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Last Updated: May 28, 2024

Gale Presents: Excel Adult High School - Tips Video (For Students)

So you're a student at Excel High School.


In this video, we'll give you tips

and info for success on the Excel

High School program provided by Gale.

We'll cover credits required

to graduate,

transferring your previously earned credits

by submitting the transcript

recommendations for completing your self

based courses

and how to get support when you need it.

Let's start with some goals.

Students must take a total of 21.5

credits to graduate.

Those credits must consist of

four English

three math, three science,

3.5 social studies and eight

elective credits including

a half credit of health, a half credit

of fitness and one fine art credit.

If you've earned high school credits at any point

before this, we can evaluate your transcripts

and apply those credits towards your credit total.

However, in order to graduate with Excel,

at least six of the total credits to graduate

must be earned through the Excel High School

program that

includes one credit of English,

one credit of math, one credit of

science, one credit of social studies

and two elective credits.

We'll load these credits for you first and

then determine if you need to take any more

credits after we receive your transcripts.

Your transcript will need to be sent to us directly

from your previous school.

So we've created a special guide to

walk you through how to contact your previous school

and ask them to send us your transcript.

You can find this guide on the orientation

resources page on your learn stage account.

Once we have your transcript, we'll send

you an email to let you know we have,

we'll also load it to the document section

of your learn stage profile where you can check

for it any time.

Now, let's take a look at your courses.

You'll notice that your courses are flexible

and self paced. You can work on them

whenever and wherever you want

and you can work on one course at a time

or all of them at once.

The choice is yours.

However you choose to work, make sure you're

using the Google Chrome browser on

your computer to ensure your course materials

function optimally.

When completing your assessment, you have

three attempts on quizzes and two

attempts on final exams.

This gives you a chance to review what

you missed and improve on your next attempts.

Keep in mind that you have to earn at least

a 60% on your final exam

to pass the course and earn the credit.

Be sure to log in frequently and complete

quizzes and exams regularly.

The faster you complete your work, the sooner you graduate

and you have a maximum of two years to

complete all classes for graduation.

We recommend completing 3 to 5 quizzes

each week to stay on track

and we're here to support you along the way.

Let's go over how you can get support while

completing your course work.

Meet the help desk.

The help desk is our one stop shop

for getting answers to any of your questions.

We have a department for any type of question

you might have simply create a ticket

designated department,

click submit

and wait for a response from a member of our


Specifically, if you have a question about

your class content, quizzes or

exams, you can contact our academic

coach team by creating a help desk ticket

and designating it to the academic

support department.

For any other assistance you can reach out to

your Excel high school success coach.

So now you have what you need to get


Thanks for watching.
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