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Last Updated: April 05, 2022

For Discus: New Drama for Students Series in Gale eBooks

Gale eBooks houses your collection from Discus and you've got an entire new series to work with, Drama for Students! In this session, we'll explore searching, browsing, and downloading content from your Gale eBook collections. We explore the new and existing series in your collections and the tools to support accessibility. Along with being easily searchable, Gale eBooks makes it easy to download, print, and save the documents you need from your Drama for Students collection so they can be available to students anytime! We explore all these features and more!

Duration: 30 Minutes
welcome to your training session for discus today, we will be talking about.

You're in New One of your 4 student series a new one that was just recently added, and that's Drama for Students in the gale ebooks.

So this is the new Drama for student series in gale ebooks. My name is Tammi Van Buren, and I'm, your gale trainer, and any questions you may have throughout the session please use that Q.

And a box. The focus of our session is on this new series Drama for Students.

And this is another collection you have. You already have short stories in poetry.

You recently have also added Drama and that's what we're covering today, and there's one other i'm going to share with you.

That was just recently added. So now you have access to all of these fantastic series of ebook collections right in one location right in your gale ebook. So we're going to focus on those today. i'm specifically Drama

for Students in this session. we're going to explore content features and search options available within Gale ebooks to help you and your users.

Your teachers, your Students find relevant content. I will start with access to the resources from the discus website, and then we are going to talk about going to provide you with an overview of Gale ebooks.

The resource itself. and then also the individual series what you're going to find in each of the individual series that you have access to.

We're going to spend the majority of our time exploring content and working through those search options, tools and features that you have within the resource.

I encourage you to ask questions throughout the session but I will stay on at the end.

If there's any additional questions i'll share with you at the end of the session, where you can go for additional training materials and contact information, you have a fantastic help Dusk at Discus that is available.

But i'll share my contact, information, if you have any questions about this training, or the resource i'd be happy to help you with that access to your discus resources.

If you aren't already using this site it is a has recently been updated, I'm going to share this in the chat box.

So you have this link in case you aren't aware of where to locate all of your discus resources.

Those from Gale and those from other vendors to here's that link, and I will I will take you through the process of how you're going to find these ebook collections within a if you're accessing through the

discus portal or the discus website. So these scale ebooks are for your middle school and high school Students.

The collections do live in the gale ebooks, platform itself, but discus is also separated, each of them out.

So, for simple access into one collection or one series is really easy.

From the discus portal or the discus website to give you a little bit of background information on gale ebooks.

If you're not familiar, you do have access to 24 over 7. to all content that is available wherever you have Internet access, you are able to access the information within Gale ebooks.

They are mobile. Our resources are our databases, our mobile responsive.

So, no matter what type of device your users are on the screen, will automatically adjust for them and unlimited simultaneous access silk.

You had a classroom full of Students that you were doing a study on William Shakespeare.

Maybe you were looking at Hamlet, and you wanted them all to access.

One of the articles or documents of available. Then you could simply do that.

They could all be as they just need to be, on some sort of digital device to access that information.

And they could be on a cell phone. It could be a e-reader or ipad laptop all the way up to a computer.

There are no holds or returns so there's no check-in or checkout.

You have unlimited access to the content to all of the ebooks available.

So these entire series You have unlimited access to they're mobile, responsive, as I mentioned our resources and our databases are mobile, responsive.

So automatically adjusting depending on what type of device you're on, and you also have unlimited downloads.

So if you wanted to download an article or a chapter within one of these ebooks, you could do that very intuitive search and browse features and I'm going to share with you some of those search options today

basic search advanced search. You also have topic finder available, really powerful.

Because if you imagine having this entire series, or all of these collections sitting in front of you, trying to find content, would be a little overwhelming here.

You can do it digitally and find that content quickly.

You also have a search option called topic finder and topic finder is a visual representation of your search results, and it is also interactive.

And I will model that for you today. You can translate the text into over 40 languages, so we could be on a dark document or a chapter within one of the ebooks, and I can translate that entire chapter.

Into. We have 40 different languages, 2 or just over 40 languages. I think we're at 41 languages right Now you also have the ability to use the text to speech.

So we have some tools to support accessibility that i'm going to share with you today.

One of them is text to speech, where you can listen to the text being read, allowed to you, you can also download as an Mp.

3, and listen to that text to speech at a later data, if you choose to.

And again, if there you have Students that are on their cell phones, they can download it right on to their cell phone.

We're also integrated with Google Microsoft and learning management systems.

So right from within the database itself right within Gale ebooks, you can send information to Google or Microsoft. or if you're using Google classroom, you can utilize that tool that is built into the resource with learning

management systems, and we have get link, which is the quickest way to grab information which provides a persistent Url back to that exact spot within the database.

But we also have the ability to set up your gale ebooks within your learning management system.

So if you happen to be using canvas or schoology or d 2, I think it's d 2 L.

You can set up. it takes some there's some work that needs to be done on the back side. But it's really easy to set up your resources.

So then, if your Students are accessing let's say they're using canvas in their schools, then they would just still have that single sign on, and they would be able to access the resources, right there from in where they're learning so right from

within canvas, and teachers have the ability to add links or embed information.

If they're creating an assignment they can embed that information from the database right into their assignment.

It's a really seamless process. but There is a little bit of setup on the backside.

It's really not too much. We also have some other single sign-on capabilities with Google and Microsoft, a class link and clever, and that if those are conversations You're interested in I'm going to share with you at the end

Of course you can go to your help desk at Discus, and also you have customers success managers at Gill that help with.

That. but your discus folks are going to be your first line of defense.

So your your first point to contact the gill ebook collections that you have from discus poetry for Students.

Now this one you've had for a little while poetry for Students features, discussions, and analysis of poems from all time, periods, nations, and cultures.

You have volumes one through 62. You also have had access to short stories for Students, and this provides critical overviews of show short stories again from all cultures and time periods with Discussion and these are volumes one

through 51, and the one we're covering today and your new newest addition is drop for Students and this features critical overviews of the most studied plays with discussion of themes, characters, Dramatic devices and more and

you have volumes one through 38. if you also have access to. We're not covering this today, but we will be covering this at the end of the month.

It novels for Students. So you have these 4 collections.

A series of forced the 4 student series collections. so poetry, short stories, Drama, and the novels which provides critical overviews of novels, including discussion of plot, character themes, and structure.

And you have volumes one through 66, and we will be facilitating a session.

Novels for Students, and looking more at how you can utilize this to enhance research and student projects in the classroom.

So we're going over a lot of the functionality and in these first sessions.

I'm starting to now move more towards Okay, How do you implement?

How do you utilize this in the classroom so again That's at the end of the month?

I believe we have it scheduled for april the 20 eighth, but i'll share that with you.

I have a slide with that date and information on it for that upcoming session.

If you'd like to join us so for today, our focus, is on Drama for Students, and looking at the most studied plays that are utilized or being taught in your curriculum in your schools, want to share with you a few

other features before we jump into the resource, save and share content.

This is a great way to connect with Students utilizing the get linked tool.

Now get Link provides a persistent url back to any spot within the database.

So if there's content you want to share it's very easy to grab a link and utilize the get link tool if you want to post it online on twitter on social media or you have an online syllabus

the you're utilizing learning management system a lib guide Maybe you're sharing emails with with Students, or you're reaching out to teachers within your school community.

And you want to share this with your Ela teachers. You utilize some of the information we have there and use the get link tool to share that information.

We also have Google and Microsoft built right into the database.

So you have access to these workflow tools to send documents or files, images or more.

Now we're looking at ebooks so it's going to be a lot of documents, but there are some images available within those ebooks, of course, and I will talk to you a little bit about where you can locate those

images today. and then, if you are using Google, classroom you can create assignments and pull content and filtered search results right into Google classroom and shared immediately with your Students, So let's explore we're going to go right into the

databases, and i'm going to access through your discus website, or your discus portal.

You have a few options that I want to review with you.

Of course you can go to the A. to Z. resources at the top of your website, and how I can filter it down 2 different ways.

I can filter by subject and go to ebooks, because these are these series are ebook collections.

Apply. Then you can see here we have Drama, novels, poetry, and short stories, or let me go back to any and apply.

Another option is to sort by vendor. So if you wanted all the gale Content can select Gale apply, and you can see.

Not only do you have your ebook collections, but all of your other gale resources that you have access to.

So Gale and context, biography elementary. Oh, opposing viewpoints that you have access to.

And then there are all of your collections. Power Search is a cross search tool that looks at all of your resources except elementary.

That wouldn't be on there. but it will cross search through all of these resources at once.

So if you're wondering what gale power searches that's what it's for.

Then you also have the ability, by grade level middle school or High School to find the same content.

So It's the same idea you go to to middle school, and I would want to filter to subject ebooks and apply.

But I could do vendor also, and there are all those ebooks.

So again today. we are talking about Drama for Students. so I'm going to select Drama for Students.

It's going to ask me. Oh, i'm already. logged in because I was in here a little earlier.

So if I click into a specific collection, as you saw from the discus website from the discus portal, then I am going to be taken to this table of contents. i'm sorry i'm going to be taken to this usually when you

click into a table. you're taken to the table of contents you're taken to all of the volumes.

So you have volumes, one through 38 for Drama.

In this series. you get a little bit of an explanation here of what this series is about really helpful.

If you are looking to share this with any teachers with your Ela teachers, this is a great way to entice them and get them involved.

They're using this resource you can't search within this series. So if I wanted to do a basic search on, say, William Shakespeare and I wanted to look at all of that content related to which I will do now just

to to model for you and submit then, It's going to take me to all of that.

Looks like Zoom is messing with my images right now hopefully they'll populate. but it's going to take me to all of my Shakespeare content, and that is specifically from so I should be seeing Drama for

Students this image again and again, but looks like i'm having a little issue there with with zoom, and and this is all coming from this particular series.

So I didn't have to search through every volume because you can see here this this article, or document comes from Volume 4 here's one that comes from volume 35.

So that's a quick way to find everything you need in one collection.

If I wanted to be that specific I wanted to do a basic search through all of my collections, could go into Gale ebooks whenever you click in the banner, it's going to take you to the home page and if I wanted to search

through and look at William Shakespeare in Drama, novels, poetry, short stories.

Then I would do a basic search here. Okay, so understand the difference between the 2.

If i've want to focus just on plays then I want to make sure that I access that series and for us today, it's Drama for Students, and then facilitate my search in the search within the series option now I also

have the option. If i'm looking at Drama for Students to click into a volume, and that takes me to the table of contents.

So anytime I click into a volume or a cover it's going to take me to the table of Content. since I have series in what we're focusing on that you have from discus it is going to take you if you click

on to a cover from that homepage of the Drama for Students cover.

For example, as I did then it's going to take you to every volume you have access to, and then that would take another additional exploration that you would need to do if you have any ebooks in your own collection

you'll notice that if you click on a cover title or the the cover of the book.

Then it's going to take you here to this spot this table of contents.

So when you have a fantastic series as you do it's one more step.

Just select your your volume, That, you that you're interested in and here I can jump to any of these categories like Harry Potter and the curse child, for example, it's going to take me to that content so now

I'm at a document the document level and this is a topic overview. This document type can see the editor the date it's coming from Volume Number 38, and also that it's 25 pages the content level

is a level, 4 level 4 is a high school level you're going to find content level.

3 is more of that middle school level so 4 and 5 are high school.

You're going to have some middle schoolers that have no problem in a content level for but just want to make you aware of that.

Then, if we look at the text below, it's just Page 101. And here we have that topic overview introduction, author biography, and each of these is going to look different.

This one happens to have the plot summary. you also have the scene.

So plot summary with each scene. so c one scene 2 scene, 3 any time, as i'm scrolling down.

If I wanted to go to the top of the article you're going to see that hyperlinked out here, which would take me all the way back up to the top.

Okay, so that's how I would access the c content from clicking into a volume.

I would go access the table of contents and find what i'm looking for.

Now there's some other things I want to share with you on the table of contents.

Page we do have about the series about this publication. We have the book index, which could be really helpful when you are looking for specific topics.

And this is again information is hyperlinked out here below.

I also can sort alphabetically here at the top.

I also have a list of illustrations. So if the if the book has an illustrations, I can quickly find those here too.

So this could be really helpful in your Students research or any projects that they are completing or working on within their classroom.

So again that's all from when I click into a certain volume I will have access to all of this information from the table of contents, book index and list of illustrations.

Okay, if you notice on the right hand side, I have the ability again to search within the publication.

But now I have the ability within this volume, or do I want to search through all volumes, so I can even search just within this volume, if I choose to.

So if i'm at that table of contents once I click into one of the volumes, then I have that option, and it's automatically defaulted to select it for me to search within this volume Okay, So Jj

let's see you have the gale ebooks but you're not seeing the 4 series listed.

I can see the titles listed and go into each volume.

How do I fix the display to show me the entire series to be available?

Okay, So are you saying you can see the one cover so you can just see the one cover Drama for Students.

But you wanted to see all of the coverage because it's going to be the same cover repeated 38 times.

Is that what you mean? How do I fix the display to show me the entire series to be able to search with the publications?

If you want to search within the publication then click into Oh, you don't see any of the covers Okay, I may have to reach out, or I can connect you with the on at the end.

I'll share the discus helpline and they can help with that, and see why you don't have access to that information.

It's interesting that you're seeing the 4 series lists listed. But you're not seeing the covers.

You should see one in the same there on your home page.

So let me let me make sure to get you in contact with the folks at discus and see if they have a solution to that.

And why you're not seeing it but think thanks for asking and i'm sorry it wasn't a quick fix on on my end.

They might need to do something on their end yes, okay so I see what you're saying.

So Jj. is shared here i'll just you select these so you all can see his questions his or her questions.

I have a friend named Jj. Title. lists here you have access to, and this is where you're able to see all of the Drama for Students volumes.

But you don't have the icons on your homepage of Gale ebooks is what you're you're not seeing this icon there under literature.

Yeah, i'm not sure why you're seeing one and not the other.

That's that's odd that does usually just happen that way So we're gonna have to do a little bit more digging.

Jj. to figure out what's going on there and again. i'll if you don't know the help desk information.

I'll share that at the end here. and how you can reach out to the folks at Discus to get some support.

We'll get it resolved quickly, for you though because we want you to have access to this to these this great content.

Okay, So let's talk a little bit more about some different search options.

So I had mentioned. Probably the most specific to get to just the Drama for Students collection would be the path.

I took the search within, or the search within the volume.

If I do a basic search, And you can see I have basic search, subject publication, entire document are some options here.

If I do a basic search, this is going to take me to all of the content I have available.

So I showed you how to access the volumes, how to search within the series.

If I do a basic search, this is something a lot of your Students may be doing so.

I'm gonna search for lorraine Hansbury.

This is not only going to take me to the Drama for Students.

Those may pop up at the top because I was looking at a raising in the sun is what I was looking for.

But you may have some poetry that jump in there too which if you're doing a larger search that's fantastic I'm training you today on Drama for Students by I might as well tuck in what it would look like to do

a basic search. Now, if I wanted to filter this content down I do have some options on the right hand side, and I always have those options anytime.

I do a basic search. i'm going to have the options to filter my results.

So I can filter by subject. I document type. So if I did want work overviews, and I can multi-select work, overviews, character overviews, play explanation topic overviews I can

multi-select. I also have publication titles.

So this is where I can just select and filter out the poetry, short stories, novels for Students, So that's a quick workaround.

If I wanted to just do a basic search or your Students you see that they're always going in and doing a basic search, what would be your best practice if you just wanted them to search within Drama, for Students, then have them?

Select that publication title and apply it and it'll filter out all those other results.

So now they're just in the Drama for Students collection.

So that's a an easy way to do that search also if you didn't want to take them through the path.

I showed you initially here's another way to do that and this may work better for for your Students to find that content.

I like to show both. Just so. you know that both options are available.

Then I can select, if there's any additional publication languages, this one is is in English.

Those content levels I mentioned. So again, Level 3 is going to be middle school.

If 4 and 5 is geared towards our high school and upper high school Students, so even we say, level 5 is at that undergrad level even, and then I can, in my search results.

Search within just these results. So I've already done a search on Lorraine Hansbury.

If I wanted to search within and look for the reason in the sun, then it will filter down that content more.

And i'm sorry I didn't I wasn't keeping an eye on my search results there to see if it changed too much or not.

So that's how I can quickly Filter down specifically to that one play written by Lorraine Hansbury. when focusing on that within my classroom Our study is on a raising in the sun, and I want all of the

content we have available within the Drama for Students series. Okay, I also have some sort by options where I can sort by document, title, publication, day, publication, title, or content level.

It is defaulted to relevance. If I want documents that contain images or some that contain videos, we do have some ebooks that contain videos, we not within the collections you have.

But we do in some of our other ebooks that's why, you're seeing that there I can also pull in my search results into topic.

Finder. Now, remember, topic finder is that visual representation of your search results. it's interactive.

So if I wanted to specifically pull in my search results on Lorraine Hansbury from the Drama for Students collection, and looking specifically at a reason in the sun, and look at it visually, Then all I would

do is click the start topic. finder right here there's another way to access topic finder and kick off your search.

And that's what i'm going to share with you today when we get to that point.

But if I wanted to share this content, what are my options?

I can utilize the get linked tool so i've already filtered this down.

I'm ready now to share this with my ela teachers I know they are doing a study coming up on raising in the sun, and I want to share with them all the content we have from our Drama.

For student series. So I'm: going to utilize the get link tool, the get linked tool creates a persistent Url back to this specific information.

So these search results, and that I have filtered down. The more filters I add, the longer this link grows.

But it is readily available, and as soon as your users click into it they are taken directly to this spot.

Here. So a question came in. Can you speak to the librarian login?

I have not noticed that before. Yes, so the librarian login is how you can customize your collection.

It is a totally different topic. So I do have. What I can do is share with you.

At the end on the Gill support site. We have some webinars and some video tutorials that talk about that.

But what that librarian login does is if you wanted to on that homepage. If you had let's say you have all of these series from discus, and maybe you have a large collection of your own and you wanted to

create custom collections and pick and choose what books or what titles are within those collections.

That's where you would use that librarian login So if you have a huge collection like that or doesn't necessarily have to be huge.

But if you wanted to filter out some of these titles and put them in specific topics, you could do that.

So that's the administrator login so whoever's the administrator at your site would have that those credentials to access the library and login I can speak to that more at the end of the session if

you have any additional questions, or if you'd like more Oh, there we go.

Jj. s it's there now, so Okay, so if you run into where you're not seeing your collections clear your cookies and cash, and then it should show up. and that's that's what we're, finding Well,

that was seat. That was an easier fix. I probably should have suggested that first.

I am not one who likes to clear my cookies and cash so, but it is always usually a go-to.

Either that or I always try and incognito window, or a different browser.

If i'm running into a glitch that doesn't make any sense before I clear my cookies and cash. I don't know if you all are like me, but I like to keep it everything where it is and not clear that unless

I absolutely have to. okay. So again that's how I did a basic search, but still filtered down just to the Drama for Students content.

Now let's take a different approach. I had mentioned looking at the topic finder.

So we are going to go well before I do that and between 2 options. Ok, let me show you all your search options, and then we're going to go into the document level.

So if I wanted to go into advanced search. So I just did a basic search by going to advanced search.

Here are my other search options can put in any search terms.

I can change my field keyword to basic search and which is again that's right here at the top. So you But if you want to select, maybe you want basic search and keyword, search, or basic search and entire document or subject or if you're looking for a

certain image caption. you have those options here the nice thing is is for your users, your Students, your teachers, if they aren't really sure.

Well, what is entire document mean, or what a subject mean we have that explanation here contains these terms: so subject would look at

They're tagged with the subject entire document looks at exactly that.

The entire document. You also have some search tips, tip options with operators and special characters.

If you are using our search, assist, and you are typing information in.

So maybe I want the subject of Paradox actually I need 2 words Here, let's go to. I wanted Romeo and Julia and I used my search results.

It would automatically put it into quotation marks for me So it's going to look for specifically Romeo and Juliet.

The play. So when I utilize my my search results there below, or my suggested search terms there, then it will put it into quotation marks, and I don't have to worry about Romeo.

And then you know 5 words later Juliet I'm looking specifically for the Romeo and Juliet play. I scroll down.

You're going to find more options to really filter down and drill down and find that content you're looking for, including the content levels.

Target audience collections are here. This is in literature. We also have select publication titles available here, too.

So you have those again. publication titles, each series that you have access to.

You have the subject, guide search, which this is really good to take a look at certain subjects.

So if I wanted to look at maybe symbolism. when I do a subject guys search, I can see I have symbolism here at the top.

I also have related subjects. So if I open that up it's going to take me to some of those narrower terms, so different symbolism that I have available, or maybe I was looking at another another device within my Drama series that

I, that I want to utilize and do like a Dramatic device that i'm searching for like I use paradox earlier.

I could do that. The last option in advanced search is topic finder for topics. finder.

Let's do a quick search on Mr. arthur Miller Topic Finder, again, is that visual representation of your search results?

It is pulled back in tiles, but you also have the wheel.

So your visualization here at the top. If I wanted to change it to wheel I could.

But most folks, especially Students, like the tile view. If I wanted to look at American literature, or I wanted to look at death.

Death of a salesman is one of arthur Arthur Miller's plays.

The crucible is also another one. I could click into that, and, as you see, it starts to help me drill down and find that content.

Now on the right hand side. I have 5 documents pulling from all of my.

Now this is going to look at everything again. All of my collections, all of my series, all 4 of them.

Okay, So that's how You can utilize topic Find to remember It is also available when you are from your search results below that filter bar or filter box.

You have that content available all right so let's click into and I'm: just going to go into another series or another volume. I want to talk to you about the tools at the document level.

Here's a reason. in the sun we'll stick with that title when you're at the document level, you do have some tools to support accessibility.

I'm just going to touch into these real quick you have translate again.

You can translate into over 40 languages, you can decrease or increase the font.

Size also had display options where I can change the background color behind the text.

I can change the text. We have open dyslexic.

I can increase the line, spacing letter, spacing, or word spacing. and then.

Now I can read my text so I can really manipulate that text to support my needs.

I also can listen to the text being read aloud to me, and this will read everything on the page, and it will highlight as it as the speaker reads through the text on the page.

My other options, too. i'm going to go back to default settings.

Here is, I can send this to Google drive Microsoft one drive, email, download or print.

I also have these tools at the top table of contents this year.

If I wanted to jump to something else. we're gonna talk about book view.

In a moment. I have. My citations are automatically attached, and they are defaulted to Mla.

Eighth edition. but if I just wanted the citation I could pull that information.

Utilizing this tool. Change the format if I want to.

I can also change the format at the bottom of this dirt, just as I can here under the site.

So we have all of those options available. I also have the sun to here.

Download and print download is going to give you a Pdf.

Of this book view. So let me share with you that book view.

Now, when I select book view, I do lose these tools to support accessibility, because it literally is a Pdf.

Of the print book. So if you want to download or print off this selection within this, whatever I think I don't know how many pages it was, it might have been 10 pages.

If I want just this selection, I can do that can download this.

I or I can view it right on my screen. I can be in the resource itself, and this is exactly what I will see.

I made this double page. i'm going to fit it to my browser.

I can make this whole screen if I want to and again tap swipe whatever type of device you're your users are on, they can access that information.

They can zoom in and click, and drag, and read the text this way if they choose to, so that's all available within the resource.

But again, if I wanted to download this what'll happen is I will get a Pdf.

Exactly what I'm. looking at on the screen i'm going to get that in a Pdf.

Document if I print it off it'll be the same thing it's going to be the book view.

It's not going to be the text. view so anything I download or print is going to be that book view. I want to utilize any of those tools, though those are tools to support accessibility.

Then I am going to need to be in text view if I want to utilize the highlights and notes again.

I'll also need to be in text view okay so let's I have a couple questions that came in.

I don't have the advanced search option okay michelle nutshell.

I'm not sure what you are looking at it may have to touch base with you individually advanced.

Search is, if you go to the homepage of Gale ebooks at the top, if you click into the banner advanced searches just below your basic search bar, or as you notice one from my search results it's always to the

right of your basic search bar You'll Have advanced search so that tool should always be available.

If you are on an ipad or a smaller device, it may be. if you have a Hamburger button, you know the 3, the 3 lines it may be under there.

So if you are on a smaller device that could be why the tools are still there. It's just might be hidden under that area.

And what Jj. did is he cleared his cookies in cash, and then everything was available on his homepage, so so that might be what you need to do.

Let me know if you have any other questions about that, or if you want me to go over anything again. Okay.

So we covered all of your tools and features available. We talked about the collection.

We talked about the tools available at the document level i'm gonna go back to our powerpoint.

I will stay on the line if there's any additional questions, I mentioned that we have the novels for Students, siri coming up, and that is on April the 20 eighth at 2 o'clock, and we're gonna looking at

how you can enhance your research you're utilizing this other series that you have access to this will be the fourth in your 4 student series, and the final one that will go over together for all of your support needs.

So any training materials, marketing materials you may need, you can go to the Gale support site.

This is going to be included in your follow-up email.

So if you have would like to access the gale support site for any tutorials.

Video tutorials which are short 2 to 3 min long you're going to find that there any webinar information you will find on the support site.

This webinar and particular will be available on the support site for discus, and i'll share that link with you 2.

It is under the training section, so that is on the screen but i'm Also, since those of you attending the live session, it's available there in the chat you also have printable tools, posters bookmarks available under

the marketing materials, resource guides under the training center. you're also going to find tip sheets and scavenger hunts available and and then looking for social media posts web banners. email template blog

posts. Take a look at what we have available in the marketing materials.

This is all available on your gal support site and there's so much more there, too.

This is just a touch of it. The discus office help desk.

This is where If you're having any issues with your ebook series, anything that we've talked about today this is who you want to reach out to. they're a great group of folks that are there to support you and help you make sure that you

have everything listed. Okay? So Michelle let's see I will answer that question in just a minute.

I just have i'm an old model it walk through it and see if I can find the solution.

But otherwise you can reach out to the discus help desk and they can answer your questions too. i'm going to wrap the session for those of you that need to leave.

I know we are a little bit over our time my name is Tammi Van Buren.

I'm, your Gale training consultant you also have if you want to walk through the gale support site.

You want one on one support a first again. always go to your discus.

Help desk. If you want to look at the gale, support site and tools available, your gale customer success managers can help you with that, my

And then, of course, you have all the great tools available on the gale support site.

So those of you that have to leave the session.

Thank you for your time today, I hope. you join me again at the end of the month. And, Michelle, i'm gonna answer your question now.

So when you access the link through the disk is site. but but not with the link that I got from discus for your A to z list.

Oh, so you're able to help me out you're able to see the ebooks if you access through the discus portal, let me go back over there.

But the link that disk is sent to you is not working.

Is that correct? So if you access as I did so, if I come come into the discus portal, I click the A to Z resources I sort by ebooks and apply.

Then you have all of the series here is that correct it's working.

But I don't have the search box so once you've clicked.

Oh, you know what are you clicking into the collection and you're not seeing the search box at the top the advanced search.

So you help me out? Are you seeing when you click into the collection?

Are you seeing what's on my page and just not this little advanced search option absolutely here.

Let me you have my email address, but i'll put it in the chat real quick, too.

It's it's. odd that you're not seeing it on your on your screen at all. but feel free to send me an email I have my email. open.

Thank you all. If you want to stick around and find out the answer to this question, feel free to do so, otherwise enjoy the rest of your day.
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