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Last Updated: July 28, 2022

For FEL: Mental Health Resources for Spanish Speaking Users

The Florida Electronic Library provides resources to support Mental Health and Self-care for all users. Discover how Gale Health and Wellness, Gale eBook Collections, and Gale OneFile: Informe Academico provide the content and tools our Spanish speaking users need to take care of themselves and care for others. View this session to learn how to the tools and features can support your users’ wellness and mental health with quality content to teach coping techniques, and tools to encourage engagement and connection.

Duration: 45 Minutes
hello and welcome to your training for for the Florida electronic library.

Today's session is mental health resources for xf users

My name is Tammi Van buren and i'm your gale trainer.

Any questions that you have throughout this session. please let me know in the Q.

And a box. I will be monitoring it throughout the session.

So our focus for Today's session is to share with you the gale resources that you have available from the Florida electronic library for your Spanish speaking users.

We do have 3 resources we are going to cover today, and we are focusing on also mental health and health, resources and mental wellness.

You these resources. So for your Spanish users, utilizing these 3 resources today, the first resource that we are going to go into, let me go through my agenda first.

But the first one we actually are going to go into i've changed. The order up here is Gale informing academic.

Oh, and I will explain to you i'm going to give you an overview of all 3 resources.

Gale, health and wellness. Your gale ebook collection which has been created or changed into sorted into sub collections or custom collections of ebooks that you have from the Florida electronic library, So

i'm going to share that with you if you're accessing through the Florida electronic library website.

Then you're going to see those great collections and then But we are going to start with Gale and for my academic, and i'll talk more about that resource.

And what exactly it is we're going to explore content those ebook collections, features, and workflow tools.

And then any questions I encourage you to ask throughout the session.

I will also stay on the line if there's any additional questions.

Please let me know i'll share with you 2 where you can go for training materials and contact information.

My contact information, and you also have one-on-one support with your customer.

Success managers at Gil. Of course you always have the great folks at the Florida Electronic library that are there to support you to with all of your resources that you have from them.

So first let's talk about those resources. and How you can access the Florida Electronic library resources.

If you are using their site or their portal, this is the link that you would use.

You may be using your own libraries direct Urls, for all the resources, which is something that I suggest.

And the Florida Electronic Library suggests, because then you can track usage in your own school or district or public library or academic library.

You. If you are using your direct Urls, then all your patrons, will.

Students, faculty members, teachers. They will all be using those urls and then you'll be able to look at usage with your resources.

So these are for all of your gale resources that you have from the Florida Electronic Library.

We do suggest using those direct Urls. If you need support.

With that. Then, at the end of this session, I will provide you with your gale customer, success, manager, and they can help you with all of those access points.

The direct Urls. They have other suggestions. they are there for your one-on-one support. and they're really the expert experts when it comes to setting up all of your resources, so they can help with that and answer any questions you may

have, if you're currently accessing through the florida electronic library portal.

This is what you are going to see. When you get to the landing page you can access to ebooks, or you can go in and sort by subtract grade level.

You also have the ability to browse resources by these categories.

Here on the homepage we're going to access that information in just a moment.

First, let's talk about your gale resources for spanish-speaking users.

The first one that we are going to go into today is gale and form a academico.

Now this resource provides a wide range of full text.

Spanish and Portuguese language, scholarly journals and magazines.

So it's all periodical content but they are spanish and Portuguese journals and magazines and newspapers that you're going to find with this resource.

They're both from and about latin America and forway academical provides quality, reference material on a very powerful, easy-to-use interface.

And that's what we're going to explore today.

It is the interface or the the database itself is configured for spanish-speaking users, and it really allows researchers to analyze topics and conduct research in Spanish.

So our other resources. we're going to cover today you can translate content.

And the platform, or the interface into Spanish but this resource gale-informing Academic is all in Spanish already, so and I will share that with you today.

You're going to see that we're going to look at reference and newspaper magazines and journals.

You're going to find frequently review topics here within this resource on health and medicine, biology science and technology business.

And economics, literature and chemistry, so so much more than just mental health and wellness.

You also have the ability to send information directly to Google or Microsoft.

You can print download email there's also the highlights and notes feature.

These are shared tools across all of your gale resources.

So I will show you a few tools in this resource and then we'll jump into the next one.

I'll show you a few more tools and features because again They are shared across all of your guale resources that we're covering today.

So you will see those same tools and features that are available so I'm going to continue to build your knowledge and that content.

So now the next resource we're gonna go into is gale, health and wellness, health and wellness is you're going to find full-text medical journals, magazines, reference works and also multimedia within this

resource. it's authoritative information on health related issues. So researchers at all levels will find that content and a full range of health related issues.

We also have curated topic pages to browse, such as diseases and condition, drugs and diagnostics and tests.

There are peace treatments and surgeries, our Spanish editions of notable content, and a Spanish language search filter is available within this resource

The last thing we're the last resource We're going to go into today is Gale ebooks, As I mentioned, you have a very large collection of ebooks available from the Florida Electronic library.

It's fantastic what they have for you all available, and not only that, but if you are accessing the ebooks from the Florida Electronic library portal or website, then you will find all of the collections that have already

been curated for you. So the ebooks is this is something that you can access through the Florida Electronic library site just like all the other resources on the you could, even if you wanted to continue to use your own direct

Urls, You can create your own custom collections for these ebooks.

Those floor. Electronic library has already done that for you you can copy what they've done.

But these, if this is something you're interested in maybe you have a large collection of ebooks at your library also, and you want to incorporate that custom collections you can do that, that's very simple and easy to

do within gale ebooks. We have some documents to support.

How you would do that it's it's really a step by step.

Very simple process. We also have a recorded webinar where I covered how to customize your gale ebook collections, and also your customer success.

Managers can help with that. So a lot of support if that's something you're interested in doing.

Oh, then, I should talk about the platform itself. so you're going to find multidisciplinary ebook titles unlimited, a simultaneous user access.

It's a very intuitive search so I absolutely love the search feature, because I always imagine having all these print books in front of me, and how quickly I can find content by doing a search topic finder is also within your gale

ebooks as it is with your other gale resources that we're covering today and topic finder is another search option.

It's, visual, and it's interactive and I will model that for you today. you have 24 over 7 access to the ebooks, just as you do to your databases that you have access to there's no check in or

check out unlimited downloads. You have the workflow tools again.

These are shared. tools and features. Get Link Google Microsoft office.

365 are all available within your ebooks, as they are within your informal, academical, and also health and wellness.

Some tools I want you to keep in mind. Get Link, get Link provides a persistent Url back to any spot within the resource.

This is again another shared tool and feature, you have the ability. If you're using Google classroom to share content directly to Google classroom, you have the sun to option, where you can email or send content to Google or Microsoft

you have tools to support accessibility. so translate font size.

Listen display options as a new feature that we've recently added highlights and notes is a feature that really promotes that deeper learning.

You encourage analysis by color, coding and annotating content, and to continue to develop those research skills.

You have advanced search topic finder and the citation tool all of available.

We are going to cover all of these tools today, as I talk through the content that you have available for your Spanish speaking users at your library.

So with that, let's jump into the resources. i'm first going to take you to the Florida electronic library page.

Hopefully. this is displaying appropriately for you. All looks like it is on my end.

But Zoom gave me a weird There we go gave me a a white screen.

So that's not what I wanted to see when I go to share.

So if you're accessing you can simply search for a term here, you can change your library.

I'm not going to go too deep into this portal I do want you to explore it, or suggest you explore it on your own.

But I do want to share with you where you're going to find those resources we're talking about today, so you can go to A to Z.

Which would take you to all of your resources from the Florida Electronic Library. You could go into subjects and let me show you where you're going to find these resources.

So if I go to health, i'm going to find Gale health and wellness here. Okay, if I go into Spanish, this is where I'm going to find in form a academic and you can see right here search across full Tech

Spanish Portuguese scalability journals magazines from and about Latin America.

Okay, you're ebook collection has its own section its own navigation up here at the top when I click into ebooks, and that's the last one we're going to go into today.

I can see all of my collections, so they are broken into elementary Middle School High School general is going to be everything.

So this is geared more towards our public libraries and academic libraries will be accessing more.

That general category, but the ebooks are filtered down into each each section or level.

I should say here, and you do have these custom collections with titles already curated for you.

So There's. one on bullying one we're going to go into today is, I think, it's health and medicine our health and wellness.

Is there another Think it's health and medicine we're going to touch into today?

But you can see Oh, no, it is right here. mental health and self self-help.

So you've got some different categories depression and stress abuse and violence.

Addiction. all of these bullying you've got all of these different custom collections already created for you.

Okay, and that's with your ebooks so again.

3 resources. we're going to go into and form a academical which is a database, or I also refer to it as a resource.

It is your periodical content, gale, health, and wellness.

And then your gale ebook collections so so let's first go into Gale, one file and form a academico.

Now, as you can see right away My, when I log in and access this resource, it is already in Spanish for me.

If I wanted to change this back to English, I do have that option at the top of my screen, but is defaulted to Spanish English would take all of these navigational tools that are in Spanish here on the page and change it

to English. I'm not going to do that I am very comfortable with where these resources or features are.

Although my high school Spanish is not as strong as it used to be so.

But I will share with you how you can navigate through this resource, and how your Spanish you, user Spanish-speaking users, can benefit from utilizing this content.

Now again, this is going to be our periodical content so You're gonna find a lot of journals here, magazines, newspapers.

There's some multimedia available but it is really more of that periodical content, and it's being updated every day throughout the day.

So you can see here at the bottom of the page that it has over 11.

It was 11 million different dots, and it was recently updated.

Today it gets up updated all day throughout the day. On the homepage we have 3 different categories of search options available.

You have the ability to use topic finder, you also have the ability to use subject.

I think this is a subject search and publication search. so all of those are available on the homepage.

You have the basic search and advanced search also here now for today's purposes.

We're going to do a basic search and i'm going to do a search on.

Let's do heart disease and search assist does pop up and I am going to select it to help me out here, and it's going to take me to all of my content.

Now at this point if I were doing let's say I wanted to share this information, that maybe I in my public library I'm doing some programming around health. wellness and I wanted to highlight heart disease, because that maybe it's

heart health month, and I wanted to bring in content, and I want to make sure that my Spanish speaking users are included in the programming.

What I can do is at this point after i've just done a brief search on heart disease, and I wanted to link this out for my patrons.

What I could do is I could use the git link tool. get leak provides a persistent url back to this exact spot within the resource.

Okay, so that's an option If you wanted to showcase some of your digital content that you have available for your Spanish-speaking users on heart disease.

Then you can use the git link tool. Okay, now, if I were a user come a spanish-speaking user. And I was coming in, and I was investigating and doing some research on my own about heart disease, I wanted to find some content

I have some options available. I have the ability to look at my reference content.

That's where it landed. me and first I have publications, which is these are: Believe our academic journals, book articles, or maybe these are reference.

These are books. and then you have newspapers multimedia so here's some images and also some videos available.

Okay, So we have reference and books. It might be. Meg is this: One might be.

Magazines have to help me with my spanish here. so you can see when i'm in that content type.

I do have some options on the right hand side, where I can filter down my content.

I can filter by subject. I can filter by document type, and I can multi-select those documents by publication title.

I also have publication date. I have a lexile measure.

So if you are using lexile measures maybe if you're coming from a school, the lexile measure ranges are here.

You can multi-select, and I can also search within, so I can quickly filter down my results and search within.

So those are the different filter options I have on the right hand side.

Another thing that I can do is I can set up a search alert.

So if I want information sent to my invoice, I want to email.

To me every time new content is added about heart disease. Then what I can do is up here at the top. in my contextual toolbar.

I have the search, alert feature where I can choose to have it emailed or set up as an Rss feed.

If I have an email, I can choose how often I would like the content email to me and then create that alert.

And then, if i've selected weekly then once a week, anytime new content was added.

I would get an alert. That new content has been added on heart disease.

Okay, It's a great feature to have available within and This is unique to that feature.

That search, Alert feature is unique to the gale.

One file resources you're not going, to find it in health and wellness, or in your ebooks ebooks are ebooks, so that's a little different.

But it is with your periodical content. So with gale one file you have that ability to create a search, alert, alright, so that one is unique.

The rest of the features are shared features across the resources.

All right. Now, topic finder, I want to share with you.

Topic finder is in 2 locations. it's in our advanced search, as you saw it was on the home page. But I can also pull in my search results into topic finder.

So I can select topics finder here and it'll pull in my search results.

I can see here what search terms i'm utilizing and I have 2 visualizations.

I have the tile, or I have the wheel. Some people prefer the wheel.

Some people prefer the tile, the deeper the color of the tile, the larger the tile, the more information I have under that subject category.

So under this search term I can continue to draw down

And it will filter my content on the right hand side and show me those results.

So with 2 clicks I was taken to 3 different documents, and this could be a video and image.

It's not just limited to your text documents and what what topic finder is looking at is it does look at.

If you were to kick off your search from this point it's going to look at those top search terms.

So those keywords, those key hits or I should say top hits keywords is what it's looking for.

So if I were to do a search, where would I find that if I wanted to kick off from the home page I would click on Topic finder here and put in my search term

And it would pull back my search results, which is pulling one back in English.

Interesting to actually I haven't seen that before if I were to go.

Let's try if I go into topic fine or into advanced search topic finders.

The last one here

Interesting. I'm: seeing that again. Okay, so you can see the difference.

When I went through I did a basic search and pulled in my search results.

This is going to pull back even more. Okay, it's it's going to look at that term, and I might be to.

Let's see if this makes any difference sometimes, putting it in quotation marks, because it might be looking at heart and disease.

Yeah, it didn't really change too much there okay always good to explore Right?

Okay, So let's do an advanced search we talked about filtering your results.

We talked about. Get link search, alert, and topic. finder now let's do an advanced search, so if I were to go into advanced search. I want to put in 2 terms.

Now it is defaulted to search through keyword.

There are other fields that you can select and instead of keyword i'm going to put in anxiety and i'm gonna put exercise

And search. There are a few other options. You can look at the operators and special characters.

You have other options here below, looking at document type different publications lexile information.

It's pretty straightforward information when you talk about advanced search.

And what you're gonna find is there I have been taken to academic journals and videos in my search results here.

Now I can look at an article looks like some of these are in I'm, pulling back also some in English.

So these I would actually have to here's one here's one in Spanish.

So you're going to get a mix of those that content. it's you are pulling from. you can see the publication information, but you may get some academic, especially academic journals.

You may get some that are pulled back in English also and i'll share those tools with you as to how you can translate that content.

So we give you the option of of both. if there is content related to your search term. You do have on the right hand side a few things I want to point out to you. so let's say i'm reading this article I

find it extremely interesting. I want to share this with Hmm.

My Google translate popped up. I wanna share this with my maybe i'm a faculty member, and I want to share with my students.

I can use the git link tool. I can pull this into Google classroom.

I can send this to Google Microsoft email download or print.

So if I wanted to send you, I both options here.

Paper airplane, Google, one drive or email, or I have the quick, sound options here.

The reason why we put them in 2 places. because you could get to this point and think Oh, definitely, I want to keep this document, and the tool is still available for you.

You can also download or print this off. Another feature.

I want to point out is the explore panel explorer panel is going to give you more information like the article you're on.

So it's an additional way for researchers to continue that exploration, continue researching and analyzing the content, and find more content related to one article that they may be extremely interested in.

So it's a really easy way to find that supplemental information. So we talked about Sun 2, and we talked about your explorer panel.

So with that, I actually want to go into another resource and talk to you about some more tools, but also some more content.

So we looked at heart disease, anxiety, and exercise within this resource. let's go into a resource that is focused solely on health and wellness, and that is gale health and wellness.

With informing academic. Oh, it does cover those health topics, biology, science, those types of topics you're going to find, and mental health.

But it also covers business and economics. and so It's a that rack General reference again focused on Latin America, Spanish, Portuguese periodicals.

You will find there Gale. health and wellness is a resource that looks at as I as I previously shared.

It looks at different health issues. it also talks about wellness so ways to.

If you're having any. if your patrons are having symptoms, they want to look.

Take a deeper die. Maybe they've received some information from their doctor, and they want more information about it.

They want to understand it better or it's a child caring for a parent or a parent caring for a child that could be a situation where you want additional information and content, and don't want to go to the web because it's not

always reliable information. We all know that right on the on the web, and here you have authoritative content.

That is more of a consumer's approach to health and wellness.

So you have another medical resource I didn't pull it in today, because it's health and medicine, and that's more for your medical students.

Your healthcare professionals, where this is for you and I for your everyday folks that are looking for additional information.

Okay or doing some research great for students, great at the academic level and at the high school level.

And definitely a wonderful resource for all of your public library patrons.

So, looking at the homepage, we do have some topics of interest scrolling here, and they do change

These ones, I think, change once a month. Also we do have those listed there on the homepage.

You also have the subject categories listed below. I mentioned a few of these in my powerpoint therapies, treatments, and surgeries, mental health diagnostics, and tests, and I can browse all topic pages.

So these subject categories below each one like mental health.

For example, I have 55 different topics that I can that have been curated for me.

So it's a collection of information that's been curated for me that I have available some of them have topic pages.

Some of them are just a curated collection of information.

What do I mean by Topic Page? Well, let's take a look. So if we go into monthly and I could have clicked right into bullying, or I wanted to kind of show you here what we have available.

We did just start doing this. I noticed in a training a couple weeks ago that anything new or updated we'll see this new here listed below.

So it's it's nice that they're putting it in this section 2.

We can see the new right here. but new topic pages will be listed there also.

When I click on bullying. This is what I mean by topic.

Page where you have an image and an essay overview.

You also have content types here in the center of the page. and then below, each content type is organized into these nice boxes, and you will find some videos images available here.

Our encyclopedia content, you will find, not only will you find it quite a few different, but from the encyclopedia of medicine, but also of alternative medicine.

So that is a great option here within this resource as I scroll down. You can see academic journals, and then at the very bottom, if there's any related topic pages you'll see those at the bottom of your

page. so let's talk about the let's see one into content types.

I wanted to click into video content because a lot of our videos. this one's only these are only really short 39 s.

Here's one that's a minute long stopping school bully. So you will find that you have an a transcript and also closed captioning on all of our videos.

I tried to pick a longer one for you you you can also make these whole screen, and then you'll also find some explore panel here, too.

So if there's a video where you find great content, maybe the more like this panel can really help dive in a little deeper and explore additional content or supplemental information, So even from that videos page you can find additional content if

I wanted to share this topic. page in my with my students or library programming.

I can use the git link which will provide that persistent Url back to this exact spot.

Great way to share information, or if i'm a teacher I can share this in my Google classroom.

I do need to sign in with Google first, and then share it right to my classroom.

Now for our Spanish speaking users. How can I change this content to Spanish?

Well at the top of my page. If you notice here, I do have the ability to change the platform just as it was already set up that way and informed academic.

If I select that English at the top of my page, I can select Spanish, and it now has changed all my navigational tools, Spanish, just as I saw, and for my academic go.

Okay, so that's how your users? can sit down and change this to Spanish.

What about the articles? What about the information on the page?

How can they change that to Spanish? Well, this is what they can do.

They can actually go into, let's go into school violence and you can see here we have some tools to support accessibility.

So when you're at the document level, this is where again you're going to see that little translate icon, so you have to be at the document level, I click translate and I have the ability to transfer into over 40 languages

and and I do have to select Spanish well here's plus 2 Portuguese.

So I can change this into Portuguese. I can complete that transition, and it will translate the entire text document.

Okay, and I can read it in Spanish or Portuguese.

One thing I have to complete the translation. Let me cancel this.

I have to complete that translation before these tools will come back.

So I if you don't then you're not going to see the ability to decrease or increase the font size you won't see the display options that I shared with you in the last resource but you have

that ability to or I didn't share that I was saving it, display options where you can change the color behind the text, Change the font line, spacing letters, spacing words, spacing and then read that text I

go back to my default settings. I can also listen to the text being read aloud to me.

Now I will share this the trend when you translate the text, and then listen.

It will also already be translated. We do have Spanish.

I believe we do have Portuguese. We have 23 languages where the text can be translated into 40 languages.

The listen option or text to speech can be translated into 23, and we have the most popular ones that are utilized the most at least.

That's my opinion of the ones that i'm seeing that are available, are the ones that are utilized.

The most here for that. Listen: option. Okay. So we have.

It is a little bit of a difference where we have text to 40. But we're talking about Spanish today in Spanish users, and that is definitely one of the languages that we have available there under that listen button.

Okay, alright. So when you are in a resource such as health and wellness, 2 areas you're going to want to transfer, and that is the navigation at the top, and then also translate at the document level, and that's

how your Spanish-speaking users can utilize this resource.

We talked about content types and multimedia let's do a basic search, and this one i'm gonna do on depression.

And I just want to point out that again. that essay overview. here.

You have that ability to explore and the ability to send this to Google drive.

So if I translated this document 2 all that. Let me go back to English here.

Okay, translate the document to Spanish

I wanna complete that translation. Now I have it translated let's say I wanted to highlight a couple items.

I can highlight this text here. I can click and drag over that.

Okay, let me show you that in a second, Actually, no going to keep it in Spanish. And I want to send this to my Google drive.

I can use the quicksand option here. Or, as I mentioned this contextual toolbar is at the top.

I can send to my Google drive it's going to ask me to sign in It'll land in my Google drive anytime.

I send any information from any of your gale resources into your Google drive It'll land in a folder titled whatever resource you're in.

So I happen to be in gale health and wellness so I will see that document here, and I can't remember.

I think it was depression. Not only that, but this document is in Spanish.

So when I send the document to my Google drive Microsoft one drive email download, print it's going to be in Spanish.

So your users can continue to read in their language it's a great tool and great option to have available.

Okay, So just another way that you're yourself speaking users can utilize the information here with your gale resources.

This one you do have to actually translate the text, and but all the tools to support accessibility are also here, and they can also listen to that text being read aloud to them.

The last thing I want to talk to you about, or last resource I want to talk to you about is your gale ebooks, and as I mentioned, they are already organized into collections for you.

So on the left hand side. It does start with elementary here's elementary health and medicine.

We have a middle school. bullying. Equity and inclusion is also here mental health and self-help.

And then we go into high school bullying you're gonna find mental health and self-help.

So if you're, coming from schools you may want to take a look at those categories like Here's high school, mental health and self-help, if you're coming from a public library, or academic library, this general section

may be more your speed and the the books are slightly different.

I mean, these are these are books that are for high schoolers.

Lm. Middle School. there's 13 so we don't have the 19 titles.

So these are more the middle school titles, and these books were purchased for those levels.

And the nice thing is that you do already have them. curated for you here. If you're accessing through the Florida Electronic library site, can you recreate this?

Absolutely. It will take some time, but you can make custom collections with your own ebooks for your own library.

If that's what you select to do and use this as a model, it's a great model to use.

Okay, So let's take a look at some of these collections and and what it looks like when you do click into a collection.

So we're going to go into health and medicine in general here.

I can see all of these ebooks I have available.

If I wanted to search within just this collection, because I just clicked on general health and medicine on the left hand side.

I can search within the collection, and it would just search through these titles.

How many titles did I have here? 24, I think.

Yes, 24 titles. if I am looking at this collection, I think.

Oh, yeah, I really want to take a look at the gale encyclopedia fitness.

I can click into that cover, and it will take me to the table of contents.

From here I can select any of these categories maybe agent exercises something i'm interested in, so is something i'm interested in.

I can go into that chapter, or those selection of pages within that ebook.

Now it does take me into the text view, and if you know in the text view, it looks very similar to one we are in our other gale resources.

All those shared tools and features are here same with the contextual toolbar.

The only difference is, I have a table of contents because i'm in an ebook, and I can quickly jump to another section of my ebook, or I also have book view so in text view.

I do have all my tools to support accessibility. I do have my explore panel in book view.

It's the actual book view. So imagine the print book in digital format.

This is what i'm going to see takes a second here here's the page i'm on. I can continue to turn the pages here.

I can make this double page if I want. There we go.

I can fit it to my browser, I can jump to another page or swipe, using the right hand side here.

I can also make this whole screen. If I wanted to zoom in, I just click that plus sign zoom, click and drag.

So if I prefer to look at the book view, I have that option here available.

With all these features. Now we're talking about spanish users. So in bookview they're not going to have the ability to transfer the text, Okay, you have to be in text view.

I did want to point it out. Just so. You were aware that that is an option.

But for our Spanish users, they'll need to be in text view, and translate that text just as I did in the other resources.

Okay, again. This is the transate feature is a shared tool and feature across your gale resources, as is the ability to transfer the navigation at the top of the page.

I can translate this to Spanish also. Okay, so text view, I can still read that text in Spanish.

Now I want into the cover. I clicked on the cover of the book the type.

If I wanted to do a search. let's do a search on bullying, this is going to search through my entire ebook collection.

I'm just gonna do bullying i'm not gonna do bullying and harassment, and I always imagine having all of these print titles.

Look at how many different ones some of these we're seeing repeats here in front of me.

Oops. There we go and these I can quickly do.

A search and find content. If I had all these print books in front of me to locate 260 different articles or documents or pages or chapters would be challenging here. and when i'm doing a quick search I can

find that content very quickly. So I can go into this document or this chapter.

This is 7 pages that tells me this is targeted bullying.

Whenever you click into a cover. it's going to take you to that table contents page again.

So as a Spanish user, I would want to select the title of the article and then change it to Spanish, so that I can read it in my language.

So again. those tools and features are there there's great content here in your gale ebooks.

Collection. as I mentioned. you do have to go in and set our translate the articles.

When you are accessing your gale ebooks Now an advanced search

We let's see. So we do have so advanced search publication languages.

No looks like everything. is in English, so sometimes they'll be ebook collections in Spanish, and we'll see those here. but it looks like the publication.

Language is primarily English, so you would have to do what your users would have to translate that information.

Okay, alright, so that covers your 3 resources. how your Spanish users can use them. How they can go in and translate that content and read.

If they've done a do, a search they can find content as I mentioned in former Academico, is already translated.

The navigation. is there they are going to find documents already translated for them, because they are coming from Spanish and Portuguese publications.

So that's why, they're going to see them that way Okay, So there's one other area I want to share with you or 1 one other topic before you leave me today.

That is your gale support site. so Oh, before I do we do have an upcoming webinar august the fourth at 2 o'clock. If you're able to join this one.

We are covering organizing your library resources. So you have quite a bit of Florida electronic library resources.

Maybe you want to filter that information down. Maybe you want to organize it a little bit better.

You have students coming into your library if you're coming from a public library?

And do you want those students to be able to access, content to related to elementary?

How can you filter that down and organize it while we provide you with a complementary gale page resource site?

It's free you can customize it However, you want I'm gonna go into how you can organize those library resources.

It's not just for your gale resources it's for a resources you have access to.

You just need the direct Url for that resource, and you can add it onto your gale page.

It could be your one stop shop for whatever it is you want to showcase that you can add multiple pages, and i'll talk about all of that in this webinar that's on the fourth so hopefully, you'll be able

to join me, but it's a great way to organize your library resources for more support and more training. support.

You can go to the gale support site and that's at Support Dot Galecom, you will find that you'll find your mark records there.

The training center marketing materials in the training center you will find to tutorials recorded webinars, training decks, lesson plans scavenger hunts, and so much more.

There's also great bookmarks and posters let me share that site with you real quick.

I'm gonna go back to my browser and go to that support site

This is where you can find all of your product support all of your training materials by product or type, marketing materials, also by prod, by type or product.

So if I wanted to look at training materials for health and wellness, I start to type in health and wellness.

I click on that resource. and here I have resource guides, there's a tip.

Sheet videos, and these include webinars and tutorials.

The tutorials are only 2 to 3 min long.

I can do the same for the marketing material. So if I browse by product and I want everything for maybe I want everything for informing academic here, I will find

Email, we have templates. So email newsletters, email for librarians to patrons and students.

So we have a lot of templates available. Also, we have digital assets.

So banners and social media posts. and then below, we have printable materials like bookmarks and fliers, and these are already created for you.

So you can see here is a flyer, and you can add your logo and also add the direct Url to your resource.


Alright. Well, that wraps our session. I thank you for your time today.

There are any questions, I will stay on the line. you all were a little quiet, so I will stand line. if there's any additional questions training.

My my name is Tammi Van buren i'm your gale trainer.

Your customer success managers, I had mentioned. that they are your one on one support for those direct urls, or if you want to talk to them about access their usage reports.

They can help you with that here's their contact information and Then the training survey should pop up at the end here when you log off of this session.

Otherwise. here's a url to our training survey and I will put that in the chat. Thank you all for your time today.

Have a great rest of your day and enjoy your summer. Thank you.
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