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Last Modified: February 04, 2020

For Discus: Using Gale Resources for Inquiry-based and Project-based Learning

Did you know that you have access to digital resources that support Inquiry-based (IBL) and Project-based Learning (PBL)? Would you like to learn how your Gale resources from Discus can be used during the investigation and data collection for a unit of study? In this session, we will apply the concepts of the instructional models of IBL and PBL to the content, tools and features in your Gale resources. We will explore best practices for not only these two teaching concepts but, also how tools such as: Advanced Search, Text-to-Speech, Highlights and Notes successfully support Scaffolding and Differentiation. Join this session to learn how your digital resources can support classroom instruction! 30 min.

Duration: 30 Minutes
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