DemographicsNow - Mapping

This tutorial will show you how to use DemographicsNow’s Maps to visually understand a current or potential market and its consumers.

When you're analyzing powerful data, having

a visualization can transform your understanding

and lead to new discoveries.

DemographicsNow's Maps to visually

understand a current or potential market

and its consumables in maps

In maps, enter a location.

The map zooms to your selection and displays

a border around the geography so that

you can begin visually analyzing your current

or potential service area.

Use Thematic Controls to color-code the map

with any demographic variable available

in demographics now this allows

you to better understand your service area's make up

up focus on areas with ideal

spending habits or attitudes, or even

refine your target market.

Export options to print, email,

or download the current view make it

easy to add your map to a business or marketing

plan or share it with your

partners and stakeholders.

you notice an area with a concentration of

Ideal spending habits or attitudes,

the geometry tools to draw a custom

geography around that portion of the map.

Select the polygon tool for the highest level of control.

Click the map to draw point-by-point

when you're done double click the

final point and name the shape

you can then select the shape and update

your geography to focus additional

research within demographics now

visit the demographics tab to view

data that will help you truly understand

the types of customers who live within

the custom geography