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Last Updated: June 23, 2022

Gale Business: DemographicsNow - Choosing a Business Location

This tutorial will show you how to use data from a variety of reports and maps within Gale Business: DemographicsNow to help make an informed choice about where to locate a new or expanded business.

When you're deciding where to locate or expand

your business,

DemographicsNow provides the data you need

to make an informed choice.

Start by entering an address, zipcode,

city, or other location you're assessing.

In the demographics tab,

you can develop an in depth understanding of

your potential service area,

including its demographic makeup and

market size, to help determine

whether the area would be ideal for your product

or services.

Visit the people and companies tab and select

the business list to generate a list of

current and out of business companies in

order to assess market risk based on

the rate of business failure for your industry,

you can even view details of current companies

in your industry in order to anticipate

your competitive advantage

and map competitors locations.

To avoid placing your business in a saturated


Use the maps thematic controls to graph

demographic variables and assess

the density of key customer characteristics

near your potential service location.

You can even use the maps geometry tools

to create custom geographies around

key segments.

Update your geography and visit the demographics

tab to view demographic reports

and develop an in-depth understanding of

customers within those segments

or search the household list in the people

and companies tab to generate a list

of addresses for targeted mailing.
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