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Discover Gale In Context: For Educators Assessments

Gale In Context: For Educators now includes assessments! Teachers can assign classes, or specific groups of students, formative assessments to evaluate learning progress. Every Gale lesson plan includes a five-question quiz for students to engage with the content. Teachers will be able to see quiz results within the Gale In Context: For Educators platform, allowing for simple and quick analysis of understanding. Join this session, intended for any educator working with or interested in Gale In Context: For Educators, to explore assessment workflows.

Duration: 30 Minutes
The Gale In Context: for educators assessments.

My name is Amber Winters and I'm your training consultant

for the day.

So our agenda today we're here for an hour.

So we're going to be able to cover every single thing we

need to cover and we're going to be able to answer

every single question we have but I'm

going to go very briefly into what exactly

Gale In Context: For Educators is. I'm assuming

the majority of you on the line already know

that because this is a more advanced session.

But I do just want to make sure we're on equal

footing. When we're talking about galling context for


After that. We're really going to dive right into the

assessments. We're going to talk about where

you can find them. The content

included, how they're graded all that good stuff.

We're going to launch into the resource

and really walk through each of those different

kind of bits of information as well as

some of the work flows. That might be helpful for you

And then I have put here at the very end of the session,

a time for questions as well as contact

information. But again since we have

an hour's worth of time, I should

be able to answer all of your questions as we move through

the session. So I don't feel like you need to wait until the very

end to ask your questions, just go ahead

and pop it into the Q. And A. And I should be able to get

to it So

first let's talk just very

basically what Gale In context for educators

is. So this is as the name would suggest

our educator focused resource. So

this is where you as an educator are going

to find some prebuilt lesson plans

spanning from social studies to science

literature, C T E. Social

emotional learn learning. The list goes

on. So we've created those with

your gale resources in mind and we've built

lesson plans around the content you have

access to and all of our content

is linked to both state and national standards.

So it's really simple to kind of pull content

directly related to to those different standards.

In addition to that. This is a really simple way for you

to access all of your in context

suites. So I do want to mention that,

say when we walk through my instance,

it might look slightly different than yours just

because I have a different collection

of in context resources than what you might have.

So it will search through your entire

in context suite though, to pull all of the content you

need, and again we do link everything

to standard. So you will be able to search or

browse by standard or by

a specific subject.

And finally, this resource allows for complete

collaboration between colleagues.

So we have a nice folder, organization that's going

to keep you organized for yourself. But

it's also going to let you send organized content

to your peers if you want to maybe work

back and forth or just share information that

you've found, you'll be able to do that.

And we also have a function that's going to allow you

to send your curated folders to students.

So you can build folders specifically for students

so they can read any materials you have,

And now that we've added these great assessments,

those folders that you can share it with. Students are

going to be really handy because you'll be able

to send that out and students will be able to complete those assessments

right on the platform.

So let's talk about them. That's why we're all here

today. So a very

basic understanding of our assessments

now. These are formative. They're not summ

but we do have assessments for every lesson

planned now. So if you do tend to use scaling

context for educators and navigate

through to the lesson plan section, you'll find

assessments attached to each of those.

They are also accessible through search

and browse. So our assessments

are related to one piece of content. Maybe

it's a video, maybe it's a reading.

And the lesson plan will utilize that piece of

content and we utilize that assessment.

So you will be able to not only find it attached

to the lesson plan, but you'll also be able

to access it through searching and browsing

and finding pieces of content with

those assessments attached and we'll take a look

what's great is we've made a little flag to make it really

easy for you to see what exactly

has an assessment and what doesn't.

And finally I recently added bits

is going to be the student assessment. Sign in

because of course if they don't sign in, we can't give

you their grades. So we do have

a nice student sign in now that's going to

allow them to take their to

take their assessment submit it for

you and then you're going to see it right on the platform.

So a few features for our assessments.

First off, it's going to be five questions.

So again, it's really a nice little formative

quiz. It's not going to be a full long

summ of exam, but it's five

questions and it's going to be kind of a mix

of multiple choice, true or false

fill in the blank or short answer.

So you may have you know, three

multiple choice, you may have one, you may have two, it's

going to vary depending on what quiz you're

looking at, but you will have five questions

in total to ask students.

and when you do decide to send out this assessment,

you can actually get different links for different groups.

So of course a lot of individuals choose

to break it up by hours, so your

first hour, first hour will have a separate

link in your second hour. so you

get your grading results separately from

each other so it's really easy to transition

that to wherever you need it to go But of course

you can break it up in a different way if you have

some different groups within one hour and you want

to break up their grades, you can do that.

this is completely editable by you and

you can add as many or as few

class links as you want to. And you'll

see in my screenshot here, not only can

you just pull a link and share that out with the students, you can

also share it out on google classroom.

So if you prefer to do it that way, we still have

that feature that capability right there.

and finally you're going to have student results

right on the platform and your student results

are going to be found under the my class

resources section. So just like where

your folders are, we've decided to put all

of the assessment results there as well to make it really

simple for you to find them

and kind of take a look whenever you need them.

now. I really want to dive in so we can see the different

workloads that are going to help you guys utilize

this content but before I do are

there any questions just about this basic

information that I went over.


I don't see any. So let's go ahead and get rolling.

Then let me make sure I wasn't signed out here.

I've left left this open on my browser for a bit,

nope, I'm still signed in

So I'm here on my home page. I've already signed

in just to save us a little bit of time.

I first want to show you

what these quizzes are going to look like within

lesson plans. Again, we have included

assessments for every single lesson plan,

so a lot of times. That's a great way to find assessments

for the most part. So instead

of searching right now I'm actually going to go up

here to my lessons plan option

once I click into this here, it's going to take a quick

second to load. I want to remind everyone

you can narrow down here using our filters,

so it's going to default to showing you every

single lesson plan we have, which is going to be

K through 12 every subject.

So as you can imagine, it's a lot looks like right

now we're at 1113

lesson plans.

So if you are planning on going through this route,

I would suggest narrowing it down. Maybe you want to

choose a subject area, you'll

see if we can take a look at this scroll down,

see what's important to us. maybe

we want to take a look at media literacy today, Maybe

we're running a on that, so I can click

that and I'll have to apply

And again this workflow hasn't changed. It's

just now you're going to be able to find assessments

a bit a bit more easily.

So um let's today we'll go into decoding,

media bias here.

And this is an older grade

level. Looking like this target grade is 11 through 12.

But you'll see here now on my assessment,

on my lesson plan under

my tools, I have this little

assessments button here.

And so this is telling me that I have an assessment attached

to this,

you'll see what the name of the assessment is right


and you can click on the title to get a preview.

So this is what your students will be clicking through,

but before we do anything with this, we

need to put it in a folder. Remember anything you

use within Gale In Context: For Educators.

you need to save it for yourself for later.

So let's add this to a folder so we can

start to work with this quiz here.

So I'm going to add to a folder up top

here, I'm going to create a new one.

just like always, you'll see you have all of your folders

attached here.

Um I'm just going to

add that here

and now you'll see we get this pop up now we have

the option to add lesson plan, add the

lesson plan and resources or add lesson

plan resources and assessments.

So if you are going to use

assessments, you're going to assign them to students, make sure

you always utilize this option

right here. This bottom one. So I'm going to go ahead

and click that and it's going to stay up to my new

folder here.

and it looks like we have a question from

Christina. So can you modify the assessment?

for right now we don't have the ability

to modify the assessment. So when you do send

an assessment over to students, it is

going to go over with all five questions,

they're going to have access to all five.

Ok, so I've added these three documents here, so

I'm going to open that folder now so we can take a look

at what this looks like on

our my class resources

section here. So again, if you're just trying

to get directly to a folder as opposed to going

through how I did, you can click into my class

resources up top here.

and that will pull you right here, but I just

clicked it right into my folder here.

and you'll see I have the lesson plan and it looks like

we have two different bits of content that are attached

to this lesson plan. We have one chart and

we have one topic overview.

So looking through here, you'll see my topic

overview is the one that has the quiz


So students are going to need to read this topic

overview to be able to take this quiz here.

So let's go ahead and click into this media biased

topic overview and we can kind of see

what you can do and what students can do

Thank you. So this is still the educator

view. I haven't taken a look at a student view at all

yet. You'll see this is

defaulted to turning on, so

the quiz is defaulted to being visible to students

if you want to assign this piece

of content to students, but you don't actually want them

to take the assessment right now. You can turn

this off, but it does default to on here.

and everything else will be the same for your students.

So let's take a look now and see what students

are actually going to see here. So I have

this all ready to go.

I'm going to select my student view of top

here. and

now, once it loads up for me here,

there we go. Now, remember, I didn't add,

I'm sorry, not remember, but I didn't add an

instructor's notes, so that's why you don't see

it here, but now your students, if

you do have this enabled for your

students to see, they're going to get this little

assignments option here, so you'll see, they get

this not started button

and they'll be able to click right in um since I'm

signed in as an educator, I can't click in here,

students will be doing that but this is

what they're going to see and if it's completed, they're

going to see a little completed option here as

opposed to this, not started

So let me jump back here again

to the instructor view.

So now if I have this all ready to go, maybe I do

decide to add an instructor's note just

um, you know,

make sure you take this quiz for monday

or something like that. I can do that as well.

And then the instructor's note will appear in addition

to the assessments here. So I do have the option

for both of those.

But now I wanna get this content out to students.

I've decided, yep, this quiz is perfect, this

is what we need.

I'm going to hit my send to button which

is up top here at this little um paper


And when I hit send to, I'm going to click

on this, get shareable student link

here when

I do that, this is where I'm going to be able to decide

what different classes I want here. So

again, I can include as many as I want. You'll

see right now it defaults to having

class number one. That's just what you're going to see

if you've never done anything with assessments

yet but I can start adding more so you'll

see here. I already have a first hour added for

an assessment I did previously. Maybe

I also want to have second hour.

They're also going to be working on it. literary

media literacy. So

I can select the second hour create

class. And again, I have another separate link

here so I can really

simply copy and paste these wherever I want

them to go. Again, we do have our google

classroom integration if you prefer to send

it out that way.

If you're using an L MS or want to give

information to students via L MS,

You may want to consider just copying this link

and posting it into whatever assignment you're

working on. If you're building maybe a discussion

board post again you can copy and paste that

there and students will be able to click in,

they'll be prompted to sign in

with a nice clean, simple way to sign in

with their google or Microsoft


and they'll be able to sign in and get started

on that quiz

Now. Quickly any questions about how you

can get the assessments over to

your kiddos at all


I don't see any. So I do

want to show you what a piece of content

looks like when it has an attached

assessment in a search result. So

if instead of going through a lesson plan, you just

search for a topic and you wanted to

maybe click into only things that have

assessments attached.

What I'm going to do just to save time is I'm actually

going to pull this article up

as if it were in a search result. So I'm just going

to advance search by its document number.

again, just so we can see exactly what this

particular bit of content is going to look

like here

So just pop in my document number

And of course we're right now only going to get one entry

because I'm searching the exact

bit of content, but you'll see

here. So this is the article that we were in.

You'll see. I already added it to my media

literacy folder, so it's still going to appear

here for me.

and we have our assessments available flagged

right here.

So as you're going through, if you did run a full

basic search for whatever topic you're looking

for, if we have any assessments

related to bits of content, they're going to appear

here right next to all of these other flags.

So you are most likely familiar with these

different guys. But we've included this assessments

available one here as well to make it just a little

bit easier for you to find that content. So

you're not going to have to kind of point and click through all

of their different bits of content to find something that

has an assessment attached to it.

But again, you do have to make sure you send this

bit of contents over to a folder, otherwise

you're not going to be able to do anything with it

at all. you always have to send to a

folder here.

So now let's take a look at how we can actually

find these results here. So

I'm going to go back to my class resources,

which again, is where all of your folders are housed

and is now where all of your assignments

or your assessments are going to be found.

So we can get to those two different ways here

You'll see now under the my class resources

option. I have an assessment

button here that's going to pull forward

all of the assessments I have assigned and

gotten responses to. So

you'll see right now. I don't have my media literacy

quiz. So I just added to a folder because I haven't sent

it anywhere and I haven't gotten any results.

These are the only quizzes I've gotten

results from

so I can click into my assignments to see all

of the quizzes or if I want to.

We're gonna go back to folders.

and I'm going to click into my social studies folder.

For this I have the same quiz listed

here attached to the piece of content

so you can access either way whichever

way you want to is perfectly fine but

I can click now you'll see right next

to this. I have a little trash can if I just want to get rid of

this quiz or next to that, I have

this little bar graph icon and this is

where I'm going to be able to pull my results

There we go.

And you'll see, I've only had a few students take it. Unfortunately

they might not have fully grasped

what I was trying to teach them, you'll see their their

scores aren't ideal. But

first it's going to show you the student scores

by item here, so it's just showing you what they got

correct and what they got wrong, a really

simple kind of way to click through that you

can hover over and you'll see how much time they spent

on each of these.

and you'll be able to pull that content, you can download

this as an Excel sheet if

you prefer to keep it that way, maybe you're planning on exporting

it somewhere else. You can do that right here.

I can also change my report type here,

so it does default to that student scores

by item but I can change it here to class

responses at a glance.

and now again I can pull this out as an excel

sheet if I want to keep it and maybe save it somewhere

else. Or I can just click through here

and take a look so this is telling me what,

not only what they got right, but what they got wrong

and what they put as their answer here

and you'll see this one here doesn't have

a grade attached. That's because this one

is a short answer.

So right now we don't grade any of the short

answer questions. So if there is one

included in whatever quiz you're sharing out


you'll be able to pull that and kind of grade it yourself.

And it looks like I have a quick

question, it looks like my screen is

frozen for someone. Um Does anyone

else see my screen as frozen? Right

now? I'm moving my

my mouse around. I'm going to click back to my

folders page if someone doesn't mind,

go ahead and put in the Q and A. If you are seeing

that frozen screen as well,

Ok. It looks like we've got some good

responses from other individuals. So um

Nicky I would suggest hop on and come

back or hop off and come back on. It might just

be our connection is maybe a little bit funky.

Oh Nicky. There we go. It move, start moving again.

Perfect. Um

Ok, let me go ahead and get these questions on

here. and

we've got another question pop up here. Let me go ahead

and read this quickly

So can you have an an option to release grades

after you grade a free response one or does it

release right away?

Um So Jill I'm assuming. Um

you mean release to students

and right now it doesn't release to students

if you are a

um so I believe right now it doesn't release to

students if you want to look at the grades, you'll have

to forward those along to students but

I'm going to verify with our product manager

that that's still the problem process because we have had a few

updates. Um So I do want to verify

but I believe if you want those grades to go out

to students, you'll have to share those out. They

won't kind of push out automatically

but let me verify that and I will

shoot you a quick email, I have your contact

number here,

Ok, So I don't have any questions

but I do want to show you all

Well first let me ask are

there any questions about what we went over? What's

great is the assessments feature is pretty straightforward.

It's really simple to kind of find

the assessment assign it to students, just like

you would in a

you would assign a regular folder

and I automatically get those results

Ok. Jill thank you for your feedback. I

will verify to see um if you

can release manually or not.

Um I agree with you. It would be, it would be

a nice option so I will let you know

what I what I hear back from my product manager,

Oh I will let you know one thing I didn't show

you is what a folder is going to look like in

student view with an assessment

attached, I think I can click into a folder

really fast to show you that. So just like

with our content

themselves, there's a student view if you share

it, the full folder, there will be a

student view as well, so I click into my

media literacy folder, which is that one

that I just recently created, So you'll see there's

only three bits of content. let's

take a look at the student view so we can get a feel of

what it's going to look like. If you send this whole thing,

Now remember when I sent all that information

over from the lesson plan, what

we had attached was obviously the lesson plan

itself and then two pieces of content.

So you'll notice here

right now we just have those two pieces of content

because our lesson plans don't show up in student

facing folders,

but you'll see here. The quiz is still listed underneath,

just like it's listed in the instructor

view so students can click into this article,

read the article and then they'll be able to answer

those questions.

back to instructor view here.

and again if you decided to not make that visible

to students you'll see you can do that using this visible

to students buttons

You can turn that off and now they won't see it. So if you're

not ready for them to take the to the quiz

yet you can hide it. You don't have to

um assign the piece of content with

the quiz

And we have a quick question about new

standards. So how often are the products

updated if the state has new standards?

So Christina, we do update continuously

and we do follow along with changes

both in state and national standards.

So we do try to keep us up to date

as possible when those things are published.

Ok? I don't see any questions. So I'm going

to go ahead and jump to my support site because

I do want to show you where you could find some additional info.

So if you are a librarian

on the line or an admin who's going

to be teaching um

your teachers how to use this, teaching your educators,

we have some support tools that can help you out with

that just to make it a little bit easier.

So on our support site which is just support

dot Yale dot com.

we have a whole page related to Gale In Context

for educators.

I am going to find that just by browsing

through products that I'm going to pull up Gale

in context for educators.

We've recently added a few new bits of content

that are really going to be helpful for assessment

specifically. So you'll see. We

have our full training section

here, so we have a few gifts, We have

some great activities. We do have a full presentation

for instructors that you can utilize.

scrolling down here. Some lessons

for students.

But I want to scroll all the way down to our principal

tools here. So we've got a few new

ones. You'll see. We have new flags listed here.

But we have an assessment tip

sheets specifically for educators

who are planning on utilizing assessments

that you can really simply download when I click into

it here.

It's just a nice Pdf that's going to help

them understand. It is a little bit longer because

we wanted to make sure we included

every bit about assessments that

your your teachers are going to need to know,

but you can pull that forward and utilize

as needed.

And we also have a bit

a bit of information about how

students are going to see assessments.

So you'll see here. We have a gale in context for

educators assessing, accessing

assessments, students


So you'll see this is very similar, but this is going

to be great to give directly to students.

It is a one pager, so really simple

and easy to print out. but this is

going to tell them how exactly they're going

to get into this resource, so it's going

to show them what they need to sign in.

and then what an assignment is going to look like when

it's attached to a page and then what an assignment

is going to look like while they're actually filling

it out. So

again, this content is all found on our support

site which is

and this information will be sent to you

with the email with the recording.

So if you want to forward those along to educators,

you'll be able to do that right here.

No, I still haven't seen any questions pop

up here and we have quite a bit of time left over.

I scheduled this for a longer

session because I wanted to make sure we had every question

answered but I haven't gotten money. So

let me go ahead and just jump back

to my slides here while

I'm doing that. Go ahead and type any questions you have

into the Q. And A. I wanna make sure I get everything

answered here

and while I'm watching that, let me give you

some just quick contact information.

So if you do want to learn more about assessments

or maybe you just want to walk through them one on one

with someone at gale. You have a customer success

manager who can help you out with that. If you don't

know who it is, you can just go to gale dot customer

success. I'm sorry send an email

to [email protected]

and then we'll forward you to the correct individual

and you can set up a time with them.

If you don't right now have access to Gale In Context

for educators and you want to talk about getting access,

you can reach out to your sales consultant, just

go to support g dot com forward slash

rep finder and you can find that individual.

Again, I already mentioned our support site, but

again, is

where you're going to find quite a few different tutorials,

tip sheets, even marketing

tools, things like that. this

recorded webinar will be posted to the support

site later today as well.

And if you have a little

bit of time, I would love for you to take our training

session survey. You'll see it here.

I have a QR code pasted um

or you just go to

training email. I would love to hear

your thoughts on this session, especially

as you move forward and get great new features

for Gale In Context for we want to make

sure that we're giving you the information

that you need to be successful.
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