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Last Updated: November 15, 2023

Explore Gale's ChiltonLibrary

Gale's ChiltonLibrary provides car enthusiasts, students, and mechanics with access to maintenance and repair information (including a video library), labor estimating, and ASE test prep questions. Join this session to review the newly released enhancements including an updated and intuitive platform, VIN searching capabilities, and a Recent Vehicles option to easily navigate back to previous searches.

Duration: 45 Minutes
So again, hello everyone today we are going

to be exploring enhancements to gale's

Chilton library. My name is Amber

Winters and I am your Gale training consultant

for the day.

We also have Cynda Wood on the line

today. She's one of my colleagues who's going to be monitoring

the Q. And A. For me. Just again

we may be having a large crowd here so you

may get answers from her typed out, otherwise

I'll be answering them live for you.

So let's go ahead and get going going here. We've

got a lot to cover today. So first

off I do want to talk about both the contents

that's in Chilton Library

as well as the new enhancements of any of

you have been in recently we've almost

kind of completely revamped Chilton Library.

So we're going to go over all of those changes

today. after we talk

about the changes, we're actually going to see them, so

we'll take a a little bit of time to walk through the

resource. So you can see some of the different

workflows and some of the different tools that your

patrons or your students, if you're

tuning in from a school or from a, a college

will be able to navigate through

and then at the end of the session I will have

some closure information some contacts

for you in case you want to learn more about the resource

or want to maybe go over best practices or

things like that. And I will again

try to save time for any questions that you have

feel free to put them into the Q. And A. At any time.

but I will try to save some time at the very end

of the session as well.

So for those of you who are new to Chilton Library

or have never been in Chilton Library,

this is going to provide on demand automotive

information for your users.

So this is trusted for over 100 years.

of course they were previously tilted

manuals. they were print

copies. You had to keep them in a big shelf

on your library. of course those are

still being published but we've pulled all of that content

onto this nice platform, so you don't

need to worry about keeping track of all of those volumes

and you can also share with your patrons and have them take

the information with them wherever they want it to go.

It does contain a large selection of vehicles

at m all the way historic vehicles

up to currents and kind of everything in between.

and does include most years, makes

and models. And what's great is your patrons

are going to be able to really narrow down to a specific

vehicle so they'll be able to see that content

they're looking for

And the content is varied. So we include

step by step service and repair information,

which is what your patrons would see if they had

that physical copy of the Chilton manual

but we also include a video library.

So not only are they getting that text,

they can have visuals that are going kind of going

to support them. So if they're like

me and maybe they're not super great with computers

but they just want to let's say change their own

oil or maybe

change their own brakes or something like that. The

visual library is going to be really helpful because they're

going to see it in action. They're not only going to

read it, they're also going to kind of get

exactly what it's gonna look like when they

do it. We also include labor estimating

again, which is great for someone like me who's

not super familiar with cars. It

can help your patrons who may be taking their car

to a mechanic. They wanna make sure they

kind of know what to expect so they can take a look

at our labor estimating on the platform.

We also have great troubleshooting guys as

well as pictures and diagrams.

Again, just add another layer to the learning

another layer to what your patrons are going to see. We

don't just want them, to be reading through

this and maybe get a little bit confused because

it's very technical, we want them to have

that supplemental material that's really going

to bring it all together for them.

and finally we do include a S.

C. Test prep quizzes

in this resource as well. That's a hard

a hard title to say but we do have those quizzes

in here. So if you have users coming in who are

planning and taking some of those tests

you can forward them along to Chilton Library and they're

going to be able to find those actually right on the home page.

It's a really simple way for them to access that content.

Now before we take a look at enhancements I will just

stop quickly. Does anyone have any questions just

about that? Very basic information related

to Chilton Library

Ok I don't see anything in the Q

and A. So let's go ahead and get rolling then let's take a look

at these enhancements.

So first we've enhanced both the navigation

of the resource and the accessibility.

So we really redesigned the platform and actually

follows along.

fairly familiar with some of the other gale resources

you may have access to. But we've

really kind of decided designed it to streamline

both searching and browsing because we wanna make sure

our users can get the information they need as soon

as possible. We're trying to minimize clicking,

kind of minimize looking around, trying

to figure out exactly where they need to go. We've

made this nice and streamlined so they'll be able to find

the contents quickly when they need it.

We've also featured some of the navigation buttons

more prominently within the resource.

So again, as your users are starting to

click through, they're going to see how to get back

or forth or wherever they need to go.

The table of content which is found. Excuse

me. And a lot of our pages

also helps leave a clear bread chrome trail.

So they'll know what they've kind of clicked through. So if you take

a look at my screenshot here, This is

the breadcrumb trail I'm I'm looking

at so I can see each step I took

to get here to this specifications page.

So I can easily take a step back if

I need to or again take another step forward.

And again the table of contents here is on this

left hand side though. So so this is what's going to show

them where they are, where they've been and

potentially where they need to go.

In addition to that we have some enhanced readability

tools now. So users

have always been able to listen to Chilton as

they're clicking into it. They can have the articles read to

them. But now in addition to having those articles

read to them, they can also choose to change

the font, the color and the size

of the text on the screen to really customize

what they're looking at. So again, just

trying to add another layer of support and accessibility

for your users. If you have older patrons

coming in who may need that larger text

size, they'll be able to do that on

this platform here and again, just make sure they're getting

that content that they need.

We've also included a vin decoder

and search now. So if your patrons come

in with a very specific car in mind they actually

have the vin.They can search by that

vin and they'll find an overview of that

vehicle as well as different specifications.

The safety information. The


That's provided to us as

well as any recalls. So we do tag recalls

to different bins. So if your patrons aren't

quite sure if something needs to be updated,

they'll be able to kind of click

in there and take a look. Of course. Usually the manufacturer

reach out, reaches out, but it doesn't hurt for

us to have this content here as well.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, we also have a really

nice video library that we've actually tagged

to the home page now. So patrons can

click right into that without even choosing

a car. So if they don't have a specific car

in mind, they just kind of want to know how brakes work in general.

They can click into this video library,

you'll see we retain our table of contents

here on this left hand side and they can just

start to narrow it down and they can browse or

they can search so if they have something specific

in mind and don't want to have to navigate

through the table of contents, they can search right

on the video library and just pull

those specific videos

All of our videos do include captions

so they can easily read those as the

video is running and they can all be downloaded

for later use. So I will mention here that Chilton

Library is mobile responsive.

so if they prefer, they can download videos

and watch them say on their phone or on an ipad,

this is also great if they're planning on.

working on their cars and keeping Chilton

near them. They can pull up Chilton on

maybe a tablet or on their laptop

and they can actually read and watch Chilton

as they're doing whatever they're doing if they have

anyone from kind of the K 12

arena on the line, this is really great for any

sort of

Auto Tech classes

that you have on campus. This is going

to help you kind of get engaged with that.

that class which I know is sometimes hard

to do. This is going to help them as

they walk through whatever they're planning on doing

to their cars.

finally we do have our A. S. E. Test

prep quizzes that have been updated as well.

We've updated the results

page. So you're easily going to be able to see

what we got correct,

if we got it incorrect, it's going to show

us what the correct answer is. And we've also

included this nice new view result

summary. So again, we're trying to make

this more accessible. That was one of our

key goals when we were updating this

platform so they can take a look

really quickly. If they don't have time to read through,

they can take a look what I got right, right

what I got wrong and they'll kind of move

forward from there.

So that is a nice new feature we've added to those

test prep quizzes,

Now I've taken enough time talking, I want

us to all take a look here. but

again, I will quickly pause anyone have

any questions about our

updates before we take a look at them.


I don't see it again. So here we are then

on the Chilton Library homepage

and again, as I mentioned

we have a question from David is the event search

new. It is new, yep, we just

launched it with this update,

which I think is a really great feature. Um

and I do see someone has their hand up

Theresa if you don't mind, go ahead and pop

your your question into the Q and A. And I'll be

able to answer that for you.

So let's go ahead and get started. I see there are a few more

questions in the chat. Um, I believe Cinda

is going to take a look at those while we keep it going here.

So you'll most likely get

a couple of responses from

her. We do have one question. Do you have a mobile app

to go with this? I don't believe we have

an app. We always just recommend going on

to their internet, a browser on their phone and

the browser itself is going to be mobile responsive.

So as opposed to going through the app, have

them sign in if it's um on your library's

website or something like that, have them sign on

to your library's website and then the platform they're going

to see will conform to the mobile


and just a quick question. will a recorded

version of this webinar be be available? It

will I'm going to send out a copy of

the recording tomorrow via email. So you'll

see that in your inbox, whatever email

you used to register for the session

and then one final question. How often do the

A. S. C. Questions get updated?

You know, David, I don't have an exact time

frame, I know they get updated as the tests

get updated. Um, but let me go to my product

manager and I can give you a a more clear answer

than that.

Ok, so let's go ahead and start

navigating through here

So again, this is our new and improved

home page. You may remember the old home page.

They signed in on this left hand side here.

It is a bit more plain, I have to admit.

we've updated that to make it look a lot more

appealing. You'll see now we've pulled to find your vehicle

right here into this nice visual

banner. So your patrons are going to be kind of really

directed to where they need to go

now before I find my vehicle, though, I want

to show you some of the other tools we have on this home

page. The first being that vin Dakota

I mentioned before,

So if I do have the vent here, I can click

directly into this as opposed to putting in

that year make and model

and when I do it's letting me know where I can find

my van. and I've

already got one saved here. So let's

go ahead and put in my bin,

So I popped that in there

check, you may have noticed.but we

also accept partial bins as well.

So if they have a partial, they can put it in there.

and hopefully they'll find the information they need with that


but I've typed in the whole vin number. So I pulled up

my truck here. You'll see, it's giving me that

overview. So giving me the basic information

about the truck

the specifications and this is whatever

the um manufacturer gives

us. By the way, I will mention that. So some

manufacturers provide more public information

than others. So if your patrons are maybe

not quite looking finding what they're looking

for, most likely we just haven't gotten it from the manufacturer

yet, but we do update this continuously

as different manufacturers. Send us more


And I have a question is the vin search

limited to vehicles in the US?

Kelly, that is a great question,

I'm going to assume. No, I believe

you can search through any vin, any car that

has a vin,

but again, I can't fully 100%

say that. So I will get with my product manager

again and let you know for sure. But I would

assume yes, because a lot of cars

will be,


built in other areas and they're still going to have

a vin. So let me just double check, check

that, but I would say most likely


So again, we have our event, I will quickly mention

after specifications if there's any safety

information we've gotten from the manufacturer

that's going to appear here as well, and

then we've also listed our recalls here, which

I personally think is a really nice feature, so

I can find recalls. If I ran

through my vehicle search, I'll show you where to find those

later on. But if I have my

exact bin, I don't even need to do that. I don't

have to search through a vehicle. I can pull these

recalls up right here. Isn't it

terrible to see the long list of recalls

you'll see in cars sometimes? but

I can pull those up here, I can drop this down and

I'm going to get just a quick summary here,

about these different recalls that I have here

and again, I see that someone has raised

their hand Patricia. If you don't mind, go

ahead and pop your question into the Q and

A. And we'll be able to answer that for you.

So that's what we have under our bin search. And again,

yes, this is the new feature that we just launched

but it is here available to

you right on our toolbar, you see up top here,

this toolbar is actually going to follow us around.

So even if I'm not in the home page, I can easily

click into whatever section I need to

So let's go ahead and move forward. So we took a look

at our Ben decoder, let's look now at our video


So we have had these videos within Chilton

for a while but we've just recently pulled

together this nice library as kind of a separate

entity that's really easy to click into

to make sure they can get this comp

this content pretty simply.

And we have defaulted it to showing most

popular videos first. So these are the

ones that are clicked on the most, the ones

that are used the most they're going to pull these up here.

but on the left hand side here, you'll see our table

of content, so we can start narrowing it down

if I don't like exactly what I'm seeing here,

it's not what I'm looking for. I can start to

click into my table of content, so maybe I'm

interested in breaks. You'll

see sometimes there's another step

you'll see sometimes there's a few steps here.

which is great, we'll really be able to

narrow it down to exactly what we're looking for. Again, this

is going to help.

this is going to help your patrons as

they're navigating through. If I click into one of these

videos here, I'm just going to pause it because

we're not going to listen to it too much. but

again, as I mentioned, we do have closed

captions here. If I hit my little

three button icon down here

in this right hand corner, this is

where I'll be able to download this.

So if I want to take this with me again, if I'm

going to be on my phone, maybe I want to take

a look at it later or something like that. I can

easily download that. I can download it to my desktop

as well. You'll see here where our captions

are. And we also have a playback

speed option. So if a patron

maybe needs it to be slowed down, they can do that.

Or if they're maybe trying to get this done quickly

and it's talking a little bit too slow for them, they can

speed it up.

They'll be able to do that here.

and then again, we've included popular

videos here on this left hand. I'm sorry at this right

hand side. If they want to take a look back

at those popular videos

and I have a question here how up to date

is recall information? So

anna we put in the recall information as soon

as we get them from the manufacturer.

So it really just depends on when they send it out publicly.

But once they send it, what's really nice about Chilton

Library is we can actually make changes

kind of on demand as needed. So as

we get more content it really immediately goes

into the resource and they're going to see it

as soon as it populates. So,

your answer, it's as up to date

as the manufacturer sends it over to us,

which again might vary slightly depending

on man on manufacturer.

And another question from Melissa. So this can be used outside

of the library. It most certainly can

what they're going to do is however, you

have it set up to authenticate, so maybe it's using

a password, maybe it's using a bar code, something

like that. they'll be able to use

that on this platform, they'll be able to sign

in wherever they are. So

If you have a patron or a student,

if you're from AK-12 library, who wants

to use this on their own, they'll just go onto your library's

page, they'll click into this link,

they'll be asked to authenticate however you already

have it set up and then boom their

lunch right in and they can use it wherever they want to.

Ok. And thank you anonymous for putting that

question in there. That is a really nice suggestion.

So I do appreciate that. I'll forward that along to

my product team

So let's move forward here from our video

library. I want to take a look now at our A. S.

C. Test. Prep quizzes

So when I click into these here you'll see I have them

all nice and organized.

You'll see I do provide a number of questions

here so they'll be able to see how long make

sure they have enough time to run through these quizzes

and then it does provide the question types here

as well. All of our quizzes are multiple


so let's go ahead and click into we'll just

do our top one here.

so you'll see they're prompted just to answer all of these.

I'm just going to answer a few here. Hopefully

I'll get one right so we can see what that looks like.

but they're going to go through and answer all of these,

we'll go to the bottom and submit our quiz.

and it's going to let me know if I didn't attempt any

questions but that's fine with

me. I'm going to hit confirm

and I can see here it looks like I didn't get any rights

which is a bum I usually random clicking

I can get at least one right but not today. So

it's going to give us this really nice information

here so I can see my results. If I were to

get anything right it would appear in green.

You'll see I got everything wrong and you'll

see. I've gotten some that I didn't attempt

And then in kind of the body here on this left hand

side, it's going to show what I answered

and it's also going to show the correct

answer here, so they can really easily

study right from this page if they like to

and now I can close this out

and I'm launched back into the same section

so I can click into any of these other exams

that I'm planning on taking in the future and see

how I do on these practices as well.

And we've got a question for Maria asking

about the ask an expert

section. So let me go ahead and click into that.

That's actually our next section over from

our A. S. E. Test prep quizzes

So when you ask an expert we

go ahead and put your information here and

by expert, we're talking about an expert here at

gale who's going to help walk you through your question.

So you can type in anything you need help with

and we'll be able to respond to you. We do again

monitor that continuously.

So you'll hear a response, you'll hear a response


Ok, so it looks like we've got all of

our questions answered

so far. So let's go ahead and click

into our vehicle search then. And this is the way a

lot of your patrons are probably already accessing

information is by putting in a year

make and model. So let's go ahead and do that. Um

Any questions at all that haven't been answered?

I don't see in the Q. And A. But I wanna make sure we have

time to answer.

Oh ok.

so I'm going to go ahead and hit vehicle search

in my toolbar here,

and you'll see this actually launch launches back

to the home page.

looks like you have another question is the the ask

an expert feature 24


I believe it is. Let me take

a look here

I would certainly say the best way to do this is

to send a message. Um but

I believe it is 24/7

Ok, so let's go ahead and find a vehicle

here. So

I'm just going to put in

got a car, my husband

and I had a while ago that we we drove

till it till it died. So

we're gonna do a 28 2008

chevy and pala here.

So we're just going to choose our year our make

we're going to narrow down our model here, you'll see

it's going to provide all of those for me,

and I'm going to hit select.

and now I'm launched here to the main section

that's going to be walking through

my Chevy and palette with me.

It looks like we have another question. What is your source

for the test questions. So

those come directly from the A. S.

C. group.

So they're going to come directly from them. We were able

to upload those into our resource here.

Ok, so let's take a look at this. Now. I've chosen my

vehicle. I don't have the vin so I couldn't

go in that way. I decided to type in

my vehicle here. I will mention

you'll see I can change my vehicle at any time

by clicking into this button.

I could also just click back into vehicle search

if I wanted to but we're going to stay with our vehicle

here. and you'll see a default

to starting off with our repair information.

You'll see this kind of sub

toolbar underneath our main toolbar.

It starts off with repair here. So scrolling

down just like with our video library,

we keep this nice table of contents here

to help them navigate through. If

they know exactly what they're looking for. Of course they

don't need to do that. They can just start their search

here. If they do run a search here

on the table of contents, it's just going to search

whatever page they're on so it's just

going to pull repair. They're not going to see any maintenance

information when they're on this repair


Well let's just have to click through so let's drop

down the breaks. I used that earlier. So

we'll do that again so I can drop down. I can

maybe drop down again.

if I want to I can actually close that so that wasn't

what I was looking for.

we can click into this one and

let's just say we're gonna believe the brake system

I don't know what that means,

but your patrons will so they'll

easily be able to click into this here

again. We have our listen tool up here, we'll take

a look at it just one second.

We can also print this article. So if we want

to hold on to it for later, we can really easily

do that. It doesn't have to stay on this platform.

You can write this article that's going directly to

gale so we can make sure

Excuse me. so we can make sure we're

meeting everyone's needs. You know, if we get some feedback,

that's not great, we're gonna want to know why.

so we'll be able to pull that information. It is seen

by also regularly

So let's go ahead and scroll down a little bit more because

I do want to show you a lot of times we have these

nice images kind of built into these articles

and I can click underneath. You'll see if you got

a PDF option down here. That's

going to let me see this a little bit closer up so

a lot of these diagrams are going to be a bit more detailed.

This one's a little simpler but lots

of them are going to have different sections that are

going to be

labeled with different terms, all that

good stuff. So this is a little bit more simple

for your patrons, but we do include

the links to those underneath all

of the images here,

Now. If I hit the listen option, I'm actually going to pause

it because I haven't shared my

my video with you. But when I hit that

you'll see. I can hit start, play all that good stuff.

These hit my little hamburger

icon here.

and when I do that there's this text mode


So clicking into that text mode, it's going to pull

forward all of the article

itself into this little window. Now

the reason we do this is because we have some really

nice features that are going to help

them manipulate this text and we just

can't do it in the standard platform. So when you

pull this up here

You see I have the option to increase or decrease

the f I can

choose the volume of this.

I can again choose the reading speed.

So if I need it to be slowed down a little bit or

sped up, I can do that here.

And then I also have this nice text settings.

So this is where I'm going to be able to change

the font size, the font type as well as

the text colors and the text

spacing here. So let's just say

I want to change the font here.

We do include the dyslexia font

for users. So if you have a user

who needs that sort of support, they can do that.

Pop this up here

and we're going to be able to change this here for

your users.

We've had a few questions pulled

up here. So let me just kind of take a quick

look here. So is a labor estimator

available for makes and models prior to

the 1980s example, a 1965

for must Ford Mustang.

I don't know if that exact model

has labor estimating, but yes, generally

they'll find older models kind of dating

back a bit. The older they get most likely

the less content we'll have just because there has been

less published by the manufacturer.

So we're talking very, very old most

likely they won't find content, but for 1965

Ford Mustang. Again, I don't know that exact

make and model, but yes, you'll most likely

find labor estimating for older models like that.

Another question. Does this database include

a citation tool? It does not

right now that is definitely a great piece of feedback

though so I can certainly get that to my product manager.

But as of right now we don't have a citation


Another question. can we print

the adjusted and large version of the text,

you know, I haven't tried it. So let's go ahead and try it right

now. So let me click back into my text mode

here. Hm

it looks like we can't for this enhanced text

mode. Um of course, if you hit print

screen, it will let you do it that way.

Um but it looks like we don't have a button right now, that's

going to allow us to do that. So if we do

want to print, we'll have to stick with the

main body here.

Ok. Great. So it looks like all of our questions

are answered so let's go ahead and keep moving


So again, as I clicked through repair, I

have got a breadcrumb trail listed here.

Ok, so I can see exactly where I've been.

If I want to take steps forward, I can

certainly do that. If I want to take steps back,

I can do that as well,

So let's, let's move on to maintenance here.

So, maybe we're not trying to fix anything with our car.

Maybe we just want to make sure, we're

up to date with what our car

needs. I want to make sure we're not, falling behind

and maybe hurting our car in the process.

You'll see when I click into maintenance here. It's

going to ask me for a sub model, liters,

fuel type number of cylinders, all that

good stuff. If I don't know this because

this is a little bit more advanced. You know, if you

ask me the drive type of my car, I honestly

couldn't tell you. if I don't know that.

I can pull forward right next to the vehicle configuration,

a full chart list.

So I'm going to see all of the different sub models

here as opposed to see there's a lot of pages so

it's better if they know. but

I can see all of the different sub models here

and I can take a look

and once I choose one of these you'll see I have a drop

down under the select option. That's going

to ask if I want to know about just maintenance

in general. If I want to see if there's any

additional related to a normal

wear or a severe wear

we'll just click into maintenance one and 2.

And again, this is coming directly from the manufacturer.

So this is going to tell us what's needed

for our different maintenance entries

for that 2008 Chevy impala.

scrolling down. We also have some notes listed

here. So again, coming directly

from the manufacturer, if you see some strange

things happening. This may be

a good place to take a look to make sure you're not missing


Another question, what is the oldest make model

and year of any vehicle in the Children library.

Um, so I don't have the exact make, but

I believe the year is going all the

way back to um,

I want it in the thirties. we

go pretty far back, of course, as I mentioned,

the further back we go, the less content

we're going to have available just because it wasn't

published but what you can do,

if you want to see exactly what's, as

far back as we go. If you click into

the vehicle search, you can just scroll down in the year

and to see the first year we have, content.

So, I believe we're hitting it in

the thirties, but it may be even earlier

than that So

again, our maintenance is listed here.

You'll see, I could print this option as well,

OK. It looks like an anonymous attendee

already took a look at that year so I was incorrect.

It's not the 30s, it looks like it goes as far back as


thank you for checking on that for me. I appreciate it.

Ok, so we've got our maintenance now, you'll

see I can pop back at any time here if I want

to change this up as well

but moving on for maintenance, we have our labor

estimating here

pull this up here.

Now again, this is going to require

our table of contents so we can pull

forward exactly what we want to estimate

because of course, there's a lot that you might need

to repair it on your car. So I'm gonna just

stick with brakes today. Let's stick with brakes

here. Um, we want to service our brakes,

maybe want brake pads

and replacement

scrolling down here. So you'll see, we've

got two different time categories. So

a regular wear. We've also got

a severe wear. So if your car's got some on

it, you might be in that severe category,

but you can navigate between them to kind

of see the difference here.

and you'll see the dealer hours as well as the

Chilton expected hours. So

the dealer hours are provided just to

expect from the dealer. that's what they

expect their mechanics

to spend doing whatever it is. The

Chilton time hours is going to include mechanics

not affiliated with that specific


so you get that information here.

We have another question. What's the newest year of vehicles

we will be able to get information about?


as manufacturers roll out

the vehicles most likely they're gonna send us the Chilton

information. So I believe we

do have 2002 on here already.

We may have some I'm

sorry 2022

I'm looking at 2008. we

do have 2

2022 information

out onto this platform.

they'll be able to click into that

but again, that will be constantly changing. So,

I like to say the newer models and the older,

older models are going to have less content just

because they have less from the manufacturer, but generally

you're going to get the newest information pretty quickly

because they send that to that, that to

us almost immediately

Another question. We are launching Chilton at

our library will be able to include

our logo on the landing page. So

anonymous attendee, I recommend talking

to your customer success manager. They're

going to be able to help you through all of that process.

Um I'm actually going to give you their contact information

at the end of this session.

so I suggest reaching out to them. They'll be able

to kind of go over everything with you today.

But once I choose whatever

I want to service again, you'll see I get the information

here how long it's expected to take

in the dealer versus not the dealer,

And what I love is this is going to just give me some

basics, you know, if I am planning

on going in to get something done and I don't want to be

maybe taken advantage of, Not that I'm

necessarily worried about someone taking advantage,

but it gives you peace of mind if you take

a look and you see. Ok, well, servicing our brakes

should take 1.5 hours. So

really I should be charged for around 1.5

hours and you get to the mechanic and maybe

they say, you know, this is gonna take us,

three hours and you know, you might want to push

back a little bit. I think that might be a little bit excessive

from what I've heard. It's not going to take that long.

I just want to make sure I'm not being overcharged.

So this is a great way

Just to give yourself some peace of mind if you are

planning on getting something serviced

to get that estimate.

and then finally the last option

we have here is going to be our bulletins in

recalls section here.

So scrolling down here, hm

Excuse me. You'll see. I've got some filters

listed here. I think this is beneficial because

if you take a look we've got 1,107

results found related to our car.

So most likely we're going to want

to narrow that down a little bit. You'll see I can choose

based on my system. If I'm having

a specific symptom, I can search

that. Or if I'm pulling a trouble code,

I can take a look at what that trouble code means here as

well. I

can also narrow it down to only showing recalls.

So that's not including any technical

bulletins. Not every bulletin includes

a recall. So if I only want to see the actual

recalls themselves, I can do that here.

Or if I have a TSB number here,

that's related to my car, I can go ahead and pop that

in there as well and we'll have that information

and you'll see when I take a look at these. I can

have a read speaker, read this to me

or I can have my

PDF here and some of these might actually

have the manufacturers emblem

on them, their logo on them because they do come directly

from manufacturer. But you'll see they click

into these, we're giving a brief bit of information

and they can take that with them wherever they need it

to go. and

of course, depending on what the bulletin or the recall

is telling us. it may be longer

or shorter, but you also see we

provide the type of information that it is

here as well.

And now I can also print this information if

I would like to. You'll see I have a print button here

as well as I did on some of the other pages.

So we've got that available here. And if

at any time again I wanted to change my vehicle,

you know, I I learned all I needed to learn about my

2008 Chevy impala

and I want to change it up here. I can click change

it and maybe I want to take a look at my current

car instead of my old car. I can

do that right here. Just change this nice and simple.

So, we've got about some 10

minutes left or so.

, so I do want to get my contact

information over to you all to make sure you have

access to that.

by May I mean all of the people at g who are

going to help you out. If you have questions

that you haven't typed in yet, feel

free to answer those now and I will be able to

go through all of that with you.

But I do have some additional material that's going

to help you out. So first I'm actually going

to post in the chat. We've just created

a new resource guide that's going over

all of the different tools and features

that we've added to Chilton Library.

So, if you want to have something that you can,

you know, print out and take with you, maybe you want to forward

it along to patrons. maybe you wanna

share it with your colleagues.

I just put that in the chat for you, you'll be

able to pull that guide, print out and take

it with you wherever you want to go.

Oh, so we've actually gotten a response.

so we had a question earlier

about the vin decoder if it's going

to work in

countries other than the United States

and we had someone in Canada check with their

car and in fact the vin did get results.

So we've got our answer there that we weren't

able to get earlier. So thank you kelly so

much for checking that I really appreciate it. I'm

also very impressed that you managed to get the vin

so fast. That's that's very impressive.

So thank you for that

Ok, so let's go ahead. Oops.

Sorry guys, I'm just scrolling all over the place.

let me get you some contact information

here. So first you have access to your customer

success manager, they're going to help you with

launching this resource best practices

maybe pulling usage if you're interested

in that all that good stuff they're going to help you

out. We had to mention earlier in the

Q and A. That someone's going to be rolling out this

resource coming up soon

Your customer success manager is going to be the best

best person to help you

with that. if you don't know who your customer

success manager is already, you can just

send an email to Gale dot customer success

at Sage dot com and you're going to be forward to that

correct individual to be able to reach out to

them. if you don't

currently have Chilton and you're interested in it

and just wanted to join today to take

a look. You can certainly reach out to your

sales consultant now that this session is done.

If you don't know who they are. you can just

go to support

dot com forward slash rep finder

and you'll be able to find the correct individual for

your institution

We do have a full list of

training tools available for you as well,

just like the resource guide I put

into the chat. we've got a whole

lot of content already created for you. So if

you're getting this information out to your learning community

you don't need to reinvent the wheel, you'll find great

information. And that support site is just

support that dot com

you'll be able to narrow down two

documents and information related to Chilton.

This webinar will also be posted

there again, you will get a copy of the recording

via email, but this will also be posted

onto that support site for anyone who wants to take

a look.

and it looks like we don't have any questions but if

anyone has questions.

Um we have a question about

the Tesla diagrams. David,

I'm not quite sure.

I haven't clicked through on Tesla recently.

but we just share the diagrams. We


Tesla may not be the best at getting us content.

I can't give me an answer on that

one, but thank you for that.


so I do have a training session survey that's going

to populate once you're off the session

today in your

in your browser. I would love for you to take

that. Let me know that we hit everything.

Or maybe we skipped something that you thought was important.

I always want to make sure that we're answering all

of your questions on this resource.

If it doesn't pop up on your browser, for whatever

reason, it's just bit that le forward

gale training survey.

and I'm taking a look at the Q and A here.

But I am done today. As

long as no one has any questions, feel free to hop

off. I will stay on though for just a few minutes

to make sure I don't miss anything.

But again, if you don't have questions, please

feel free to hop up hop off.

I appreciate you for being here today

and hopefully we'll see you on sessions

in the future.
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