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Last Updated: October 11, 2022

Can I add my Proxy URL to the Gale persistent links?

Yes, you can add your EZ-Proxy prefix to persistent URLs created in GaleAdmin.

You can enable this by performing the following steps.

1. Login to GaleAdmin

2. Go to Preferences > General Preferences.

3. Go to Proxy Type and choose "EZ-Proxy"

4. Enter in the URL prefix for your server (example may looking like - )

5. Click "save"

Note: To address customer feedback that the URLs are too long, Gale has implemented a shorter citation link; as part of that, the proxy information has been suppressed from the display citation and bookmark URLs. 

Once a proxy prefix is added in GaleAdmin, the application does not actually display the proxy prefix.   Instead, you will see a Gale specific URL.  Upon clicking this link, your browser should redirect you to the desired destination that you have entered into GaleAdmin.  (Gale has embedded your proxy prefix on the back-end and redirected you to proxy)  


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