DemographicsNow: Business & People Webinar

DemographicsNow: Business & People is a comprehensive business tool that provides up-to-date and easy access to an array of geographically aligned demographic data perfect for obtaining insights to develop business plans, marketing strategies, empower decision making, and even grant applications. This webinar covers navigation of available data and features, including Google and Microsoft integration.


name is Andrea Rzepa and we're

going to be talking about DemographicsNow

today if

you have questions please go how did I mention to put

those into the tub now

just take cover some some general

information I'm giving you your agenda

at to go to be covering today I

have introduced myself already you

want to introduce yourself in the tap and

who's participating in our webinar

so please feel free to go ahead and

introduce yourself into the cat pot do

they were going to be talking about demographics now

you talking about the content

we're going to look at some of the new features and

some of the best practices using

demographics now and I'll

give you some information for supporting


that you might need to support my

email address if you

have the opportunity

getting into demographics

know about

what demographic so is it is detailed

u.s. demographic information and

demographics now will be able to

gain Insight when

it comes to Market when

it comes to some of their consumers don't

give information about opening businesses

and tapping into some of those those

those audience that maybe

they haven't been using I'm to be

able to to look at the product


might need further



display to that step Graphics

now will be available and we'll

just FaceTime screen size

that means that you can use it

on an iPad and you can use

it on your iPhone as well and it will adjust the

size of the screen that you are using

to access Emma Graphics now Office

365 which means if

you want to save anything to access at

a later date and time to be able to

export to either

Microsoft Office 365

which means you

can export to Microsoft

OneDrive account


support two


people are using

or unfamiliar at least with

Google Maps and geography

based on what

is input into the main geography

right now

and demographics

now looks a little different you

may remember the navigation

in demographic that has not changed and

now has

not changed all

of the different way

until we have the

top including teachers and Company demographics

and people

and company has has replaced

business business in Chico And

if you have any questions or any

questions to be getting

in any of those down

you're going to get a synopsis of

what is available in each

one of the options each one of

the four options of the top companies

that are looking for

I'm looking for information including

address and telephone number of people

in the neighborhood they can they can

access that information for people

and Company they

looking for a certain type of business they're

looking for an easier

just wanting to look for people could get suggestions

and talk to some of the executive for

those companies in which they might

be opening a similar company that

they might get some insight

into will be able to access


certain cities you can

compare the two of them or you can combine

them and take a look at the demographics

of each and every single one of the

geography that you might be in putting into the

demographics you

also be able to again using Google

Maps look at the geography as it relates

to the

country the state other

cities it will also provide

a layer

of somatic semantic information

giving you demographic variable


based on based on some

of the things that you might be looking for and

then you can also include your reports not

going to be already

already pre-set report

for example of

something like


information get any information into the


and you can do that using a few different ways if

you have a specific address

tell me your face

can go ahead and type that into this

box right here since I'm looking at something

like Farmington Hills Michigan

I can go ahead and type that in

and signing with the Sturgis just

giving me either Peter

create create location or

create a geography location

I can go ahead that's

my either set an address and include

a point here and I can add multiple

point so I am going

to be

set multiple let's go ahead and just

type in

go ahead and point in Farmington

Hills I

can add points and add specific

information and I can

add multiple when

I click on an app and add

a specific point here I'm going to do men

say to in Michigan and

I can add a specific point maybe

I wanted to hear that to say



so I can add multiple break

it down for me so I can I block

group I can find different counties

across the state I can

search or or access different Elementary

or secondary as well

as active places so I'm going to go ahead

and select places where

you get from your City information I'm

so if I'm looking for some

cities in Michigan

I can go ahead and do that

now I am I did have a

comment it from

someone in chapter their and they're having

some issues with the audio so

if you can in the chat box let

me know if you can or cannot hear

me you want to make

sure that everyone is able to hear

me and I just got one

of the other people on the line so I want

to make sure everyone gave

up this year okay

looks like we are able to study

and I'm going to go ahead and do them look

so head and dude you're bored and

I'm going to add another one as well


going to go ahead and come

now I need the four areas that I

asked that will give me information on

Dearborn and Farmington

Hills demographics


in Farmington Hills demographic information I

can look at the ring of fire

in certain area and

I can combine the two and get a summary

between both your born in Farmington

Hills right now I'm going to set

up and I'm going to take a

look at some of these different report?

going to help your user

navigate through the PS3

different offer

you the opportunity to take a look at what

type of report what's going to be available

in each and every single one of the reports

that are offered in this cold out I'm

going to take a look at your work and

take a look at what we're going

to look at something different

areas and I want to take a look at

what's most appropriate within

Dearborn in Farmington Hills to

go ahead and run that report now

the report is going to be below

this is going to be the same for every

and all report income

tax total

employees in the area and

what to spend on food

and beverage away from home pretty

comparable when it

comes to dinner lunch

is out of town trips as

I continue down I can look at you

know what they stand for and

what the T2000

to a projection might

be here weather

reports the kind of make a distinction between

the two if I like you but

I can also download this time

again I can

download it and this is when I can either

download it as a PDF and HTML that

can be done on the computer but I can

also say that to Google drive

is it to Microsoft OneDrive stuff

I wanted to save it to Google Drive or

anyone that has a Gmail account for

anyone that is g suite for Education institution

you can save it and send it to be

perfect for your login and

then it will save this

pop-up screen like we know my documents

have been sent to Google Drive and now it's automatically

signs me in here

okay it's

recognizing me but if this is a public

public criminal

or something like that it will

actually talk to you for your Gmail password

if I use Microsoft that

it would prompt me for my Office 365 information

other reports that are in

here also going to be I

like to sit sometimes take a look at

some of the the Mosaic household comparison

report whenever you click

on those reports

are actually created by 6.

They are kind

of stereotypical

inside the

stereotypical Platinum

kids in Cabernet

babies and bless it

looks like most of the people in here

are especially coming

from maybe the Farmington Hills area you're

going to get some aging of Aquarius

in there but for


30% of them are no place

like home you'll

see all of the Mosaic report

here as well as up

at the top some of your other methodology

and died and some of your custom

reports here so you can take a

look at what is available on all

the different report Dearborn

as to what no place

like home actually mean you

can click on that and it's going to give

you these five to six paid

breakdown of stereotypical

behavior that

are the middle

class generational household there

a birdhouse hole size going to be about 4

people here they

like to go tailgating they

contribute to charity their

technology there they're little

they're not going

to happen again and again

provided by experience needed

the stereo typical behaviors of

people in need for ticular that

would represent a particular particular

area so I'm

no place like home and then I'm going to

be a summary

they like to get

there get there the

retail stores they like to shop at Sears

and Kmart are Banana Republic

in Chico they are

matter fact they

especially they are educate they

like to donate to programs especially

education and health programs

and political or kind

of create a stab you know the makeup

of community kind of cream maybe programs

around people that that makes it

into maybe the majority of those type

of demographic

I'm going to close this out go

back to our demographic.

I am here

back into a report

so I can also take a look at


me the location


and take a look at Google

Maps if I decide to move around people

will actually know how to use

this type of things are going

also provide you shoot

the ferry boat on the right on the

somatic and choose them from here

average expenditures and I'm going

to fix the latch average expenditures

on food and beverage

you know what's going to happen if we're going to see if

it's layer up here over are

different format

and the smear layer is

going to give us going to get us dressed in

yellow color you can change the color

I personally like the purple and yellow so

it gives me it just kind of defines it

a little better for me so we can see in

Farmington Hills area that

they spend a lot more for

your average food and beverage in this

area in Farmington Hills versus

the smaller area in Dearborn I

want to get more information maybe about

the smaller area in Dearborn I

can do min

cm into the math here and

I can actually create a custom geography


I want this to creep

up the geography and to do that

you're going to not really

sure looks

remove that page

really sure why it's all purple and

geography geography

on the right hand side purple

area right here to get more information right

there and I'm going to trade my custom geography

by again I'm going to zoom

in hey

and I'm going to use one of these shapes I'm

not create this one and I'm

going to use my mat my mouth actually

select the area

I'm going to get maybe an approximate

area here

okay. Once I've done that

I'm going to call at the restaurant place and

select okay and now one side

created that I can update my

place is on the right hand side I

can update my geography born

in Farmington Hills completely out and

now I'm only

on that specific area that

I need to move this around I

can use these and pull it

around to make sure that

I get the best geography that

I can get

I can adopt an update

ask needed

okay so here's my geography now


getting more information of demographic

information in that specific area

I can access only

in this area I can go back and

take a look I can also

on the right hand side once you have

an individual geography


in order to get individual

geography you

are looking to open some type of business

or looking for for where

that the best area is

maybe to Market you're going

to put a sign up it's going to show

you some of the craft show in

the area maybe you might be interested

in it

may be acting up here

I'm right here at North Military

and Golfview to

provide some type of

or appear on Telegraph

and Ford Road you might sign

up for advertising download

we are you done to demographic

now in the traffic help provide

the actual account numbers if you want

to see that you can decide to

enable or disable those and

take a look at the exact count

and what they are in the specific areas

what time you can take those on or you

can keep them off

let me know if you want to download the

geography of you can download

it now downloading it is not going to send

it to Google or Microsoft


in a particular format that you set

and there are three different format

that we have available uploaded

either back in the demographics now if

you are going to download it and

onto your computer does geography

and upload it back into demographics

now. Tml

form format because the

format to upload a geography

I'm going

to be uploading it into a different program

like all the time you haven't. YX

DVD format

and then if you're using it if you're just kind

of saving it I

think you can download

them to your computer again

even though it says

it's not downloading it to

Google it's saving it to

your computer so when I select

KML Google and

download it you're going to see a little download

button appear here that it's saved

to my computer and you

can actually

wherever you decided that that

downloaded material is going to go with it

that you can download

we're now if

you come back at a later date and time

and you decide you want to upload

a geography that you'd saved

you can shoot a particular file

using file and it's

going to open up you can select

the file that. KML

because remember this would Google Map

area and if you

need to download and upload back in Google

Maps you need to select the. Cannot

file are

there any questions about a

map to look like there was a question that came

in so if a patient

has a census tract number would

that work as as a

an entrance lights

and we do have on there with

me in the in the options

area in the geography list

we have the census tract

can't put

that in but you can also navigate

to the exact either wherever

it might be using this Illinois


and then here is that particular number

so I can add that as well

Jennifer here here is that that

track point

if I only want to see that

particular fact point I'm going to go ahead and

jump out cuz it's giving me it's

giving me a Michigan as well

as yours my joints

hurt I want to delete

this restaurant places to take me

out this

isn't getting what I wanted to do it you can

put that I didn't say that

track point but you can actually type

that in here but what I would mainly

suggest doing is going to that geography


me some list unless

I can do that using this specific

to the businesses that you might be looking for

could you looking for a business side

maybe you're looking for the individual

location to be at most

maybe you're looking to compare


you could do that as well so maybe

I'm looking for specific keyword

here and let's do

can I cancel act so

I'm looking for

the first opera stores

selected those with

that moved up under people and I

can or maybe I want to look at mattress covers

but I want to look at

the number

to American restaurant Chinese

restaurant Cajun restaurant

instruments I can go ahead and

click on as many as I want to Italian

and then maybe my maximum employees I

want to be only 20

now I can search that and find

my list of results in that area

here are those on the right hand side if

you want to go back to the search and it

just you can go back to the church by using

this back-and-forth I'm

you will have the opportunity to select

those you can do them on a map you

can act as detailed information princess

without you can download email

these out to yourself or two maybe

a college or investors in

your company if

I wanted to do them on a map and

share our where those restaurants

are located can

I can also access report report


also get your your Market risk

your Prospectors

are all going to be in here like

I said they are cans report so when I click

on the 2010 census I

can shoot either let's

do maybe the overview comparison

and run the report and then

it's going to provide me with that specific information

compare the difference

again once you run that report you

can download it I'm at the demographic

reports dances

demographics now I know

I got a little older over so I apologize

if you do have and there was a question

there is a question about

2010 census

date is pretty amusing


it is you're

going to be getting some other stuff

consumer expenditure

reports you're going to get a lot

of others as well as the Simmons

in Carousel we are providing

and you'll see a be at the end

I'm here that we

are also providing the

American Community survey data ability

comparison so we are

going to have that information in here as

well but

it's just in a different area it's not those

canned report

and if you do want to take out so

you don't want everything is provided we

can the demographic comparison person

you really want to customize it. You

can't go to the advanced area

and select a particular report

so as I come down here to

see all of the different different

report information so if you're looking for

the American Community survey I

can pick and choose certain things

that I want to be included in my custom

demographic information

we can pick and choose things from

here and then maybe go back and

pick something

and then once I add those I

can run the report and it's only going to get

up can

go ahead and really customize those

reports and that demographic information based

on specifically what

you want but it was another question

that came in are

there Blair help document that

explain descendants in that container that reported

a percentage of information

all the helping kind

of breaking all of that down as in the house area

I'm you'll see here's the American

Community survey guide here

are all of the mosaics

in the Simmons information how

documentation in the nuts about the

methodology all

of that information is going to be here

in the house and he is

providing you with every

single one of these provided

us kind of understand

what type of information

okay I

knew like I said I've gone over so

I apologize for that I am going

to provide you with my

information we've

got your questions about the question

but I do want to provide you with my information as

well as their support information so

if you have any question that you need extra

training documentation on what we've covered

please feel free to ask.


the bottom right-hand corner if you need any

of that you need to Market this information

because some of your local small-business material

and it will give provide you with marketing

information for demographics now but

if you have any questions my

email is Andrea.

and I'll go ahead and put that into the

the chat box as well

so that if you want to copy and paste that

feel free to do that so I'm

hopeful again I apologize

for running over a little bit but if you have

any questions and

I will definitely put you in touch with someone that

killed who does thank you

so much please

enjoy demographics no thank

you bye bye