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Last Updated: August 18, 2023

Gale Business: DemographicsNow- Thematic Controls and Quintiles

This tutorial will show you how to use Gale Business: DemographicsNow's thematic controls to add a layer of visualization to your maps. You can explore key demographic information like income, household makeup, and educational attainment. 

Gale Business: DemographicsNow provides

you with powerful detailed heat maps broken

into quintiles to better understand your market

based on key metrics.

To create a heat map. Access the map

section from the toolbar. Enter

a geography using the geography tool

at the top of the page to visualize your target

area. This can be a specific state

city or other area of interest

or continue with the view of the entire United


Once your geography is outlined on the

map, utilize the thematic control

section to choose a parameter of interest.

You have options including spending habits,

household income and educational attainment.

Your heat map will use different colors to break the

data into five quintiles. Quintiles

are created by taking the range from

the lowest to the highest recorded number

and dividing it into five parts.

To better visualize the quintiles. You can change

the color scheme as needed

to toggle between showing and hiding thematic

variables. Select the enabled

button found under thematic controls.

Thematic controls are a great way to visualize

complex data sets and decode demographic

patterns and consumer needs.
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