EBSCO SmartLinks and Gale Databases FAQ

Last Updated: 2019-05-06

What are EBSCO SmartLinks?

SmartLinks provides an end user with one-click access to an EBSCO PDF/HTML full-text record. These EBSCO links are integrated into the content providers records.  This can occur for all content providers where full-text content is duplicative between the provider and an EBSCO collection.


Does the user know if EBSCO SmartLinks are enabled?

No, users are typically unaware of this feature. In the screenshot below, you will see an example of a Gale record where the SmartLink technology has been applied.   If an end user clicks on any of the items highlighted in red, they will be taken to the EBSCO source of the content.   In this particular configuration, there is no way to link into Gale’s Academic OneFile to retrieve the full text, even though the source database is indicated as Academic OneFile.




How do EBSCO SmartLinks impact usage of Gale resources?

When an end user clicks on a SmartLink, he or she is redirected to an EBSCO source of the article in question.  Since the user is re-directed to an EBSCO source of the record, the retrieval is NOT recorded within the Gale usage reporting system.


If the retrieval is not counted in Gale’s usage reporting system, then where is it counted?

While the usage is not counted in Gale’s usage reporting system, it is captured within EBSCO’s usage reporting system.  The usage will be recorded under the individual name of the Gale resource in question, i.e. Academic OneFile.  A full understanding of the usage of any particular electronic resources should then also include consideration of this EBSCO-reported usage.  Instructions for running this report are outlined below:


 After selecting ‘Link Activity Report’, be sure to apply the following settings:

   1. Set the data range you are interested in reporting on under ‘Reporting Period'

   2. Set the ‘Analysis Level’ to ‘Database'

Upon running the report, you will see all Smartlink usage reported by database.  You can then filter down to the database(s) you are interested in viewing Smartlink statistics for.

Can I disable the SmartLinks feature?

Yes, you can disable this feature if you choose.  The feature can be turned on or off within EBSCO Admin. 



Note that full-text ranking also plays an important role in determining when and where a SmartLink appears.   If SmartLinks are prioritized at the top of the full-text ranking list, then SmartLinks will override all other content providers.  More on full-text ranking can be found at https://help.ebsco.com/interfaces/EBSCO_Discovery_Service/EDS_Admin_Guide/Ranking_CustomLinks_in_EDS


What if I still have questions?

If you have additional questions on the configuration of SmartLinks or running reports within EBSCO Admin, please contact the EBSCO Technical Support team at [email protected].

If you’d like to learn how to further optimize Gale resources within your discovery service, please contact Mike Sollars (Product Manager of Discovery) at [email protected]