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Last Updated: June 02, 2023

Can I add my Proxy URL to the Gale persistent links?

Yes, you can add your EZ-Proxy prefix to persistent URLs created in GaleAdmin.

You can enable this by performing the following steps.

  1. Sign in to GaleAdmin
  2. Go to Preferences > General Preferences.
  3. Go to Proxy Type and choose 'EZ Proxy'
  4. Enter in the URL prefix for your server (e.g.,
  5. Click Save

Note: To address customer feedback that the URLs are too long, Gale implemented a shorter citation link. As part of that, the proxy information has been suppressed from the display of citation and bookmark URLs.

Once a proxy prefix is added in GaleAdmin, the application does not actually display the proxy prefix. Instead, you will see a Gale-specific URL. Upon clicking this link, your browser should redirect you to the desired destination that you have entered into GaleAdmin. (Gale has embedded your proxy prefix on the back-end and redirected you to proxy)

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