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Last Updated: November 29, 2023

Gale Presents: Excel Adult High School- Learn Stage Overview (For Program Managers)

In this video, we're going to cover how to use

the new Learn stage system

with a library manager.

You can keep in mind that we do also have a written

guide for this available for you to refer

to as you learn the system.

Let's start with loggin it.

The login will go to Ladman

dot learn stage dot slash


lyn. It will ask you to enter an account ID.

You can enter Excel at

then click proceed,

then it will ask you to enter a user name

and password.

Then click log in.

You will most likely be asked to enter

an M FA code, which is our two

factor authentication.

The code should appear in your email inbox

within a few seconds and you can enter it.

Then you'll be taken to the dashboard where you

can see a main menu to the left.

Click on library management.

This is where you can search for your school,

make sure that the district and school

are selected and then type in your

library name

and then click enter

to find your library. You can click go

to open it.

So now we're on the library detail page.

This is where you can manage enrollments through

all of the phases of the enrollment process.

So we have the applications area

where the applications come in the prerequisites

area where students who are enrolled

in the prerequisite course are held,

then it moves into scholars

who are eligible for scholarships

are held. And then once they are officially approved

for a scholarship, they move into enrollments.

So at the top here we have the applications

area. There are three categories below


We have application decisions,

attention needed and denied applications.

Let's take a look at one of these categories to

get an idea of what that looks like.

Clicking on one of the categories will take you to

an enrollment page. So any enrollment

that comes in is called

or any application that comes in

is called an enrollment even if they

aren't fully enrolled with a scholarship,

that's just how they're referred.

Um So as they go through the process that you

will be taken to an enrollment page,

and you can see at the top here that enrollments

are filtered

to show the students that we are looking

for. So the most common filter

qualifier is the enrollment status

uh and that will change based on what we're looking

for. Occasionally, it will also use

action required.

So let's take a look at the other


So when attention needed,


enrollment status is still application,

but the action required is marked as

or denied applications

the enrollment status is canceled.

So let's take a look at our students that are

in application decision.

When looking at the students, you can see there are a lot

of columns of information

and it can, you, you'll need to scroll.

If you don't want to scroll and you want to reduce some

of these columns, you can go to the top right

and click being customize your view button


remove any of those that you

don't want to look at.

That will shorten your view

to open one of the enrollments.

You can click go

and that will take you to the enrollment details

page. But that will show the specific

information for the student

at the top. We have the really basic information

and then the rest of the information is sorted

in filters

in the application process or

in this phase of the process.

Uh the tabs that will be most useful

is the student details and then

the program details tab

that's where you can find the application question

answers. So the student submitted,

this is our test account. So there aren't actually

real questions entered, but your library

can set up the questions

that you would like

when you do the setup process.

So you can see their answers here. And then

you can also take a look at the enrollment history


the enrollment logs

area, it takes a little bit to load,

but it will show all of the actions taken on the account.

So you can see when the student enrolled

if the system has made

any updates and then if any admin

have looked it on the account,

so to approve or deny a student,

you'll want to change the status

and the status is in this upper right hand corner.

Right now, it's set to application.

We can click on it to change it,

to approve a student.

We'll change it to prerequisite That's

going to move them into the pre

prerequisite category and

automatically load the life skills

course for them to take.

If you would like to cancel or

deny a student, then you would click


and that would move them into the applications

denied category that we looked

at previously.

So let's move the student into prerequisite

so that we can

give them the prerequisite course.

All right, let's watch

and view the student in the

prerequisite in progress category.

So now we have our student, Dana demo.

She's in the prerequisite category.

And if we click to open her accounts,

we can take a look at her courses,

like looking the courses tab,

this is going to show that she has the life

skills course loaded

and you can view inside

of progress

um module progress in

the grade that comes in here if you would like

to. But the nice part about this prerequisite

phase is that the system does the work

for you. So when the student has moved

in prerequisite the system automatically

loads the course and it also

automatically sets the expiration

date. It gives them those 14

days to complete

the course.

And then

when the student completes the course, it will

mark the course as either passed or


uh and then change the enrollment


so we can go up to the top here. So we

wouldn't need to do this. The system would do it for us.

But once the student has passed,

we would move the student into

the status

is completed and that moves

them into the,

uh, waiting to assign seats area.

We'll look at that next. If they

don't pass the course or if

they don't take the course in time,

it will indicate that they are ineligible


move forward in the program.

So let's go back again.

Take a look

here in failed. We can see

that it's going to filter out any

of the ineligible students.

All right. So lets

move this over as if we were the system


complete it.

So that's gonna show that Dina

has completed the course

and passed.

And if we refresh this,

we can see that she's now

in these scholarships area, that

means she has passed the prerequisite and is eligible

to be considered for a scholarship.

So any students

in that situation are held in waiting

to assign seats area.

So again, you can open up the enrollments,

you can see that the enrollment status is completed

and then you can view the account again,

not a lot will have cha changed

in this at this point.

Um But you can always go back and view

that course and what the grade

is in any

details that you would want to look at.

So once you've decided that you would like the student

to receive a scholarship, you can go to the top,

right. And all you need to do

is change the status to in a role

and that will move them into


enrollments category.

When they are moved into the enrollments category,

their set of six courses will

be automatically loaded to their account

as well.

When at this point, the student is fully enrolled

and using a scholarship

to track the amount of scholarships

you're using and how many seats are still

available. You can use the scholarship reports

which is under scholarships area.

When you click on it, it's going to show you

a report of how many

seats are available in the library

and how many there are total.

You can also see a debit

that indicates any time a seat has

been added and then credit

indicates any time a seat has been


So to take a look at your active enrolled students

and see how they're doing,

you can click on active enrollments

that's going to show you any student who is


and you

can click go to take a look at their account

and you can track their course progress.

Uh This hasn't

student hasn't completed any work yet, but the

progress would appear here

and you could see how they're doing if there

were transfer credits, it would also show up

on this list and they would be specifically

marked as transfer credits.

And you can also take a look at their notes area.

This is where you can see if the transcripts

loaded if an audit has been completed,

if a student is called in and asked questions.

So the Excel high school team

will use this as they process

documents. The account manager will use this

and then you can see what's going on

over there. The note section does


a filter option as well. It's a little

bit different, but each note has

a certain type that

our team uses.

So if you click admin,

it will show only the content

that is under admin or admission

will show only admission.

Generally it's pretty easy just to view all

of them and scroll through

them to see them in chronological order.

If you wanted to check their deadline, you could

go to the enrollment details.

Yeah, and see their expiration date is listed

here that's automatically

set by the system and it gives them two years

to complete the entire program and


And then if you wanted to take

a look at their login history and see how many times

they're logging in,

you go to the login history tab

that will show every time they log into

their account

and then you could always review enrollment history

like we talked about before.

Uh you can see more of those actions that

are taken on the account such

as adding courses,

recording courses

and so on.

So lastly, let's take a look at how to

log in as a student and

view their course progress.

While actually inside of their

canvas account,

we wanna go over to the student details tab.

And on this student info

card, you can see the login as

button when you click

on it, that's going to open up a student

view. So it indicates you're

logged in as a student to view their courses,

you would click course details

and then that's going to open up more information

and it has some tabs including the courses

to, you can see the courses

here as well. They look similar to

how you see it on the admin side with slightly

different layout

and then to the right, you can click

go to course to open up

their canvas account

on their canvas. Count one of the most useful

areas to look at is the view grades

area. That's to the right.

That's where you can see all of their courses

listed and the grades they've

to see their progress, you can click on one of

the courses

and that's going to show all of the assignments

in that course. So this is a really good measure

of how far they are through the course,

uh, because

they have to complete those assignments in order to

complete the course.

You see all of them, anything that

has a grade will have a number, anything that doesn't,

will have a dash

and you can view the overall grade over here

to the top. Right.

If you'd like to see the details of

the course, you can click modules

and that's where you can go to the actual course.

But remember we are in the student view.

So you're seeing it exactly

how they see it

and you can see the content of the course.

A checkmark indicates that the studio

has opened

that module section

and viewed it.

So this is another way you can see

a student's activity.

The assignment progress on

the learn stage account would

reflect the grades.

It would reflect what percentage of the

assignments they've completed in this grades area.

The module progress wheel that's

going to be indicating

um how many of these module

sections have the green check marks.

So two different ways to view progress

on reflecting something similar

if you'd like to navigate to their course,

uh each any of their courses,

you know that standard way you can go to the

left, click the little book and

you can click to open any of the courses in this

way as well.

And you can click grades to be the grades

again and

then modules to view the modules.

So that's just a quick overview of their canvass

account. You shouldn't need to go in here very

often because learn stage will

reflect all of this activity like I'm I

mentioned before.

Uh So you'll have a really quick view.

And if you did want to go in to see when

something was completed, you could go

to the greats page,

open up a quiz and you would have a time stamp

there um and see

a few more details about

the submission and what the answer,

how they're doing and things like that.

So that concludes our overview of the new learn

stage and viewing canvas

courses. Thanks for watching.
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