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Last Updated: November 29, 2023

Gale Presents: Excel Adult High School - Login Video (For Students)

Congratulations on receiving a scholarship

for the Excel High School program.

In this video, you'll learn how to log

in and begin working on your new high school


If any questions come up as you get started,

you can always review this video before contacting


to begin your coursework. You will log in

the same way you did when completing a prerequisite

life skills course.

Let's walk through it

before logging in. Start by opening

Google Chrome, which is the browser that

works best with our courses.

If you don't have it, you can go to

to download it.

And once you're on Chrome and ready to log

in, go to the link provided

on the screen,

then select the student login option.

When you reach the learn stage login area,

enter the email and password you provided.

When you initially applied.

Once you are logged in to your learn stage account,

you will notice two main areas,

the central window in the middle where the information

is shown and a main menu to the left

that includes access to your profile at

the top. Let's

start by accessing your profile and going

to the I DS and documents page.

Excel requires you to verify your identity

by uploading a photo of your government

issued ID

and you can do that here.

You can also use this area to see

if Excel has received your transcript and

uploaded it to your account. If they have

it will show up here.

You can click on the orientation and resources

option on the left menu for more

resources on having your transcript sent

to Excel.

You can also find a guide on this page for

setting up a train, the brain tutoring session,

which is included with your program.

Access to train the brain is also provided

on the learn stage, main menu

to access your courses. Click on the dashboard,

then click on course details below

your library name to see your enrollment


to view your courses, scroll down to

the courses tab and click go to course

on one of your courses to be taken

to your canvas dashboard

at the top of the dashboard. You'll see invitations

to all of your courses.

Accept these invitations to get started

on the left of the screen. There is a blue

menu bar,

select courses on this menu, view

your course list and navigate to a course.

Make sure to read and watch all of the information

on your course homepage first, then

use the menu to the left of the course to

navigate to the course modules,

modules consist of readings, activities,

quizzes a midterm exam.

A final exam and sometimes written


you can work through them from top to bottom until

you complete your course.

Make sure to log in and make progress regularly

to ensure you complete your classes before your

deadline. We

recommend completing 3 to 5 quizzes

each week to stay on track and finish

on time.

So now you know how to log in and get started.

We hope you enjoy your learning adventure.
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