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Last Updated: September 14, 2022

For FEL: Organize your Library's Digital Resources

Finding a solution to organize library resources with a simple, clear access point can be a challenge. Gale Pages is a complimentary site for libraries with Florida Electronic Library Gale resources to help solve the problem by providing an easy-to-customize resource site to hold all of your digital resources. View this session to explore Gale Pages best practices and to learn where to get started!

Duration: 45 Minutes
welcome to your training. Session for the florida electronic library Today's session is organize your library's digital resources. My name is Tammi Burke and I'm your gale trainer any questions that you have

throughout the session. Please feel free to use that. Q.

And a box. I will also be checking in to make sure that you are all on the same page as I am.

As I go through what you have available with your gale resources.

So for our introduction today. I do want to share that. the focus of this session is on a complementary resource site that you have available to everyone in the State of Florida.

Since you have access to resources from the Florida Electronic Library, you have access to a complementary gale, page resource site, and the resource site is a great place to organize all of your digital resources.

Maybe you have resources that you've purchased separately from gale, or you are want to organize all of your Florida electronic library resources.

Both options are available and are great ideas to to as you're cleaning up that access point to your resources.

It's a great way to share information with your users so let's go through our agenda first.

I want to talk to you first about what is the gale page?

So you understand what you have available, and then I will share with you best practices and ideas for utilizing that gale page.

And then we're going to spend time in gale pages studio customizing that gale page.

So our focus today is on gale pages and organizing your digital resources.

Any questions you have, please feel free to ask in that. Q.

And a box. I will also share with you where you can find training materials and contact information, because you will want your customer success.

Managers contact information they can be your one-on-one support.

So if you'd like to use this webinar as a jumping off point.

But then would like further assistance with customizing your gale. Page.

Your customers success. Managers can do that with you and they do such a great job.

So i'll share their information at the end of this session. So first let's talk about what is a gale, page resource, site, and why use it?

A gale Page resource site is a customizable website that provides simple access to all of your digital resources to support learning any learning, online learning or just digital access to, Or I should say access to your digital resources.

There. here's a screenshot of mine and I did add quite a bit of content on here.

I was trying to display different options that libraries have available to them.

So that's Why, you're seeing a lot there when I use my demo site today.

You're going to see it it's much more streamlined, But, as a said, I've been working with a lot of different libraries, and it needed to showcase what options were available.

One of those options is I created a page for English so let's say my i'm a K.

12 teacher and I have my English, my Ela teachers, and I want to organize all of my content.

So I did that. I switched this up and added ebooks to the center and my databases on the right hand side.

So you have different options, such as that that are available so it's a great way to organize your library holdings and provide that clear access point to help users find what they need faster.

With fewer clicks, also gives you control over what you are displaying on that page.

So let's say you are coming from an elementary school, and maybe you don't need all of these resources that you have from the Florida electronic library on that landing page.

You still want them there. Maybe you want to. A. to Z.

Page for all of your resources, but on the homepage, as soon as your students log in you just want the elementary resources that they have available from gale or from other vendors.

You can do that. So it gives you a little bit of that control, and I want to talk to you about some of those best practices that you have available.

Now I am showcasing on the left-hand side Hillsboro County School public schools, and we've worked very closely with the folks there at Hillsboro, and help them with their design their gale

pages, so they have one for elementary middle school and high school.

And let me talk to you about some best practices. So with access to Gale resources from Fel you have access to a completely free, completely customizable Gale Page.

You can link to your gale page wherever students are learning.

So students or patrons are learning. it provides you with a short Url.

You can link from anywhere, including exist in library web pages, lib.

Guides, Google or wick sites just today, name a few Gale pages, works within your learning management system or your single sign on you can add resources from other vendors.

So it's not limited, to just scale resources. you can add in resources from other vendors, as you can see here on the right hand side Hillsboro.

Did they added a resource. The ebooks from Abc.

Cleo Britannica ebooks. Salem Press.

So you can add in resources from other vendors that you have access to.

You just need the direct Url. You can create pages for teachers to use or different content areas.

Maybe there's a subject that studied every single year there's a topic, or there's a unit of study, and you want a page that you can direct your students to that this using gale pages is a great idea for that

or you have teachers that you work closely with, and they would love to have a page on your gale.

Page organized information for them, organized content. You can do that on your gale.

Page 2, you can embed existing pages into your gale page.

So if you happen to have a page somewhere else that you would like to.

I had a librarian. She was actually the professional development librarian in her district, and she embedded her blog right into a gale page.

I had another librarian who embedded her catalog right into a gale page.

So you can make multiple pages within your gale Page website.

So you can add in other existing pages or other sites, right into your gale.

Page, and then you can become the admin of your own gale. Page a lot of times.

What we hear is, I need to make library or changes to my library website.

I have to meet with my tech folks and they're so busy, and i'm so busy it's really challenging How can I do that on my own?

This is a great way to do that on your own. The link never changes, So you provide your tech folks with one link, and you can make as many changes and customize this site.

However, you like to, and it will never change that link so you don't have to wake.

Wait for small changes to happen. You can do it yourself, utilizing your Gale Page resource site.

Okay, so you do need your admin credentials and if you don't have those admin credentials because you will need those to log in to Gale Pages studio.

You can reach out to our technical support. team. if you're the administrator at your library, and you forgot those admin credentials.

Then contact our technical support team and they can help you out.

So let me share their email address in the chat. But it is here on the screen for anyone that is watching the recording

Okay, So it's scale that technical support and at sun Gagecom.

So that's there for you in the chat alright so let's explore, explore gale pages.

Now i'm going to share with you another route you can take to access your gale page resource site, and that's through the support site.

So let me share this link in case you're not using the Gale support site.

I highly suggest bookmarking this because it will provide you with all of your resources and all kinds of great information.

Training materials, marketing materials. but you want to access your guil. Page. You're going to find that under tools.

You can go right to gale pages before I do that i'm gonna actually log in.

So if you don't know your location id that's Okay, you can use the find your location put in some information, and this is an area where less is more for find your location.

Put in some information, and we can locate your location and your location.

Id if you happen to know your gale location Id which i'm going to use the fel location, Id then you can log right in, and it'll take you to all of your own.

Information. so your own product. So all of my direct Urls, all of the products I have on my account will be listed here.

It also provides you with the direct contact to your customer success manager.

And these are the folks that can help with that one on one connection, or one-on-one process working through your gale page.

So here's kevin teller I can email him or make an appointment right on his calendar, and then he'll contact me when I when I suggested or when I scheduled that time so

It's really a great way to connect with your customer success managers.

Now, if I go into tools again, remember I Gale Pages is under tools.

I go to tools, I click on gale pages, and it gives me the option to access that site or log into studio Accessing the site will open the gale page logging into studio will take me right into where I can make

those changes when I log in the studio. This is when I need my admin credentials.

Okay. So i'm going to access the site so you can see it first, and then I'm going to show you a few other examples.

So when I access the site, here is my gale, page resource site.

With all of my resources I have available here are as I mentioned some from other vendors that we're added in onto this Florida electronic library.

Gale page there's multiple pages so we're on resource, page.

There's an ebooks page there's also a guale sub collection page, and the ripe upper right hand corner.

I can still access studio, and this is where I can customize my site.

And this is where we are going to go in just a moment.

So again from that gale page support I went to the support site.

I logged in. I went to tools, gale pages, and it brought me to this page.

And this is where I have the option to either access my site, or if I want to go to the login, I can log in to studio.

Alright manage your website, and I can log in right here.

It tells you that you need your admin credentials to customize your site.

Alright. So now that you know where you can locate your gale, page, and how you can log in again, you need those admin credentials.

If you don't know them, then reach out to our gale technical support team, I wanna share with you a couple Gale pages that we have.

So the one I shared in the powerpoint is one that I have, and I've had it for a number of years since I started at Gale almost 7 years ago, and I have added quite a bit of information some of it I've

needed, and some of it I just wanted to showcase.

As I was working with customers, so a lot of times i'll get requests for oh, it would you know be really great to have all of our video content linked out or my English teachers want the ebooks.

Or can you create a professional development tab? So I started adding those types of pages to my own resource site to use as examples during my trainings?

So you may not have near as many tabs or pages as I do on the top, because each one of these buttons is a page.

So I happen to be on my resource page, which is all of my digital databases I have here.

I have my subjects linked out on the left hand side, on the right hand side.

This is where our boxes will land. So I created a few boxes.

I added the power search widget, I added my kind a box or my contact information one for quick links. I added one for the Twitter feed. And I think I added, Yep, there's Youtube, and I can also view and this was I

think. Oh, this is my Rss. feed so I can view that feed, so you can add, and like I said, it's quite a few boxes.

I want to show you ebooks, and this one sometimes takes a little bit to load.

So hopefully this will flip over on the right hand side here in a second.

I just it pulls in my entire ebook collection, which is quite large, so you can see here.

I all those, almost all of those same boxes are pinned on this page, too.

I don't have to pin these boxes to every single page within my Gale page resource site I can pick and choose which pages I want them on.

So I have it on resources. I have it on ebooks.

I may not want it on stem videos or English Alright, but this is ebook titles.

And then i'm gonna jump to English because this one is set up a little differently.

So for this one I put all my ebooks on the page, and on the right hand side I put databases that also relate to the subject of English alright So those are just a few.

You may have. Maybe you want to if you're coming from a public library, and you want to link out all of your business resources.

I have a business suite available and here. are all my business resources.

I didn't have any boxes on the right hand side i'm keeping it simple with this one.

So there's all kinds of different options and now let's talk about once you access studio, what you're going to find.

So I do have a demo site available here's my gale pages, demo site that my wonderful colleague just created for me, and i'm gonna go into studio.

Now I do have studio showing on this page, you can actually hide this feature if you want to, and i'll show you how to do all of that.

But I click on studio and i'm on my own computer.

So it remembers my username and password.

This is where you would enter in your admin credentials.

So you have your username and password, and then you would enter studio.

So again I clicked on that studio button. I went into my Gale page.

I clicked on my studio button, and this is where I can log in

Okay, Once I am here, this is what i'm seeing it lands me on the home page.

Now, I haven't done anything to this gale page site at all.

This is exactly how it'll show up to you if you are new to gale pages, and you want your site as I shared with you.

You can go through the support site and find that information. If you happen to know your location, Id then it all.

It is, is Gale Pages dot com forward, slash

And whatever your location. Id so that'll take you to exactly to your gale page, and that's the link that you will use on your library website.

So here's the Florida electronic libraries you can see the link at the top Gale pages com forward slash!

And here is their location. Id so that's the only link you need.

That's the only link. you need to provide to your tech folks, and then everything else you do, all the changes all the customization it won't ever change that link.

So again. it's a very short url that you're able to provide your tech folks if you want to put it on your library website, or if you want to embed it in your learning management system as a page that you can use that

Url alright. So let's go back to studio So when I land on the homepage, I have some navigation options right away, I have site settings pages boxes below.

You'll see inventory statistics and the admin panel.

Now I have super admin credentials. so I can see a few more items than you might see on yours.

But trust me that's not anything that you'll need to worry about or not anything you'll need to deal with

But I just wanted to let you know if you're looking at yours.

You're like Wait a minute. I don't have that box there. It's probably because i'm showing you using my super admin credentials.

It's not anything you would need to have access to we have everything.

A customer needs here ready to go. so I am on the homepage.

I can use my top navigation to go to site settings, pages, backs, as everything i'm seeing on this page is also in my top navigation, and I like to use my top navigation.

Once I get going. If i'm going from my site settings to my pages, and I want to move through quickly.

I don't like to come back to the home page Another thing that I suggest is to have your gale page open, so I like to open another tab.

I do have the preview option over here, too, so you can either click the preview option, or open another tab and enter in your gale.

Page i'm going to click the preview option and here's my Gale page.

So. the reason why I do that is because I like to come back and refresh every time I make a change.

So i'll jump between my studio and my gale page every time I make a change to see if I like it, and if not, i'll go back and change it or fix it or make another option, because there are a lot of choices.

So let's go into we're going to start insight settings, and we can either click on site settings or I can click on.

Manage settings. I can click into any of these categories to quickly jump in.

We're going to go to site settings so that I can share with you everything Now, here in my navigation.

This. These are all the areas that I can customize and site settings is the overall look of the page.

So it's going to be looking at your banner if you want to add a logo like that type of your header.

Your footer. So it's the overall Look of the page This is your entire resource site settings.

It's not the individual pages it's not the individual boxes.

This is the overall look of your page so i'm in the design section, and I have some options available number one.

I can change my library name if I don't want it to say Fpl.

Gale Pages demo I can change it to fe l let's just say Gale Page, I remove that demo every time I make a change.

I highly suggest clicking save changes just so that it will automatically save.

And you'll get this nice green message at the top that the settings have updated successfully.

So if you get yourself in that best practice habit of saving those changes right away, then you will have that information saved for you, and you won't accidentally click into pages and then lose it.

So. please be sure to click that save changes your location.

Id you won't need to change that that's locked in, and you don't edit that at all whatsoever, because you want that location Id to be accurate so it adds the resources from your location

to this site. so You have some logo options you can go with current logo, and there's a bunch of different gale logos that are available.

I'm gonna choose the orange gale logo and I can choose if I want that logo on the left or the right side of the banner.

So here's the banner? do I want it over here on the left, or do I want it over here on the right, for most folks preferred on the right.

So i'm gonna leave it there. click save if I come to my gale page and refresh it.

There is my gale logo, so you can upload your own logo.

So if you wanted to add your school logo or your library logo there, your university, if you're coming to me from a university, you can upload your logo. Choose your file and upload it right into your gale. page.

Okay, Now I can have more than one logo. if you see I can.

I chose the Gale logo here if I want a second logo, and I want to upload that new logo and use that that would show in my dropdown menu after I I have to upload it first to see it

obviously in my in my dropdown menu But I can add a second logo, so I can add more if I want, and one and 2 different Logos.

You're going to find these little information icons all around this studio in gale Pages studio to help guide you along the way.

So secondary logo. This will appear on the opposite side of the primary logo. So this will appear on the left hand side.

Here's a header link this link will take folks back to any spot that you want them to head to.

So if you want to include a link back to your library page, this is where you would do that at and header Link.

So I would have for my header and actually I haven't let's take me to some place.

Oh, it's look at that he linked it to this perfect.

So this took me to the Florida electronic libraries.

Portal page. So their website. so I can have it linked back. and that's a great example of linking it back to your own library.

That's what heather link means so add in any url you like, So that users if they want to go back to your library website.

They can click in the header and it'll take them back there.

I can change my header background really easily. I can add in colors.

Let's say I want to pick dark blue I can change my head or color.

If I wanted to we're at navy let's go with orange, and again i'm gonna click save for this going back to my gale.

Page. Oh, that's horrible see this is why you go back and forth.

So I don't like that. I would probably change this to white let me do that.

So I don't want that title color i'm gonna make it white and click, save that's hard on the eyes wasn't it?

Alright, so refresh there that's a little better this now, this I would probably go in and change. but you could have a lot of fun.

I, this is very enjoyable to me to be able to very easily make changes.

You're clicking, and then you can see what it looks like and go back and make a change if you want to.

So if I wanted to change this logo to, maybe I want it to be the white one and click save.

Then it would change for me. Okay, as I scroll down the page, let me talk to you about subject areas.

So you have a variety of list style. subject areas are, and I just change it. Logo!

There. It is all in white subject areas are this listed on the left hand side.

So we're currently in the grid you have ruled pills and open.

I'm going to go to pills because ruled and open rule just means that you don't have a grid.

You just have lines underneath separating each subject open means.

You have no lines at all. it's just a list of all the subjects pills.

I want to share with you, and I have that option to move it from the left side to the right side.

If I would like it on the right hand side of my page.

I prefer it on the left. so i'm gonna leave it there save changes.

And this is what pills look like. There you go! so they look more like buttons.

So you have that option. Okay? So we went through navigation.

Oh, no, yes, we did. Navigation which is on the left hand Oh, i'm sorry I jumped right to subject areas.

Let's go back to navigation so now navigation Styles.

I got excited about the header link there and jumped over navigation.

Same idea where you have open pills, tabs, and blocks.

Now, navigation is actually here at the top of the page, and we have in an open right.

Now, if I change it to let's do tabs I usually I actually prefer pills, but you also have blocks available.

So let's do tabs

So you have this little tab, so there are my ebooks Tab. i'm on resources when I jump into ebooks.

I have that tab and anytime I add another page it'll get. i'll get a new tab for that page, and then you can see the navigation on the or the subjects on the left are in that pill

format still, and it will apply to every page that I have alright.

So that was navigation, and I did click to tabs like I said, I usually use pills.

The most probably I can change the navigational background color too, and that navigational background color is just that thin strip where my tabs are located at subject area.

We already went into again. You can choose left or right, and then power.

Search, so I have power search it's as a pill I can show it to a box.

I can also apply the power. Search bolt. Now, what is that?

It marks all the resources that are available in power search which is our cross search platform.

It puts this lightning bowl on them, and it fades out.

Other products upon search they're all there when you log in but upon search it'll fade out the ones that don't have or are not available in power.

Search. so let me apply that. So you can see what that looks like save you.

Let's go back to our gale page refresh it see these little lightning bolts there they are, and here's power.

Search It's a the top of my page so I can start right away.

I can do a power search, you know. cross search every single resource that has a lightning bolt on it.

That's what this message is here these are included in my power search results.

Anything that has that lightning, bolt so you'll see some aren't like business insights essentials is not books and authors which is our reader advisory.

This one is not. It wouldn't really make sense same with demographics.

Now. Okay, alright, let's go back into studio i'm actually gonna remove those.

And i'm not gonna i'm not gonna click on save yet, because i'm down towards the bottom of my page, because I have 2 styles.

I have modern or I have classic I can choose my body back background, color.

I'm going to switch to classic now i'll click save here it is before here it is after so classic this background color will only show up when you're in classic.

Otherwise it's just all white I don't really like what it did to my banner and my logo, so I would probably remove it.

I kind of like the modern look, but you might like the classic look, and you like that background behind.

Now don't forget I was able to change the color here in the banner.

I was able to change the color here for the navigation, and and then also the background color here, and that's for the body.

So those are 3 different areas that I could change the color.

These 2 are separate. This one here where my navigation is and my body are actually separate. but they look like they're linked because I have the same color.

Alright. so I probably go back to modern on that one and then click save.

Okay, So let's talk through some of these other site settings, and then we will.

I want to touch into pages and boxes, and then we will wrap our session.

So configuration is an option so you have different authentication types.

Normal is what it's set to But If you have a geolocation or a problem.

A referring Url, This is one You would probably want to meet with your customer success manager to help with that process, especially if I believe you're seeing that.

But you may not be again super admin credentials.

So I might be seeing it. You may not be. You have some options available where I can, and I.

This is the feature I love the most is having it open in a new tab.

That means every time I click into any of my resources it will open it in a new tab.

But my users can get back to this scale page so by clicking to academic one file. It opens it in a new tab.

But here's my gale page so that's what the new tab means right here.

If you want it to open in the same page, you can.

I definitely love the new tab. You also have product naming conventions, and we listed them over here on the right hand side.

So it is defaulted to web. But if you want short, or if you want official, you can choose from those show studio link in navigation.

So remember, I said, if you wanted to hide this little studio link, you could.

This is where you would do that. Yes, i'm having it shown but if I don't want it to be up there, I only want to have access.

I don't want anyone else not that they can get get in there at all.

Students or or any other users, because they would need your admin credentials.

But if you want to hide it, you can. okay. And then this admin only this is an internal.

This is more of an internal gale thing. You can change your footer so you can custom.

You can make it a gale footer. you can have no footer at the bottom.

Here's your information. If you want to add in a custom footer, maybe you want to add a link or an image.

You have those options here, and you can choose your icon type.

So right now my icons are turning up like web icons.

Maybe I want the picture icons. I can change that.

But and that's everything from first site, settings design configuration, footer and icon type. and remember anytime you make a change.

Please be sure to save changes. Now let's talk about pages. Now I have 2 people because I have resources and ebooks.

So these automatically come with my gale, page resource, site.

All I can add in as many pages as I want to, as you saw from my own gale.

Page I added, in a lot of pages let's talk about what we're seeing here.

So this is hyperlinked out so if I want to go to my resource page to make changes. All I have to do is click on the name, and it'll open the spacks.

I'm going to share you in a moment it tells me that it's a resource type.

Page. I got to select that when I if I create a new page, i'll get to select the type of page it is, and that will tell the that will tell the backside of the scale page what you need what tools you need if you're adding

ebooks, or if you're adding resources it'll let the gale page know.

So it's just a click you don't have to put in any coding to make it happen.

If there are any boxes, I would have those listed here, and these are also hyperlinked out, which would take me to where they are in the back section.

So this I can pin these pages to my overall site or I can remove them.

So let's say there is a programming in your library. you doing summer reading, and for summer reading you have a page that you have worked on and created in gale pages.

But you only wanted available starting. maybe in, you know, April or May.

You can do that. You can pin it to your site, and then at the end of summer reading, you can remove it from your site, edited it for the next theme for the following year and have it ready to go in the spring.

You can do that with units of study. you can do that with teacher pages all different ideas.

Do you know of any public libraries using Gil pages that I can look at as an example?

Kerry, let me reach out to Kevin teller.

He is actually our customer success manager for public libraries, and I think he has some examples.

Our customer Success Managers are the ones that have all the examples. you're welcome, and i'll let them know that you're interested in that.

Thanks for asking, because I do. I especially. We have some public libraries that like to use this site.

And they may have it focus. Maybe you have it focused on homework.

Help you could do that. I mean it's you want all of your just your digital resources in one spot.

You can do that, I mean it really it's as much as you can dream up.

You can do with this site. Figure out where it works for you.

And I like to use public libraries for programming, because schools use this a lot.

But our public libraries and a lot of our community colleges. are utilizing this resource site, too, especially our smaller public libraries. Because you don't have as many folks there to work on all of this?

So why not let us do it for you and again? it's free?

It's complementary to you so you can pin these pages.

You can add copy here again. if you are i'm sorry you can not add cup.

You can duplicate that page which is really helpful and then go in and edit it.

So that's really helpful you can this is the view So if you want to view that page, and that's like that preview, or if I want to delete the page that option is available now to add a page up in the

upper right. it opens up the sps, and then I select. what type of page is it?

Is it another resource page? Is it an ebooks page?

Do I want that stem video page which is all of my gale and context elementary.

Some videos which you have access to from the from the Florida Electronic Library.

And do I want to add my own text or my own html coding?

I can do that Maybe it's a page with just direct links our archives unbound is an option 2.

You do have from floor electronic library. I believe you have 1 one resource available.

There professional. You do one professional development for our schools. You want to add your Pd content.

You can. Maybe you have all kinds of gale ebooks that professional development ebooks.

You can add those quick links I frame and gale sub collections are all options.

If I wanted to, and let me add a i'm gonna add a resource page.

I'm gonna title it resources let's do resources too.

Do I want to include a subject. menu Yes, and i'm gonna add that page Now, here's my resources to page At this point I need to go in here and decide what I want on that page I don't have any boxes

attached. You actually have to have boxes to attach boxes, but we'll create those in a minute.

It is pinned to my gale page. but if I want to work on it privately first, then I would want to unpin that.

But be sure to remember to come back into your pages and pin it so that you have it.

If I wanted to copy my first resource page I could have done that, I'm gonna go into this page and let's start customizing it.

So some of the things you're gonna see are very similar to what we saw on our site settings.

So i'm going to go through this a little quickly the type of page, just like my location idea. I can't change because that would change the the coding on the back side of this and you don't need to worry about that you just get

to change everything else. Maybe I want to change this page name to

Maybe my social studies. Teachers are reaching out to me or let's do some readings.

Oh, let's do social studies and I can change it here too.

So I have the Url. If I wanted to change the end of it to social studies.

I can do that now. i've made 2 changes so i'm going to click save changes.

I can change my page color I really don't want purple I kinda like the let's do blue and page color.

This sets the color for the page title. So this is in that tab section, and I can determine what color I want for those buttons that are used on the page. and I can apply this color to all the pages If I

want to here again. here's the tab label so the page name is here.

This is a page name. The Tab title is here so 2 different things.

So I might want to change this again to so make those changes in all those spots.

I haven't pinned it yet, but I have that option to pin it here.

Also change that page header. So once you make a change, you have to change it all the way down the page, just to make sure that you have that title exactly as you want it, and I can add and copy.

So maybe I want to add in a message before at the the top of my page.

I can do that all at this is you can add in links. I've seen a lot of a lot of different customers add in links or images, and they add a messaging at the top of the page.

You can do that, and you can choose where you would like it.

Above the boxes in line with the boxes. Both options are available, and then this internal option, this is not anything you need to worry about, but this comes in handy because a lot of our professional development ebooks are on different

location Ids, so you can easily add your professional development ebooks.

But I would suggest meeting with your customer success manager to help with that process.

Okay, that's the fun part i've got the page ready to go Now, the resource setup I can choose subjects.

Do I want to add subjects on the left hand side?

Do I want them auto, which is what I have now do.

I want to customize them. Do I wanna a label of all titles which I do prefer that here's my layout option.

It's grid, but I can do list the thing is with list.

Remember, if you have a large amount of resources your users are going to be scrolling and scrolling until they find what they want.

But let's say you're creating your landing page you're at an elementary school, and you're creating your first page for your elementary students a list might make more sense, if you only have 4 resources on there but if

you have a long list of them, it does get a little congested.

So I do suggest the grid. You can choose your icon sizes small, medium, larger, extra large.

You can choose your icon copy options so to show the title or the description.

So if you just want the title you can. I do prefer the description, power, search.

Do I want power search on my page. I don't have to have it at the top of my page.

I can hide it. I can have it search all of my databases, or just the ones I have on my page.

So remember I made that business suite page. So if I just wanted power search to search through those databases, I could have that it that way.

Set up that way, too, which is a really cool feature and then i'm going to the options again.

This is something that is more internal let's go to resources. Now, automatically, when I click a resource page, it will add in all of my products.

So it says it's currently displaying all of my products. but I can pick and choose what products I want.

So which one of my databases do? I just want academic 1 5 maybe.

I want all of my one file resources, books, and authors, so I can pick and choose.

So again, if I was creating a business a business page I could just have my business resources on it.

If i'm creating. Oh, this is my page for social studies so let me go back in here.

I can't keep that in mind remove a few of these Okay, there we go.

Probably not agriculture. Maybe I want echo, one file select.

I want scroll down diversity studies, maybe economics in theory.

So you can pick and choose from this list of all the resources you want added to the page. maybe I want Florida newspapers definitely primary sources and my ebooks.

So again, General: one file. Okay, i'm going to stop there you get the idea of you can pick and choose and add which resources you want on the page.

Now, if I want to power search, to show up as a button, I could do that, too.

Let me just add it. Just so. you know i'll look at us history.

Okay, Now again, I want to save my changes and there's all the databases that I will have on my page.

And these are here's all my gale databases So this is showing everything.

So if I had added in a resource from a other vendor, it would be located in this list.

If I wanted just my gale databases. I could do that If I just wanted my resources that I've added in from other vendors, I can click on a additional. and just add those alright boxes are here so if I

had any boxes, I would have that ability to add those boxes but I haven't created any yet, and if I need the to embed this into.

Let's say my website I can get the I frame code, which is right here below, easily embed this gale page resource site into my

Wherever I got a lot of folks using weedly a while back, and they were embedding it right into their webly page.

Okay, I'm gonna click save changes just to be sure so that is how to create a page.

So Page settings resource setup resources and faxes which we're gonna touch into now, and we we added a resource page.

So if I go back to my pages I can now pin that, and it will be on refresh Here, there.

It is my social studies page with the resources that I wanted this one shown up a little different today.

Okay, So let's go into boxes this is the last section We are going to. Well, 2 sections.

I've got a couple more minutes here, if you could hang with me boxes.

Same idea at a box have just different options, so I can add in gel widgets.

If I want, I can quickly add a widget. And then we have resource.

Youtube video text Editor: the Rss. Speed. We went through this at the beginning of the session.

Your contact information. So all of this is on the above that you can add on the right hand side.

I'm going to click widget and is this a global box.

Do I want to add this box to every single page I can but maybe I don't want to.

Maybe I just want it on one page, and maybe I want it called and set a gel widgets.

I want it to be. Maybe I want my power. search

Backs there, and that's the bucks or I want to title it.

I can title it whatever you want okay now it doesn't have anything.

It's not attached to any pages when I click on the name.

This is where I can again add any information if I wanted to add anything above that box.

If I want to make it a glow box. but I can choose which resources I want.

And I said that this is power search so i'm going to add that click save changes, and then this last one will allow me to pick which pages I want it pin to do.

I want it on my first page, my ebooks, my social studies.

If I wanted it on all, then clicking global would be a good choice.

Maybe I just want it on my resource page okay, let's go to our resource page, and here it is.

That's what the boxes look like they're on the right hand side. alright.

So Now, if I go to boxes i'll see here's power search. I only have one box it's a widget box.

It's attached to my resource page I was not marked as global.

So anytime I add a new page it won't automatically be added on to that page.

When you market global anytime, you add any new pages it'll automatically be there on the right-hand side waiting for you.

So there might be some boxes like your contact information that no matter what page your users are on, you want to be able to get a hold of you.

The library. You can do that. The last one we're going to go into is inventory inventory is where you'll find all of your gale resources.

But this is also where you can add in resources from other vendors.

So again inventory you'd come to inventory first you'd click, add resource, and what you need to add in those resources you have to choose the name you need your direct Url for that resource, so if you're let's say you're adding

in Britannica you would put the name of whatever resource it is.

Add the link you can choose from the Icon Library. so you can see we have quite a few icons available.

You can import your own icon, or create your own design, if you choose to.

Once you add, in any of that information, it would be live here under my icons.

I highly suggest adding a description, because you have descriptions for all of your gale resources.

So if you this one doesn't have a description it's gonna look a little odd unless you're not using descriptions, and it wouldn't apply I can display this by default.

So automatically displays this resource. on the pages set to auto subjects which would be my home page, and I can choose what subject I want this to fall in.

So if it's showing up in General right now and it will it's defaulted to general.

But this is a great feature something our customers were asking for for quite some time, but you can very easily add it into if it's Britannica.

Maybe you want it into your social study. Subject or history, I think, is what we have.

You can choose from this point, and then add that resource.

And then what would happen Is it would land in this list here. You'll have all that information, everything that you added in will live here.

You also have the ability to create custom subjects you can add in. If you let's say you have at Gale we have colors that we use for our branding, I can add in any of those colors.

If I want to. If you want to add in your logo, you can do that here too.

Alright alright, so i'm gonna share with you a few more slides.

Before I do. If you were ever curious about your statistics, your page views for the site you can put in a start date, end date.

So if you've launched this at the beginning of the school year, or maybe you're waiting, You want to work on it this fall and and launch it after you know, after the winter break, and then you wanna check those views you can do

that, and I can see that my resource page i've clicked on at 33 times since it was created today.

And then I have social studies and ebooks i've only clicked on a few times.

Top titles click, so it gives you some of that usage which is kind of nice to have.

Alright, let me go back. Let me know if There are any questions i'm happy to go over anything again.

I hope you're excited to poke around in here and have some fun exploring.

You can't break the site i've tried i've done a lot to these sites, and you can't break it.

So go in there, make some changes, See what it looks like, you know, like I.

My process is to make the change save it look at it and then go right back to it.

So I don't forget right if I made a mistake or i'm like, Oh, yeah, like you saw with the logo.

I didn't like it when I changed the banner color. So you do have a gale support site as I shared with you already that that's how you can access your gale pages.

But I do want to mention One thing is that in the training center we have added, And this is linked out in your follow-up.

Email. But we've added this my wonderful colleague created this great document, and it is a resource guide on gale pages.

So that is linked out in your follow-up email.

But it also lives on the gale. support site for anyone that's watching this session.

Just go ahead and go into the training center and you'll want to look at tools.

So you'll look by product and you'll look for tools Gale tools in this page, or or this document will pop up if you're looking for any marketing materials.

We have great marketing materials on the gale support site to your customer success. Managers can walk you through that gale support site if you are reaching out to them about a gale page.

Have them talk to you about the support site, too, but that wraps our session.

My name is Tammi Burke. i'm your Gale training consultant and your customer success managers.

Let me put their email in the chat for you. Those that are watching the recording.

It is here on the screen. but it's really quite simple it scaled that customer success, and that's at Sun Gagecom, and just let them know what library you're coming from, and what your site location is and then they

would be, they'll be able to help you and be that one-on-one walkthrough training survey should pop up here at the end of the session.

But that wraps our session So thank you so much.

I look forward to seeing you at our sessions moving forward you'll find all of your Fpl. training from gale on the support site at support.

Gale Com: Forward, slash fel forward slash training, and once you log in, you'll be able to see that information to under the Florida electronic library.
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