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Last Updated: May 22, 2024

Tips for Contacting Gale Technical Support

Basic Information

So we can help you more quickly, please add these details to every new case:

  • Product name (for example, Gale In Context: Science or Gale Presents: Udemy)
  • The link you use for accessing the product
  • A screenshot of the issue (if applicable)
  • Gale location ID

The location ID should come after loc=, locID=, q=, UserGroupName=, u=, or ugnid: in your Gale links. You can also find your location ID at

If you do not know all of these details, we can help you find them.

Use One Case for One Issue

If you need a status update on a case, please reply to the original email thread. Using a new thread will create a new, duplicate case.

To ask about a new issue or question, please open a new case.

Phone Calls

At the end of a call, write down your case number. If you call back, the case number will help us to find your case more quickly.

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