was looking for a specific topic, they can do a quick search and it will

filter down all of my results at wants. Another thing, if I click into business plans.

I still have access to all of those different content types, but now I have some filters on the right hand side. So I'm in business plans if I were an all content types I'm going to see a few other filters added here, including sections, and that's because

now it's going to apply even no matter where I'm at. If I were in recommended resources or directories.

This filter box will change slightly it has sections because it's going to apply it also to news. So if I were in recommended resources and I were to add some filters, it still would be added to everything here at once, doesn't matter which one of these

content types I'm in which filters I add it will apply to everything. So if I'm looking for a certain publication date maybe I want everything from the plat the past year.

And what I want to know what businesses are trending. And I want to know what's from the last year, all I have to do is select that from my publication section there on the filters, then I have the options to drill down even further you have subjects

document types.

Publication titles and I've already filtered it down, and I'm in business plans. That's why I should go back to that.

I'm only seeing two document types if I go under recommended resources document types. I happen to have to listen. So, if I, when you remove those filters once you start adding these lists are going to get a little shorter to.

Okay. Makes sense, right.

You also have the option to search within.

So search within is here. Oh, and then publication title, of course, we're in handbook so of course I'm going to see as a business handbooks I was in recommended resources, I'd have a longer list there.

Okay, so I was looking at just the last year I have recommended resources directories and this is just trending businesses. Now if I were in a certain topic, like say

that I have a business plan, I'm going to share with you that that is interesting that I just found but maybe I'm in agriculture maybe I are landscaping landscaping something I'm interested in.

Then I my directories would be specific to that topic, these directories are going to be a little bit more general because of the topic page that I happen to be on so I'm getting looking at what's trending so I'm going to find directories for what what

businesses are trending make sense right it wanted to mention too that your business plans are going to be all the business plans are from successful businesses, the, the name of the company has been changed in the address.

But that's it everything else like here's one this is from Jacksonville, Florida.

Don't you love it when that works out that way.

But here's a business plan.

And it starts with a business summary. So it gives you some information at the top. So this is shave ice business the shave I shack. This is a topic overview and business plan.

And then I have an explorer panel. I every article you're going to find this explore panel. And if we have any related content you'll find more like this This is great for students because they may find something they're interested in and want something

related to it, and they can do that they can quickly jump to another article a document a video here, right from the Explorer panel article content so here you can see each section in this business plan I have a summary description market analysis growth

strategy and financial analysis. And then below that are related subjects so additionally ice cream parlors or specialty restaurants might be something I'm interested in.

But then I have that complete business plan.

What can I do with this as a student what what would be beneficial to me. Well, I could send it to Google, Microsoft email download or print for my review later, I have those options here so let's say I get down to this point.

And I think oh yeah I definitely want to keep this one because look at this great information I have my contextual toolbar has stuck to the page it's floated down with me, so I have all those same options, send to where I can send it to Google Drive one

driver, email, I can download or print the citation is automatically attached so students do have to cite their work, it's automatically attached to everything that you're going to find in your guild resources, it's always at the bottom.

I should have just clicked on that last one. But look at all these great diagrams. It's always at the bottom. It's always attached here, you do have the ability to change the format.

So, at the, you know, accelerated programs, a lot of our cellular accelerated programs at the high school level are using a PA seventh edition and college they use a variety, you may have to use Harvard or Chicago, but you do have some options where you

can export it to. Same thing with site. So in your toolbar at the top you have that option, same options, and this will just send the citation. So if I just want the citation.

And I want to send it to my Microsoft OneDrive, I can do that.

Okay, let me know if there are any questions about any of that. So I'm trying to work in some tools and also go over some of the material. Let me go back out to

go back to the homepage. I want to jump into another topic.

And we're actually going to go into finance next I know I well before I do, let me just quick jump into business plan so you can see, we have over 1000 different business plans.

The one thing I do like to do in this topic page is sort by, this is just a trick newest because I like to see what's trending.

And what's the newest ones like this one is the one I wanted to share with you today delivery only restaurant hungry, hungry cloud concepts, which again remember the name has been changed.

But that's what this restaurant is that's all they do they don't have a area where folks can sit down, or come and pick anything up, they just deliver.

So you order your food, and they, that's the only way that they function I thought wow what a, you know, during the coronavirus This was probably want this model was developed and what a great idea, and how that you know that's still available and still

probably trending because a lot of us like to have it delivered and you know it's separate than door dash or Uber Eats or any of those, and that talk about great business plans there too and pivoting, they did the same.

So, but what a great idea of a delivery only restaurants so you can see how current this information is that you're going to find within this within this resource and this is a business plan so this is coming from the business plans handbook.

When we talk about funding, you're really going to want that up to date information right so if we're looking for an angel investor venture capitalist that you're going to find those recommended resources, you're going to find some directories your journals

and magazines are going to be really helpful information here, the directories and we only happen to have for in this topic, but let me just show you what they look like.

So if you're looking for associations or other organizations. This is exactly what you're going to find you're going to find the name and address if there's a Facebook page who the contact person is.

And it's all at your fingertips and it's just clicking and getting this information digitally. So really helpful information this is alphabetical and it's quite a long list of information.

You may find conferences. Now that's slightly changed with not a lot of folks are doing as many onsite conferences, although that is opening back up a more virtual, so there may be conferences or different groups that students can join and become a part

of. So just some different ideas of what they're going to find in these directories.

Okay, I just want to throw out a few more and then we're going to go into a different resource but trending small businesses is another great idea I know we went into business ideas but seeing what's trending sorting by newest is going to be really helpful.

And then again, as I mentioned managing your employees that type of information, I did want to share with you one more thing let's go into trending small business, and I'm just going to use sa overview.

You do have quite a few accessibility tools available here. Translate you can translate the article into over 40 languages you can decrease or increase the font size, our newest feature that was just added a couple weeks ago, goes display options, where

you can change the color of the background behind the text.

You can also change the font including open dyslexic, you can increase the line spacing or letter spacing, or Word Spacing,

and then apply that to your text. And then of course you have the listen option where you can listen to the text being read aloud to you.

And it highlights as it goes. Okay, so those are just some of those tools to support accessibility that are within the resource. Let's go into business insights essentials.

So we're switching gears and now we're talking about a resource, and let's say let's let's use an example we have a college sophomore, and they have to pick a chain store, and they need to find where the store excels they maybe they have to write a two

page paper on it. Looking at the the businesses strengths they've chosen Trader Joe's. So let's take a look at Trader Joe's now if you're not familiar Trader Joe's is a large private company.

So private companies and public companies are going to have different information within this resource public companies we have a lot more here, but private we still have quite a bit of content.

Now, you can start right away from entering the name or the ticker symbol, you have some options by industry article or keyword, it is defaulted to the company, and then you can actually go into each one of these sections if you would like to also so

at the top, we even have a glossary here, saved items just hold it for this session. So if there's a few articles I'm interested in I can select those, they'll go into the saved items and then I can go there and choose what I'd like to do with that information.

You do have the SWOT analysis or SWAT reports are going to be under companies. And this is where you're going to find company histories company finder I like to do a broad search and then look at all the content and drill down, but if you have students

that are looking for investment reports they may want to start here and then do their search or financial reports, same thing it's going to take them to just that information so it's quicker for them to find that content industries are here to there's

the Plunkett reports.

Comparison charts with companies and industries and then we talked about these other items and search history is just like our other resource. But I wanted to just go to financial reports or just compare companies, those are also here on the homepage

and then you have some more information listed for today's purposes we are going to do a search on Trader Joe's to start.

And here it's the set, it's the first one at the top, but I have some other options below with Trader Joes in the title. So I know that this is the one that I would like when I select it, It gives me this more detailed information.

Now right at the top you can see I can go to their website. I can access LinkedIn, I have the ability to start this so this is going to save it in my folder here see now it just changed saved items one.

And I have to go in there and make sure that I either print this off, or if I'm going to download it at all I can do that.

That with that information but right now I'm just going to save it, I can do that from when I'm at this article level, I can print it, I can download it, or I have the option to share it with an email or if I wanted to grab a bookmark for this page, I

can do that too.

So as a teacher or a faculty member of this is something I wanted to use it as an example of what my students are going to find within this resource, I could share it with them I could bookmark the page share the link with my students, put it into my

learning management system maybe your universities are using Canvas, or a lot of them I know use Canvas or dl is another one that's used at the college level I know a lot, or maybe in your libraries you're using live guides and you want to link some of

this information out great, great way to do that. Now everything is hyperlinked. So if I wanted to look at supermarkets and other grocery stores, I can look at that information or beer, wine and liquor stores and that what's that's going to do is it's

going to show me other businesses in in that industry and compare them it's going to give me that list. So more of a ranking, but on the left hand side here is where I can really find specific information to Trader Joe's.

So if I am looking for where it is ranked at, or I want to know its brands. I want to know the company history the market share report, I have all of that here, each one will open I'm going to click into rankings will open in those results.

So, here at the top is my most recent article on rankings well and I don't know if this is the most recent i think i filtered it down differently. it's the most relevant and always starts with most relevant.

Let's go back.

I know a popular area is financial data so this these are related articles by subject and this is company information. So, any legal issues operations and technology people products, services, and the list goes on.

I'm going to click into financial data.

And here are articles related to Trader Joe's and financial data.

If I want the specific information you can see the sales here it's all listed on this page, I can see companies with similar revenue I can see the revenue and the sales here how many employees so I'm already getting that detailed information on Trader

Joe's. This is going to give me even more, it's going to give me more of that detailed report of articles and information. So a great way for students if they're writing a paper to collect that information that they can use them within their within their


Another area I love to explore is the SWAT reports, so I do encourage you, we don't have enough time to go through all of these but I do want to share with you the SWAT reports.

And for this one I'm actually going to use apple. So let's say we have a student that was assigned the, what, what they were assigned was actually to pick a product that they use every day and do some research on the company and they are supposed to analyze

the, the SWAT report.

So, here and now it does open in a smaller screen I can download it and I can email it let me see if I download it if I can share that with you. Oh, it's gonna usually goes right on my computer.

Yeah, if I enlarge it you're not going to see it much bigger. Unfortunately, let me see if I can do this, this might help. There we go. Okay.

So, you can see the review but what I love is the explanations here within that SWOT analysis. so what are the strengths.

What are the weaknesses where the opportunities I think strengths and weaknesses were right here on the same page.

Yeah, weaknesses, lawsuits, even so interesting information there.

And where are where the threats. Right, so great information, I'd love to take a look at those SWAT reports I think they're really interesting, and probably a very interesting information for students looking at the glossary same idea as our business

entrepreneurship, you can search that glossary and find any terms that you are struggling with okay let me know if there are any questions on this resource I did tend to go through a little quick here.

But like I said, there's a lot of great content here, a lot of information for students to find rankings and financial reports and SWOT analysis. If they're looking at investment reports are going to find this, but I find it here and also what I love

is the article information how specific you can get so going into Trader Joe's if I wanted financial data information or articles related to their financial data or any legal struggles, they may be having.

I can go directly to just that those articles and explore that content so it's a really a different path to take compared to business, entrepreneurship, you're going to find information on businesses there too, but it's going to be a little different,

or you're going to find some encyclopedia content there too. And within the other resource where this just is that information that's really focused on the business, so it's giving like the title business insight on that specific business.

All right, let's go into our last resource. Remember, if there's any questions just let me know.

And that's demographics now.

Now the first thing you have to do with demographics now is, pick a location. That's the very first thing, so you can enter it in. We also have some options available.

You can create locations choose from geography live list reset this will just is the reset button.

So I first thing I want to do is I do want to pick a location. Now I actually lived in Port Orange Florida for about a year. I my aunt still lives down there and I visit her often I love the area.

My kids loved going to school it was having to walk to the office outside like walk out of their classroom and walk out of the building and then the office was outside was so fascinating to them, especially because they grew up pretty much in Michigan

and they were just little when we were there.

But for today I am going to choose Orlando, because I do love to visit Orlando to actually pretty much anywhere in the state I've, I've been all over and I just absolutely love coming down to visit y'all.

So, Oh, I didn't said it was set but I should see it listed here.

There we go, let's see, it said it was set. There we go. Shouldn't clear off like that, it was interesting that it did that. Okay, so we've got some areas and right from the homepage I can jump to any of the same areas demographics maps or reports.

You also have some tutorials linked here. And what I want to first show you is that where you can go for help. And these are really helpful for students to because I was, I was taking a deeper dive into some of these last week, as I was preparing for

this session and a lot of them I'm very familiar with but I was kind of approaching it as okay if I were teaching. What in here would be really helpful to me to have for my students that tutorials or that exactly that their little short video tutorials,

but here in this section these documents, is where I found some really helpful information.

So looking at the business data methodology guide or looking at any of the Simmons reports, you're going to find those Simmons reports here demographic reports guide.

I mean these guides can be really helpful to students if they're analyzing or different content, they're looking at they're looking at the demographics maybe they're looking to market okay now you've got your business, you've got your business plan, you

know you're starting your business you found the funding all of that great stuff you've compared it to other businesses in your industry right you've used Business Insights essentials.

Now you need to start thinking about marketing, you need to think about where, where is your where you can open this business where you're going to find the most success that you need to do some research on it, that's when you would use demographics now.

So it's that that next step one you've gotten got everything up and running, where do you go from there. Now it is interesting to when you are taking a look at an area, if, if you have students or small business owners that are looking to open, maybe

another branch or open a new business to see what others are in the area. And this is a good resource to take a look at those demographics too. But I'm going to share with you some of these reports that you have you also have all of the mosaics.

So you're going to find these as an option in your reports, under demographics to run a mosaic report. And if you're not sure what exactly they are. This is where you get that explanation.

so for example, American royalty gives you the PDF, and it explains it to you so you can see how this could really be used as a tool in a classroom.

And you can see where this information is coming from.

Okay, so just always like to point out that information under the help section right at the beginning of our sessions. All right, let's go into demographics.

And here you have the option three different reports comparison rank and summary we're going to talk about comparison, I'll quickly jump into rank and summary today.

So comparison reports, the left is the report type. On the right is the different report names. So I can do a basic demographic comparison chart a business comparison.

We have expenditures here consumer expenditures as I scroll down, you're going to get household comparison reports so there's a whole list of different here's your mosaics that you have access to your Simmons reports so they're all here.

Listed and available to select from. We're going to keep it simple and we're going to do a basic demographic comparison chart I'm going to run that report also wherever you see these little information icon is a little question mark, you're going to get

specific information what is a comparison report what's a summary, what's a rank. So these get some more information on those reports to.

From here I have some options so I have this huge report I ran it it's for today. And I'm getting not only 2021, but four years down the road.

So, looking ahead.

And it was interesting when I took a look at this I did first run it in Port Orange, and this one really the A. No, not the income, it was, it was the age, I think.

Yeah, this one the median age of Orlando is, you know, 30 between 35 and 40.

In, in Port Orange, it was like off the chart, it was up above 50 So, which does surprise me. I did live in that area so. And it was interesting to see that median age was so much higher.

And this was very interesting too So comparing different areas within Florida was interesting to find that content but you know if you're thinking about you have students that they're looking they want a more diverse area where where would they go Where

could they open their business at what what could they do. Maybe they want to be more community involved and they want a diverse background.

To do this in and reach out to the community. Maybe they have that type of product or nonprofit, where can they go looking at and comparing different areas.

OK, and then here of course you have the household incomes.


So that's one report now I can download this information, PDF is a Word doc HTML and Excel spreadsheet. I can also save it, excuse me, to Google or Microsoft.

So those options are there too. And if you notice here at the top, you can sign in with Google or Microsoft and then that makes it even easier to download that report.

If I choose let me choose a different one. Let's go into to another comparison real quick but this time I want to look at consumer expenditures, because it is slightly different.

So we're going to go into the restaurant one.

So here you're getting more where we had a lot of great graphs. this one is more of kind of more similar to a spreadsheet right information, and you are looking at the household demographics, but you're looking at how much is spent on breakfast and brunch

so if you're looking to open maybe you are going to open a restaurant or you do want you know you like that business plan of delivery only you know looking at what is ordered more is it lunchtime is it dinner is it you know where's the money being spent.

Obviously your dinners are probably going to be cost a lot more but look at the spend on lunch in Orlando, so that's quite high too so that might be an area to.


Let's go. I'm just going to click do a rank one to share with you.

And let's, let's just do by age.

And this should show what we saw in that comparison report where you're seeing a large group.

Here the majority is in that 35 to 40 fours. Well 25 to 34 two. So both these areas are a little bit higher than the rest.

And then the last one I'm going to share with you a summary real quick. And this one I'm going to run one of those Simmons reports.

So you can take a look at the difference there. So we're going to do the Simmons lifestyle.

And these are alphabetical.

And this is the demographic statement summary.

So when you're looking at different lifestyles and those types of Port information.

Here you can see total households how many are renters how many are owner occupied female the male population maybe you're looking to open and apparel shop now that is an expenditure you can look at to expand a Tron apparel, what do people spend on it,

how much how often what do they spend it on you looking at, you know, for programming if you're coming from a library Public Library programming here's some great information to that you, that may be useful to you all.

attitudes about apparel. This I thought was really interesting, everything I where is the highest quality. So, and you're seeing some data there.

Okay, let's take a look at reports because demographics compared to reports, kind of feel like you just ran a bunch of reports, but it is different. So looking at reports you have some report types.

The 2010 census report. Now, the 2020 census report I just sent an email about one because I know that it hasn't been released yet and how soon we will have it in our product and let me see.

I did just get an email response back. So yeah, November 30 is when it's released. And then, I think we are able to add it right after that so you're going to see the 20, the 2010, okay the 2020 results have not been haven't been released so they haven't

been added yet but you're going to see that report change very soon here, actually in the upcoming weeks, so you have that report that you can run or you may want to hold off on that for a couple weeks, you have a batch report.

So if I select that. Here's a comparison summary and rank but it is slightly different because here you can multi select.

So that's unique the other reports you can only select one, but if I wanted to look at the business, or basic demographic comparison chart and maybe a business one, and then run the report.

So here you have the ability to multi select reports under those comparison summary and rank or under census, so it's going to start with nuts. The first one we saw remember.

And then below it is going to be. So they're basically listed one, however many reports you run you run one or two or five, you're going to see them all listed here and then you can download those reports if you want to.


You also have sizing your market.

And this is where you, this is a little different, where you have different, you can put an expenditure variable in, you can select from either of these so current year or five year projection.

And really it's like you're, you're starting to drill down. So maybe I'm looking at apparel and services, and I'm looking at women and girls.

I want 16 and over, and then see how specific you can get and then run your report.

Okay, the last year I'm going to show you a slightly different and that's maps, and then we're going to end the session, I just have a slide I'm going to share with you is where you can go for training material.

So, the map is member I'm already selected, my mouse is tricky they're already selected Orlando.

And it's giving me this demographic area. I have some thematic controls and you've got all these little information icon, explain everything that I can enable I can choose, sorry I disabled them.

I can choose a variable these variables is where you can get a little bit more specific kind of like what we were seeing in that last report.

I can change the geography, I can change the color scale. I do have to tell you, purple and yellow is probably the easiest one to see personally, maybe I don't want this whole area I want to draw in an area.

I want to select I want to draw, and I do have to say this one the create some custom geography, you can select two points and create a line and then select another two points and it'll create whatever shape you want.

So if you want it to look at just a specific area, not all of Orlando. Then you can do that.

That's a great way to do it. If you want borders, how you want to export it. So you have some options here Do you want to include the legend, which it's defaulted to.

If you're looking for a traffic count in a certain area.

How you can download you can download it to Google. So that is an option to and if you maybe have an existing geography, that you want to upload you have that option to.

OK, so we covered a lot on your business resources today. Within this session where you can go for additional support is the Gale support site and this link to the support site will be included in your follow up email so support Gale .com and you're going

to find those short little tutorials I had mentioned, you're going to find some resource guides you're going to find additional webinars, all the support site.

We have one dedicated just for the Florida electronic library where you're going to find this recording and all the upcoming webinars. So, this recording past recordings and upcoming webinars will be listed there looking for principal tools like bookmarks

or posters maybe you still have folks driving up and picking up their books, maybe you have that still happening at your libraries or you have students coming into your library and you want to promote or you want to share this with teachers or effect

faculty members that teach these types of courses. We have some great bookmarks, you can print off and you can enter in your library's direct URL for that specific resource so let's take a look at what we have.

There's also again posters and resource guides, you're going to find a tip sheets available to so these are additional documents available to support your training needs, and then looking to share this information you want to add it to a web banner or

a social media post, you're looking for an email template to share with teachers or with parents, you can do we have it all created for you. We may have up to like I was clicking into some of our resources and we had for each one like we're looking at

at Twitter and there were three different options for one resource like three different pictures that our marketing department has created they've done a fantastic job.

So we have everything for you, just go to the support site and either. And if you want training materials go to training center and market materials build marketing material center.

And that wraps our session. My name is Tammi Van Buren I'm your guild trainer I thank you so much for your time today. I hope you learned a lot about these resources and I will find some information in there that will support your students that are coming

into your libraries or if you're working with teachers or faculty members, and share the information that they have the resources they have access to from the Florida electronic library.

If you need one on one support always go to your folks at the Florida electronic library first. If you're looking for additional support with your guild resources your Gale Customer Success managers are there for help.

And then the training survey I'd love to get your feedback on this session and if you're looking for any other support on training with the Florida electronic library on your guild resources, let me know in the comments section because I do look at those

and I do share that with my contact at the Florida electronic library so if there's things that you're feeling like, oh, it would be really great to know more about this skill product, or we're covering this in our building, and you know, maybe there's,

you know guild resources to support it, I'm actually creating sessions for 2022, so please let me know that training survey should pop up when you close out of this session, too, so you should see that on your screen, but it is Bitly, forward slash guild

training survey. So, but it should pop up when you see that and it is in the follow up email to you, there's a link there for it. So, But thank you so much for your time today.
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